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Gorilla Movie Comedy | Part 2 | Jiiva | Shanili Pandey | Sathish | Yogi Babu |Rajendran |Swaminathan

This is the bank we are gonna rob – Don’t hit me, sir
– Go! Get lost! Dude, it’s the police.
Take a U turn Shut up! – Why are you so scared?
– It’s confirmed that we are dying today! Stop being a chicken! Let’s do one thing First, let two of us get in
and analyze the situation Nice idea, dude. You both do that.
We’ll wait here Correct! You and me, we’ll get
inside the bank first Correct Then both of you come in
later along with Kong – Ok?
– Instead… The three of you go inside and check.
I’ll take care of the car Shut up! Why the mask if we are
already wearing the Parda? Stop yapping away! What if the Parda flies off
and our face is exposed? Hence… Now, shut up and step out They appoint employees
from north… they don’t understand me and
I don’t understand them This goes on then Tamilian
will end up begging! That too you must beg in Hindi Don’t cry, my baby.
What happened? Don’t cry Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Wear the parda Cover your face! – Excuse me, watch out!
– You shut out! Close the door! Don’t cry, my baby Where are you barging in? Move! Save him Lord Allah! Here, have a Samosa Fools! Why? Of course. You eat the Samosa
first and then drink tea! Look at them, they are drinking the
tea and then having the Samosa! To hell with you and your…. What’s your problem? Eating Samosa and then drinking
tea is the right way to eat Hey! Look the police is getting
inside the bank. Call Jiiva Call him! (Song from Tamil movie ‘Viswasam’) Where is he running to? Aiy-aiyo! Police! Madam, was that 1.5 million
credited in my account? – Please wait, I’ll check
– Greetings madam – It is underway
– Uh-oh! Police again! All hail the Lord
Jesus Saranamallah! Please save me! Whoa! She is as tall as actress Anushka! This is gents toilet. Ladies
toilet is right next to this If it’s too urgent. Go ahead.
I’ll guard this place for you Go ahead. I’ll keep an eye Keep an eye on me?
I’ll slap you! Get lost! Slap me? Excuse me, madam.
You misunderstood me. I’ll turn around and guard “It has to be you, I’m sure
Knocking at my heart’s door” Hasn’t she left yet? Aiyo! Uh-oh! Why is he approaching me? Madam, is this your pen? This is not mine! Guess she must be pissed
off with her husband Allah will bless you They are coming out Go Good, we saved them somehow Your game starts inside the bank.
For now, stay inside the bag – Step out!
– Who are you? What the hell?
You’re showing a gun! Hello! Please follow the queue Oh! Ok. Ok Mr. Blue Shirt, stand properly Hey! What are you doing? He asked me to follow the queue Will you fill the receipt to rob a bank?
Use the gun, doofus! At him! Idiot! Be clear! I wonder how am I gonna
escape from here with her! You want me to follow queue? Uh-oh! Jhan…si! Hit him! Get up, all of you! Move! Move! Do you think this is a dummy gun?
Move, I say! Move! Move! Why is your hand shivering? Look there and your
hands will also shiver Come here I said, come in Hands off me! Get inside! Open! Help! – Stop! Stop! Move!
– Move! Move! – This way
– Don’t dash others Stand one after the other Move! “Watch out, we are coming for you” “You, won’t even know who we are
why hit you” “Lock, cover your money inside
Run along, won’t let you hide” Look here Whatever we rob from this bank… can be claimed by this
bank through insurance So, if anyone tries to save the bank
and become a hero, lives will be lost People who value their life, sit down! – Sit down!
– Get everyone’s mobile Hey, come on – All of you, take out your phone
– You, in green Saree. Give me your phone What about Jhansi? She is alone inside Nothing to worry. We’ll rob and be out
from here in ten minutes. Got it? I appreciate your dedication.
Work before love? Who is that doofus, who
didn’t hand us the phone? – That’s my phone!
– Jiiva, I got ten rupees – Sorry
– It’s mine – I snatched it from that white shirt
– Don’t lift your dress like that! Ewww! Jhansi’s calling me They are quiet.
You, go ahead and talk Hey! Mind you guys.
