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Ghulam-E-Mustafa {HD+ Eng Subs} – Hindi Full Movie – Nana Patekar – Raveena Tandon – Best Movie

With due respect to
Shantaram’s wishes. With due respect to Abba’s wishes…
Please be seated. Convey my regards to Abba, and tell
him that his work has been done. The Minister’s brother-in-law
can begin work on granite now. These are the documents. I’ve signed
them all. You may take them. What’s the… Shut up. You under arrest for
accepting a bribe. Constable!
– Yes sir. Arrest both of them. Come on… you too!
– Listen to me. Get both of them out. Where’ve you brought us?
This is not a police station. If we were real policemen,
we would’ve taken you to a real one. This is our station.
Do you understand? Listen to me. But…
– Move! – Bring them in.
– Move! Welcome, official of
the granite department. Welcome. You finally awarded the contract
to the Minister’s brother-in-law. Very good. Which hands did you use
to sign the documents? Let me see them. You signed them with these
very hands, didn’t you? His fingers are very long. My dear nephew…
let’s shorten them. No! No! No! Sir, look what has been
sent inside it! – What’s inside?
– See for yourself. Gosh! Your granite officer’s fingers. You may go. Hello. – Got the fingers!
– Who is speaking? You’ll get the hand later…
Then the severed head. – What?
– Your man… ..and your son-in-law’s contract
papers are in my custody. As it is, yours is
a minority government. If this granite scam is written
about in the newspapers… – …your government will cave in.
– Who is speaking? Mr. Minister, a price of one
crore rupees is not too high. If you want to save your government,
you’d better arrange for the money. Hello.. Hello.. Hello. – Hello. This is Minister Imtiaz Hussain.
Give the phone to Mr. Shantaprasad. It’s the Minister on the line. Yes, Mr. Imtiaz. What is it? Somebody has kidnapped your man
and the granite officer… …and has sent me the
officer’s fingers. He’s now demanding
one crore rupees… …or else he threatens to publish
in the papers that… …my son-in-law has been
granted the contract. You know that we run a
minority-supported government. If anything like this happens,
the government will fall. Please do something. You get scared too easily. Don’t worry. Let me take care of it.
Everything will be fine. Okay. Sudama. Where’ s Mustafa? Mustafa. Not Mustafa… I’m Gulam-E-Mustafa
(Slave to God). First release my men. Gopal. Give the documents to them. Take him to the hospital. Count it. One…two…three.. Four…five…six…seven… – Whom do you work for?
– I won’t tell you. – Whom do you work for?
– Kill me if you like. – But I won’t tell you.
– I would’ve killed you… This is the only business in
which honesty still remains. You’ll become something
in the future. – Greetings to you.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. I knew that only you
could protect my honor. But our man has become
physically handicapped. It’s our duty to
maintain his family. It’ll be done. You’ve so much sympathy
for your own people. With your grace… Ever since you started addressing
me as Abba (father) …I, Shantaprasad, became
have Abba for everybody else. But shall I tell you something?
The sincerity in your voice… …when you address me as Abba
is not to be found in others. – What’s the time?
– It’s time for me. It’s time for me too. I’ve noticed that you never
skip your prayers. I follow some principles
with utmost sincerity. You’re very firm
about principles. But I broke my principles
today for your sake… …by indulging in violence on
this day of congregation. Besides Him, if there’s anybody
I treat as my own, it’s you. Be seated…be seated. Now, you see…we’ll have to
appoint somebody else… …as a replacement
for that official. How about appointing
Sudama there? What say? Will you
do the job there? – What?
– Will you work there? No…I’m happy with you.
I don’t want to work. Would you have got the job
if you had agreed? You can only apply
your thumb impression. And you’re refusing..! Why are you pulling his leg? Your friendship is indeed
a unique example. Ask Minister Imtiaz to appoint some
honest official as a replacement. – We’ll convince him later.
– Yes. I’ve to say my prayers now. Bye.
– Bye. Bhagylaxmi. Bhagylaxmi. Congratulations! I’ve been
promoted. Here are the sweets. O Lord! A million thanks to You! I’ve also been transferred
to a superior office. It’s by God’s grace. Vidya, Vikram. – I’m coming.
– Listen. What’s the matter?
– What’s the matter? – Your daddy has been promoted.
– Really! Congratulation Daddy. – Congratulation Daddy. It’s wonderful!
– Thank you. I’ll get a 900-rupee increment.
Know how much salary I’ll get? – How much?
– 3900 rupees. A hundred rupees less
than 4000 rupees. All glories to Lord Ganesha! 500 rupees will be deducted
towards Provident Fund… 700 rupees towards loan,
600 towards house rent… …and 1300 rupees for
household expenses. In all, we’ll be saving
800 rupees! 800 rupees!
– Yes. First of all, let’s get some
new clothes for you. – Yes. You should attend your
new office in style! – And a new sari for you too.
– No, not at all. We’ve to save money for Vikram’s
engineering and Vidya’s marriage. – But…
– No wasteful expenditure! Never. No! First of all, we’ll approach
some renowned doctor… …for the treatment of your asthma.
– Yes. If money is spent in my treatment,
what will we save? No! I’m fine as I am! We’ll make the savings
after you recover. My son…
I’m fit and fine. No, you’re not keeping well.
So your treatment is most important. Isn’t it, Daddy?
– Yes. I suffer attacks once in a while.
What difference does it make? – Why don’t you explain to them?
– The children are right. Yes! Come on…treat me
to sugarcane juice. – No! I don’t have the money.
– Then why did you bet? – I’ll treat you.
– How’ll you manage to pay? I’ll treat you with
a loan from you. I’ll repay you when
I start earning. Let’s go.. Take it. Take it… Greetings. Greetings. The new man has
been posted in the office. – So?
– Abba has asked you… …to explain to him our
rules and regulations. Make the payment. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Who’re you? Mustafa. Do you have an appointment? I don’t take appointments. Henceforth come only
after appointment. You may go out. Before you came our man used
to be seated on this chair. – So?
– This office belongs to Abba. Abba? Abba who? Shantaprasad. I think I’ve heard the name. Everything happens here
according to Abba’s wishes. And that’s how it should be. Abba’s every wish is respected. Whatever the rules dictate,
will happen here. Every dictate of the rule
will be respected. You’ll continue to
get money regularly. Which money? Such money… You’re bribing me? I’m rewarding you for
putting your signatures. It’s a sin to accept
and give bribe. This office is my temple.
It’s my source of livelihood. To sell these files will
amount to selling God. This is a sweet stick. You can enjoy it
whichever way you like. Listen… Your money. I didn’t know that Dayanand Dixit
would prove to be so very honest. Where’s the question of grading
people in terms of honesty? Either a person is honest,
or he is not. – Yes. For instance, Mustafa is
totally honest with me. That’s right. But what
should we do now? I can handle one honest man in a
crowd of so many dishonest people. I’ll make him realize later. First of all, I’ll go and teach
Mahesh a lesson… …who doesn’t know the
rules of this business. Bye. What a damsel! What a magic! What a damsel! What a magic! “Today the entire city will be awake.” “I will steal everybody’s slumber.” “Today the entire city will be awake.” “I will steal everybody’s slumber.” “Everybody will keep on watching.” “And I will steal everybody’s heart.” “Today the entire city will be awake.” “I will steal everybody’s slumber.” Mustafa. “I talk more with these
eyes and less with my lips.” “I talk more with these
eyes and less with my lips.” “I will meet you again
tomorrow at this place.” “I promise you that.” “But I won’t come tomorrow.” “I will make some excuse.” “Today the entire city will be awake.” “I will steal everybody’s slumber.” Mustafa. Come on…send your father! How come you’re here? In future, in Abba’s matter,
if… Why’re you singing Abba’s praises?
