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Gambler Telugu Full Movie | Ajith, Arjun, Trisha | Sri Balaji Video

That is not a problem sir. I filed the case on him that he
stole the drugs seized by police. He will be killed by rowdys. Don’t worry there will
not be any doubt on us. Bashir kill this dog Everyone together will do the mistakes Punishment only for him is it? Then for you? Its a black day in
police department history. Anti corruption control branch,
Asistant commissioner Mr.Kamal Ekambaram. A very sincere police officer
committed suicide in his office room at 9.45am. Because of some unexpected losses in IPL betting
Mr. Kamal Ekambaram committed suicide. It has been proved that he had
links with the bookies from years During this IPl he
suffered crores of loss If this is the case with assistant
commissioner, Then think of business men and normal people. Have to see how many more suicides will happen. Lets
see what action government will take against betting. Cricket betting and gambling has become more legal
than anything. But we all have forgotten its illegal India. We are taking strict action against
this betting. It will soon be eradicated from India. Government has appointed a
special squad to eradicate betting Soon we will know who is the head and ccwhat
actions he will take against betting. Hello Why so late to attend the call? What are you doing? Hello.. hello Ya tell Didn’t you wake up yet? I went out on a work last night Did you booze? No no, Nothing like that I promised on you I will
not booze right. A small work You told you are suspended for 6
months, what is the small work now? Ya ya they asked for details
of some old case, so I went. Ok ok. You are in house right? Yes. Ok wait there I’m coming
don’t go anywhere. Ok Luv you. Love you too.. Ummahh Ayyo..should not booze again. Good morning.
– Good morning Is it your girl friend? -Yes. Who is she? Who she might be? Excuse me.. who are you? I will sleep for more half an hour Half an hour? Excuse me, I really forgot, Who are you? What? Ayyyaaayyooo.. I didnt behave
anything wrong yeaterday right? Yesterday you behaved
properly. Now your behaviour is wrong. Please dont drink again. Excuse me.. I’m sorry,
please leave this place soon. My girl friend is coming Then you told you will marry me When? Yesterday night You praised me that I
have good eyes and nose. Did you forget all these? Yesterday I was bit high
so I dont remember anything. I’m sorry Never mind. Hey please leave soon. Take your shoes go fast.
– why? is she pretty than me? Height, colour? Ayyoo will you booze again? What? Its not for you go fast. Go fast Hey Sanjay Ramaswamy, Ghajini
he is on top floor. Go before he forgets. Hi Sanjana Did you come just now? Hi! Go Go.. Come on.. No problem go.. Oy! My Bag is inside Bag? Who is she? She came in search of
someone on top floor She got confused and knocked our door I didnt feel like that Then? It seemed like she
knowingly knocked Who? The girl who came now Leave about her now But when I see her she
is not like confused. Hey you are talking as if I have sent
her out just before you came home. You doubt me? No doubt on you But I doubt these girls.. They
wont leave even if the boys are quite. Where did you keep and die? What are you searching for? Nothing I’m not searching anything. What nothing? Something wrong.. You are not proper That is… that is My head Head is aching Sanjana. Do you want coffee? Yes Ok Thanks sweet heart I forgot to tell, dad
will meet you on Friday Ok fine What fine? I didn’t tell anything about our
love. I just told we are friends. Hey what is this? You got caught. What? This one Cigeratte You promised you will not
smoke and what is this? Hey no, that day my friends came. Might be they left it. Leave the friends who smoke. What? You are looking special today What special boss? Your beautiful hair, Ears, rings Nose. Your cheeks , eyes I feel
like just keep on seeing them. I feel like your lips
are asking something What are they asking? What? I will brush my teeth and come. Hello .. I will come Ya ok Yes Sir. Is it correct? Yes correct. Ok give that big bag to him Sir speak to Reddy he is on line. Ya give me Hello reddy sir, How are you. Your guys came Thank you , Thank you Ok sir Namaste everyone. I am Prithviraj Asistant commissioner
of police, special branch. I came to stop bookies
and cricket betting. This is my team Do you think its possible? Ofcourse.. nothing is impossible. If crores of black money
can come inside India. Even we can catch them, 100% possible. There was a news before that bookies
escaped when you tried to arrest them. Yes few escaped, but
we caught five people Didnt you get that news? Good news will not come. We always do our best to the nation Sir what is your next target? Mumbai. Wait I’m coming, just
now the train came right? Which couch did you tell? Oh God I’m so sorry Sorry sorry Im so sorry Sorry Hey I didnt see anything What are you doing here? I came to drop my friend. Oh is that the matter? He is my friend Prem from Hyderabad Hi Prem nice meeting you.