Don’t you make any noise Tell me, baby Jiiva, I came to BOH bank,
at Vandalur for a work Few robbers broke into the bank – They locked me up in the toilet
– Relax. Relax, baby Don’t you worry.
I’ll come there in ten minutes Don’t you inform the police at any cost Because it’ll put your
life in jeopardy. Ok? Ok – Dude…
– Tell me Jhansi has a phone! I know. Just saw her FB post
stating “I’m in trouble” I disliked it Whom was I saying it to? Damn! Wait, I’ll come back and deal you Dude, I disliked the status – Here
– Give it to me Looks like you got her phone You are better than a professional thief Did you delete that post? Where is my Jhansi? Bloody fools! This is too much!
Enough of this! You have no idea who I am! None of you will leave
alive from here! Got it? Hold this Lay two slaps right
on his cheek! Son of a… How dare you? Hit him You! Where’s the locker? Over there You, take her Dude, keep eye on everyone.
I’ll go and empty the locker Dude, are you taking her to the room? Shall I join? If not for the mask, I would have
spat right on your face! Get lost! – Dude, catch it
– That was a close call Hope they’ll return
with the money Indeed. Once money is here.
We’ll split it and settle down Will you use your share
and produce my movie? Why would I produce
a flop movie? Aren’t you gonna die? Then
why do you need money? So you agree that if I produce a
movie with you in it, I’ll die – Hey! Hey!
– Sit down! Down! There comes my hero! He will take care of
things here after! Excuse me, what’s all this? It’s all adult movies in here Then pirated DVDs Who stored all these here? Looks like Vishal is being a big trouble Hence the pirate DVD dealers got
the master copy and hid it here People are senseless!
Open the next locker! CCTV and hard disk? All these are hospital footage It’ll come handy Let’s not drag unnecessary
issues into our life. Keep it back Is it?
Ok Madam, open a locker
containing money! Open! Open! Take it out! Take all out Please don’t harm me! Oh Lord Hanuman! I’m so scared Please don’t harm me!
Please! May I come in? Are you here to deposit or withdraw? – To deposit
– Please come in – Go, sit over there
– Don’t touch me I like only Kurta. No, Parda! Your joke sucks! No! Is this how you
treat a NRI customer? Wait and watch how I treat you Now, go! Looks like a huddle of Gorillas Hail Lord Hanuman You too have an account in Swiss bank? I guess that is why
Switzerland is so rich! We want the overall collection
not just today’s collection Excuse me, this ain’t just today’s collection.
This is indeed the overall collection There will be hardly 10 million in this Is this why we too
such a huge risk? Let’s scoot with
whatever we have Why is it so light? Wads of 5000? Move! The bank doesn’t have
as much as we expected There’s hardly 10 million in it Raid an ordinary councilor’s
house and they get a billion! And you say all this
bank has is 10 million? Let’s leave with whatever we got Shit! Kong! Take one step and a person
dies inside the bank Who are you? What do you want? Nothing should happen to
any of the hostages inside We’ll present our demands
after deciding on it But if you guys try to
beak in before that… then you’ll only
find corpses inside What did you just do? There are so many police and
yet you pointed gun at them? That too a dummy one Guys, come here What’s with the football huddle? Look, Plan A didn’t workout So, Plan B What’s Plan B? Remember we watched an
English movie the other day? When robbers did find money, they
placed the hostages life on line… and demanded money
from government – That is what we are gonna do
– Ok But if the police break
in, we’ll be doomed! I feel giddy. I feel my sugar levels
are dropping. I’m about to faint Even you have a stroke,
you can’t leave here! So what I said is the plan! I think he is right You will obviously think so.
You’re the reason we are here No use talking I already feel like Lord
of the death is calling us Excuse me, ladies Cover your face! Cover it! Who is this?
Looks like a big piglet Audience won’t
laugh at this joke I’m also a thief like you all I steal the pension money of the elders
during the first week of every month My bad luck, I got stuck with you It’s ok. If you don’t mind can
you take me in your team? Damn it! We are high tech robbers! We
learnt robbery from Hollywood movies! You steal from the elders
and you wanna join us? Sir, you’re Hollywood thief
and me, Kollywood thief. Both are thieves then why the gap? You have to threaten
people to scare them But me? People get
scared looking at me Isn’t this qualification enough? Look at his dress color.