Join me. I’ll make you super-rich! What has Abbas given
you all your life? He gave me, a vagrant, the right
to call him Abba, a father. Which is why I’ve dedicated
my life to him. You’re in my house right now.
I can blow you apart right away. We’ll get blown apart
together. Why alone? I am sorry. Come on! Say please forgive me! I won’t
wish ill of Abba henceforth. – From today, I…
– Speak loudly! Henceforth I won’t wish ill of
Abba. Please forgive me. “I come with the moon.” “I return with the moon.” “I come with the moon.” “I return with the moon.” “At times I hide in the clouds.” “I am missed a lot then.” “I don’t know when I will cover
my face with the veil of my tresses.” “Today the entire city will be awake.” “I will steal everybody’s slumber.” “Everybody will keep on watching.” “And I will steal..” “And I will steal everybody’s heart.” – You?
– Yes, it’s me. – What’re you doing?
– Preparing to clip your wings. You’re laughing heartily when
Dad was insulted, weren’t you? – No. Today onwards, not only will you
stop laughing, but crying too! Damn it. You found only my car to hide
yourself in the whole town? Come and sit on the front seat.
I’m not your driver. Thank you sir. Why call me Sir? Why were you
running? It’s your profession! Was he offering you less money? Perhaps you’re misunderstanding me. You dance nude in the club, and then
say that you’re a decent girl? Stop the car. Please stop the car.
I’ll walk home. It’s late in the night.
You’ll be chased again. You won’t find my car
parked every time. Come…I’ll drop you home. – The ink-stain hasn’t been removed.
– I’m tired of cleaning it. What happened? – Is it a police jeep?
– No, it’s Mustafa! – Please come in.
– You’re a professional club dancer. If I accompany you inside, people
will think that I’m your customer. This is not a hotel.
It’s a home. – He’s the same Mustafa.
– Which one? The same one who entered my office
and splashed ink on my shirt. Scoundrel! Swine! Come… Kavita. Yes, Mother. She’s your mother? – Who is it?
– He’s a guest. – He escorted me home.
– Please come. Be seated. Sit. She’s a dancer, and he’s a crook.
They’re made for each other. Shameless swine! Anyway, why
should we be concerned? I wanted her to wear anklets
on her feet for arts’ sake. She did wear the anklets…
but for the sake of money. I’m leaving. Forget about all the
bad things I told you. – I shouldn’t have said it.
– You’re not to be blamed. Anybody else in your place
would’ve thought like you did. There should be some difference
in me and others. Alas! I proved
to be like others. Vidya. – What is it?
– Why didn’t you come… – to the garden yesterday?
– I’ll tell you later. Don’t make excuses.
You always ridicule me. I waited for you
for four hours. Arun, please. – Everybody is looking at us.
– So? I’m not scared of anyone. You know how I’m affected if
you don’t meet me even one day. Okay. I’ll come to the garden. Not to the garden.
Come to the temple. Why to the temple? Because I cannot wait
any longer. Let’s finalize our marriage
in the presence of God. All right.
Now get back to typing. Hey. What is it now? I love you. Give me some loose change.
Since when I am screaming! I don’t have loose change. Let me check Vidya’s purse.
She might have some. Everyday I gather change,
they all take it. And then.. Mr. Dixit. Mr. Dixit. Vidya! – What happened? What’s wrong?
– Know what our daughter has done? What has she done?
– Vidya.. – What is it, Mother?
– Shameless creature… You’ll bring disgrace to the family?
How will I face society? Laxmi. What’re you doing? Laxmi. Shall I call the doctor? No…this girl is the
cause of my sickness. Look inside her purse.
Just look in. Bhagylaxmi. It just means that… …our daughter is now
old enough to be married. Does it mean that she’ll
bring us disgrace? Bhagylaxmi. I think you should meet
the boy’s family members. Meet them!? I wonder what
kind of people they might be. – They’re decent people, Mother.
– Shut up, and get lost! Get out. Don’t weep. Will you listen to me? Why
don’t you see the boy once? It’s important for me to
meet the Principal… …for Vikram’s admission
to the Engineering College. Take the address from Vidya, and
go and meet the boy’s parents. – Arun is our only son.
– Yes. We want him to be married
with great pomp and show. Don’t worry. We’ll do
the best from our side. Still, we would like to tell
you something clearly. – Yes. 50 to 60 tolas of gold ornaments,
color TV, scooter… …fridge, washing machine,
and one lakh rupees in cash… We’ve already been receiving
offers to this extent. But we won’t be able
to offer so much. – Is it a lot?
– It’s too much. The door is right there.
You may go now. When we send you the card
for Arun’s marriage… …make sure that you come,
and enjoy the dinner too. So you haven’t brought 2 lakhs
towards the donation? No…I’ve just brought
the mark-sheet. My son has scored
98 per cent marks. Is it?
– Yes. There’s a dustbin
outside my cabin. Throw it in the dustbin
on your way out. I refused and came away. After all, she’s
our only daughter. To tell you the truth,
I didn’t like the boy. I mean…our Vidya can find
a much better boy than him. Once our Vikram becomes
an engineer… …everything will be fine. What’s the use of
becoming an Engineer? Admissions were available.
But I refused. I read in today’s newspaper that
lakhs of Engineers are jobless. Yes, science holds
bright prospects. Our Vikram will complete his B.Sc.
He’ll do a Ph.D. What say? How long will we hide
from each other? The truth is that we aren’t being
able to do anything for our kids. Why’re you losing heart?
Have patience. They’ll get whatever they want. The Almighty can see everything. Just wait and watch; one day,
the admission seat… …for Engineering will come
walking to our door… …and the marriage alliance
will knock on our door. Just see who has come… – You?
– I’m Mustafa. Remain seated. I know that you need money… …for your daughter’s marriage
and your son’s admission. There is so much money that all
your problems can be solved. You just have to pass the papers
that arrive at your office. You know my views in this regard. You know my views in this regard. I’d got to know your principles then.
Today I know your condition. Your daughter’s name can be
printed on the wedding card. Like it’s said
among you Hindus… The bride to be Vidya. One more name-plate can be
fixed on the entrance… Mr. Vikram Dixit, B.A Bachelor, engineer.. You’re sick…hanging
between life and death. You can manage to save yourself.
Make him understand. Yes. I’ve understood. My salary could only
manage the household. But because of my principles, the
future of our family’ll be ruined. I agree to your offer. I knew that you too could be bought
over. Get these cards printed. No! Don’t take this money.
I’ll forget Arun henceforth. I too don’t want to become
an engineer with this money. For you, it’s a matter of life and
death. What’s your opinion? It’s better to die than get
treated with such money. Did you see? Just
the mention of… …my accepting the offer for
money affected them so much. If I’d really taken the money,
what could’ve happened? Vikram. Come here. Vidya. Do you see? This is our family. It’s nice. Click a picture
and fix it in an album. Normally, money doesn’t grow on
trees. But you’re fortunate. I don’t have time to come repeatedly.