– Hi Sona yaar
– Sona okay. What Mahat couldnt see you these days? I was busy We should meet up sometime. -Sure. I Will call you Bye prem Bye Sona. Hey Shankar come remove the vehicle.
– Ya coming bro. How many times to ask you ?
Why did you call me here? Come lets go in and talk Wow such a big bar. My item is free right? Early morning so many are boozing. How will our country
develop if they booze like this. Hey dont scold them, Beacuse of them your friend
is now owner of this big bar. Is it? Ya Ok Why did you call me? Too booze like them is it? No to make you billionaire. Hey stop for a minute. What? I dont have time, tell me fast. I have to join a company in
Bangalore on monday, 65000 salary. Already it is confirmed You don’t need to do all those, leave it SI Sir, Why did you come this
side? Its one month so early is it? What to do Mahat, should I tell you
seperately about inspector’s torture? Ok leave that. Who is that noodles guy. He,I told you right? Prem, IIT gold medalist. Hi Prem Good morning sir Take this. Where next? Theatre boss. What is this, still not prepared? Hey Sumanth, busy is it? Ya come sir I want to meet Reddy sir He is talking to someone I should get money go bring. Do it faster. Yes I will do it Thank you sir Sir SI Ganesh has come. You come in first. He is Sumanth, He is
with me from childhood. Very trust worthy Hi I’m Vinayak. -Hello. He is Sanjana’s friend. Oye, how is Suchi?
– She is good Tell her to call me. About the love matter,okay. What love? Nothing da just chatting. What ? Nothing sir. Go call Faisal here. Ok bye It’s fine. What sir bribing? As if you dont know. We can do our work happily only
when we give you this right? Now I can’t take, I’m under suspension. What’s your age Vinay? Dad please. We should not ask girls. Even you should not ask boys
when they are with girls. 40 years after this May. Life begins at 40 Mr.Vinayak.
– Absolutely Sir you called me Go to Nazir Hey how come you are here? Brother how are you? Im fine how are you? Im fine too.. Im working under Reddy sir Is it, Very good. How do you know Faisal? He is the reason for my suspension. You made me a very big help. Mr. Vinayak Mahadev, you
are suspended upto 6months. For helping smuggler Faisal and escaping from police
custody And firing at police officers during the incident. Truely you are helping many people, Why are you telling like
that. Actually you help many people. I just got a oppurtunity to help you Its because of us you lost the job Sir I’m just suspended. Ya same thing. I didnt know how to thank you. So I told it in confusion. Its ok sir. Because of some unexpected
losses in IPL betting Assistant comisner Mr. Kamal
Ekambaram committed suicide. Sir sir Hey hey sit down No Formalities This is Mr. Praveen Kumar. -Hi. He died just 2 months back Our department helped for it. Will you tell them, why did you die? All because of betting sir Some people are earning overnight and some
are committing suicide because of pressure So we have to bring this into knowledge
of Government, Public and Media. To know about bookies and the black money
around them I acted like I committed suicide. I didnt understand anything sir It’s very Simple Prakesh, If some VIP dies because of betting, the
case will be closed given some other colour. The issue will be big if a government official
or police officer commit suicide. Thats what happened. 1st we have to tap their network
if we have catch the bookies To eradicate betting newly
appionted special squad. Many people attacked the team
of Prithviraj regarding betting. Most of the bookies
will be very influencial, Pressure on us will be high Dont care about that because we are answerable
only to the president of India. Police Sir leave me sir He newly joined our team Cheers to him Everyone knows that he
committed suicide, how again? Police department fooled everyone
that Kamal committed suicide The same department
created Praveen kumar And he is that Praveen Kumar Priya.. How long should I wait for
you, I can’t. -Watch this. Police raid, run everyone Security is tighted, Money
seized, arresting bookies… What are you people doing? We dont have any powers its
controlled by central government. I dont know all those.
you have to do something. All over India special squad has raided. Cricket betting will be stopped. Pritviraj has told he will
eradicate betting from India in his interview. Many raids all over India. We arrested many bookies
from all metropolitan cities We seized crores of rupees
including foreign currency This is just the beginning,
lots to come. Thank you. They love each other, let them marry No please dont play
with my daughter’s life do you love him? Yes I do Do you believe in him? Hmmm Will you take care of him properly? Yes I will Then why late.. take her with you Ok I will leave Hey Oh my god Saritha .. Saritha What happened? Nothing
happened to you right? What happened.. what happened Some rowdys.. some rowdys I got a dream that some rowdys shot you Chu chu It felt so real you know? I minute my breath was gone I was ok only after I woke up Being hero’s wife you are getting
the dreams of villians wife. Why? How should the dream be? One nice duet and a song in foreign
locations, colourful costumes etc. I am telling it seriously, dont joke I dont know why? I am getting
bad dreams since we came Mumbai I am afraid wht will happen. Sumanth, Where is the rest room? There. Ya tell me Who are you? I got a phone that there will
be a raid I will leave. Who called you? Its from an unknown number Sir shall I come?