He is a Telugu actor! I’ll be sitting over there.
Call me, if you need me Get lost! Forget about him How much should we demand? Hold on! Shooting, posters, cut-out and a pay
for the reviewers, I need 50 million So, 50 million per head 90 million in total Doofus! How does 50 million per
head add up to 90 million? – 225 million! Isn’t it?
– Then 225 million! So, ready with you demands? Go ahead, ask! There are 18 lives inside If they must make
it out safe then… pay us 200 million and we’ll leave
without creating any issues 200 million? Any idea how many zeros it has? Err…no…we don’t know If you don’t meet our
demand and pay us up… then every half an hour a
person dies inside the bank One, two, three… Sir he is counting down… What if he goes in
and shoots anybody? Please don’t harm anyone – Eight zeros!
– What? Eight zeros? 20 million has eight zeros in it This ain’t a game, dear And that is why don’t
take us lightly So stop acting smart and
instead go, arrange the money I’m going back in, now Come here buddy! Come here!
Come on, buddy! What are you doing
with these robbers? – It’s all because of him
– Hey, look at this Lets buy a bungalow in Anna Nagar once
we start our pickpocketing business I will build a house along
with a tree in the garden The tree is for you
to play all day long – Do you remember this scene?
– Which one? The movies where the lost
brothers unite during climax Yes This is exactly that No Kong, everyone is watching Hey Kong, Come here If he were a girl, we could
have got Kong married to him That’s enough, come here Kong, please!
Don’t leave me Stop singing and go,
sit over there! Don’t touch! I am coming from India, I have
come to deposit 2 billion – Show me the money!
– What?! – Did you say 2 billion?
– Yes! 2 Billion! He reminds me of Vijay Antony
from Pichaikkaran movie Don’t get on my nerves.
Go and sit there! He is mentally unstable, sir I had a doubt after seeing
this peculiar hairstyle! – Hey! He meant that guy!
– His also mentally unstable? I doubt if this is a
bank or a mental asylum Sir, he often comes here in the
name of depositing a billion or two He won’t leave until the bank accepts
his challan and gives a receipt He will leave once
he gets the receipt Hey, what are you both
retards discussing? Wait, he is doing the calculations.
The sum has gone more than 5 billion Confirm! According to him, he is a
successful politician from India And thinks that his job is to deposit
the looted money in Swiss bank – For him, this is his Swiss bank
– Swiss bank? I got to board my flight to
India and it’s getting late Once I reach India, call
me from Switzerland Why should I call you? Only then will I know
that I have reached India I agree that you are mentally unstable.
Do not confirm it time and again I have come across many mentally
unstable people but he is peculiar This is how most of the
rich people in India are! Do you think we can
escape from this place? – I am scared!!
– Hey!!! Hands up! – I surrender!!
– Fool! Why are you surrendering
despite being armed? He’s got the original
gun unlike ours – Only we know the truth. He doesn’t know
– Come on, my hero! What’s up? Closing in, is it? Son of Venghai has
arrived all by himself! If you have guts, all of you go face him! – How dare you tease our superstar?
– Hit him! I think you are from the Viswaroopam
team and that’s why you are mad at me Shut up you ‘Nest-Head’ Ask the security to put down his gun Security!! Drop your gun Are we playing heist game?
Let me be the cop The gun is loaded Snatch the gun
from that retard! Hands up! I am going to
shoot each one of you She has got hold of my gun! Let go of the gun!
Hey! Let me go! He is shooting like crazy! – Catch him!
– Sir, I am the driver for your airplane Run driver or else my bullet
will get you, you Bull ! Hey! Let me go! Let go of the gun!
Allow me to do my duty! Please do not hurt
any of the hostages We shall oblige to your demands Jhansi, come on This way (Song from Tamil Movie ‘New’) Hey! Hey! Watch out! What’s happening here? Excuse me! Having a
sandwich massage? What is Jhansi doing over there? If you take my place,
the lady underneath will die! At least give me some
space on the side Give me the gun!
Give me the gun! Dude, he isn’t listening
to me in the first place! I have been wanting this for long.
