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GREATEST Slender Man Voice Actor EVER | Text Stories w/ Oli

Its slenderman, I’m gonna get ya Hey guys so as you may know it is October and because it’s October I decided that we should do some creepypasta based hooked stories and Also to do it with a special guest reveal yourself special guest Hello! It’s me Your, boy Oli the spookiest of guests he is the spookiest of guests he’s gonna cause nightmares That’s why I’m here to bring fear. I asked Oli who his favourite Creepypasta character was and he likes the Slender so we found his child by midnight rose Yeah, and I’m hoping it’s not super duper freaking long cuz it’s an eight chapter story, which I’ve never done before But maybe that’ll make it extra scary Maybe, maybe you’ll be a three part could be I’m not even gonna read what it’s about We’re just we’re gonna see. Is this me? who is slendurr? You should be slendurr should I be slender yes a Its gonna get a little bit spooky in here Gonna ASMR this so I think I’m gonna get close for this This is gonna be scary, I’ll get ready for this Oli- Why aren’t you home? Lauren- I went out (Wink face) Wait, what is my name? Precious hooman? Precious. Oh, like human? Like hooman Yes, it’s got some great characters that I can relate to . Oli-without my permission? I didn’t think slender ever talked He doesn’t have a mouth. I don’t know how that works, but alright Lauren- I’m sorry may I have your permission? pretty please wink silly face Spicy I’m typing, typing.Oli- I’ll smell you. Where are you? Its so creepy with the echo Lauren-I’m coming home. I just went to the store to get some candy you’re so OP Oli-Overpowered ?What are you saying? Oli- Silly hooman, Lauren-no, that’s overwatch OP What? This is very… this plot I warned you. It is not good, I warned you about hooked stories Oli- Hurry home, I smell something not too far east of the mansion That’s exactly what I was thinking Been practicing this voice for years, Finally it’s my time Lauren- is it bad? open the door. I left my keys inside what? Why am I blocking the door? What why does slenderman care this much about your safety? I’m your little kid apparently. my precious Oli-Must you always be so reck- that’s Dobby Dobby’s sock…Dobby is free Dobby turned into Slenderman yes Its a lot of characters rolled into one for slenderman Oh god. Lauren- Sorry daddy Why did you bring me here? It’s the wonderful world of Hooked stories. I was told we’d have a fun time and you’ve done this Oli-What? Lauren- nothing Oli-do you see me as a father? Lauren-I don’t know. I just wanted a reaction Lauren-I forgot you weren’t human Lauren- Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Are you trying to tell me typed something and then deleted it? Oli- No the creature I was tracking has changed direction, it’s heading towards you Oli-head south of the forest immediately what? I’m so confused. What is this?Lauren-which way is that? I’m sorry? What do you what are you confused about? This is flawless story telling I thought you were in a house, and I thought I was outside blocking the door and now you’re in a forest And it’s not like..No I was out. I was out getting candy I don’t know where you were oh, I mean I’m just hanging about you know you’ve gotten that precious father figure that I am oh yeah, Lauren- which way is that? I’m sorry Oli-You idiot Lauren-I know Oli-I see you take the keys and go inside Oli- lock the doors and windows and sit in the living room idly until I return Lauren-Yes, sir Oli-lock the doors before you sit down just in case you’ve forgotten already Oli-Silly boy you’re a boy in this. Am I?
yes in my eyes. Lauren-I’m not that stupid Oli-then please follow my orders without question Lauren- What if I don’t want to Oli- you have no choice? *Laughing* I want to do an ASMR so badly. I could see that take this opportunity you have my blessing Lauren-Do you know what creature Oli-it is some kind of demon Drawn to our home I’ll ask once it’s in my grasp Oli- Now,lock the doors or I will whip you Yes, I know human likes it Lauren- Never mind, I can’t say that Oli-now Lauren-Fine your royal tallness. one two three four Just keep counting. What are you doing? licking windows just like you said That’s not what I said, you said you silly What am I doing? You crazy, you crazy You and your Window licking way Lauren- Oops no. I meant locking uh-uh autocorrect. I meant locking. Oli- count in your head please Lauren-you’re really taking a liking to your new phone, huh? Oli- It helps me keep a better eye on you You are such a good parent. Aww…you’re so sweet Oli-I know I’m a little sweetie pie Oli-Now stop texting lock the doors, Lauren-but there’s like a hundred windows and four doors. Oh my god. We This is a big boy house for big boys like me Oli-then get to it scared sad eyes scared Thumbs up I don’t understand these human emotions Lauren-okay most of the first blululugh Oh no! Lauren-Something is in the house. I heard it Oli-flipping floppers. I know what demon that is, don’t move Oli-Sit down where you are and close your eyes The only redeeming quality of this story will be is if this demon is another creepypasta character Oli- good girl, now you have a gender I Told you I was a girl. Yeah. Well. Who was I to believe you? Oli- Hang on. I’m rounding back Lauren-Hurry I’m scared Oli-close your eyes