– Hey you stay here Faisal Ok bye I will take care you leave sir You see this. Come fast to theatre. Clear the items from
the theatre I’m coming. Hmm Move move fast. Make it fast Vehicle is not starting What is this maintanance? Give me a minute sir I will repair it in a minute. Vinayak What sir do you want to go somewhere? Ya 5minutes work I have.. If you
dont mind drop me in your vehicle Come lets go Hey hey clear everything
fast. -Yes sir doing it. Do you want me to tell
it to you seperately? Yes sir doing it Fast fast Clear it fast. Hey put it Why simply for you. -Its
ok sir I will help you Dont stop the car
anywhere, roam whole night. Ok sir Why simply we will give money for you? Can’t you inform before about the raid? I didnt get any information He is right. Even I asked my department friends They also told there is no such raid No Vinayak its some special team They are banning illegal
betting and gambling We have to be careful anyways right? Dont worry sir They are your people right? See about this Ganesh Ayyoo sure sir Hey stop all the
activities for 2, 3 days Let the problem get solved Thank you Vinayak You helped me coming out of
the way,will not forget in life. Its a very big network, most
are the investors are foreigners Of course there are Indian players too, But they are playing with foreign funds Maximum is carried
through telephone contacts. If a player bet with a bookie he will
transfer to his immediate superior bookie And he transfers to another bookie This network travels like this suppose I win 5lakh I will
get double the money in 2days Suppose I lose there
will be someone to collect Now the important point is Because of our pressure, I got the information that
crores of rupees is coming out I dont know exactly,
may be 400 or 500 crores Total amount will be divided from Mumbai Sunday will be the IPL Final match
and the amount comes saturday itself. It will come for our golden theatre If we raid on golden
theatre and seize the money It will be seizing a big network Lets make the country proud Good night gentlemen If we plan properly and steal
it we can get settled in life If we fail and get caught, we will die. Excuse me He is shivering just for words. How with him? Is this a joke? Bro nothing like that bro,
He will be very useful for us He is a brilliant fellow You dont need to be afraid of anything. Looks like they will
not leave me.. ayayoo Leave me guys leave me Hey seriously thanks for everything Why all these formalities. Our third month anniversary was very
good especially without smoke and drinks. You always tell for my good. I divorced all those long back. Thank you You know something? What? Dad liked you a lot So then soon.. Why so early Hmm slowness Is First. Shall I drop you? No No No I have my vehicle. Are you sure? Sure see you Take care Bye I had forgotten, Simply you made me remember Brother You? I met you that day with
Sumanth in reception Oh Prem how are you? Im fine What bro did you come to drink? Do I look like drunkard? No No Deccan chargers won the match No one in Mumbai are celebrating I thought you came to enjoy like me So That is it Yes How many more days I
should act like a good guy. I feel pitty on you, So
only Im not doing anything Why Are you like this by birth? Hey hey dont cry Hey what did I tell now? Feeling sir What did I tell now? You teasing me is ok but
those three dabbas are teasing me No more drinks bar is closed Please one more large Sorry sir Police problem I want wine. Police police.. close the
shutter and run away Sir police itseems So What Im also police Oye enough of drinking go Open open No One is inside and no wine Open the shutter.. No wine Cant you hear Will you open or not? Itseems like I saw you somewhere. What? Nothing sir nothing Only brandy is there Be happy. Bro but we had Wisky there.
