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Game Jam Hollywood – Making Games in Fortnite Creative for World Cup Finals

I’m here at the first ever Fortnite Game Jam event
in Los Angeles. And we’re building
some of the best maps that you’re ever going to see for the Fortnite World Cup
this summer. -Oh, you guys won. Yeah.
-Oh, we won. Okay. So pumped for you
to check it out. -Let’s do this!
-Let’s do this! -I’m Makamakes.
-Wertandrew. -Kryw.
-Iscariote. -KK Slider.
-Stormhawk. I’m just very excited to see what we can come up with
together. I’m stuck! -Yes!
-The next big thing is to come. Whoa! I think when Fortnite finally
released Creative Mode, it was kind of a big eye-opener that this could be
something big. This could be the future
of Fortnite. A lot of my friends back at home don’t actually know
that I’m doing this… Like, Fortnite as a living. And I think it’s kind of cool to keep the anonymity
to a certain extent and just watch their reaction
when they see stuff like this and the things
that I’m involved with. Before Fortnite Creative, I wanted to be
an interior designer. Fortnite Creative was just
something I picked up, you know what I mean? I didn’t see it as an actual job
or anything like that. I just saw it as something fun that became something that could
actually translate into work. It’s kind of insane. I graduated high school
a couple years early. It felt great,
but at the same time, I had no idea what I was gonna
do afterwards. I picked up Fortnite Creative
as a hobby and it turned
into something more. Creating really did change my
life an my whole family’s life. It feels great to know that
I can now give back to them for all the times
that they’ve supported me. Welcome, everybody.
Um… We are really excited
to have you guys here today. You guys have earned the biggest
admiration, huge admiration, from everybody here, you know,
at Epic Games, for what you’ve managed
to deliver with the tools, you know, we’ve given you today. The mission of this Game Jam is to sit down
with a bunch of friends and have a good time building
some maps that all of us enjoy playing
and that we enjoy making. We all have our different
styles. We’re actually bringing
that all together and building some great content
for, like, the whole community. You guys are the pioneers
of this. We’re here to build maps
for Creative World Cup. So, like, really what we want
to do is talk through, like, how you guys talk through
sort of some of the ideas that you’re thinking about
for your maps. Imagine this sort of big
junkyard wasteland… -…sort of environment.
-Okay. We also had this, like, scavenger hunt idea with,
like, 16 players. So, basically, kind of like another parkour
sort of, like, puzzle. Okay. I have the idea of a “One
in the Quiver” kind of game, like, “One in the Chamber,” where everyone spawns with
a Boom Bow that has one bullet. And then, if they get a kill, they’re rewarded
with another bullet. I used to be on a swim team. I guess I was pretty fast
because one of my coaches at one point had called me
“Dolphindom.” And I guess I kind of just —
I like it and I stuck with it. I just continued with it. It’s gonna be a three-level
race. Level 1’s gonna be like
KK Slider’s avalanche, except with the new balls. So I did electronic engineering
and after six months, I realized I did not like it. And right around then,
Fortnite Creative came out. I just started focusing
a lot of my time into it. After three months, I think
I got noticed quite a bit. And I can say I’m on here.
It’s been great. We want to use the devices
to open secret paths and go with the world,
coloring all the arena. It’s amazing! The amount of people working
on this and putting their hearts
in this and it’s… It’s just mind-blowing. I’m sort of like
a perfectionist. I can’t start building until I
have a solid idea set in place. Quality of the quantity
is my thing and what is going to make you
a better artist. I really have a creative
mind-set that just brings to the table things that no one’s
ever seen before. Okay, so how’s it going with
turning your dream into reality? I’m really sketching it out, making the layout,
scaling and stuff. I started playing Fortnite
back in May 2018 when some friends
introduced it to me. Then again in December,
they introduced Creative Mode. So this here is the parkour bit,
right? Yeah. That’s where you spawn. One year ago, I was sitting
in high school and I had no idea I would end up
where I’m at now. To move more faster,
can we use the crystals? Or we can use the speed boost. The truth is that I was very
happy creating maps at home and never thinking it would help
me transcend to this level. But at the moment, I’m very
excited about this adventure. So what you guys have to do,
pretty much, is block off this
so that eventually, the storm will just kill
everybody up on the top and just leave the guys who are
left down below fight it out. That’s good. Okay. What we can do is force him
to do a slide and then you have
the different levels, in which they can get
pushed to the side. So basically, we’re gonna make
a giant circular junkyard… Uh-huh. …and then, like, right
in the middle is gonna be, like, this massive incinerator. Everyone would get to be
a guardian once, but then they’d get to be a prop
three times. Yeah. And freeing a prop is more fun
anyway. I was getting nervous at first
because I saw all these faces. I knew those people, but I felt
bad for not recognizing them. But as soon as I met them, like, “Oh, my God! This is this guy.