Picture what you want for dinner tonight and stay still. I want pancakes for dinner Shut up stupid human. That’s not savory. I mean I want child limbs for dinner. Yes Like your Daddy Lauren- Okay Oli-I won’t lose you to some bloodhound Blood. Blood. Flip Are you still. What? What is going on in this story? Oli- Uncouth Question child Oli-The one time you actually listen to me Oli-Is the one time you die! Oli-My child Lauren-oh, no I’m dead Oli-C, C for child. Oh, you’re spelling it out for me, okay Oli-In the name of the underworld pick up your flipping head right this instant Is she dead? I think she’s dead Lauren- I think I’m dead. Oli- CHILD Lauren-It’s hard to concentrate on spaghetti when you’re blowing my phone up tall one Oli-Why am I dealing with you? You’re the worst Lauren-I don’t know Oli-I hate you Lauren-I feel like I’m reading some sort of Fifty Shades of Grey thing, and I’m very concerned I’d miss spaghetti. Oh what a great story What did I tell you? Oli-What? Lauren-He’s coming down. Oli- I’m almost there, stay put little child. Lauren-No, dude. He’s looking down at me I’m running outside Oli-I’m not sure, dude. I said no. Lauren- no, if you love me. Let me goooooo That’s a great note. Wow, well held. You’re like the Brendon Urie of the horror world Oli-That wouldn’t be love, love is keeping you alive like this. Lauren- why did you put a tentacle in his mouth Ew doesn’t that hurt Blululuulugh Oh my God. okay, I don’t really know if that really went anywhere That’s why there’s eight parts of this why? Alright, so that first Slenderman story was very interesting. We’re gonna do a different one Do you agree or are you sad that you won”t find out? Well. I was invested in that plot I’ll get over it with more Slenderman antics woah now! you can always go on the hooked app and just you know read the rest yourself Okay, oh we got different characters that aren’t Slenderman. Oh, no you won’t be able to do your voice I’ll use that voice for a normal kid. I guess you should be Jeff then. Echo, off now I’m a normal child once more. Hello, it is me Jeff. Oh, hey Jeff. Oli-Hey sis Lauren-hey Jeff. Oli-Are you busy? Why do you sound even more British? I’m not, I’m Canadian. Oh, gotcha Lauren-No, why? Oli-no reason. Lauren- hey can I come over? wait.You’re my brother, though You can do whatever you want you you live your own life. Oli-Yes Lauren-okay? I will be over at 9:00 Oli- K Okay, 5 hours later… nice transision voice. Lauren-I’m on my way. Oli-Are you walking? Lauren-yeah Ye-yeah Oli-Okay Lauren-Hey Jeff Oli- Yee Lauren-Something is following me. Why’d you sound so Cali? Cali girl, I don’t know you’re the one that wanted the place this in Canada. I’m from Cali. Oli-Okay, okay. I’m comeing. I’m comeing I’m comeing Lauren-Please hurry. Oli-Where are you? Lauren-I don’t know somewhere in the woods. What, why are you in the woods? Oli-Is there anything buy you? I’m illiterate. That’s Jeff Lauren-No Oli- Hello Anna Lauren-who are you? Oli-someone who takes lost people Lauren- well, I’m not lost Oli-you will be, are you sure? Lauren-Yes, I’m sure Oli-then where are you headed? Is this the prequel to the story that we just listened to? It might be Got the precious hooman. Precious hooman! Lauren- to a friends I thought it was your brother? Oli-Is there a house where you are headed? I could enter it Lauren-Yes Oli-I know where you’re headed, but you’re far from it. Lauren-Yeah, right yeeee right Oli- Ik whe-I know where you live I can’t read. Wait why do you have a phone? why are you texting me? I don’t know I’m behind you and somehow I’m just texting you. I can find friends. Lauren- No you don’t Oli-yeah, I do And I’m gonna find you. I’m gonna get you. It’s Slenderman! I’m gonna get you! Lauren- Oh my god! Oli- Bye bye Okay,it went a bit weird then. If you’ve noticed, it went a bit weird Yeah, how was your first hooked experience ? I feel enlightened, as to what I’ve been missing this whole time. Not sure I’ll ever do it myself, but by God will I give you weird voices. Yeah, yeah, now, I’m gonna go to bed spooked out I know I had dreams. I hope you can sleep tonight actually because I’m just so horrified by maybe Slendy cuddles uptight Mainly by your voice not really the story so much Alright guys well, that’s gonna be it for whatever the heck this was If you haven’t checked out Oli’s channel ever I don’t know how you’ve not You probably have and then if I’ve not done anything, but yeah He’s back he’s back full force and We even did a video over on his channel where I attempt to try and learn ukulele via his lessons that’s why I’m wearing this Hawaiian shirts so make sure to go over there and check that out because uh Thank you, that wasn’t very themeatic for the whole Slenderman situation Yeah, no yeah, it’s all bright and colourful like I’m on an island paradise, but not really what we should be doing But this will make more sense over on his channel. So go check that out and as always I will Zee You guys soon the puns. Is that new? You haven’t been watching my channel Oli. Oh, Zee you next time. That’s so good. I will Zee. It’s the puns the puns I do like the throw ups. I throw up like the Z gang signs You put here you put your thumbs together And you put your thumbs together four fingers out and it big sissy I’ve done a rock sign I can’t wait to see what you’re actually doing right now Zee! Bye!