– Ya Now with brandy If we mix it will result in hangover We will mix it and drink Give me the water bottle Bro one doubt, You tell not to sell
after 10 and you are only asking now Are you Hero or Villain Should close the
shutter before he comes back Only two will be useful in
what ever created by man One is drink and other is this. Hey that is chips That shopkeeper cheated me I will tell you a poem Tell bro Drive the vehicle with light. Dont drive with lightly high Awesome, thats why I dont drive What about you? Im not light, Im tight lets go like that Hey dont bend man. Did you get job in Bombay
or you are going to your place? Why should I go to my place I can have 100s or workers under me It needs a lot of money Hey hey what? I will tell you a secret. What? Dont tell to anyone Tell me. We are planning to rob Where? There golden theatre right? There. Samba Shiva Ya Samba Shiva Reddy Same pinch Why are we talking secretly? You told same pinch, does that
mean you are also robbing there? Yes When? During IPL final Even we planned on the same day Ok do one thing, you go rob after 2 days Who all with you Me , Mahat, Sumanth, Mahesh All four waste fellows Should never drink again Whom did you bring today? Should never drink again. Hey Hey Good morning Good morning What are you doing here? Bro I remember I was driving the car I was driving, But I dont
remember where we went We bought drink from one shop I bought it I opened the shutter After that we came home Bro what happened? Dont you remember anything? I remember till be
bought drink from that wine shop After that my mind was blank Ok bro I will leave I
have an important work Hey from next time we will
maintain only one brand Lets not mix and drink I will tell you one secret Samba Shiva Reddy We are very brilliant Yo dont know about me right? You park the car on the left side Me , Mahat, Sumanth, Mahesh Very important thing in our
plan is traffic signal Signals should be in our
control when we exchange the container Its in your hands My Bro came from our village He wants to become police from childhood His name is Narasimha Or Shikari Shambu Sir I got the permission Why is he like that? He is mentally retarded With your permission, for a day, will
take him around and show the head quarters No Problem. Dont show your intelligence on this They will screw me if something happens Knife can be sharp two sides but this
Lakshmi Narasimha’s full body is sharp Lakshmi Narasimha be careful, This
is the area traffic control It will be a
problem if you do something. Already uncle is in a lot of problems, His wife eloped with someone Is it?
– What is this? You dont worry i will
search your wife where ever she is. Go out first Hey I have seen the truck. Hey vehicles are of same size right? Already stickers are printed Be careful It will take care of
all those, tell me the plan. I will make sure
there is a traffic jam there At that time the
money will go to theatre You have to keep your
vehicle beside that one This is the godown I saw Why? This is where we share the money Safe right?
– Yes full safe No one will know If we share it in a 5star hotel
it would have been better Hey what is this? Thats ok. How did you come inside? Dont ask how, ask why Ok why did you come inside? Did you booze? Yes Did you tell in house? Why to tell in house? Mom and dad should know. Both boys and girls crack dry
jokes when they are drunk, why? You told me not to booze
and how come you? No no my friend’s birthday party 1st time you know Ok why did you come here? I drunk only so much But I remember everything Ayyyooo what are you going to do now? Its what are we going to do? Sanjana we are near house. Hey your house Its feeling like a little bit down Ya thats natural Every ones kick will be down when
they come near their house Ok go in and brush the teeth,
no one can identify No ways you too come with me. Namaste, sit down Namaste how are you? Im fine Shall I bring some butter milk? No nothing Some cool drink? Just now.. -No Every time you are like this,
Wait I will call him No No need Dont worry I will do everything right Your wish sir Dear, Vinayak came to meet you Ya coming Hello Vinayanak
– Hello sir Sit down How are you? Im fine Sorry I was in a small meeting Its ok sir Ya tell me, anything. Nothing sir, I came to drop Sanjana Ayyoo I thought he came to meet you Its ok ok Do one thing, Wait for some time I will be back
after meeting, Lets have dinner together Super right? What? What else my acting No one identified right? No chance You are a big actor Should we teach you acting? Thank you Did my dad eat you head? No he told to have dinner and go Ok I will help my mom Carry on No smell right? Silly girl Where is the rest room? Dont use this gun till it is needed Dont tell the name of others
if you get caught. We are safe if we execute
plan money or else we are gone. Why are you talking about death Talk about money Ya Ganesh is right. If we get caught Reddy will kill us Excuse me What is this? Im only getting frightened Think of him Ok take the vehicle fast Hope everything will go right Sumanth, do you have lighter? Yes I have Where are you all going? Just going out For robbery? I didnt understand what you told Where are you going? Theatre right
– Yes Why SI with you for theatre? To rescue you from case is it? What bro you are kidding. Do you think I’m Brahmanandam? No Vinayak Im going to duty Bro did you also join? I asked you whether you joined to drink. I know you are going for robbery Im not getting what you
are telling Vinayak Dont act before me SI I know your plan, where
you are going and your share. I know it all Bro its already late, I
have to unload from the vehicle. I know there is nothing in that vehicle I’m not getting what you are telling.
– I know everything Prem told me everything Swear I dont know anything There is no time now As you all expect
money is not going to theatre Ayyoo money is not going
to theatre is it? Hey
– Sorry Are you thinking how I know all these? I made friendship with
Sanjana and her father for money. Where is the rest room?