This is this guy.” We were all, like, very close
together. I feel like we’re a family.
It’s pretty cool. We have the center, which is
outlined by this river. Okay. The battle field area would
basically be the skyscrapers. -Okay.
-The buildings. When I first walked
into Game Jam, I thought, “This is unbelievable! I would’ve never thought of this
being so big.” And I’m just so excited
to see where this is going. So what’s the primary objective
to get the jetpack, correct? Exactly. You basically use the jetpacks
to build the rocket. We will have 12 hardcore type
paths… Okay. …where you get the jetpacks
from. That’s awesome, man. The basic idea
is a capture game mode. We have four different teams
of four players. I was in college. I wasn’t really happy
with what I was doing. I kind of needed a break. So I was working at a warehouse
packing boxes. Day to day.
Nothing special and nothing fun. But then I found Creative Mode
and I got hooked and I’ve been playing
ever since. And I’m really enjoying it. The Lama Island will be
disconnected from the bridge. In order to get to that island,
your team has to work together in order to clear the path for,
maybe, activate three pads or something
that creates a bridge. The big difference from, like,
me and being here at Game Jam, I used to make
all my projects solo. But now, this is like a huge
community we’ve got here, which is a good thing. It’s good to, like,
listen to others. I was looking for a job when
Creative Mode came out and I saw an opportunity there. And I just started making maps. A lot of people
were enjoying it. I gained supporters. I felt to myself, “I can really
make a living out of this if I spend the hours I need to.” Oh, wow! You just break everything. It’s my first time
in LA and the USA. I really like it.
It’s a dream for me. And I love everything — the cars, the buildings,
everything is cool. The Americans are so cool. I have been so happy
to work here. Are we gonna do, like,
holes in the sides or is it gonna be like…
just like this? I’m not used to taking breaks. I’m always the guy who’s gonna
work more if needed to get the things done. I was thinking it was cool
to have… if people were running around
there is the view, like… when they’re inside of it. You can look into the hole. Pretty much whenever I just
have, like, an idea, I kinda get on
and just start working. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’m critical on myself. I make sure that I provide
something quality, putting out work for people
to enjoy. I love getting feedback and love
getting compliments and seeing that my work
can make someone happy. Oh! That’d be so funny! I’ve always been
a very creative person. I used to draw when I was a kid.
I’ve become a graphic designer. It’s very useful to me
to create maps. I thought you were making, like,
a monster out of trash… …with, like, legs. To me, Creative Mode is letting
other kids have fun based on what you create. And that means a lot
when you think about it. My passion for gaming started
really young. In elementary school, I used to come home and play,
like, for hours. You know, my mom would always
yell at me to get off. When I first heard
about Fortnite, I was actually playing
basketball outside with my neighbor. So I actually watched him play
the game and that made me more pumped. I was, like, downloading it
while watching him play. Good morning.
Welcome back. Day 2. How did last night go
for everybody? -Great.
-Everybody well? What were you guys
able to get done? A lot. So, what we want to do
this morning is actually have each one of you
guys run through your maps, where you’re at currently. Does somebody want to come up
here and represent? Sure. The basic map layout is that we
have, like, a circle center, which is accessible
by four bridges. In the center, we are going
to have the two jetpacks, which are key to win. Basically, you collect jetpacks
to build your rocket. We have two towers for that. The towers are set up
as jet runs. So you get to the jetpacks
by doing the jet run. When people play
or watch the map, I feel really proud of this
because it’s a lot of work and sometimes I don’t sleep because I want to build
and finish the map. So are there any parts of the
map that you’re concerned about or anything you’re… you haven’t solved yet? No. -You’re happy?
-Yup. -All doable?
-Yeah. All right, Team 2,
who wants to represent? -I’ll go.