Take the money whenever you like. Kavita. What’re you doing here? I’d come on official work.
How is Mother? I’m going to buy
medicines for her. Is she ill? Come…I’ll drop you. Come. Dad.. I tried a lot to make
Kavita see reason. But she’s not prepared
to come here. The dance is so boring.
It’s tasteless. Listen…this dance is useless.
We’ll leave if Kavita isn’t coming. If Kavita doesn’t return,
our club will be ruined. Take Rohan along, and
bring Kavita by force. Go. Okay dad. We should go there
at such time. – Shut up. One faces disgrace by
going to such a person’s place. The old woman is dead.
That’s what God willed. Get up. We’ll arrange
for her funeral rites. – Come on.
– No, I won’t come. You’ll have to come. Come on! How will you not come! Look, Musthafa! You’d better not interfere.
We have a legal contract with her. She’ll have to dance tonight
at our hotel. You’ve come to pick a girl
instead of the dead body. Do you think that
she is a stray girl? Sudama. Come on… When she taught me dancing,
she wasn’t my mother. She used to be so strict! One day, it so happened that
she was teaching me a step. It is called Natwari step. But I was unable to learn it. I was just a kid then.
8 or 9 years old. Today I know it. She told me to do it since morning. I couldn’t do it. She said, don’t stop till
the time you don’t learn it. I continued to practice, but
I was unable to learn it. And I was weeping by noon…
still not having learnt it. I told her that I was hungry.
But she asked me practice… …and not to stop
till I had mastered it. I continued to practice, and it
was evening, and when it was… …evening, I realized that
I had mastered it. I told her that I’ve mastered it. And she was so overjoyed
that she embraced me. She cupped my face in
her palms out of joy. And then I told her that
I was starving. Mother, I’m feeling hungry. I’m feeling hungry, Mother. I’m feeling hungry, Mother. Don’t consider yourself alone.
I’m with you. Always. But you’ll have to tie the
anklets in your feet again. Don’t stop practicing. It’s enough for the day.
Come back again tomorrow. The greetings now… I’ve reached to such a
position because of you. I was merely a dancer in a club. Because of you, these kids
bowed and touched my feet. They gave me respect. If mother were alive,
she would’ve been happy. You’ve done so much for me.
– I haven’t done anything. This house, everything
belongs to Abba. Abba? He’s like my father. If anybody is to be
thanked, it’s him. If you’re happy, I’m happy.
If I’m happy, Abba is happy. If you need anything, ask for it. If I ask you for something,
will you be able to give it to me? Don’t ask for my life.
It has no market value. Can you include me in your life? Sorry. Perhaps I asked for something
more than my status. No, you asked without
knowing my status. Before becoming a part of my life,
know something about my life. I’m convinced you will
change your mind. Come… Come…come… – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Have you filled it to the top?
– Yes. Look…this is a tire which makes
a four-wheeled vehicle run… …and the stuff inside it… ..transforms a two-legged human
into a monkey. – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings. Here, not food, but liquor is
being made here for the poor… …which gives them
intoxication… …to forget the
miseries of life. And one day, they pass away.
This is one part of my life. Come… – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Sit down, sister. – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Come… One more business. A stitching unit outside,
and inside here… …all kinds of weapons and
ammunition are manufactured. Guns, rifles, bombs,
acid-bulbs… These days, governments run on their
strength, not on people’s votes. The government has bestowed
titles upon Abba… …for having provided
employment to poor women. Abba is the boss of
all these businesses. He’s the boss. I’m the servant. Despite it, I told him that… …I won’t trade in
drugs and women. He agreed. Abba approves of my principles.
So I approve of Abba. Come… I can be handcuffed
at any moment. Death is my closest friend.
It’s always at my side. Would you still like to be
a part of my life? We live in two different worlds. We used to live in two different
worlds. But not anymore. If you commit even one good
deed for somebody else… …all your sins
will be washed away. Take me to your home. – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Who’re they? They’re Abba’s men
for my security. – For your security?
– Yes. Why? I don’t know. You freely drive
vehicles on the roads. You don’t fear anybody.
Why do you need security? I’m wide-eyed on the streets. When I sleep at night,
my eyes are shut. Henceforth you sleep,
and I’ll stay awake. Come… A woman has stepped into this
house for the first time today. I stay here alone. And this… Parrot… Parrot… She’s Kavita. Kavita. Kavita. Cheat…he has become fond of
you in the first meeting itself. Kavita. Kavita. Kavita. It’s so breezy here. Somebody could fire a bullet. You might’ve to lose your life,
instead of me. Come on…come here. Since when have you been
living alone? Since childhood. – Family members?
– Passed away in the childhood. – You don’t remember them?
– I’ve no memories. Then how can I? – Is this yours?
– Everything else is Abba’s. Only this is mine. – Do you play it?
– I used to. Please play it. Play it first. Then
I’ll give you food. I’d only two companions…
this instrument and Sudama. Thanks to this musical instrument,
I never had to beg. I used to fend for myself
by playing it and singing. It was such a age that
hunger was intolerable. My hands used to play the
instrument, but the sight… …the sight was always
glued on food. Once some people promised me
food and heard my music… …but instead of food,
they started cursing me. Sir…food. Didn’t you say that
you’ll give me food if I play it? You’re demanding it as if
you’ve a right over it. – Did I borrow from your father?
– Don’t you curse me, Sir. Rascal! How dare you
confront me? I couldn’t tolerate
this atrocity. I hadn’t seen my father. But I was
hurt to hear my father being cursed. Hey! Stop! You’re a brave child.
What’s your name? Ghulam Mustafa. Mustafa. – Where do you live?
– I’ve no place to live. – I’m an orphan.
– I see… All right, henceforth,
live with me, my son. Son? Abba! He’s Sudama.
He lives with me. Is it? You too come along.
Come on…sit in the car. Remove your hand. For the first time, life has
appeared to be so beautiful. Don’t hide your face
from me again. – Greetings.
– Greetings. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Welcome, Prince. – Greetings.
– So she’s your Anarkali! Kavita. Bless you! I was going to tell you, but… The whole city knows about it.
How could I’ve not known? Her eyes indicate that
you’ve found your beloved. Bless you! To celebrate the occasion,
I’ve even organized a musical event. “My beloved, I swear on.. ..your beautiful face.” “If you say.. ..I will marry you.” “This lovely twilight shows.. ..glimpse of paradise.” “I will sacrifice my happiness.. ..for your happiness.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Of love..” “Now you have found
the mirror of love.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “You don’t know the secrets of love.” “You don’t know the secrets of love.” “Only you dwell in this heart.
Nobody else.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “The fragrance of flowers
and the youth of buds.” “The fragrance of flowers
and the youth of buds.” “You are the pure story of my love.” “You are the pure story of my love.” “I will erase identities
in the path of love.” “You be unjust to me.
I will bless you.” “My life, I am happy.” “Today you have got your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Your youth!
– Wow!” “Beautiful woman!
– Wow!” “This lovely face!
– Wow!” “It is a beauty!
– Wow!” “These charming graces!
– Wow!” “Beautiful tresses!
– Wow!” “Mesmerising eyes!
– Wow!” “The delicate wrists!
– Wow!” “The scarlet cheeks!
– Wow!” “The intoxicating saunter!
– Wow!” “The musical voice!