– On the left Police problem is more these days I know I know Dont send the money to the Theatre Ok Reddy sir As we spoke before let
the money exchange I will take care dont worry
– Ok sir You dont worry Its a drama to mislead police. Even Sanjana’s father knows
there are police around the theatre If you still dont believe, come with me. See there, theatre enterance,
over bridge Shit this is that special team What are you thinking? Only i have to think Tell is it better to make five
shares into one or one into five Tell Ok bro tell what should we do? Tomorrow money will come in a vehicle One more vehicle will follow
for its protection Hey there you have to do Govinda.. Govinda Ganesh I entered successfully Now all the signal are under my control You are genius Hey next signal are you ready? No problem I will take care. Hey truck is going follow it Cant you see the vehicles Hey get ready I’m turning signal green. Im ready since we started Where are those security guys? Vinayak we seperated both the vehicles Vinayak, We are set What is this the phone is not reachable? Ok dont stop the vehicle anywhere Ok Try calling again
– Its not reachable Hey Sumanth Take bro Mahat are you ready? Ok good Hey police Take the papers out Stop the vehicle. Show the papers. We have everything sir. Show Sir What problem here? I will talk to them Hey get down fast. We reached. Did we reach? Move move move Careful Catch this Give, Take it. Fast fast Super plan bro, super Chaa chaa wrong Bro cigeratte? Thanks You should have
seen him riding the bike, My body was shivering 14,16, 19, 20 Hey what are you doing inside? Im counting. Hey where did you find him? We cant find we
have to manufacture newly Well boys what next? Let the money be
here, we cant share now. Why? Its safe to be here Its a big issue outside We will be caught if we
exchange the dollars 2, 3 days be in your works. I dont agree, give me my share I will go Even there is a problem from my side Reddy sir is calling me back to back I have to think and answer to him In 2, 3 days one of us rob this again? You, him and may be me also. Rob everything? I have a super idea for this. How is this technology No one can open this
without knowing to us We all will get the alert You are not a normal guy We gave money to this brain or else
who would have taken you in this game Hey we are millionaires This is the place where
we kept the money This is money 500 crores That means 500 crores. To share the money. We all will enter. Mahat Prem Sumanth Ganesh Now my entry, that is hero entry The king No no The King Maker As soon as we share the money
everyone will dance forgetting everything Then I will take my guns and… Prem…. Mahat Over confidence is
not good… kingmaker.. Rewind rewind Ganesh is police and will have gun So I have to shoot him 1st Ganesh. Sumanth Remaining are those babies They will start
shivering and fall on my feet. Bro Leave us bro We dont want money bro We want to live In this type They will beg me What to do I feel pitty Go.. They will run from there Wait wait.. If they tell about me outside? Hey Mahat lets tell about him outside Ya lets tell I will remove my gun Tell bro Die Prem sorry ra Thats ok bro Wait wait Prem is a genius,
so go to check him I escaped. Im lucky I didnt die Bro I dont know anything, He called me thats all Chaa.. he will not tell like that Tell how you will tell Anyways you took all
the money atleast leave me. That is it. What to do now? Money…. Money… Put everyone together And then Throw some money on them Tomorrows heading, betting
money is robbed Robbers when they were sharing. They fought. Shot each other They are died. And the police seized 10crore rupees What about the remaining money? No sir, someone
dashed our security vehicle Till signal security vehicle followed After that? We got seperated Who are they? Truck drivers. Your guys is it? Namaste sir Reddy, We cannot ask the help of police. Its all black money Everyone are calling and torturing But I dont think there
is someone big in this. May be some small gangsters did it Lets find We have to find Reddy, If everyone
think you stole everything Sir you are doubting me? No no I believe but what about others Reddy sir I dont know all
those, adjust money somehow Hey take the vehicle Ok sir. Im sorry Reddy sir, i
dont have anything in my hands Lot of pressure for me Somehow adjust money
and remain as my friend Ya sure Ok I will leave Sumanth go to Andheri and ask Kethan’s
gang if they know about this Ok sir -Go. Lights. So, money came to
Dharavi but not to theatre. So the information we
got is false is it? Its true but
someone robbed it in between Robbed? When we were near Dharavi, someone
hacked the traffic signals 1hour signals were in their control They changed the route of the vehicle and
hit the security And then they managed to rob Local police know all these So there should be someone behind this. someone should be guiding them Sir, Why should this not
be a drama from Reddy? Even I thought the same, but no.. just listen to this conversation What reddy are you playing? Its not 1 or 2 crores its 500 crores Sir I swear I didnt get
the money. Didnt you get? Some one robbed in between. I dont want all these stories,
I want money thats it Give me some time sir You know who all are involved right?
