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– It’s supposed to be a mystical
creature sort of thing. – I really don’t know. – What was that?
– Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I know what it is.
I know what character’s in it. I don’t know the name of it. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Recently, Disney
has released a few trailers for many of their highly anticipated
upcoming movies. – Oh, yeah. – (FBE) And with
Disney’s recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox,
many films that were not originally made by Disney
will now release under the company’s umbrella.
– Oh, really? That’s kinda interesting. – They’re taking over everything. – Disney and Amazon will one day
just rule the world. – Yes, I think they already are. – (FBE) Well, today,
we are going to see if you can guess some of their biggest
upcoming movies that released trailers this year
in just one second. – What?! Okay– – One second of the trailer? – Oh, man.
– Oh… I feel like I’m pretty up-to-date
on trailers. I do tend to watch them
when they come up. – (FBE) So here are the rules:
we are going to show you one second of a highly anticipated
2019 Disney trailer. If you buzz in and guess
in one second, you’ll get five points.
– Damn. – (FBE) If you need to see two seconds,
you’ll get four points, and so on and so forth.
– Got you. – (FBE) All the way to five seconds.
– For sure. – Are you a big Disney fan?
– I’m a huge Disney fan but I haven’t watched TV
or seen any trailers. – Dude, I haven’t even
seen the Mulan trailer yet. – You haven’t?
I haven’t seen it either. – I feel like I have confidence
but it might be bad. – You’ve got this.
– I know. I have Star Wars
and you have Marvel. – We’re good to go.
We’ve got Disney covered. – (FBE) All right, the first movie. ♪ (traditional music) ♪
(horse galloping) – Okay, so there’s a horse. That’s definitely not The Lion King.
– Okay. I thought–
– Can I just throw something out? Is it Mulan?
– (FBE) Correct! – UGH! I didn’t see the trailer! I literally just said that. – I didn’t see the trailer either. ♪ (traditional music) ♪
(horse galloping) (hitting bell) – Mulan?
– (FBE) That is correct. – Hey!
– I honestly had no idea. – (FBE) I saw Chelsea.
– NO! – That’s Mulan.
– I knew that one. – Ooh, I know this one. I’m really excited for this one.
This is Mulan! – I have not seen that trailer yet. – That’s a trailer that
I watched right away because Mulan is probably my favorite
Disney animated movie. – (FBE) All right, so let’s
take a look at the trailer. ♪ (traditional music) ♪
– It’s so pretty! (horse galloping) – I think I’m gonna cry. This is so beautiful already. – (mother) The matchmaker
has found you an auspicious match. – (Mulan) I will bring honor to us all.
– (gasping) ♪ (sweeping music) ♪ – Sick. This is badass. – (squealing) – See, I’m excited for
the martial arts in this because the combat scenes
are gonna be dope. – (voice-over) These are the qualities
we see in Mulan. – No, it’s gonna be gorgeous. I don’t care what people say.
This is gonna be amazing. – Dude.
– (gasping and squealing) – (FBE) Let’s take a look
at our next trailer for one second. ♪ (fantasy music) ♪ (hitting bell)
– Uh, Cinderella? – (FBE) Incorrect.
– [Bleep]! – Sleeping Beauty?
(buzzer) I don’t know what
the movie was called. – It looks like it’s
some sort of princess film. – I agree.
– Is this the second Frozen? – (FBE) Incorrect. – I’m gonna Maleficent 2.
– Shut the [bleep] up! – (FBE) Correct!
– YEAH! Let’s go! ♪ (fantasy music) ♪
(hitting bell) – I think I know this one.
Is this Maleficent 2? – (FBE) That is correct!
– Hell yeah. – AAAH! No!
– It’s Maleficent 2. – (FBE) That is correct.
– I knew it. It was like a princess thing.
Are you kidding? You’re fast! – (FBE) Here’s two seconds.
– Okay. ♪ (fantasy music) ♪
– Huh? – Maleficent 2?
– (FBE) That is correct. – Oh, man! – (FBE) Here comes the trailer
for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. – (Philip) Five years ago,
I thought I lost you forever. There is no curse that
could ever tear me away from you. Will you marry me?
– (Aurora) Yes! Philip asked me to marry him. – It’s cute, too, because
of Maleficent, it’s showing Sleeping Beauty
and Maleficent as friends and mentors.
I think it’s cute. – (Queen Ingrith)
One can never be too careful. ♪ (fantasy music) ♪ – That looks pretty good. – I really liked the first one.
– Yeah. – So I’m really hoping