– Wow!” “The luscious lips!
– Wow!” “My beloved!” “My beloved!” “What do I tell you
what I have found today!” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Even if we cry our whole life.” “Even if we cry our whole life.” “The past moments
will never come again.” “The past moments
will never come again.” “How can the world
raise fingers on you?” “Before that we will leave your city.” “My beloved! Don’t cry for me!” “At least you got a support.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Give a glimpse.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Light my bleak world.” “Fulfil all my desires.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “To flourish the barren heart.” “To be with me for my whole life.” “What else do people want?” “Break the walls of rituals.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Beloved, give a glimpse.” “Congratulations for
your each happiness.” “Now you have found
the God of desires.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Of love..” “Now you have found
the mirror of love.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” “Congratulations!
You have found your beloved.” Laxmi! Are you feeling unwell? I’ll telephone the doctor
and call him right away. Laxmi, ok. Be careful. The patient’s condition
is very serious. Medicines and treatment charges
will amount to 50,000 rupees. Deposit the money at the
cash counter immediately. – 50,000 rupees?
– Yes. If you don’t deposit the amount,
we might’ve to stop treatment. Then don’t blame us
if the patient dies. You may leave now. Let’s go. Normally, money doesn’t hang on
trees. But you’re fortunate. I don’t have time to come often.
Take the money whenever you like. If you don’t deposit the amount,
we might’ve to stop treatment. Then don’t blame us
if the patient dies. There is so much money that all
your problems can be solved. It’s better to die than get
treated with such money. No! I won’t touch this money. Yes? With respect to Abba’s statement. Not statement…it’s words.
With respect to Abba’s words. – Who’re you?
– I’ve come from Murud, Janjira. I’ve to discuss about
the granite contract. Good morning sir. The officer has arrived. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Thank you. Sir!
– Yes. Can I come in? – Come in.
– Thanks. I wish to enquire about the
Operation Granite contract file. Operation? In asthma,
there is no operation. There’s no operation in asthma. My wife is suffering from asthma. Can I sit down? She’s a simple, healthy woman.
She was entirely self-reliant. Yesterday, suddenly she fell ill. She’s lying on the bed. It doesn’t make any difference
if you remain standing or sit down. Pandu. Thanks. I’ve come from Murud, Janjira.
I’ve a small work. If you clear it, I’ll
fulfill your requirements. My requirements are plenty. – You called me, Sir?
– I called you? You just called me! – Fetch water for me.
– Water? Yes. The water is right here.
– What? – All right. You may go.
– All right, Sir. Tell me your requirement
without hesitating. What can you do? Nobody can do anything! Will 10,000 be enough? 10,000 won’t be enough.
I’m in need of 50,000. All right! I’ll give you 50,000. Keep it. Keep it. But… Mr. Dixit. I am vigilance officer, Vipin Verma. I’m arresting you for
accepting bribe. Arresting me? Why? Take it. Don’t just hold it. Eat it. – Eat it!
– Hey! Don’t scold it. Feed it lovingly. It was just holding it, and not
eating. It’s eating it now. – Here…
– What is it? – It’s holy food offering.
– Holy food offering? Yes. I’d been to the
temple. Will you eat it? Yes…why not? – I thought that perhaps you…
– What? Nothing. Dad. You’re drinking! Think it over. Do something. Or else we might’ve
to shut down our hotel. I’ve thought it over,
my dear nephew. As long as Kavita was with us,
our hotel was number one. Mustafa supported Kavita,
and our hotel was ruined. Eliminate Kavita’s support. Yes, that’s the point. Make some master plan. As it is, we’ve to settle
many matters with him. Mustafa is Kavita’s support, while
Mustafa’s strength lies in Abba. If Abba is eliminated,
Mustafa will crumble. Then we can kill him easily. These days, Abba travels around
in the Minister’s car frequently. “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” What happened? Stop! Stop the car. – Greetings.
– What’s going on? Nothing. There’s some
problem in the vehicle. Bless you. I can see that. But do you
consider her to be made of iron… …that you’re making
her push the vehicle? I didn’t ask her. She volunteered. – Take my car.
– It’s all right. We’ll manage.
– Mustafa. – Abba’s every wish…
– is respected! Carry on… Listen…you’d better protect
her from some evil eye. Proceed! Carry on… Carry on… Abba was right. Somebody might cast
an evil eye on you! “Good or bad, however I am.” “Good or bad, however you are.” “I am yours, no matter how I am.” “You are mine, no matter how you are.” “You are mine, no matter how you are.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “The ship of broken heart.” “Finds the shore in a storm.” “If you hold my hand.” “Both will find support.” “Both will find support.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” What happened? Why
did you stop the car? Just a minute. – What’s this garland for?
– We’ve to get married. – Today. Right away.
– Marriage? Today? But how? We’ll go to the court. You sign.
I’ll put my thumb impression. We’ll be married.
Let’s buy some ornaments. I don’t want ornaments. I just
want a matrimonial necklace. A matrimonial necklace is
not part of our tradition. I don’t know. I want a
matrimonial necklace. That’s all. Didn’t I say that
it’s not our tradition? Corning along? I’m asking you for the last time.
Will you accompany me? Go to hell! – Greetings.
– Greetings. The ornaments ordered
by you are ready. Thank you. I want
a matrimonial necklace. – A matrimonial necklace?
– Yes. How about this? Thank you. Hey. He can’t even buy me
a matrimonial necklace! Hey, Kavita. I don’t want ornaments. I just
want a matrimonial necklace. Marriage? Today? But how? Why? We’ll go to the
court. You sign. I’ll put my thumb impression. We’ll be married. “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” Don’t hide your face
from me. For the first time, life has
appeared to be so beautiful. For God’s sake, don’t
hide your face from me. “Your sorrow and my sorrow
is the same, beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” It’s so breezy here. Somebody could fire a bullet. You might’ve to lose your life,
instead of me. Come on…come here. Mustafa sir. We’ve got to know of
who planted the bomb. It was Anand, the son of Mahesh.
I’ll shoot him dead. No! Nobody will die of bullets. They’ll all die just
like Kavita died. Move back! Scoundrel! Let me
teach you a lesson. Don’t you know? Who is it? Come on! Move back!
Or I’ll break your jaws! He appears to be like me. A mirror?! Mustafa. Forgive me! No mustafa. Forgive me. Run! Come on! Run! Somebody, Help! Help me please! Help me please! Help me please! Yes…he’s coming
in your direction. Please help me. Who is it? You killed my wife.
I killed your son. We’ve settled the score. Tell me if you want
to take it further. A lot more will be at stake. It would be better
to forget it all. Come…you’ve a heart of steel. I was finding it difficult to come
to terms with Kavita’s death. But you’ve been bearing up
very courageously. Come… Mustafa. Mustafa. Mustafa. No, Abba. For the first time,
I couldn’t cope with it. I shared a unique and personal
relationship with Kavita. Mustafa. Now I’ve nobody whom
I can call my own. I was an orphan, I’ll remain one.
And I’ll die an orphan too. Why do you say so?
Don’t I mean anything to you? Do I mean nothing to you? Do I mean nothing to you? I’m there… So what if I’m not your real
brother. I’m just like one. You’ re my son. You’ll be performing my
funeral rites after my death. Mustafa! Get up. Let’s talk about work. Come… I hear that Raja Chaudhary’s party
is preparing for a public rally. – But I want that…
– You want that… …the public rally should
turn into a mourning? – That’s what I want.