– I know sir Dont tell the new stories again I will not tell sir So then, What are we going to do? Sir. I gave you so much money
and you are asking more. Mahat sir, we are the
regular customers right? Chotu, Bring some cold water I dont think we can take that money now. Why? We will be caught Police checking around Dharavi Mumbai is full alert Sumanth, Sir didnt get any doubt on you? No No why will he send me to search? Police? They have doubt
whether money came or not. No news to local police, they just
told to check the big vehicles. Anything else sir? Nothing go Its a huge pressure now, so
lets not share the money Yes we dont have other
option lets share later Oh still two more
days like a sugar patient We couldnt enjoy even
though we became the millionaires No option now. We will remove a
small bundle and lets party Hey its dollars Party.. why? Anyways we will get seperated
after sharing, after that we cant meet So, lets do a small party You are doing comedy
but we cannot laugh for it His wish, lets party.. Baba open the bottle. Bro why did you
change the style of the song I dont know why. I dont know what magic. Hey listen When I am drunk I remember
that kick song Bro is high Did you come? Didnt you sleep yet? Will you have food? I had, you sleep now Are you angry on me? I will never be late Everyday you will tell this I know you are not talking
to me properly from few days Suchi only 2, 3days after
that lets go foreign What are you seeing? I swear lets live how you expected Are you telling truth? Yes dont tell this to anyone Everything is ready
lets start a new life Hey you are not lieing right? Why will I lie? Everything is ready. money
, house, business My London friend rajesh
has made ready of visa too. Very few days, you are everything to me Never cry again Hello tell Ganesh Ok where are you? Where is the money? I dont know Faisal Im telling truth Why did you beat him like this? He is our guy No sir I know everything. Not like that sir. Without any feeling
you were partying yesterday Mahat called me for his birthday sir I told him no, but he didnt listen sir. Im breaking my head about the money
and you are partying there. No sir Who else was with him? I saw SI Ganesh I couldnt see others properly I doubt on him sir No sir even I went to search the money I didnt do any mistake Ok you didnt, then why did you try to
run when Faisal tried to catch you? Beat him guys, Whom are you working for? Chetan , Nazar? Did they tell you they
will give you commission No sir I took care of you like my son Believe sir I dont know
anything about money Sir, Dadaji is on line. Beleieve me sir I dont know anything Hey dont leave him Tell Dadaji.. No no you work will be done You will get money in 2hours Dont worry Tell me I dont know Tell where is money? Really I dont know Are you acting? Tell now I will kill
you. Believe me I dont know. Are you playing? Untie me -Go go Dont leave them Sumanth, Ganesh move Come come Dad liked you a lot. So then very soon.. Ganesh call prem and ask him to
come with Mahat to the godown Come near the fast Hey no.. ya im very busy Do what I told Ganesh where are they? Call them Not connecting Try till it connects Chaa.. where did you keep the phone? Ganesh, Lets break the lock Alarm Vinayak Its not the point. They will only come to us if we break Nothing came. Tell where is the money? Even I came with you 500 crores Shit 500 crores. Hey Vinayak, why did I
simply rescue these guys? Money … money… 500crores, thats a lot of money Tell me where is the money I dont know Leave him What? Shoot shoot No just calm down Pull the bloody trigger, you cant What are you thinking? Did you plan to kill me? No no Hey tell me. Put the gun down I will not put Whom are you cheating? No we are not cheating Me? Im the king maker We dont know Lie lie lie Your vehicle, your
place.. and they are your friends Will you cheat me? Ask them to come here Call them now. Bro really I dont know bro Call him Phone phone. You are frightened right? Why money for you? What if you get 500 crores or not. But I want money Hey call them I dont have phone bro Take your phone I dont have phone. What a timing Your friends are lucky Lord, I love you Pick the call Its not them Pick fast, Its bloody time baby Pick the call What are you seeing as if
you dont know anything Money money money I am a mad man I am bad man Use brain like me Its all F*** over We cant go out of Mumbai Everyone knows very robbed it Reddy gang will not leave us We dont know where money is. Without money we had to run like this. Everything gone Life is also gone. We are gone Dont include me… Dont include me. You still breathe right? You didnt still die. Then think Be positive I will beat you in slipper Are you doing drama? Dont you want your wife alive? Sir she dont know anything sir Please sir please. Hey where is the money? We had kept it in the Place I told sir Mahat and his friend took that money Money will not go anywhere because
all those are dollars They have to exchange first. They got to convert Ganesh. Ask the department to enquire who
are exchanging the dollars in bulk. Then everything will fall into place How dare you cheat me, I will
give you 2 hours time. get the money within that time, Or
else your wife will be cut into pieces. It will not be useful
if you cry afterwards. I will give your