-Yeah… Right now,
we have Junkyard Juke. So it’s this huge junkyard area. It is also a circle map. There’s this big incinerator
in the middle, which KK has already set up
like a filter system. So the point of the map is you
turn into a piece of junk. There’s, like, little areas of
the junk that you can turn into. The goal is to go into
the incinerator without the guards shooting you. …like, you know, like, the Bolt-Action Sniper
or something. I was thinking we do
the hand cannon. I feel like the Bolt-Action
would be too long. Like, you hear someone shoot and then you know
that they’re…back so it’s like your chance to run. It’s a lot different when you’re
collaborating with others because you have to be a lot
more verbal. And it can be a challenge
coming from home. You’re just used to sitting
there and building it. But now you have to really work
with everyone else. All right, Team 3. We’re thinking about making, like, a battle royale experience
just in Creative. So in this center, we have,
like, a stadium — the actual World Cup stadium. This is gonna be one giant storm
that’s closing in. And we will have teams spawning
on flying headphones. We’re working on a mechanic
such that when your are, like, getting into the stadium, you can’t, like, get out again. We’ve got people from, like,
everywhere. Loads of different backgrounds from a bunch of different
countries, you know? We all have our own experiences
and we can bring something unique and different
to the table that you wouldn’t get usually
within, like, your own isolated world. For the name, we have “Storm the
Stadium” or something like… Okay, so the winning condition,
just basically — -Um, staying alive.
-Last man standing. Last man standing from the team. -The team — whoever…
-Yeah. Team 4. -Team 4. I think that’s me.
-Yeah. Our idea is to have
a scavenger game mode. There will be a circular center. On the four edges of the map, there will be shrines that will
have a lama jewel in them. And there will be a different
trial to each of these lamas. The win condition is either
a time limit — the team that has the most
points when the game ends or that reaches
the point threshold first. Differently themed.
Four different biomes. Um…
beautiful looking. We’ve got G_Schway
working on the details. Pretty much a treasure hunt
scavenger game mode. Uh, and now, we’ve got a good
idea for the name. I think we’re going with
“Treasure Trove”. Have you guys considered making
each individual lama worth more points increasingly
as the match goes on? Uh…
Yes. That’s a good idea.
Uh… We were talking about that. All of us will have different
creative visions. Just letting go of your pride
and being able to compromise is really important
to really let the map shine. -Hey, guys.
-Hey. So, you guys have made some pretty good progress
on your maps? -Yeah.
-You guys ready to give it… …a playtest and ready to give
it a first shot? Yeah. So it’s gonna be everyone
in the circle is actually gonna playtest? Or we’re gonna have me
and the rest of the designers come down and sit down
and we’re gonna have you guys stand behind us
and kind of watch. Cool?
Let’s get to it, guys. We all have one job. The map is creating so fast.
It looks so cool. And now in, like, 10 hours,
we… we are close to finishing
the map. Let’s hit it. Being the youngest creator here is actually not that big
of an issue because everybody respects me
like everyone else. No! Die! Just… No! No! I think because everyone of us,
the creators, has his own style
and his talents, you can learn a lot of them. I’ve already learned a lot
from Tollmolia and KK Slider that is really good, the technical stuff
and mechanics in the game. So that’s something
that’s a little confusing, is that when I got to the top, I didn’t realize there wasn’t
a jetpack up there until I get up there. Yeah, I jumped up there. I hadn’t realized
it wasn’t there. We thought about
adding the arrows to mark the spot and where… Yeah, I think something
like that. That, like, indicates
that there’s one up there. I do like the bouncing,
how everyone’s together. And the close explosives are —
That’s pretty fun. No way they go… -What?
-Ooh, run! -Oh, no!
-Oh, no! It was a quick one! Just go for it! Yes! Seriously? That was a brave stab
by the cactus there. Go, Zak, go! Seeing my game tested for the
first time is, obviously, really exciting. People are starting
to get some points now. It’s pretty good. Everyone’s, like,
one point separated. Yes! Oh, dang it! I can —
How did I get that? Until you see, like, 16 people
playing it at once, you don’t really get a good idea of just how balanced it is
or what needs changing. I’m stuck! This isn’t fair!
Oh, I got it. Oh! Yes! Yes! Zak! Do it! -Oh!
-What happened? -He sniped you!
-From above? -Yeah.
