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Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Telugu Full Movie || Nitin || Nithya Menen || Vijay Kumar Konda

ln the present times, it’s impossible for children and parents
sleeping and getting up at same time. Good morning son!
– Good night, mom! Different bedrooms keep them away
different countries keep them off! Cigarettes in place of incense sticks
and Beer bottles instead ofwater bottles. Children who do anything for freedom, they keep away from parents
as day is from the night. lf parents are in lndia,
they must go to foreign for freedom, but if parents are in foreign? Your coffee. Mother, l’m missing grandma,
l want to meet her. Grandma died last year, son! l mean…grandmother! My mother died when l was a child. Will you please tell me
who is alive in lndia? There’s only one relative alive
that’s Mother lndia! l miss Mother lndia! This patriotism floored them both! For two reasons, one thinking it is true and
two, without knowing the truth. l do really love my country. Look at this! Fantastic! People who are too individualistic
don’t listen to mothers too, would they care to listen to friends? lt’s not a crime to live on
one owns terms, right? He can reel out such theories
30 per minute, but when it comes to practical,
everyone must listen to him. Look, what your dad has
brought for you, Karthik! What happened to him? This is what you call a car! l too brought the same car, right son? Did you bring yellow colour car? What’s in the colour, you fool? Why are you then using hair dye? With that father came to know
who the real fool is! He understood he can’t
handle him anymore. When he grew up,
he sent him away to lndia. Karthik got his freedom
without a fight. You’re the lone man
unmarried in our batch. See, at last our Pandu is married. At least today, select any girl here. Go away! Shall l select a girl for you?
– Shut up! From lover to giving flower,
people should make their own film. Likewise l’ve clarity of my taste. lf the girl laughs
even among hundreds, my heart will vibrate! There must a spark in her eyes! That doesn’t mean beauty is
the only criterion, lntelligent? How come she’s so beautiful! That girl wasn’t an invited guest here. lt seems she’s bride’s friend’s friend. Friend’s friend! Look at this!
– You delayed it, man! She’s rocking but l’m already married! Just a joke! Do you know her, Padhu? Yes, she came with Swathi.
l’ll inquire. l don’t know what you do…
– l got it. Give me little time, l’ll find
and introduce her to you. l hate introductions and
recommendations. Just find her phone number,
just phone number only! Will you get her into line? Have food and go.
– Sure! Did you bring gift?
– No habit.- No habit? Aren’t you ashamed of asking gifts? l married for gifts only, right? Come, let’s go to canteen. So, you found a girl in your
friend’s marriage. So, it’s love at first sight!
– lt’s not love but interest! Where’s Karthik? Why is he scratching his head?
lt’ll spoil your health. Stop…why are you throwing it? When l enter everything starts! l was just thinking about you! The sadness in your language,
depth in your body language, l can easily judge
it is love matter. How could you guess it right? To tell sea water is salty,
fishes don’t have to search Google. Ain’t l good? Have you also fallen in love? l’m about to fall! Who is she? ls she beautiful?
– Super! She’s very lucky! What’s her name?
– l don’t know. Where is she?
– l don’t know. You’ll get her anyway,
why don’t you help me also? HR sir, you don’t help me in any way! Don’t offer me a good placement
in your office. Why do you say like that? lf any good placement gets vacant,
l’ll certainly take you. Okay, come tonight,
let’s have drinks and trap the girl. Love is like snooker game, man is stick, girls is ball, then love?
– Hole? Every man with a stick tries
to put the ball into the hole, is it that easy?
– No way! lt’s an art! The girl l love is my friend, but still l’m going crazy
about how to proceed, but how come you have fallen
in love with an unknown girl? That too asking for
her phone number only. What a great confidence! Shall we have a frank talk?
lt’s not confidence, my foot! Situation! Are we cricket star or film star
to make girls fall for our love?- No! First we must catch their attention, then, we must attract them, then, we must impress them! After that we must express our love. We must create it. Please teach me gimmicks like this. Why do you need it?
You said your friend is your love.- Yes. Games with friends…
proceed straight honestly. Tricks and techniques are
for guys like me. Love? Please show me once! What if you fall in love with her? Come on… My sweetheart must be in my cell
till my love succeeds or in my eyes. l’m in unknown trouble from
the moment l saw you…. You’re an image that never fades
even after l close my eyes… You pricked me like a thorn… You caressed me like flowers… You changed me gradually…
You’re the meaning of my happiness… You…you….only you… l’m floating in air at your sight,
what magic is this! The more your smiled, the more
l fell madly in love with you… You’re in my heart and soul…
l’m your shadow… You must become mine now… Bujji, l’m in office,
please tell me. What’s that music then? No, a new bar has been opened
near my office, l think they’d have forgotten to
shut the door, that’s the noise. Okay, but l’ve good news for you. What? We’re married for
a month only now. Did you get pregnant so quickly? How can l get pregnant in a month?