Please Get lost! Let go of me! I’m the cop here! Stop it with such activities. Even
I lost my control. Go, sit there – Dude, how did she get out?
– Hope our teammates are fine Yes. Look, he seems
to have doubts Thank me. I’ve helped you! What happened? Did he slap you? Yes Those two, one in green Parda and
the other in red Parda, they hit me How about we bash them
up together, as a team? Listen, I’m one of them You guys are messing with
me without knowing who I am Didn’t they beat for
saying the same thing? Shut up! Listen, baby… How tall are you?
Around 3 feet 4 inches? I’ll remove my slippers and slap you! Remove it and you’ll
be on 2 feet 2 inches – Driver! What is this?
– What? It’s a sweet bowl.
Keep it safe with you Pack it in my luggage that
I’ll be carrying in the flight Here! Take it! Why are you all standing as if
the national anthem is played? It’s lunch time Come to office at your own timing but
maintain punctuality for such breaks! You’re working in a bank right? Why do you dress like you’re
working in a massage parlour? What’s that on your back? Dirt?
Don’t you take bath? – That’s a tattoo
– Show me – I already saw it. It’s an eagle tattoo
– Let me also check it out All of lives are on the cliffhanger… and you want to have lunch? I’ll shoot all of you down! Staffs, step forward. Come on Kneel down! Kneel down! You guys make our life hell that
starts right from filling up a challan Blame Digital India… they ask Aadhar ID proof
even at the rest rooms! Let’s make in India You’ve been talking alone for a long time.
I’ll break your jaws Toy face! Whom are you staring at? Arrogance of being a bank employee.
Isn’t it? They are the staffs.
Don’t insult them We’re insulting them? You don’t believe customers to an extent where
you even tie the glass tumbler with a chain 5 rupees pen and you tie
it down with a thread And those who owe you millions of billion?
You let them escape to foreign! They even make the elder’s, who are
here for pension, wait for a long time Don’t drag your problems into this You don’t know how long I wait
outside to snatch it from them! Not just that. We come to city so that we can
make a new address for ourselves When we come to open an account, you guys
pester us asking for I proof and address proof What if you take loan
and run away to foreign? Didn’t you get address
proof from Vijay Mallaya? Answer him Mr. Sharp Nose You think smoothly you can
become one of us? Go, sit down Well, no… Come on.
Let’s sit together She’ll sit later.
You go, sit there Bro! Are you safe? Who are you? Can’t you see? Look we are already friends.
I’m one of you Bro, come let’s go chat with
the manager lady. She is alone Aunty… Look, he is carrying it
like he is his mother Situation becomes intense in Vandalur Since, there is a delay
in paying the ransom… the robbers shot one of the hostages Daring robber who stepped
out without the mask The police has now closed the
file, looking for the robbers Let’s find our more from our reporter Dressed as a doctor, a police… See that, we are the
headlines in all the channel I bet there will be a channel
that will play ‘Kumki’ even now Try that! Whoa! I’ve watched some thousand times They’re playing this movie
for the millionth time! Look here comes an ape They earn all their ratings either playing this
movie or with the shows with this anchor DD But I like this anchor very much Drunken drive, isn’t it? How do you know that she got
caught in a Drunken drive case I meant you dude – This guy’s the best !!!
– He is having the time of his life! No comments! – Why?
– I’m a diehard fan of his – He’s lying
– Shut up, guys! – Aiy-aiyo! Police! Police is here!
– That’s the ambulance Let me also remove it It’s so stuffy! Time to fly down to India Oh shame! – What’s the time?
– 7:30 Kong, what are your eyes fixed on? You wanna press the red button? It’s a dummy bomb. Doesn’t matter
who presses the button. Come on Come, press it It’s so hot outside. You
also removed the attire? How did you find out
he was not a doctor? He was dressing the wound
like I used to do it Look at that! You found it out
because you were also a fraud doctor Yes, dude Why is the counter running
only in your timer? Because my good time has started Ok, go stand there! Come, let’s go Everyone where terrified
at the sight of the bomb Jealous guys! Dude, when will the money come? Good, Only now are you involved in the job I was wondering if we could
order dinner, if it gets late – Food is all he thinks about. Glutton!