– That cannot be. Pardon me. Till now, I’ve killed many
for your sake. Several women became
widows because of me. Many children lost the
protection of their fathers. I won’t be able to
do all this now. Mustafa. What’re you saying? I destroyed homes of others. That’s why Almighty made me homeless. My home was destroyed
even as it was settling down. Kavita is gone.
I’m all alone now. Mustafa. It’s cowardice to say so
in our profession. Emotions have no value
in our business. I don’t want such a life.
Forgive me. Mustafa. What’ll you do now? The Almighty has caused me to weep.
He’ll make me laugh too. The Almighty is Supreme. Mustafa, sir. If you’ve brought any message
from Abba, you may go back. Why? Can’t I come to meet you? Why not? Come on… Come, sit! How’s life? It’s going on. The Almighty is not providing
any work. I’m sitting idle. I’m keeping myself amused
in the company of kids. Remember Dayanand Dixit?
You’d hung money outside his house? The money is still
hanging there. He’s truly an honest man. This world will not
let him exist. That’s what’s happened with him. He has been taken into custody
on charges of bribery. His wife is in the hospital. His children are worse than orphans. If you commit even one good
deed for somebody else… …all your sins
will be washed away. Thank you! Till you don’t settle the bills… …the hospital can’t
even discharge her. She’s perfectly fine now. How ridiculous! This is a
hospital, not a traveler’s inn. Make arrangement for the money
any which way you can. Understand? How can we arrange for
so much money? Thats your problem. I’ll give it. – How much?
– 55,000. Take mother home carefully. Don’t worry. Dikshit
will be bailed out. – He’ll return home soon.
– But this money… You won’t have to do any
wrong deed in exchange. It would be better if nobody at
home gets to know about this. Go… Sign here. I thought that I won’t
be able to return home. After going to jail,
I too was feeling that… …my house has broken up now. But the Almighty is great.
He eliminated all our calamities. Your health recovered.
I too was bailed out. But who bailed you out? Who paid
for my hospital expenses? I tried a lot to find out. But I couldn’t get to know
who that angel was. What’ll happen of your job now? I hear that the officer who
arrested Daddy is very strict. Yes. An enquiry commission has been
set up in connection with my case. Let’s see what happens. Now only He can help us. Hey! What’s this?
Who’re you? The same one who had
bailed out Dikshit? What for have you come
here? To boss over me? Mind your tongue. What is it? Ask for more if you like.
Don’t hesitate. Give back Dikshit’s job to him. You’ve come to enter
into a deal with me? Get out of here. It would be better if
you change your decision. Or else I’ll change your
shape and form. I can arrest you for
trying to bribe me. I’m not scared of
a hoodlum like you. My honesty is not for sale. I was mistaken! Since you’re a government employee…
I thought..with money..I’m mistaken. All right. I’ll change my decision. You’ re yourself honest. You can very well understand the
condition of another honest person. – Come with me.
– Where? To Dikshit’s residence. And then… Look here… Dikshit’s rented house. He’s his son…come here. He scored 98 per cent marks. Still, he doesn’t get admission
in an engineering college. Because he cannot afford
to pay the donation. In other words, he cannot bribe.
That’s why he’s sitting at home. Come on…look at this girl. Dowry is beyond their means. Unmarried, she’s swaying
on the swing. Come here… He’s Dikshit. He has
nothing except his job. That’s his wife. She was
very sick at that time. He didn’t have money
for her treatment. He had lost his senses.
You arrested him at such a time. Come… This is six lakh rupees.
I’d left this money here. Bribe for buying off
a granite contract. The money had been hanging here
since the past several months. This man didn’t even
touch the money. Don’t doubt his honesty. I have never folded my hands
before anybody. For the first time in my life… …I’m requesting someone
with folded hands. Return this man’s job to him. I want to speak to you
in private. Please go inside for a while. That girl is Dayanand’s
daughter, isn’t she? Yes. Actually…I’ve grown fond of her.
I’ve liked her a lot. Is it? You’re a nice human being. If she is married to you,
she’ll be very fortunate. No, no…I’m not
talking of marriage. – Then?
– I’m just thinking… …of spending a night
or two with her. The thing is…I’ve a
different taste. If I see a 1000 girls, I find
only one of them with taste. This girl is tasty. Give an take. You deliver the girl to me.
I’ll get Dayanand’s job back. I enquired a lot about you. But I didn’t get to know
anything about your father. Now it seems that your mother
must have given you birth… …many years after
your father died. Mustafa. You’d come to buy me off,
didn’t you? It’s hoodlums like you
who can be bought over. You called me a bastard! Now just look how
bastard I can be! I’ll arrange to
pick that girl. After all, you cannot stay
at her home and protect her. He proved to be a rascal. It’s my fault. I invited a wrong man
for the feast. How could I go wrong
in recognizing him? Looks like I’m destined
to live in this house. Pick up the money. Vikram. – You?
– Is there nobody at home? Of course, they’re there. Mom, Dad. The thing is… Are you going somewhere? No…I’m coming. Vikram. – Where’s your room?
– It’s over there. We’ll both share it
from today onwards. And parrot… You’ll hang here. What’re you doing? What’s this going on? Ah, yes! This lady is the
owner of this home. Next to her is the boss.
This is his son. And that’s his daughter. And this is totu,
the parrot. The parrot is very intelligent.
And he’s very loyal to his master. Come on…now I’ll stay
here itself. What? He’ll stay here? Yes. And I’ll eat here too.
Make spicy food for a few days. Bhagylaxmi. Are you feeling all right? Be seated. How can I feel right? Why has he come here? I too don’t know. But he never gave
me the opportunity to ask him. Ask him to go away from here. Speak slowly. Or he might overhear. So what? It’s my house.
Why should I keep quiet? What is he compared to us? Ours is a holy place, where we
perform prayers. And he… Ask him to leave right away. – But you’d better calm down.
– Tell him right away. – Speak louder.
– All right. Mustafa. – Yes?
– Will you be really living here? Yes. I feel that this place
is not suitable for you. – Why? – Because your way of
living is different from ours. Ah yes…I understand. You pray by
performing puja, and I read namaaz. Still, I’ll live here.
Don’t ask me why? I don’t like to give replies
when somebody questions me. Listen, where’re you going? Typing institute. Come here…no typing
henceforth. Go inside. But my exams are scheduled
for next month. Assume you’ve passed. Without exams.
I’ll manage it for you. You won’t go out if
I don’t desire so. All glories to Lord Ganesha. Good morning. Greetings. Say, boss. Boss, boss… Boss, boss… Boss, boss… What’s this going on? What happened? Is this a home or a zoo? It’s a speaking bird.
So it will naturally speak. Does it not say anything
except ‘Boss? Ah! I’ve understood
your grievance. It doesn’t address you as the
boss. That’s it, isn’t it? All right. I’ll teach. Boss.
– Enough… You’d brought this coffee
for him, didn’t you? Yes. Listen…I didn’t like you snatching
the coffee in this manner. It’s very delicious. Vidya.
– Yes. Wash this utensil properly with
soap and keep it separately. All right. – What is it?
– I’ve brought grocery. Grocery? Who ordered for it? That gentleman. Don’t show so much mercy.