money after sometime sir Please dont do anything to her Chee…Cut the call Sir sir Where are they? Where is the money? I dont know about money bro Where did you tell your friends
to keep the money? I really dont know anything bro Dont know So, You dont know I dont know Then you told in the phone that
you will give the money? Sir I didnt have any other option Reddy has kidnapped my wife Shit He will kill if I dont tell like that Please save her sir Ganesh please tell Bro please I cant live without her So you made us get caught
because your wife. No sir I didnt do it So you will kill me for
your wife if needed No bro Hey waste fellow its 500crores Will you get back Hey 500 crores, you
will get 1000 wives like her Are you a human Leave I will kill him What do you know about my wife? I made a mistake of leaving you alive Die die Hey Ganesh. Leave leave Are you mad If he knows where they both are Shit Yaa shit Come lets go Did you eat something? No Hey I dont want anything. I dont have any anger on you Its only on your husband He betrayed me, Im unable to tolerate it He tried to steal
my 55years of hard work Its not only he is losing because
of this but also i lost my hard work Money, name, fame, property everything Ganesh you go the other side. How can I get back my
daughters happiness I never treated you like
my daughter’s friend Rather I treated you like my daughter A guy is coming near the
school with the checks shirt Catch him You will not do anything to him right? Sir How many more days can
you escape from me? Sir please save me sir,
I will not escape. Save my wife also sir Reddy has kidnapped my wife Really? He is the special officer EVerything is over. He will tell everything. Ganesh trace where those two guys are? I will take care of everything else. Archu come in. Archu come in.. See the life This is nothing The coming days we will see what life is Cheers Isn’t this wrong? What wrong? They believe us a lot They didnt believe in
you, they believed your brain They dont even think if
there is some problem in future, They will kill you Because its 500 crores Lets plan intelligently What do you guys say? We have to be changing the money
into different vehicles We may get caught if we dont do so Ok officer Dont worry im special officer Prithviraj Your husband Sumanth is in our custody You dont worry Come on. Basha zoom the camera Is it ok sir? Ya this frame is fine Sir sound? Ya ok Sir total database will be
displayed in this monitor Satish Everything is ok Sir my wife? Hmm she is fine Sir can I see her? Yes you can, but we need some
information before that. Will you be the approver? Yes sir
– Good Since how many years
you know Samba Shiva Reddy? I am working from the age of 10 years. i know about all his businesses He has guys everywhere staring from
match box manufacturing to smuggling. He is interested in gambling Thats why he made the theatre as club He is the member in
almost all the top clubs in India He has links with many politicians,
smugglers, businessman and also with some top actors. Thats how he took Dharavi
under his control He got the news that betting
money is going to be divided in Mumbai So he wanted to make for his favour He convinced Mumbai dons that the money should
be divided after comimg to his theatre. I got to know about the news
and we tried to robb that We means? Who all? Me, Dharavi SI Ganesh, Leisure bar
owner Mahat And his friend Prem At last Vinayak joined us. Vinayak, Who is he? He is the suspended police He told about the money everything We did everything according to his plan How much money? 500 crores Where is the money now? Mahat and Prem betrayed
us and took all the money Dont you really know where the money is? I really dont know But ganesh and Vinayak
have gone in search of them Who is it? Sir Vinayak. Switch on the speaker Track the call. Do it fast. Hello. Hey kid, did you tell everything? No I didnt tell you anything They should have told
you to switch on the speaker I didnt do Did you start to trace my call? Is he there? Who? What who? Action King Hello Acp Prithvi sir how are you? I hope we dont need introduction Vinayak I know you are smart You know something? You are a disgrace
to the Police department Tell me something new sir You told now right? Disgrace to the police
department. Tell something new sir. Ofcourse, I will tell I have sent your photo to
all the check posts in Bombay You can’t do anything I have all the details about you Vinayak your game is over man I will finish the game you started. This is my game.. I have to decide how to start and play I should make the decision. Got it? Hey that Sumanth is dieing for
his wife and he became approver Sorry, I got tensed a little bit. Now how will you prove
you are a good husband. Hey what are you talking ? We need to go What are you talking? Nice phone Ayayayooo Bombay police
have great brains 1 minute she wants to talk to you Listen. Saritha Pruthvi save me. Trace the new call.. Fast fast He is frightenning that he
will kill me, Im afraid Dont worry Saritha He cant do you anything Prithvi save me prithvi Please dont do anything to me Acp i will tell the game plan now Kill Sumanth if you want your wife Sir no sir
– What? Dont do it sir. Shut Up Shut up I cant do this You dont worry. Do as he
told or else he will kill me. Please prithvi I cant do it, Dont try
to play smart with me ok Acp encounter is not new to you and me Kill him Are you mad, I cant do this. Prithvi do what he said please prithvi Hey dont do anything stupid man. -ACP,
