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golden age hollywood glamour | lili reinhart inspired

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we’re celebrating tip
at the Toronto International Film Festival with this Golden Age Hollywood
starlet look inspired by Lili’s Instagram icon I got inspired because Lili was in
Toronto for the premiere of hustlers at TIFF let me know if you guys are gonna
go see hustlers because I’m so excited about it like Kiki Palmer’s in it Lizzo
JLo just so many awesome women it’ll be a great movie and I’m not recreating her
character look but because I knew that she was close by in Toronto I was
creeping her Instagram and I fell in love with this shoot she did and I
really wanted to try to recreate the styling I’m not really transforming into
her cuz we look pretty different but I loved how my portrait came out and I
really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial how to get the make up hair as well as
take your own portrait and have it look all old-timey it’s so fun to feel like a
Hollywood a-lister without actually being one so to help get this look I
partnered with kiss lashes and impress manicure I’m wearing the two lashes
right now from the new kiss lash couture and naked drama collection these are
faux mink blendin so nice with natural lashes and here are a couple of the
other pairs in this range all very light and comfortable while being super full
and fluffy and for my impressed press-on manicure I’m wearing at the style
boss-lady I’m obsessed with these like I could not do the detailing myself but I
do always at do my own nails I usually quickly paint them or I’m
wearing a press-on these have a new ultra fit design so they are thinner it
gets stronger and look really natural so we’ll give you all of my lash
application tips as well as how to really apply these to get the best where
at the end of the video to complete the style but I did want to share these
products with you upfront because there is a giveaway with kiss lashes and
impressed nails over on my Instagram so be sure to go check it out and enter and
anyways thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoy these vintage vibes looks and
let’s get started I feel like in most old Hollywood portraits back in the day
there was like a heavier base with more of a matte porcel look but not today we
are gonna prime with a matte primer and then I’m using foundation but very
minimally I’m blending out in a thin layer for more of a natural look and I’m
using a foundation that does have a bit more color to it because I
more of a warm undertone than the pink I have when I’m pale and by the way this
was my first attempt at the hair I filmed on several different days until I
was happy with this look so I do do the hair and it doesn’t look as stiff as it
does here and I didn’t lighten it up because I just look washed out but
anyways I love concealing in a lighter shade for highlighting so I’m going
along my jawline making my chin a bit more prominent around my nose up the
cheekbones and through the forehead onto the bridge of the nose blending this out
and I really don’t apply foundation around my eyes when I know I’m going to
add a high coverage concealer and said lightly with powder for
longevity to the look and now for a black-and-white portrait you can totally
go hardcore with contouring if you really want that like intensity I’m
gonna keep it so wearable and start by enhancing at the contours of the face
with a warm bronzer there are some aspects of this look where if I can
match Lily’s image a bit I’m a try because I know the thumbnail I want but
I recommend using a contour shade to enhance your own features especially if
you’re taking the time to do a portrait of yourself I’m bringing up the
cheekbones a little higher with a cooler contour shade and I’m adding in more
sharpness to the nose like Lily’s super structured nose to brow I love the look
of this this shot and in general really looks so much like Brittany Murphy it
freaks me out but let me know in the poll if you see it too and I’m gonna
light this photo from one side so this contour will be enhanced by a natural
shadow as well moving on to brows we’re going bold and arched to really frame
the face feather in using hair like strokes and then comb out if you have
lighter hair it typically go darker with your brows but if you have hair more on
the brunette or black side you might want to go a little bit lighter than
your roots it usually just kind of gives a nice balance random step I wanted to
include but I added shadow into my hairline to help fill out my widow’s
peak nothing wrong with the v-shape but to match the photo and have the round
curl kind of contrast with the part I want more straight up top freckle time
you can use a brow product or any light brown eyeliner and add faux freckles
mainly up the cheekbones and a little bit on the nose I love how this looked
especially with the grain added at the end of the photo just more texture to
the skin in the overall image I usually use a liquid highlight for my nose but I
wanted to switch it up and try a bold highlight with a powder I’m copying the
little nose highlight tip and that’s pretty much it I’m keeping it the rest
not super shiny and then the shadows again super easy so take a matte light
to medium brown and wash all over the lid and for bold eyes we’re gonna enhance at
the shape of the eyes at by creating a shadow under and then taper up into a V
I loved that in this behind-the-scenes shot we got more of a look at the color
of the shadow so I’m copying it and I’m using a grey to deepen at the outer and
inner portion of the lid and the crease as well as under the lash line the
shades aren’t very dramatic but the shape is and every little step just
really starts to make the features pop and with an even deeper gray I added
this right under the tear duct to enhance the roundness of the eye for
kind of a doe-eyed dull look I love this next step like I was saying with the
freckles adding texture to the look the inner corner was a stunning foil II
texture and a deep kind of yellowy greeny gold I went with a similar dingy
bronze because I loved the texture of this product and it kind of turns out
more gold on me anyways some liner I went with a very dark brown to kind of
smudge into the shadows and not have it super classic and perfect and tightline add a subtle wing to taper
up the eye and all we need are some lashes so as I
mentioned I’m using the two lashes from the kiss Alaska tour at naked drama
collection I love kiss lashes these are so inexpensive for how amazing they are
like I keep mine in this container that they come in and reuse them over and
over again so to apply check your fit they do fit my eye
perfect without trimming but I wanted the lash to start to fan out more mid I
rather than inner corner so I trimmed and if you are trimming your lashes make
sure you trim the outer end of the lash this is a great tip and has changed my
lash application Gabe just wrap the lash around your finger
this helps with easier application especially if you’ve used the pair
before and paint on the kiss strip lash adhesive to the band wait 30 seconds
till it becomes slightly clear and tacky you don’t eat a lot of glue and then
press in the middle on the lash line try to get as close as you can to your
natural lashes and then connect the outer corner and then inner corner lasts
and holds it in place until it’s secure the band of this lash is super flexible
with a silicone like lash band it’s so easy to blend right into your lashes
like I’m not hiding behind a thick line or anything they just contour seamlessly
and I love the look of natural fluffy lashes using falsies because you can get
more of a natural look then using a bunch of mascara on your own lashes
because with these you’re getting an airiness and volume at once and they’re
so lightweight I don’t feel like I’m wearing falsies I added a bit of mascara
to the bottom lash to finish up the eye and lips actually underlined a bit
because the brows are intense with the arch and I know the shadows are gonna be
intense the eyes are big and defined I didn’t want to compete too much with the
shape but we are gonna stick with the old Hollywood be for a sharper Cupid’s
bow and go in with a deep wine shade I love this it looks really classic but to
get more of a unique texture to the overall look I’m adding a dramatic deep
gloss and this looks cool too show you guys the hair quick and we
cannot forget about the nails because this look is too glam not to have fun
with the mani oops switched up from a black satin top
to some feathers and I’ve done a lot of faux Bob’s so I’m kind of gonna you know
breeze by this but just start with teasing at the back we definitely want
volume to balance out the curls and volume out the sides for this look and on the side with less hair on the side
part purl towards your face I just did three separate curls and then pin each section in half he’s a
little bit for volume at the ends and I did this look the day before and I had
so much hairspray and just brushed it out
so my ends are looking you know a little fried here and then on the other side
all the curls are going to face away so curl and pin up and tease for volume at
the end slightly once again the front curl as I said tease the base smooth and
then curl towards you and then lock in place with a bobby pin at the side
setting the curl teasing in a high hold hairspray is really what helps this
style stay if you have long hair now peep the mani oh my god I love this
design I picked the impress a press-on manicure
in the style boss lady and first find the correct nail for each finger by
setting up an order there are 30 nails and six accent nails included in that
and while it’s best to lay these out I’ve totally put these on in a car so
you can do them anywhere they’re really great to have in your purse and prep
your natural nail with the a prep pad included I’m pressing back my cuticles
too because I have not done that in a while and peel off the clear backing and
align with your cuticle press firmly in the middle and then on each side this
makes a huge difference to really press down and allow the nail to curve around
your own nail shape apply the thumbnails last and you’re set these have a very
comfortable secure fit and don’t feel heavy I do notice cuz I’ve tried these
over the years and the nail is thinner while being durable and since I changed
my nails a lot it is important for me to keep them healthy and these protect them
and these have no glue so there’s no damage when we’re moving and now we can
have my hands and some shots to add to the Hollywood glamour I hope you enjoyed
the hair makeup and nail application and now to get the portrait down these are
just a couple tips coming from a non photographer non professional
videographer anything about how I got a very similar image so you want to make
sure that your lighting coming from one side so you can do this with a window or
if you have artificial light and then have shadowed this side put on a black
and white filter then add a hard light filter this will enhance the highlights
and make shadows more dramatic and then add a lot
of grain and you should get something similar of course you can play with the
image it so much and editing I have so much fun on apps like Snapseed and VSCO
those are my two favorites and face tune gotta love face too so anyways if
you try to do one of these portraits or try out any of my styles I would love to
see your faces so tag me so I can feature you in my videos here are a
couple of my favorite pictures so thanks for tagging me and make sure you go head
over to my Instagram and enter the giveaway and I’ll see you next video