Send it back. Take it back. Stop! It is grocery. Since it has already
been brought into the house… …it’ll be inauspicious
to send it back. Tell the shop-owner that I’ll send
money by this evening. All right. Vikram. Vidya. Yes, Mother? Keep these goods inside. Give me your bangle. Pledge it and pay
the grocer’s bill. I hurt their self-respect
unnecessarily. Forgive me, Lord! How did you dare to
sit on my chair? Shall I fix him? This chair is no longer
yours. Read it. – What is it?
– Read it. – What is it?
– Read it. Mr. Bipin Verma…
You’ve been transferred. Pick the phone. Hello. I’m Minister Imtiaz
Hussain speaking. Yes, Sir. You’ve been transferred. Report
to the headquarters immediately. Yes, Sir. A lamp in the temple
appears to you… …to be the red-light
of a prostitute’s den. Your conscience is corrupt.
That’s why this transfer. If I had been the
same old Mustafa… …I would’ve transferred
you to a different world. No. “No, no, no, no!” “No, no, no, no!” “No, no, no, no!” “No, no, no, no!” “No, no, no, no!” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” “It’s neither your fault nor mine.” “We both are not in our senses.” “This is the fault of the youth.” “We have been arrested in love.” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” “Something happened to me.” “I lost my slumber and solace.” “Something happened to me.” “I lost my slumber and solace.” “I started weaving dreams.” “I started daydreaming.” “This..” “This is a difficult time.” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” “It’s neither your fault nor mine.” “We both are not in our senses.” “This is the fault of the youth.” “We have been arrested in love.” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” “This evening has cast such a spell.” “Love made my heart beat faster.” “This evening has cast such a spell.” “Love made my heart beat faster.” “We started bracing our hearts.” “I hope nothing happens
in front of everybody.” “The whole world..” “The whole world is here.” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” “It’s neither your fault nor mine.” “We both are not in our senses.” “This is the fault of the youth.” “We have been arrested in love.” “There was a cry at the peak.” “The twilight is very radiant.” Where did she go without informing? Let her return.
I’ll break her limbs. Why don’t you lodge a
report with the police? Let’s wait a while longer.
Later… Mother…it’s Vidya. Where had you been? Tell me,
where had you been? I was about to go to the
police to lodge a report. Why’re you quiet? Why don’t you
tell me where you had been? Why don’t you tell them
where you had been? If you can’t tell them,
I’ll tell them. I truly know where
you had been. Tell them that… …you’d been to a place where you
couldn’t go for so many days. One shouldn’t lie to one’s parents.
All right. I’ll tell them. Tell them that you had
been to typing. Tell them. Yes…I’d been to
the typing institute. – Why didn’t you inform?
– Don’t scold her. – You’d better shut up.
– You’d better shut up. – Shut up.
– Hey! Don’t you know how to
respect elders? Boss. Why’re you angry?
I was with her. You could’ve told me. I would
have accompanied you. Take Daddy along the
next time you go. He too should know
how well you type! Welcome, Vigilance Officer. The vigilance story is a
thing of the past now. I’ve left my job.
I’ve resigned. Why? What happened? – Mustafa has insulted me.
– I don’t understand. Mustafa is your enemy.
I’m Mustafa’s enemy. An enemy’s enemy is
a friend. Understand? Whoever goes to the political parties
or religious parties is embraced. I too am embracing you. Let’s form a united
government together. Let’s join hands. A girl…Vidya is a girl. Horse. H for Horse. Now read this. I’ll teach
you more tomorrow. All right. Good night. ‘A’ means apple. ‘B’ means baby. ‘C’ means cat. What’re you thinking? I’m thinking of going
away from here. But looks like I’ll have
to stay here. That dog hovers around the house. I know that the lady doesn’t
want me to stay here. But what can I do? I’m doing the right
thing. Am I not? You’re doing the right thing. Bhagyalakshmi is a
very religious woman. One doesn’t find such women
in today’s times. Yes, you’re right. Greetings, we were
corning to you. Greetings please come. – How’re you?
– I’m fine. – How is your daughter?
– She is fine…with your grace. God is very merciful. Tonight, all us women are going
to the temple on foot. – Ok. Would you accompany us? Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t
I participate in such a nice…? Goodbye…we’re in a hurry.
We’ll come later. – All right. Mr. Dixit.
– Yes. What’s happening? He’s reading his namaaz. Did he have to read it here?
What would neighbors think? – Speak slowly.
– Come here, Vikram. Keep this inside. If my reading namaaz here
causes insult to somebody… …I’ll read the
namaaz inside. Just see…he took along
Vikram too. Now I’ve got to know
why he has come here! O Lord! I wish whatever I’m
thinking proves to be wrong. What happened, Boss? Where are you
taking me along? What’s the matter? Wow, Boss! Wonderful!
It’s top class. But why didn’t you write
after ‘D’? – Do you remember or not?
– Yes, I do remember. Not ‘P, Right… – How’re you?
– I’m fine. What has brought you here? – Have you forgotten?
– No. No…what was I saying? It is Abba’s birthday today.
He’s sent food for you. – He’s invited you home this evening.
– Congratulate Abba on my behalf. Tell him that I won’t
be able to come. What does it contain? Mutton Biryani, Shahi Kabab and
Chicken Tandoori. Gosh! These people don’t eat.
I too cannot eat. Convey my regards to Abba. Thank God! All of you are useless.
You’re useless to me. Ever since Mustafa has gone away,
nothing has been done properly. Come what may, I’ll have
to bring back Mustafa. – It won’t be possible now.
– What happened? How is my Mustafa? He’s transformed totally. He has
even given up non-vegetarian food. Look…he’s returned
the food too. Hand me that Size 10/11 spanner. Just look how he is
ordering around. Is Vikram his servant? What’s this, Mr. Dikshit? I see that ever since I’ve
come here, your wife… ..addresses me insultingly.
What’s going on? My name is Mustafa. He will make our innocent
Vikram just like him. He is very fond of Vikram. Just see, how he calls out
his name every 5 minutes. Vikram. Did you hear? He calls him Akram. Not at all… Hey, Vikram. Here I come, Boss.
Here it is, Boss. What? He addresses him as Boss. Gosh! Our son has even
changed his speech. Are you wearing the black thread
which I’d got for you? Here it is, Boss. Black thread!?
– Yes. This black thread is
from a mosque. He’s sure to convert
my Vikram into Akram. I cannot bear to see it. Oh God! Lord! Save my child! Boss! I too want to
learn bike. – Do you drive bicycles?
– Yes. What’s the problem then? This is a clutch, this is gear…
Come on…sit on the backseat. – Shall I?
– Yes. Hey! Where is he taking
away our Vikram? He’s teaching him how
to drive a motor-cycle. Motor-cycle? Yes, see for yourself. O Lord!
Vikram hasn’t returned yet. I wonder where he must’ve
taken our Vikram. – Please go and see.
– He will return. – Look…there he comes!
– Good…keep moving. – Vikram is driving a motor-cycle.
– Is it? Yes…it’s Vikram driving. Go into neutral…apply the brakes. Bravo! Your son is very intelligent. – Come…you learn it too.
– Come on, Daddy. – Call him Abba.
– Please come, Abba. Abba? You’ve become Abba from Daddy. O Lord! My son has slipped
out of our hands! Get down now… Leave it. Here comes the leader
of the jobless. Hey, Dayanand.