I dont have time to play this drama Dont try to play with me Shoot him sir Arent you ashamed of it? We dont have time sir Shoot him. Hey how can we kill him? I will see all those Its not wrong to kill
him for a good reason. Shoot him No no, Vinayak Are you tracking? -Its
going sir 1 minute You told you will leave me sir Please sir Acp Prithvi Your time starts now What are you still thinking? Shoot him sir How will we shoot sir Sir shoot him sir What did you do? I shot the same place you did there. Hey shoot him Sir he is one thief sir, Let him die for us Fast fast Sir I made a mistake sir Shoot sir dont think anymore No no Thank you, Love you Oh my god Hey what the hell did you do man? Sir, -What.. We tracked, they are in Dharavi area. Did you get to know anything? Vinayak lets move, I
got to know where they are. They exchanged 1 lakh dollars
near Goa highway What are you still thinking? Come on Mahat Mahat, Bro is very
good, we shouldnt have betrayed him Sumanth and Ganesh sorry guys I want drink first. Which place did you tell? Mauritius. Did you tell to Prem he will feel happy He is not coming with us We betrayed three now we will kill him You told to be safe right? Hey but he is your friend Ya right So you have to kill him 500 crores and only 2 shares Sona why you didnt get ready yet? Mahat we have to go very far Hey why are you aiming the gun at me? Mahat what is this? Sorry Bro we cant equally distribute
500 crores for 3persons So we both are sharing it So why do you want her? Let both of us share What will I do with you? If we both share how it will be? Did I come for this? 65 thousand salary, I have
to send money to my mom and dad. What to do now Dont tell these sentiment dialogues. I will take care of your parents. Im not such a big villain Leave me I dont want money Sona why are you listening
to him, shoot him I kept spot for you. Mahant… Come on baby our plan is success I understood you will
kill me also one day for money Why are you talking with him? Dont waste the time,
kill that black sheep See thats him, the Chimpanji Ayayayoo police police fast fast Fast Ouch Bloody They got to know about us. Shut your mouth Come lets run They came What about that money? Come lets see in next IPL I should have killed
you instead of Mahat. Prem. Hey dont leave him We all will get caught if he escapes Why did you come here? Its all for you Then why did you try to escape? Ayyyoo the problem was because of Prem I knew you will come. They planned to cheat you, thats why I
cheated them and brought all the money to you. What you cant believe? See if you want the van is full of money Money money All this is for us Bro I dont know anything Hey its me Ganesh What did you do? All these is because of you I dont know anything Everything Sona and Mahat did Believe me. Sona is it? Even now nothing has happened. Only I know the place where
the money is, will share 50/50. Who is he? why is he shooting us?c Die you…… Neither they are
taking money nor letting me What life is this? Hi, 500 crores me, single owner, You coming? No old only young Everywhere villains Ayayayaoo Come man Bill Gates Bro 50 50 share No No no need Only I know the place where money is. Lets share 50 50 Hey who are you? Ok sir you take 60 and give me 40 Sir atleast 70 30 What life is this? You cant escape now. ACPPrithvi you are on time, not bad Mostly you come after everything right? Sorry we come right? How is your wife Mrs. Prithvi? Over confidence is not good Vinayak Your game is over. That dialogue should always be mine. Action king I’m impressed,
give me more.. Come on. Bro, I’m Impressed. Good bye Special branch officer,
assiatant commissioner of police. Phriviraj’s final report states that Samba Shiva
Reddy had to distribute 500crores money. Reddy is arrested in Hyderabad Whole money was
burnt in the fire accident Prithviraj shot Vinayak,
the main accused One more accused was Dharavi SI Ganesh Praveen Kumar went in
search of him to South East Asia Lets hope for a good news Vinayak I know its you Simply come with me. Friends from India Vinayak Mahadev You got caught. What will you do now? Smoking is injurious to health Are you teasing, teasing? Even Vulture which ate 100 cows will
be destroyed by a single cyclone Do you think police are fools? Phrithvi sir. Vinayak still didnt die sir. What are you telling? Truth sir. He is in front of me sir. I shot him in front of you right? Believe me sir. How should I believe you? Tell him you are alive. Tell Vinayak Mahadev is alive. Tell tell Cheap phone.. chill chill Action King He is Faisal.. If we rescue him
our plan will be successful Ok lets save him I will flirt with
Samba Shiva Reddy’s daughter You have to agree its
your mistake and get suspended Ok I will do it. I will get suspended too. So in this gambling I am hero I am villain Money is not coming to
theatre, What to do now? Those kids are planning something Action King .. Sumanth My dear friend I thought of calling But that Bafoon called me Our
money is safe in London bank Swiss is a bit risky right? Thank you Uncle, Im impressed. Vinayak Hey Ganesh Nothing happened to you right? Are you ok Hey sorry What is our James bond doing? He is posing as if he kept
something in his mouth Dont make him wait anymore. Its already late. GAME OVER !

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