  1. Sydney Paige Author

    YOU LITERALLY CAN LOOK LIKE ANYONE !!! HOW???? So pretty girl💕💕

    PS: I’m a small YouTuber! Help me reach to 100 subs! Watch my newest makeup vid!!

  2. Gwydion Rhys Author

    What I find stunning about these videos (and you!) are as follows:

    1. No matter what look you choose, it suits you down to the ground.
    2. You always pull off every single look with the utmost care, and in doing so, make it look easy.
    3. You are just naturally stunning and really beautiful!

  3. Y Smetsers Author

    I don't know if you did a premiere for this, if you did I totally missed it😂. Let's be honest I think your portrait looks better but that's my opinion. Any chance you're gonna do some Emeraude Toubia inspired looks?❤

  4. Brianna Christensen Author

    you should do one of Lucy boynton's looks with jo baker! they're very out there but so fun and I think you could recreate them amazingly 🙂

  5. Ken Leung Author

    This is shortest hairstyle you Create it, curling wand I recommend you buy nume octwand set I prefer have a digital temperature setting! Which heat setting you using on your hair normally?
    T3 is my go to curling iron and wand as well!

  6. maikolosav Author

    I love this look and I'd totally like to recreate it. I have a question about the hairstyle: are the bobby pins visible in the back? I've only tried a fake bob once before and not very successfully 😅 How do you conceal them? Or was this just for the photo shoot so it didn't matter?

  7. Carly Ainsworth Author

    From the first time I saw her in Riverdale I thought she looked so much like Brittany Murphy. I love them both.

    I love this look. You are awesome!

  8. Elletay Author

    This is perfect timing! I have a wedding I’m going to today and I needed an old Hollywood makeup look to go with my deep burgundy velvet dress. Thanks a bunch Jackie!


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