– Yes. Did you see? He learnt in a day. Who’s son is he, after all? He’s your son. But whose
disciple is he? I’ll wash my hands
and join you. Madam serve me one
cup of coffee. He orders me as if
I’m his servant. I won’t make any coffee. – Did you say something?
– Make coffee for him. Assume that it’s rental towards
teaching driving a motorcycle. What if he had fallen from the
motorcycle and broken his limbs? He has become such a big horse.
Does he have any sense? He touches his mouth
and drinks coffee. Drink it from a distance. At least,
don’t touch it with the mouth. He drinks coffee as if he would
gobble up the entire utensil. I won’t gobble it.
I’ll drink it like this. Make it… My utensil shouldn’t
get spoiled. That’s all. I drank tea all my life. Now I’ve become fond of
drinking her coffee. Looks like I would need to drink
at least 8 to 10 cups daily. Don’t do so. I’ve already been
dismissed from my job. Now I might be thrown
out of the house too. The lady is bringing
the coffee…lovingly. Boss. It’s such a delicious smell.
Say thanks… Mustafa.
– Yes. Coffee. Thanks. Mustafa!
– Yes. It’s hot. Yes. Since it has been touched
by her, it must be hot. Mustafa.
– Yes. It’s special. Why? Has she put salt
instead of sugar? Bring that… Here it is, Boss. She doesn’t like it if I touch
my mouth to the utensil. And nobody ever since
my childhood… …has taught me what it is
to touch or not to touch. There was the footpath, ruthless
hunger…a ruthless life. Never mind. She’s happy. I’m happy. Vikram.
– Yes. – What is this thing called?
– It’s a straw, Boss. Straw. It’s such a tiny thing.
But it’s amazing. It eliminated the dispute
about touching. If man doesn’t want, there can be
no reason for any dispute. Vikram. Come here… Dayanand. Your Vikram will always
remain Vikram. Why would anybody
make him an Akram? And I’ve tried this black thread
on him with great faith… …so that his unfulfilled
dreams are fulfilled… …and he remains protected
from any evil eye. Excuse me…can we come inside? – But who are you?
– The bye-elections is going… …to take place. We’ve come
to check the voter’s list. – We’re government’s people.
– I seem please come. You must’ve already read Mr. Dixit’s
name on the name plate outside. – Yes. I’m Bhagyalakshmi, his wife.
She’s Vidya, my daughter. – And I’ve a son…Vikram.
– I see… – There’s nobody else in the house?
– We are the only ones. – Where are the others?
– Father and son… …have gone to the market. Would
you like to have tea or something? Of course, we’ve come to take. Hey, my boys. Hey! What’re you doing? Leave my daughter. Leave my daughter. Greetings. Mustafa. Why? Are you in a hurry? She forgot to tell you one name.
I’m a part of this family. Mustafa. Go…take her inside. I’ll show them the
real name and address. Come on… Come on… I’ll show you now. Who were those people? Why were
they taking away my daughter? All this is happening
because of you. Ever since you’ve come to our home,
life has become so difficult. All right. I’m leaving. Go away. But before you go away,
tell me who they were. You’re under oath
to your holy Koran! Since you’ve put me under oath,
let me tell you. – They were Bipin’s men.
– How has my daughter harmed him? – Go inside.
– Go… Bipin wanted to develop
a relationship with her. – What?
– Not for marriage… …but for her body
for one night. O Lord! Forgive me…I’d to tell you
this in plain words. That wolf wanted to rob
the girl of her modesty. That’s why I continued to live here
though you didn’t like it… …so that the family
honor remains intact. I’d heard the conversation
between you and Bipin. Then why did you
hide it from me? We too had hidden
something from you. It was he who had paid
the hospital bills… …and had bailed out daddy. Why didn’t you tell me that…? Blood! Vidya! Bring the medication quickly. It’s not necessary.
It’s just an ordinary wound. Please forgive me.
I misunderstood you. You spent your blood to
save my family’s honor… …and I continued to hate you. In your hatred too, there was
love, which I’d been yearning for. I’ve a long relationship
with such wounds. But the love that I received from
this family was new to me. Come inside… Why’re you weeping? All right. You may weep. Because from today, nobody
will weep in this house. All right now…I’ve
eaten your salt too. Now you’ll be married
wherever you like. Brother! Come on… The children love
each other a lot. The 20th of this month
is a very auspicious day. If they’re married on that day… I’m Arun’s father.
I don’t need anybody’s advice… …as to when, where
and how he has to be married. Of course, of course. If you’re the boy’s father, I’m the
girl’s brother…don’t forget that! You? Her brother? Why? Do you mind? Musthafa-bhai, I am
ready to get married. You should understand the
importance of this by-election. If we lose this election,
our government will collapse. The party’s existence
will be wiped out. Opposition parties are using every
trick in the trade… …and spending lakhs
of rupees. You too don’t worry about money.
I’m prepared to issue a blank check. It should be tit for tat. But for God’s sake, win this
election at any cost. Don’t worry. There is one person who can give
the opposition a hard time. He knows how to retaliate. His name is Mustafa. – You play too…come on!
– I’ll surely play. You missed. It’s my turn.
Shall I take the queen? It didn’t go! It didn’t go!
I will play! Shall I take the Queen! – I’ll see…
– Wait. Be seated. Play. Now take that coin.
– I will take it in a jiffy. Greetings.
– Greetings. I knew you would surely come.
You’ve been a bit delayed. Please come. Mother. He’s Abba, who brought me up.
– Greetings. And this is my new family.
-Greetings. Greetings. I wanted to discuss something
with him in private. – I’ll get coffee for you.
– No, thank you. He wants to speak to
me in private. Yes…? I need your help. I’ve to help them
win this by-election at any cost. I can understand this much. Then why don’t you understand
that your Abba needs you? I cannot trust anybody
else besides you. I could lose my life in the violence.
What’ll I get in return? – You’ll make a deal with your Abba?
– Not with Abba. But with those who are above you,
they’ll have to pay the price. You’d said that emotions have
no value in this business. You’d have got it without asking.
Tell me, what do you want? The job for Dixit…
the child’s admission… …money for the
girl’s marriage… …protection for the family.
That’s all. Nothing more. You’ve become very sentimental.
You’ve since been talking of family. You’ll get it. But only
after the task is accomplished. With respect to Abba’s wishes. Take it for granted that the
job is as good as done… …even if Mustafa has
to lose his life. Hey! It’ll be your enemies
who may lose their life. The government is paying Abba.
The opposition is paying us. We’re making merry
in every respect. But our head will be
in the frying pan. Because Abba’s Commander
is Gulam-E-Mustafa. I’m not concerned whether the
opposition wins or loses. I’ve to seek revenge
of my son’s murder. In the confusion that
ensues during the election… …I’ve to eliminate Mustafa. I’ve only one mission. To smear my son’s forehead with… …Gulam-E-Mustafa’s blood. This is your bangle…
which she had pledged. And these are some memories… Do wear them in your marriage. You’ve to stake your life
because of this marriage. I don’t want such a marriage. I too don’t want the
engineering seat, Boss. You don’t have to
go anywhere. Mustafa. You’ve already left the
path of sin. We won’t let you
return there again. Thank you, Lord. I was a stray person. But after my
death, my corpse wouldn’t be stray. There is somebody who would
shoulder my dead body. You shouldn’t speak
inauspicious things. The Almighty has given me this
family who would weep for me. I want to see this family
happy at all times. I’ll have to go. Before I go, can I get a cup
of coffee made by you? I’ll get it right away. It’s a promise.