that this one’s very good, too. – Ooh.
– Wow. – That looked good.
– I love it. – As much as I fear Disney
because of all their money, I also still just love them
for all of the stuff that they make. – (FBE) All right, here’s one second
of your third movie. (unicorn braying)
– Oh… oh. – What was that?
– Ooh, I know what it is! I know what character’s in it.
I don’t know the name of it. (unicorn braying) – Oh, shoot!
I saw the trailer for this. I can’t remember what it’s called. – I know I haven’t
seen the trailer for this. (hitting bell) – This is Shrek.
– No. No, no.
– (FBE) Incorrect. – [Bleep]! – I don’t know the name of it,
but I saw this trailer literally yesterday. (hitting bell)
– What is this?! – It’s Disney’s Onward.
– (FBE) That is correct! – I thought it was Trolls.
– Trolls is– – Dreamworks?
– Yeah. (unicorn braying)
– (Ian) Get outta here! – God, it’s like– it’s
supposed to be a mystical creature sort of thing.
– I really don’t know. – This hurts me so bad
because I’ve seen the trailer. I just don’t know the name. It has to do with magic creatures. I don’t know if that’s somewhere,
it has to do with the name premise. I’m gonna say Fairy Land.
I don’t know. – (FBE) Incorrect.
– (sighing) – Is this Underground something?
Flushed Away 2? – (FBE) Incorrect. – Is it Onward?
– (FBE) That is correct! – Whoa, yeah! – (FBE) If you don’t think
you know the title, let’s just skip to five seconds.
– Okay. – Let’s do it! (unicorn braying)
– (Ian) Get outta here! Shoo! Get lost!
Whoa! – I’m really trying
to pull it from my brain and it is nowhere to be found. – I couldn’t if I tried. – I know what happens next
in the trailer. His brother picks him up
and then they go somewhere, and I just don’t know
what it’s called. – (FBE) So this is the trailer
for the new Disney Pixar movie, Onward. – Damn it!
– Onward? – Damn it! – Okay, I was never–
– Never would have got it. – See, we should have figured
it was a one word title, though. Up. Frozen. Onward.
– Oh, fair. – (FBE) Let’s take
a look at the trailer. ♪ (chipper music) ♪ – (neighbor) Morning!
– Cute! What?
– There’s a ton of fairy tale characters
and stuff like that. (horn honking) – (Barley) Come, dear brother!
Our destiny awaits! – They’re just so fun. – (Barley) I see you’ve brought
sustenance for our adventure! – This one’s actually really good. – It looks interesting, for sure. – (Ian) …with the lid off.
Oh, shoot! (unicorn braying)
– (Ian) Get outta here! – Who’s the voice?
It’s not Tom Holland? – (FBE) Yep!
– Oh, it is Tom Holland! Okay. – (Ian) Ugh. Unicorns. ♪ (campy ’80s) ♪ ♪ Oh, it’s magic ♪ – Yeah, see, he’s making it
into this huge, “We have to go on this adventure.
It’s gonna be so cool!” And he’s like,
“We’re just going to a place.” – (FBE) Here is your next movie. – (man) Build a car–
– Oh, god. What is this? – (man) Build a car– (hitting buzzer) “Build a car.”
Huh. Fast and Furious? – (FBE) Incorrect.
– [Bleep]! Who else is building cars these days? – Uh… Hobbs and Shaw?
– (FBE) Incorrect. – Is it Kingsman?
– (FBE) Incorrect. – Oh, I know that voice, though. – I have an idea but it’s so vast. – I need two seconds. – (man) Build a car to beat Fer– – Oh, my god.
– Who? – (man) Build a car to beat Fer– – What is this? – He said build a car
to beat, and then it sounded like he was going finish off
saying “Ferrari.” I know the company that kinda started
the development to do that, but I don’t know
what the movie’s called. – Is this Fast and Furious?
– (FBE) Incorrect. – That’s what I was thinking
but that’s Universal. – Is it? Oh, my god! – I can tell you
I’ve seen this trailer but I cannot tell you
the name of it right now. – (man) Build a car
to beat Ferarri with– – Dude.
– Le Mans? – (FBE) Incorrect. – Okay, because I know
that was the race that set them up to beat Ferrari. That whole race, I remember,
I think it was Ford. We have to beat–
oh, is it about Ford? Oh, my gosh! – Ford v Ferrari?
– (FBE) That is correct! – Oh, my god!
I set myself up for failure! – He’s building a car
to beat the Ferrari, so it’s a racing movie. Bingo, blango, I don’t know
any racing movies. – This is not Carz, obviously. – They’re not making
another Transformers, are they? But that’s Paramount,
so that can’t be it. – It’s car-related.
– I hate car movies. – I like cars!
– I need more time. – Yeah. – (Miles) Build a car
to beat Ferrari with a– – Oh, okay. I recognize them then. That didn’t do–