-Yeah. I actually created my first game
when I was 14. And since then,
I’ve been doing games, I’ve been doing mobile games. I didn’t care
about anybody playing, but I just made stuff. All right, guys. So, we had a great time
playtesting Jetpack Capture. So we’re gonna start
a quick feedback session over what we played. Any feedback you guys have
for the Team 1? I think a little bit of ammo
granted on respawn would be all right
because there were tons of times where I respawned
with no ammo. When I got one
of the jetpacks once, I don’t know if it’s just
because I don’t know the map, but, like, I didn’t know
which place I spawned from. So I kind of forgot
where to put it back. I feel, like, maybe if you have
it open up later in the game, so…
three or four minutes in, another capture point opens up. If it’s got a barrier across
the atrium, that’s bad. We can place a big text
called “Secret Entrance” or something like this. Coming together, everybody from
those different countries, is very interesting. The first time,
it was a little bit hard because of all the different
languages. Despite it all, you’re still
able to create things together. Creative —
it’s a universal language. I feel, like, maybe the capture
points for the jetpacks were a little high. Maybe two more spots
to get the jetpacks at, so… Because it’s a —
The four ways — Because it’s kind of hard
to go up the tube. The camaraderie here is amazing. Everybody’s so nice. We’re all very open to, like, the development of Fortnite
itself. And I’m really glad
to be a part of that. So, yeah, I think, you know,
overall, excellent, excellent,
great start. But let’s get some more feedback and see what other people
thought. It’s too brutal when the shooter
can see you. You have no time to react. You have to predict. And it’s random.
You have no idea. So maybe it’s part of the game.
I don’t know. I think there’s
four different ones that can be randomly chosen. Right. You have one second, two
seconds, three-and-four seconds. With everybody here,
it’s more of a mix of really good, artistic,
and decorative people. And it’s definitely useful
to be collaborating with someone who’s more skilled in one aspect
than you are. Some of the taller traps that
shoot you really high in the sky actually give you somewhat
of an advantage… Yeah. Because you’re able
to get closer and you can use that momentum
to get closer. So, maybe reducing the height
on those a little bit. I think there should be, like, a punishment for hitting
the traps. Because, like, every time
I hit one of those, I was just holding forward
and it was, like, literally getting me closer to,
like, the exit. -What about this one?
-It’s like… …have him facing away
just a little bit. -Yeah. Like this one.
-Yeah. Does it send you backwards? Yeah, this one sends you
backwards. We should probably just — Yeah, that would probably
be better. -Yeah.
-Yeah. More sideways or just anything
that’s not forward. -Mm-hm.
-I was gonna ask… …if you guys think
that the sniper should have a different weapon
or more of a weapon selection. I think it is the most balanced
weapon you could get right now. It’s accurate,
it’s not too fast or too slow. It’s definitely
the biggest group that I’ve collaborated with. I think it can be a little bit
difficult at times when you kind of have
a different vision. But at the same time,
having a different perspective on what you’re building gives
you a new look on it that you won’t be able
to see yourself. I focus a lot on design. When I work, I’m very
perfectionistic. I’ll spend hours on end
perfecting details. What’s important to me
is that the end result is something I’m happy with. When I first met Stormhawk, it was in, like,
the departure land. It’s like we’ve been friends
for years. You know, like, a super nice
person, easy to get on with. Good morning, guys. Dawn of the final day. We’ve all got 12 hours
of FaceTime and in-person collaboration
left. So today is gonna be very,
very critical. We’re gonna be finalizing some
of your maps, polishing it up, doing some final tests, getting
the scoring and broadcast done. And, let’s have fun. Okay, guys, you want to step
away from your desks and go around and watch
everybody else. Get an idea for how they play.
You’ll learn a lot. -Everybody ready?
-Yeah! We’re probably gonna change
the whole mechanic. This…
They may be too delayed. Maybe we should, like,
bring him in “quicklier.” -Yeah.
-Quicker. I think I work well with Maka because I’m bringing in a lot
of innovative ideas. Like actually putting a Game
Mode to all his skyscrapers. I think that’s a really good
collaboration we have. I’d say architecture
is definitely one of the main things I focus
on when I’m making something. I’m not the best at game play or
mechanics or anything like that. I just like building
things that look nice. -Go to the —
-The spawn. Go to the respawn. I work very well under
pressure… because it helps me focus. I take something positive
from it. Of course,
it takes away all my problems. Like, how long does it take
for the center circle? -Um, 8 minutes.
-8 minutes? -8 minutes.
-Okay. Do you feel, like,
that should be shorter? I’m feeling kind of nervous because I want to be up
to the expectations. I want to… I want people to enjoy
what we make. Are you guys ready to play? -Yeah.
-Yeah? Everything’s good? Yeah. I’m feeling great.
I’m feeling great. I’m really excited.
Kind of nervous. Um… Eager to see how this
will all turn out. I stayed up till 1:00
working on our map. And I’m assuming
that they’re gonna be in some sort of puzzle area. I’m still kind of stressed out,
a bit nervous. We’re working as best as we can. I want to do the trap tunnel. Okay, I can do that probably. Deciding what you’re gonna build and then you build
the whole thing and you follow through with it, you playtest it and you realize it’s not exactly how you thought
it was gonna turn out. It’s a lot of rinse-and-repeat
kind of thing to make it as fun and enjoyable
as possible. -Oh, looks like Team 1 won.