You’ll get back your job. You may consider your
admission as confirmed. Study wholeheartedly. There won’t be any shortage
in Munni’s marriage. Say… Boss’…
Boss’… Mustafa. Thanks. Yes. Goodbye. What do I’ve to do now? At least sometimes use your
brain to decide things. Every time you ask me
what you need to do. This family needs you. The marriage, and this family’s
protection is your responsibility. I can hear the sound
of the impending storm. A storm won’t come. Yes…it’ll more windy, some
dried leaves will fall down. But a tree which is strong… …that wind won’t have the strength
to uproot such a tree. Don’t worry. Stop the vehicle. – Greetings.
– Yes…tell me. Men from opposition party
are threatening people… …to vote for
Ramprasad Chaudhary. Go back to the same people, threaten
and instigate them and ask them… …to vote for Ramprasad Chaudhary.
Or else we’ll chop them dead. But our candidate is
Suresh Adhikari?! – Just do as I say.
– Come on, Friends. Listen carefully. Vote for
Ramprasad Chaudhary only… …or else I’ll
chop you dead. Give the vote to Ram
Prasad Chaudhary. You all women too listen to this! Give the vote to Ram
Prasad Chaudhary. Give the vote to Ram
Prasad Chaudhary. – What am I listening?
– What? Your people are threatening the
public to vote for opposition. Let me work in my own way. You should eat the mangoes.
Why do you count the trees? Trust me. Go home
and go to sleep. The public is intelligent. Let’s go. You should only stamp on
Ramprasad Chaudhary’s name. Why? Is there any compulsion? Hey! Don’t you argue! Didn’t we say that only Ramprasad
Chaudhary should be voted? Come on…let’s
check elsewhere. To whom do you intend
to vote for? One doesn’t reveal whom
one votes for. People will vote as they like.
Is there any compulsion? You’d better vote only
for Ramprasad Chaudhary. Otherwise I’ll throw
you to the dogs. Only Ramprasad Chaudhary
should be voted. Otherwise I will not spare you!
Understand! Let’s go! They’re threatening us to
vote for Ramprasad Chaudhary. Suresh Adhikari is a better choice.
At least he asks for votes… …with folded hands. Come on,
let’s vote for him. – Whom did you vote for?
– I voted for Suresh Adhikari. Why didn’t you vote
for Ramprasad Chaudhary? Did you think that
we got scared? Yes! We will vote as per our choice! Hey! Everything has
gone wrong here. Boss has come. Come on. They’re all voting
for our Opposition. Drive them away. Beat them.
Drive them away. Beat them! Beat them! Beat them! Catch all of them. Beat the rascals! Go inside and start stamping
on our candidate’s symbol. All right. – What’re you doing?
– Move back! Run from here! Beat them all! Don’t spare anyone! Drive them away! Mustafa. Oh no. You’re committing atrocities
on the helpless people. If you’ve the strength, try to
get your candidate to win. Mustafa sir. Inside, Rohan is forcibly
stamping on his candidate. I’ll teach you how
one should stamp. Like this. Go inside and put
the stamps! Let’s go, inside. No! Don’t do this! Forgive me! It’s okay. – All glories to our party!
All glories to our leader! All glories to Minister
Imtiaz Hussain. All glories to Suresh Adhikari. Congratulations to you. –
Mustafa. Thank you. It was possible only
because of you! Stop… – Come…
– Please be seated… All glories to Minister
Imtiaz Hussain. All glories to Minister
Imtiaz Hussain. All glories to our party! Thank you, Mustafa. This is
the result of your hard work. I had asked for something
in exchange for this hard work. Abba had promised. You may assume that
you’ve got it all… …because we’ve won this
election because of you. Which election did
you not win? Be it the 1986 elections,
or the 1991 or 1996 elections. This is the first election
when I’ve not suffered wounds. I know. Every time my victory is first
stamped on your body. Only then is the
result declared. I want to tell you something. Win at least one election
without the help of hoodlums. It’s not possible in present
times. You know it. After election always,
the police has been chasing me. Now your protection
is our responsibility. No…don’t worry about
my protection. But henceforth, don’t expect
my assistance of this kind. From today, you may
consider me as dead. After sister’s marriage,
I’ll surrender to the police. Jail will my final destination.
I’ll confess to all that is the truth. Stop the car! Goodbye. Goodbye. Is Mustafa special to you? He’s like my own son. He’s now talking of surrendering
himself to the law. You’re talking of law?
Law is child’s play for you. You see…he’s an honest person. His eyes speak the truth. Such a man can prove
to be dangerous for us. I’ll explain to him that he shouldn’t
surrender himself to the law. It’s all right if he understands. If he doesn’t, only his dead
body should go to the police. Greetings. Greetings! Greetings, welcome. Don’t forget us when you
go to your in-laws. The groom will be dazed to see her. She’s looking so beautiful! She’s looking so beautiful! Brother-in-law will be dazed.
– The procession has arrived! The procession has
arrived! Come on! – Stay back.
– What is it for you? The procession has come. Till this auspicious rice is not
showered on Vidya’s forehead… …at the hands of Mustafa… …it would be futile if she
isn’t blessed at his hands. What’s the use of this
pomp and show? Where’ s Mustafa? Calm down. Mustafa has promised,
hasn’t he? He’ll surely come. I’ll go now.
The procession has come. Greetings! Greetings. No! No! Munni shut your eyes. Munni. You have seen nothing. You haven’t seen a thing. Everybody must be expecting
you downstairs. Come on straighten
your dress. Fix it properly. That’s nice. You’re looking like
a doll. Come on… Look! How did you come from there? Mustafa can come from anywhere. Come… sit. Greetings. Please be seated. Greetings. Looks like
you’ve been invited. Pardon me. I’ll have to arrest
you this time. I’ve the warrant. I know. Arrest me. But you’ll have to wait
for sometime. Sister is being married inside. I’ll accompany you as soon
as the ceremony is completed. After taking me to the police
station, come back and dine here. – It’s an auspicious occasion.
– All right. For the time being,
serve him sweets. This..? Proceed…the rest of
them are expecting it. Master.. master… You’re free now. Now I’ll go inside the cage
for a few days. Greetings. This is Vikram’s
admission letter. This letter is about
Mr. Dikshit’s job. And this is a gift from me
for the girl. Thanks. Vikram. Mustafa. I can make the police
to go back. No. Now I’ve realized what
the Almighty desires. Till today, I did
everything for Abba. Enough of it now. The police has gone back several
times on your say-so. I’ll go with them this time. Before going, for this family’s
welfare, I want to read the namaz. That’s all. Musthafa! Musthafa! What’s…? – Under whose order?
– Abba’s order. It was Abba. He did it under Abba’s order. Everything in my heart
belonged to you. I could’ve accepted
two bullets easily. Why shoot me in the back? Boss! Abba! Abba! Mustafa brother. For the first time, I’ve done
something without consulting you. I did the right thing, didn’t I? No! “Your sorrow and my
sorrow are similar, dear.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my
sorrow are similar, dear.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my sorrow – beloved.” “Our story is the same.” “Come and embrace me, beloved.” “Your sorrow and my
sorrow are similar, dear.”


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