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Glenda Jackson Moved From Acting To Politics


  1. Alan Nash Author

    Meat is 'hung', people are 'hanged'. Glenda Jackson is a great actress and when she was in parliament she gave some very good speeches.

  2. Allie Doak Author

    I mean I’d shit on Thatchers grave if they put a stall on it but the full quote wasn’t so much about society not existing but that the most important thing was the individual and the family and family first had been a labour policy for more than a genre at that point. She was a liberal not some crazy right wing anarchist.

  3. Aqquila89 Author

    2:25 "London is now a city Hogarth would recognize".

    How many people in the audience understood that reference? Because I didn't…

  4. Mark Phillips Author

    Completely agree that the comment about there being 'no society' was a line in the sand in regard to the duty of our leaders to balance the responsibilities of citizenship with the protections of government. Thatcher was more or less abandoning those commitments to create protections.

  5. Funky Monkey1886 Author

    Can't say I agree with he political stance 100%, but admire her conviction. Unfortunately I tend to view all politicians as lying low life shady pieces of shit.

  6. Maria Kowal Author

    Glenda Jackson's performance in the BBC miniseries "Elizabeth R" is what sparked my life-long obsession with Elizabeth I. She has such a presence in and out of character and I love that she went on to be so politically active and pushed for the improvement of life in our country.

  7. Arthur Bosch Author

    I 1st saw Miss Jackson in "WOMEN IN LOVE" which remains 1 of my all time favorite movies. I saw her live in Los Angeles in Isben's "HEDDA GABLER." My 2nd favorite Glenda Jackson movie is "STEVIE." She's an acting legend.

  8. Chloe Christodoulou Author

    Strange that he chose to pick her up on saying hung. I've never heard him correct any of his guests before and I'm sure there must have been other slips. Weird choice interrupting someone in their flow to do that.

  9. David Martin Author

    06:36 Strangely, the programme that Stephen holds up reveals that, although it is a New York venue, it has the British spelling: Golden Theatre.

  10. Thomas Panto Author

    In America , and the world, UNIONS are the last remnants of a Democracy. Humans defending the future of Humanity from tyranny.

  11. Ad Max Author

    Yeah I hated thatcher as much as anybody but I wouldn't applaud tony blair's government from 1997 onwards that's for sure they weren't bastions of the left. We have been run by self interested odious right wing toads since Harold Wilson. Thatcher once claimed new labour was her finest achievement.

  12. groovypullet Author

    When I was about 8 in the mid 90s my parents made me watch the 1970s production of Elizabeth R on TV and it sparked a lifelong love of history, almost 100% due to Glenda Jackson's performance. It's on youtube. Watch it. The production has dated but the performance has not.

  13. Sandra Nelson Author

    My God, she must have kicked SERIOUS butt in Parliament!! She was properly trained in performance, so she knows how to project and declaim. She would be able to completely LACERATE another MP with a stare and an eyebrow twitch.
    Watching her in action would be like seeing a Roman senator in full battle.

  14. Elizabeth Beckhusen Author

    There has never been a better Elizabeth I – if you haven't seen this BBC series from the 70s, do, because it's great. Rewatched it many times

  15. That Random Bloke Author

    “Why did you become an MP?”

    “Because Margaret Thatcher was destroying my country…”

    Glenda became an MP in 1992, two years after Mrs Thatcher left office

  16. enriqueali Author

    The difference between a movie star and an actress is that the former would have had several facelifts/ cosmetic dentistry/ botox/ the works, whilst the latter lets nature and time show their effect on her face and instead focus on honing and refining their acting craft in order to play a variety of characters suitable to each stage of her life

  17. enriqueali Author

    Wow… Correcting a guest on air on your show about the correct form of a verb could be considered incredibly pedantic at best, and incredibly ungracious by generally accepted standards of hosting. Serious points lost by SC there, wonder why he felt the need to interject that comment there? Maybe it's that niggling sense of linguistic inferiority many Yanks (even well-educated ones like SC) feel when confronted by a hyper-articulate RSC-trained English thespian in full conversational flight? Have to admire how little importance GJ attached to it, her theatre/ theater comment that followed only served to highlight in fact just how trivial and unimportant such minor observances are when one is having a serious conversation about issues one is passionate about.