  1. Kristal Medina Author

    Love it๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒdo more videos of hooked please๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Robloxain Gacha Gang Author

    I'm not to hate oli or anything he's pretty cool but his slender man voice sound like pennywise the dancing clown from IT

  3. Lana Blondeau Author

    At the beginning i was laughing so hard and still till two in the morning my gardian said wats so funny and showed it to her and said oh god oli has a funny voice and laughed really hard for a few minutes

  4. Thexalchemists productions [T.X.A.P] Author


    Dumb person: wait what. drinking bleach and dies

  5. Julia Cortez Author

    Tbh salad fingers and dobbi have similar voices, so Oli is just doing the same voice to me.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†

    "You IDIOT." * your best friend intensifies *

  6. Jennifer Cox Author

    Iโ€™m August,7,2019 on a Wednesday and yesterday was Harry Potter day at healthiest(a smoothie and tea place) lol like if you are watching this 2019!

  7. CastellLรฉoSL Wilde Author

    Lol his voice Changed and made me laugh 03:41 07:06 is me when I have to look after my sister and make some dinner for both of us

  8. true FNAF fan and creepypasta fan Author

    1:37… He doesn't have a mouth so I don't know how that works…
    ME: 1 he's texting right now (not to be rude )
    2 yet he waches you yet he has no eyes………..


  9. jason peoples Author

    I cannot be scared Lauren October is my birthday Halloween to me is a birthday tradition I am the Scorpion queen I fear nothing๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฆ‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Sweet Arrows Author

    ANNAWhat are you talking to a stranger what is it obviously canโ€™t you see his white faced and black suit that is slender man omg youโ€™re really dumb Anna!!

  11. moonlight 887 Author

    Hey Slenderman is my favorite tooooo๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค

  12. Ines Brenneman Author

    Ohhhhh SPOOOOOOPY STORIES ALSO LAUREN I LOVE HOW YOU SAYS 'the slender' and the diescription says a slanky sPEEder man who eats ppl


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