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Guardians: The Hollywood Interview 2

Catherine: S-Sir, please. I’ll do anything to be back on television. No one is buying my books Or going to see my movies, I’ve been so out of funds, I had to buy a a A one story house! Johnathon: I hear what you’re saying, but that’s show business, fude. *sniff* Catherine: U-um… Food? Johnathon: Don’t you watch my show? Fude is female, dude. F-U-D-E ((Catherine, stop looking like a dolt!)) Agh… No one wants to see the Catherine Sky Night Show anymore. Your ratings have plummeted since your interview with the Beach Bummers. Catherine: Please I can’t live the civilian life anymore! *GASP* Can you give me another chance? Johnathon: Ugh… I guess I can give you another chance. But you have to work with another host. *sniff* ((stop faking that crying.)) Catherine: Co-hosting? Are you serious? Johnathon: That’s the deal. *sigh* Catherine: Fine. Who am I co-hosting with? ((SNAZZY INTRO MADE BY MK MASTERS!)) ((also previous episode frames now in color.)) ((NOW IN COLOR)) *crowd murmuring* ((That’s a big crowd…)) ((Omochao intro music)) Catherine: I-is that my… intro mu- Omochao: Hello everyone! I’m Omochao! Catherine: O-oh! I’m Catherine Sky and welcome to- Omochao: Welcome to Omochao live! Catherine: I-isn’t Omochao and Catherine live..? Omochao: Tonight, we have three wonderful guests! Isn’t that right, Catherine? Catherine: Indeed! W-who are the guests again? These three are our city’s protectors! They have made our city alot more sa- wait a minute… Omochao: The Beach Bummers everyone! Danger: Yes! Ooooh. I did it again! Jax: I really wish you would stop calling us that… Valri: It’s sadly starting to stick… Omochao: Valri, Danger, you’ll be seated next to me! Jax, why don’t you sit next to Catherine? Jax: *snickering* Omochao: So glad you guys could make it to the show tonight. How is everyone? Valri: Doing quite well, thank you. Danger: Doing just fine! Jax: Eh, can’t complain… Catherine: *uh oh, he’s not in a good mood! This is bad!* *H-he’ll-* *wait… no…* *It’s going to be alright, Catherine.* *That rude, robotic nuisance will ask all the questions.* *Easy-Peasy!* Omochao: Let’s get into the questions, now, shall we? Danger, how old are you again? Danger: I’m 15 and a half! Omochao: That’s pretty young for hero work! Do you have any advice for all our young, inspiring, heroes? Danger: Well… Danger: *monologuing* Catherine: *It’s like he doesn’t breath…* *He’s the predator and I’m his prey, I just know it!* *And that’s exactly what he’s thinking!* *Fowl beast!* Danger: And don’t forget to floss! Omochao: Very insightful. Valri, P-press the B button to- NGH! Hahaha, sorry about that! For all the women out there, How do you show your power in a team full of males? Valri: Well… I uh- *ahem* I just do what i can to help my boys stay safe. I try to avoid confrontation as much as I can. Omochao: You hear that girls? You can be powerful in different ways! Y-y-you can boost using the X but- Alright, Catherine! Ask Jax his question! Catherine: WHAT?! Omochao: Don’t be shy! It’s a real easy one! Catherine: U-um.. I- um… I-i c-can’t… I can’t do it! I WON’T do it! He’s waiting for me to mess up! I know it! He’s still the same ruffian from a year ago! Omochao: Catherine! That’s no way to treat our guests! Catherine: As for you! I didn’t even want to co-host with you! Omochao: Catherine, please calm dow- P-press the Y button to do a Light Speed- Catherine: Shut up! The only reason why I’m doing this is because of- of… It… It…was… It…was…you… ALL OF YOU! IF IT WASN’T FOR MY LOW VIEWS, I WOULD EVEN BE HERE. I’D STILL BE THE HOST OF MY OWN SHOW! ALL MY SO CALLED “FANS” WHO SUPPORTED ME!? THAT WAS A BIG LIE, WASN’T IT!? WASN’T IT!?!? Omochao: Oh my! *screaming and panic* Valri: Should we intervene? Danger: Huh? What? Valri: Ugh…Nevermind… *sounds of Catherine wrecking the studio and her screaming with people running and screaming* *and the music begins to destort and warp* Jax: *begins to snicker* *then laughs uncontrolably* Valri: Yeah, we should go.
*Jax continues to laugh* ((Catherine…put the couch down)) ((Danger, stop eating popcorn and go!)) Omochao: Press the A button to EVACUATE! ((And Jax is still laughing as Catherine hangs onto the sign)) *Fire sets aflame as the fire alarm starts to sound* Valri: You purposely grinned at her before the interview to strike fear into heart, didn’t you? Jax: *laughs a bit before responding* I-I don’t know what you mean. Danger: *sarcasm* Aaaw! Well, I guess the best course of action is to go and get some ice cream. Valri: *chuckles* Alright. Let’s go get some. Catherine: *panting heavily* *collapses* *Johnathon appears* Johnathon: *happily* By the way, Omochao is suing you for everything you got. See you in court! Catherine: *softly at first* T-this… Isn’t over, Beach Bummers… *deep inhale* THIS DOESN’T END UNTIL TEN THIRTY PM, THE END OF MY SHOW BLOCK! ((QUE OUTRO!)) Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed! Cora (VA of Catherine and Artist of the Special): *laughing a bit* Oooh, I love this…


  1. Luis Lopez Author

    I'll admit, I really enjoyed this video! Also, Catherine is right. I didn't watch her movies… because I was watching the Dave and Brad movie at the time. So, sorry, Catherine. It's not my fault you're less popular than a cartoon bat and rabbit.


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