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Great British Bake Off Paul Hollywood Starts His Search | Who Do You Think You Are

Paul Hollywood lives in Kent with his
wife Alex and their son a baker Paul is best known as judge on The Great
British Bake Off the whole thing about a biscotti is it’s dense with flavor and
you’ve got large areas of big empty crust and viscosity should be absolutely
round so what do you think I’m gonna find about my family you say no what are
you gonna find that’s the fun bit we’ll be peasants on the land tilling
the fill in the fields or you could end up at a message that’s a sound check
what come on I don’t think that’d be funny I think about anyway I’ll be
coming to for me shaft Oh as if there’s a pub called Chateau at Birkenau
everyone wants to find out where the family’s from I know we’ve got family
and sort of Scotland and bits around the country so what makes me tick what’s my
genetic structure where did it come from now I’d be fascinated to find out I had
a great childhood sent me up to the age of 10 and then my mum and dad got
divorced when we moved to another house with my mother and my brothers I mean
growing up out I was very close to my nan Amy and granddad Norman who were
both my mum’s parents and they were the ones that soon spend most of the time
being around you know certainly a Easter Christmas they’re around all the time
and pretty much every other Sunday if I was getting upset with mum dad getting
divorced then my granddad was always the one that told me stories he became more
the father figure for me he was a great man my granddad’s eyes are identical to
mine because when you when you block off his eyes and look at him it’s me I can
see me my granddad played the piano in church
he was he sometimes he do it’s like less Dolson so we play some bit and then drop
a bum note in and we’re doing it the lippy enough but I was cracked up we
were close I felt close to my granddad we it I think it was just part of the
way our family was you know I know during a war he spent time in North
Africa and I know he spent time in Italy Anzio and that is pretty
much it to find out what he did and what he went through emotionally that will
affect me but I bit I’d love to find out are you nervous excited the reason why
I’m nervous is a good upset about me granddad yeah yeah that’s why I’m kind
of nervous by finding out whether you did go through any really hard stuff now this is my hometown of Wallasey
we’re on the we’re all just over the wards are from Liverpool and this is
where I grew up really this is actually the area where my London granddad used
to walk was went on and rounded live just around the corner
and I’d often catch them sitting on the benches down here just watching the
world go by just leave me in love even if I don’t know arguments they were just
together all the time my granddad used to do is preaching from here on a Sunday
he used to run open services for the church on that slope there and I’d stand
on the side there and watch you and we’d shoot off down the beach and build
sandcastles what a backdrop their day the docks well I’m on my way to my mum’s now my
younger brother it’s gonna be there as well Lee my other brother Jason calm
because enforcement is working today and I want to find out what information
she’s got in relation to my granddad’s the bailiffs we see mom’s latest picture
to your shrine I’ll see sure about that one though I
love you Lee yeah I’m sweatin over take that down when you’ve although it’s
embarrassing did you find granddad’s medals well
amazingly Jason came up with them yes yes yeah you did right so show me you
got em if you gottem here yes okay look what was Jason doing with
them anyway you talkin to me wait he stole them yeah there you go massive decorations awarded the service
number 391 296 – sergeant Norman Arlen the service with 90th la regiment Royal
Artillery during the Second World War – in Britain Tunisia and Italy including
the Anzio landings hmm I’m a man sticking this on yeah she did all
cockeyed blue check on the bottom there you can move it I’ve come here Monday years I’ve been
sitting there you can’t be here and I say it’s got blue – no change he lends
his mom he was he was he on T aircraft wasn’t he so he was on the guns mm-hmm
the anti-aircraft guns you know grounded add that that pick yeah
really what intensive purposes yes I always thought that was because of shell
shock hmm was that what it was we think so
it was you known that you said it was he you know he came back from the war with
that he wasn’t like it wasn’t like that before yeah I thought we got whereas he
got old isn’t it yeah yeah just in spasm yeah
when granddad came back you’re about to three yeah three well that was the first
time you saw him when he came back from the war it was any in the journey form
and he just came in the house and I just sat in at him and then set her on the
mat norm and tapped the rug mommy had to come up next to me on the road you
remember a siege is underway for more information on granddad’s activities
abroad while he’s in the war hmm did anything come through yes yes have you
good idea yes why don’t just bring it all out or rather doing 18 trips it
wouldn’t make life a lot easier you know okay okay
there you go what assistance service and casualty for rectification it grosses
assistance date and place a marriage Juna first nineteen forty yeah yeah
don’t married well at war was on yeah just before he got good striptease
go in the army yeah and he went to Africa 28th of February 1943 and came
back 21st of December 1945 mm-hmm it takes you a while to go through this is
a lot of information will be does any on the end of this it says no G conduct
exemplary exemplary yeah what the photos well yes well I remember this this is
the 50th anniversary wasn’t it yeah when he went back yeah yeah
this is Anzio wasn’t it yeah hmm listen this the place where none said it’s the
first time is she talking kinda cry yeah I think it was yeah and this is that
loads of little telegrams from my dad these are the granddad’s correspondence
dinerral leaves away yeah in from 1943 oh they’re perfect to look at okay so
can I take them with me as well Norman was 29 when he was sent abroad leaving
his new wife behind in Liverpool she was expecting their first child now my
journey is to go to find out what exactly my grandmother was doing for
three years in North Africa and Italy I’m a little bit nervous about it from
honest but also a little bit excited as well you


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