– What a what?! With a what?! – With a what?! (laughing)
I don’t know. – I wish I knew.
I don’t. – (Miles) Build a car to beat
Ferrari with a Ford. – (Shelby) Correct.
– With a Ford? – Is it Ford?
(buzzer) Just the story about
the guy who made Ford? I know there’s a movie
coming about it. I can’t say the name. – Is the name of the movie
a name of a car? – That’s a good guess.
Ford! (buzzer) – Grand Prix.
(buzzer) – (FBE) Incorrect.
– Oh, man. – I have no clue. I’ve never seen
this in my life before. – Just tell me. – (FBE) That was the trailer
for Ford v Ferrari, which was made by 20th Century Fox,
and therefore is now also a Disney movie.
– Wow. Okay. – Wow! So basic!
– They literally said that in the title. – Oh, my god!
– Oh, my gosh. It’s amazing.
I don’t think I’ve actually seen– maybe I have seen the trailer–
– That really stressed me out. – (FBE) Let’s look at the trailer.
– All right! – (Lee) Suppose Henry Ford II
wanted to build the greatest race car
the world’s ever seen. To win the 24 Hours of Le Mans–
– (gasping) Jon Bernthal! The Punisher! – Oh, we got a nice cast
in here. Okay. – Handsome men. – I can already tell you
I’m not gonna see this movie. – You’re not?
– Just not my cup of tea. – Yeah, this looks tight.
– It’s a beautiful five liter. I think it’s a V8. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ (explosion) – It looks like a good movie.
A good cast, too. – “Ford v Ferrari.”
– Man. – Damn, that’s iconic, yeah.
– That’s great. – I don’t go to the movies often
but this one’s gonna get me there. – I agree with that one. – (FBE) Last movie, one second,
let’s see if you guys get it. ♪ (orchestral music) ♪ – Oh!
(hitting bell) – The Rise of Skywalker,
Star Wars. – I was gonna say, I was like–
– I GOT ONE! ♪ (orchestral music) ♪ (hitting bell)
– Oh, I know what it is. Please get it wrong.
– Star Wars IX. – Dammit.
– (FBE) That is correct. – Oh, no way! – Star Wars IX!
– (FBE) That is correct! – Woo, let’s go. – The music is throwing me
way off here. ♪ (orchestral music) ♪ – (gasping) Oh, I know!
It’s Star Wars. The newest one. That’s gonna come out.
It’s– oh, god, I forgot the name. IX.
– (FBE) That is correct. – I knew it. – (FBE) Let’s take a look the trailer
for Star Wars, Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker.
– This is gonna be great. ♪ (orchestral music) ♪
(spacecraft zooming) (lightsaber humming)
– It looks so good. – Ah, see, I can’t
let myself get hyped because of how upset
I was about Last Jedi. – Chewbacca! Awww. – (Luke Skywalker)
We’ll always be with you. – (Palpatine laughs deviously)
– Emperor Palpatine?! Bisch! – I cannot wait to see it.
I love Star Wars. – Yes!
– The laugh. My brain is just like,
theory, theory, theory! – December, get here FAST. – (FBE) So the final score
of 10-5, Tori, you are the winner.
– Hey-yo! – (FBE) Tom, you are our winner.
– Woo! – High five.
– A turkey. – Oh, my goodness.
This is crazy. I don’t even know what to say. – I have lost this battle
but I have lost with honor. – Yes, you got this. – Thanks for watching
Guess That Movie Trailer in One Second–
– On the React channel. – If you thought
this video was magical– – Then hit that Like button. – If you want to see
more Guess Thats– – Then be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell. – Peace out!
– And may the Force be with you. – (as Mickey) Hey, everybody,
Ethan here from FBE! If you want to watch more videos
across all generations, hit the link in the description below.
Buh-bye! (goofy laugh)


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  3. Tracy Gardner Author

    I am not a fan of the new Mulan will not be watching it, Star Wars 9 when Are they going to quit with Star Wars toy story etc.

  4. Yan Mega Author

    I feel like jeannie went from really good looking to just generic punk with all the glasses and makeover after she became an adult. anyone agrees?

    her attitude is unchanged tho and that's what I like about her. at least that's the same

  5. MeanieandBinwooalwayswin Author

    Mulan and Star Wars 9 take my money I love Mulan and their actress Yifei and I love Star Wars and 8 had me dead.

  6. RoZaSims Author

    Tom: "With a what? With a what?!"
    Tori: "WITH A WHAT?!"
    Gotta love 'em xD Also, Chelsea is such a movie nerd, and I mean that in a good way! <3
    Mulan looks so good. Great cast, great scenery, great story. Can't wait! <3


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