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Great food at The Greek Joint, Hollywood, Florida, 33020

Look at the freshness. Would you say that
salad shimmers? It’s beautiful. The presentation is beautiful. The balance of flavors in there is fantastic. It’s not overpowering. We have another beautiful presentation. We have
Tirokafteri, and we have Tzatzitki. We have
hummus. Three traditional Greek dips. And again these are all
family recipes. Pita bread…it’s fantastic. Soft, fresh, great consistency. It’s toasted.
It’s perfect. It’s just beautiful really. Another
winner are stuffed grape leaves. It mama’s recipe. We checked. And it is different than any other stuffed grape leaf dish I’ve ever had in any
restaurant. These are stuffed with beef, rice, and various secret herbs and
spices. My favorite part about it is the
lemon flavor. That’s what really sets it apart. You know, that is really fantastic. My new
favorite grape leaves ever. Peppers and onions come with the chicken.The chicken is marinated. It has a very robust flavor that goes throughout, so it’s not just the flavor sprinkled or
drizzled on at the last minute. It’s robust and it’s
carried throughout which is nice. It’s fresh organic chicken, beautiful white meat. Perfectly done. I’m shocked at how beautiful this onion is.
The tomatoes are fresh, are the cucumbers. This is a perfect dish. The Greek Joint situated right in downtown Hollywood, Florida, right on Hollywood Boulevard. So, on Hollywood Boulevard, it can be
challenging to park sometimes, so they’ve got designated parking in the back. You can
access the restaurant through the back door and
they have their own parking back there. Circling around and around and around
waiting for a space open up just isn’t really isn’t convenient in Hollywood, so it’s really great that there’s a back
entrance. So come on out to the Greek joint in downtown Hollywood, Florida. It’s open seven days a week. Full of flavor, full of taste, and full of value.


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