– I’m hungry! Hello! – Yes sir?
– Thalappakatti Biriyani hotel? – Yes sir
– Is the biriyani fresh and hot? Pack hot lunch for 30 people Add some appetizers and desserts too Delivery address? This place is the talk of
the town at current hour! Hindustan bank is the place to deliver.
Pack for 30 people and come soon May I know who is speaking? Whose name shall I use? Police – Quick tell me?
– Use Assistant Commissioner’s name I’m the AC, Shanmugam.
Come soon. – Ask for extra Curd Onion?
– Curd Onion is it? He has disconnected the call There is no shame when
somebody is paying the bill Food is on the way dude! – Hey wait!
– What now? The count is only 20 here Why did you order for 30 people Sorry, but extra 10 is for me That doesn’t seem fair Three for me and seven for you No way. Three for you
and seven for me That’s what I said I am the one who ordered, I
should be the one who orders Forget that. Do you want
‘Beeda’ for dessert? I know a guy from Thiruvanmiyur
who makes excellent Beedas It’s so tasty that you’ll
spit it back on his face – Hey!
– What? – We are not here for a feast
– Then? Go and grab the lunch first – Make way please! Make way!
– Hey who is that? – Hey, where are you going?
– Hey! Hey! – Sir, I got to deliver the Biriyani
– No way It was Assistant Commissioner
who ordered these! Sir! Biriyanis for you Who ordered? I was told that you are
the one who called Stop kidding and get away – Get lost idiot!
– Sorry sir! Get lost man! – Hello!
– Hello sir! – Have you reached the place?
– I am near the barricade sir The deliver guy has come. Go and fetch
the lunch from him A dude with bomb attached to his chest
will come. Hand over the lunch to him – Go outside and fetch the lunch.
– Hey! – I said, go!
– Listen to me Test the lunch for poison
before giving it to us I will be dead if its poisoned – I don’t think poison can kill you
– Says a poisonous fellow – What is the thermocol for?
– To save myself from the bullets. Looks like he is from Sellur At least I stopped with
a demonstration, you named the person, you
are a dead meat now Thermocol again? AC sir, I’m about to reveal myself Biriyani is for us. Send it in Come here Myself? Look, how arrogant he is – Come here
– Wait, sir He look strange.
Resembles gorilla a lot A thermocol is enough to scare you guys.
Which is why they are having fun inside Hello, sir It was just a thermocol Give it to me – Did you pack the appetizers?
– Sir, the bill – Sir will pay along with the tax
– Who? Me? – Hey!
– Sorry sir You have been standing
here since morning Here, you both share this Sit by the jeep and eat – You!
– What is it? I can only spare one. There
are many people inside Catch him Uh-oh! There are 30 of them here already – Sir…
– Look… All other robbers have
removed their monkey masks! Why haven’t you removed it yet? Mask? Sir, this is not a mask – This is my original face!
– Remove your mask! I swear! This is my face – I said, remove it
– Sir, please listen to me – I said, remove it
– Cut your nails, sir! He just poked my eyes! Sir! I spared a biriyani for you and is
this how you thank me in return? You better get retired Sir, he just asked you to get retired! Are you on their side or mine? A police fires gun but this guy
seems to like ripping faces Alas, he has come! – What took you so long?
– Gone! Gone? Who? You? Then how
come you are alive? I meant a pack of biriyani is gone.
They flicked it How bad of them! – Six for you and three for me!
– Ok Why is he destroying
those buttons? What is he looking for? Wait! What are you doing here? Aiy-aiyo! Whoa! Malayalam art? You’re here to rob instead look what
kind of movie are you watching? Look at those brothers having fun.
Stop it! That’s the same guy from
that movie. Go grab him! Kong, why don’t you get better ideas
from the Hollywood movies I showed you? Go and grab him instead I said, leave me! Lusty gorilla! How did you finish this level? How did you cross so many levels? What a horrible scene to watch? You wanted to die few days back What’s so funny now? At least, I was hoping to
die before I came here you on the other hand planned
for a luxurious life after this It’s so funny that you guys are
also going to die along with me Don’t you still keep trying to be a hero
on the other side after death. Got it? Hello! Hey Venkat, where are you? Why do you care? Just
tell me what is it? One of the bombs that I gave
you is actually a real one The timer on that one works fine.