-Someone won. So, is there an arrow
for each team in each section? No, not in each section because there are three items
they need to collect. -Oh, there’s three —
-There’s four biomes. -There’s four sections. I see.
-Yeah. You can only see, like,
Team 1 area items. We’re all ambitious mapmakers.
We all have different ideas. And there are definitely times
when we sort of collide. We sort of have to work it out
and come to an agreement. Only one person, maybe,
each round, like, got an item. -Like, it’s very confusing.
-Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s like you’d almost
have to watch a trailer of how to do the map… -Yeah.
-…before you actually do it. The biggest lesson I’ve learned
for myself is, like, learning to be more open to,
like, other people’s ideas. I had, like, my skill set coming
in and I had to really adapt, like, what I liked and thought
of, like the bigger picture, which is something that I really
want to work on. And it’s like…
also really helps me. Okay, guys,
everyone’s had the chance now to play “Storm the Stadium”. Time to just hear
what your feedback is. Do you guys want to start? First of all, I want to say
great building designs. They are really inspiring.
I think the designs are amazing. The thing that I noticed
is some devices, like the bounce pads
on the walls, they sometimes feel they have
no purpose to be there. When you use a rift, you can be
on the top of the barrier and you can shoot everyone
and no one can shoot you. Being here has made me a better
creator and a better player just because I’ve been able
to kind of see into the minds of all the other creators who, like, have been featured
in the game. And it’s just really cool to be able to, like,
work with all of them. I don’t know. I feel like the point where you
respawn and go up at the top, I feel like it doesn’t
play well. Everybody’s been great so far,
doing their jobs, what they’re supposed
to be doing. Bhushan and Iscariote
are really good at coming up with the mechanics and me and Shride just working
on the buildings. We’re gonna have players actually spawn in the stadium
with no weapons and then there’s gonna
be a center point here where you can get Medkits,
Slurps, or Shields. The first iteration of the map was definitely not on par
with the rest of them, so I knew we had to make
some changes. I think this one’s gonna work
even better than the last one. With all the maps
that we’re playing, you guys should expect
lots of iterations to really make the map good. They’re going
to be amazing games. So, do we want to go ahead
and start? Does anybody have
some initial feedback? If you’re on a team that didn’t have to collect
anything from a desert region, you, like, instantly have an
advantage over the other teams. Um, maybe also more movement
in the forest area. I really like the center, how everyone starts
and then in, like… Like the barrier turns off
and everyone kind of runs in and then shoots out
of this thing. My biggest problem
was I came out and I started running from the
objectives and somebody who was, like, two or three seconds
slower than me just shot me in the back. The designers for Epic
are really wonderful because you can easily share
your ideas with them, they give us some feedback. It’s really perfect
to work in those conditions. Just scrapping the weapons
completely would completely
just solve that. You wouldn’t have to worry about someone shooting you
from the back. But have some way
of denying other teams, maybe Impulse Grenades or some sort of way to launch
them out of the way. I like that you can
set people back and they might be annoyed to be,
like, killed. So, what about adding
Chiller Grenades instead? It’s been really awesome
watching your process. Seeing how fast you guys
do stuff is just ridiculous. It’s pretty mind-blowing for us. When I look back
at this experience, I see, like,
a beginning of a new thing. This will grow into, like,
a beautiful thing that will incorporate players
and creators together. I was really blown away
when I first got here and watched, like,
all your guys’ talents. And, like, I’ll be watching
you guys grow up and it’s gonna be really
exciting. When I look back
at this experience, I don’t believe it’s real. I feel like it was just
a dream I had on a really, really long night. The collaboration, the opportunity to work with
each and every one of you, the ideas that you bring up,
your imagination, your excitement,
your passion for this… it bleeds through. Obviously, we came together — what was about, you know,
the Creative Game Jam — and we all look back at this,
you know, and think that going forward, this is like the genesis of the
Fortnite Creative community. But really,
I think this is the future of game design going forward. I really do. You are the game designers
of the future. Six months ago,
I would never have thought anything like this
would be possible. Being here with everyone
is the first time, like new beginnings, I guess. Um…
the start of what’s to come.


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    Maybe instead of focusing on creative they should focus on bug fixes, taking mech suits out of the game, and pay more attention to the majority of the player base rather than building maps in creative mode


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