  18. hauskalainen Author

    Haha. I heard that one American politician once said that the French do not even have a word for "entrepreneur".. intending to put down France. Hint: entre = between; preneur comes from prendre = to take. So entrepreneur means "in between taker" … essentially a middle man who comes between the providers of a service (e.g. the electronics engineers who designed your iphone, or the Chinese sweatshop laborers who assemble them), and you the consumer who pays way above the cost of manufacture/design so that the in between takers (investors in Apple Corp.) can sit around on their fat asses in tax havens avoiding taxes and reaping the profits. Let's have a round of applause for the takers in between who do so little and yet make so much.

  19. Messylin Author

    Her performance in the BBC 1970s series Elizabeth R, playing the life of Queen Elizabeth I, is simply one of the greatest performances of all time and certainly the most impressive by an actress. She left Bette Davis, Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett in the dust.

  20. KatchouroBlade Author

    Glenda played Queen Elizabeth the first for a BBC series from the 70s. All the episodes are on YouTube, well worth checking out.

    She's a tremendous actress.

  21. ZakAshChan Author

    Despite being British myself, I unfortunately had not heard of this remarkable woman. When she made the remark about Stephen not being 'able to spell theatre properly' she gained in me an instant fan!

  22. Brian Delaney Author

    I think she was way above the heads of her audience. She is a classic and brilliant actress and I’m proud she was a Labour MP

  23. RahtidYute Author

    I absolutely adore Glenda. What amazing charisma, fantastic actor and parliamentarian. I was tremendously lucky to have met her and have her as my MP !!! Blessed to have her represent Kilburn ❤

  24. Diamos Author

    Such a genuine person, I'm from her home town met her a few times in the charity store and she was the same in person in her every day life as she was when in front of the camera.

  25. Joe Langford Author

    In an interview I read many years ago, during her first period as an actress, Glenda said she thought it would be more worthwhile to be a social worker than to act.  I thought, well, that's a nice comment, but was shocked when she actually put those feelings into practice by becoming an MP.  She gave up fame and fortune to help people in need.  I love her persona, her voice, her talent, but most of all her character.  The thing about hanged and hung by Colbert was ridiculous, but she had a great comeback.  An impressive person.

  26. miolim Author

    It's a testament really to her genius as a performer and actor to immediately bag a stage award in her first stage outing AFTER more than three decades I suppose. She became a MP in 1992. I think her last film role was in 1991. She completely stopped acting when she was MP: 1992-2015. That's 23 years!!! Her last stage performance was probably back in the 1980s (not sure here).

  27. Andrew Schrader Author

    Great actress. Ghastly woman. Misquotes the late Baroness Thatcher and made a frankly disgusting speech about her during the tributes paid to her in the House of Commons after she died. Utterly graceless. I'm glad that Miss Jackson has returned to acting. She is no loss to British politics. She won two Oscars and numerous other awards for her acting but she spent 23 years as a Labour MP and, in that time, she achieved precisely nothing.

  28. Paul Delgadillo Author

    She still has the same moxie that she had when she played Queen Elizabeth I opposite Vanessa Redgrave as Mary Queen of Scots.

  29. Sa C Author

    All the Elizabeth R episodes that star the great Glenda Jackson, seem to have been removed from YouTube. Sad and so unfair!! Please put them back!!

  30. Charlie Author

    All these comment about how Glenda kinda looks like Ian Mckellen or John Hurt; She’s said that gender gets "murkier" with age and that’s why she wanted to do Lear. Always loved that observation.


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