Don’t set it on What do you mean? If it goes off, it will kill
everybody along with the bomber Listen! Hello! Hello! Hey Venkat! Damn! Dude,a situation has come up! Tell me Remember how Sathish always
wants to commit suicide? He is going to die for real now! – Let him die!
– Dude!!! The Bomb guy just called One of the four bombs
he gave is original Stop kidding! No, I swear! He called just
now to inform me that! Maybe that’s the reason behind the
beep sound that comes from his bomb Hey! What is the secret that
you are trying to hide? – You tell him!
– No, you tell him! Please let him know! Somebody say it Dude! Promise me you won’t
panic, if I say something I won’t. Tell me The bomb that you are
wearing… is an original one You are jealous because the
timer is working in only mine Dude! Please explain to him! Dude, he is telling the truth! Whatever
he said about the bomb is true The bomb is what makes
the timer to work! The bomb guy has misplaced one You are telling as though he
has flipped coffee for tea! Forget him! Why did you turn
it on in the first place! It was not me! It was that ape
who plays with red buttons! Kong? Dude, what shall we do? Wait! let us think about it! About what, my funeral isn’t it? Promise me that you will do as I say I promise! Please, don’t reveal
this matter to Sadhik Sadhik! Why is he going towards Sadhik? Hey! How are you? This bomb suit doesn’t fit my size They made a mistake it seems.
Is it okay if we swap these! Get Lost! I think this design will suit you! I asked you to get lost! He is coming back here Why is he not
accepting to swap the suit? – Damn it!
– Dude… It was all your mistake! Doesn’t matter! The bomb blast
will kill you and the people! Are you fixing the time for the blast? Help me please, I won’t
be able to bear the heat Damn it! – A bomb blast?
– Yes man Who is this joker? I feel bomb blast will be
better that his torture I am really scared,
please help me! Sir… – Listen to us! Control yourselves!
– No, you aren’t allowed there Listen to us!
Please stay where you are! Here, take it Then you take it Didn’t I promised to
fulfill what you asked for? You guys are doing grieve
mistake over and again Don’t behave like kids I said, we’ll fulfill your needs! You guys don’t get the seriousness Which is why I got this This bomb will set off and blast
after one and half hours There are three such bombs inside Once it blasts, the whole
area will turn into ashes If the farmer’s loan aren’t
canceled at once… the whole area will burn down to ashes! Listen! Excuse me! Long live our future
Chief minister! Long live our future
chief minister! Back! Step back! – Get down!
– Control the crowd! Talking about the bank heist, the people are
in full support for the robbers’ demands Facebook, Twitter etc., support
is pouring is from all over It has now become people’s protest. No
big shot can do anything about it now So, now that you saw the
tweets in twitter… The tweets are also in support
to cancel the farmer’s loan – I hope at least you understand now
– Please, switch it off This channel is making the wrong
use of media to prove wrong points More than talking about the youths… what we must focus
is on their demands! Hey Kong! Come on, nothing to worry.
Nothing to worry – Awesome buddy
– Thanks dude – Why are you crying?
– Look, he became emotional! – Come on, won’t I even do this for you
– Crying doesn’t suit you – What’s wrong with him?
– Don’t tease me too much Had the bomb set off,
even you would’ve died Fine! Shut up!


  1. K N Author

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    புனிதமா பயன்படுத்தும் அபாயவை இப்படி கேவலப்படுத்தும் செயலை வன்மையாக கண்டிக்கின்றோம்

  7. SIYA Siya Author

    இப்படி முகத்த முடி முடி நீங்க தப்பு பண்ணரா போல படம் எடுத்து முஸ்லிம் பெண்களா அவுமானம் படுத்துரிங்கi

  8. நானும் தனிமையும் Author

    தீவரவாதியா நடிக்கனும்னா கூட முஸ்லிம்கல் மாதிரி தான் வேசம் போடனுமா,,,இஸ்லாமியர்லை அவமதிப்பதில் அப்படி என்ன சந்தோசம் இந்த சினிமா கூத்தாடிகலுக்கும் ஊடகங்கலுக்கும்


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