– Then, what’s that news? l got the phone number of
Karthik’s girl friend. Hold on the line, please. Give me a pen please. Tell me. Fancy number! Come quickly.
– As soon as they close. Bye! Tell me, why did l call you now? l’m frustrated to death
to kill you for the delay, stop that nonsense and
come to the point. Got your lover’s phone number. ls it? Tell me. Tell me quickly. You’re not confused, right? Did you see how l told you
a fancy number? lt’s a fancy number already,
what your creativity in that? Cut it, bloody drunkard. Afterjob is done
anyone is useless. Your daddy Sudhakar Reddy! You’d be sleeping now! Okay! Sleep well tonight!
From tomorrow you’ll get it! Till then, sleep well! Come! Sleep! She’s not picking the call. How proud! Facebook is more
important to her than us! Why are you getting so irritated? Because she’s our friend. Friends should help. l’ll not help if you take wrong route. How can you say love is wrong route? l didn’t say about love
but the route she has taken. Anyway how can you love
a totally unknown stranger? Will everything match perfectly? lt’s not possible to test
everything before marriage, right? lnternet friendships will
lead to meetings, two weeks of chatting and
are in love it seems! You’re in a relationship
for an year now, moreover he’s your family friend
since childhood days, what did he do finally? Long relationships are falling through,
what’s a week compared to it? ls there anything to say
it’s right after a time? Planning is necessary for business
not for relationships. lt can happen anywhere,
anytime with anyone anyhow! Shall l tell you my fantasy?
– What’s that? l wish for a perfect guy. He must be ready to die for me. So much so that l must go mad
over his crazy love for me. Everyone has this madness. What’s your fantasy in this? The man who loves me must love me
for what l’m! He mustn’t see or meet me. My background, my status, my name,
he mustn’t know anything. Why would he love without
knowing anything? Seeing my heart! Why old outdated films
in lnternet era? lt’s impossible to love each other
without seeing. That’s why l said fantasy! Your phone is here! ls it here? There’s a missed call too! l think it’s dad! Whose number is it? Call it back. Who is it?
– Who are you? That’s what l’m asking you.
Who am l? Joke? Are you laughing? Do you feel l’m laughing here? l’m asking you seriously.
Who am l? Cut the call! That’s it! We’re already cut off. l called you again to meet,
forget about recognising me, she says cut the call!
Cut it…cut it! Why are you delaying it? Who are you, boss? Not boss but class. Remember your class room,
recognise me. He may be one of our classmates. Who am l talking to? l’ll not tell, l got your number
with great difficulty, find who am l yourself! Kranthi?
– Do you remember Kranthi? lf you can remember that worst fellow,
l’m sure you wouldn’t forget me. When l said you’d recognise me,
my mom didn’t believe it. Who is your mummy?
– My daddy’s wife. Guess who am l? Venu? Venu…that bloody rogue!
Do you remember that wastrel? You’re telling every fool’s name
but not mine. Charles?
– No way! Charles?
– You said no, that’s right. lsn’t he Sudheer?
His voice is familiar. Are you Sudheer? l got it, the same mischief and
same teasing tendency. You haven’t changed a bit.
– What did l do? You know me but acting
as if you don’t know. Nothing like that.
Give me at least a hint. Enough…enough!
l’m cutting the call. l’ll call you tomorrow again.
lf you recognise me or else… Can’t we live without friends? Why don’t you call him?
– Why? l don’t even know his name. Who the hell is he anyway? Let’s trace him. l thought about your idea last night,
l think you’re right. Proposal must be simple and straight. Because she’s already your friend. What should l do next?
– Meet her frequently. Shall l invite her for coffee? How about lunch? Coffee or lunch? Do one thing, invite her
for coffee and arrange lunch. lt’s first time, l’m tensed,
please try to understand me. Why tension? l’m there, right? You’re here but what about there? Why should l come between you both? Buddy, this is first time,
please help me. Please try to understand me.
– Leave me my hand. l’ll come. Go. l’ll call you. Though we’re in the same building,
you never show up. New stock has arrived in the boutique. Oh that! Are you free tomorrow? Either for coffee or lunch? Call all our old friends
from school to college. Each one of them would be
in touch with few others. l’m sure we can find him somewhere. Let’s do it. How do you do? Last night we went into
the past on time machine. Poor guys thought we really
made a call for them. Anyway we had many memorable
moments to cherish. Because of that stranger’s call. But still we couldn’t find him. We can catch him only if he
was our class mate. You mean?
– He played a game with us. Call him immediately. He’ll call. Karthik, sit next to me.
– What?- Sit next to you? l came here because of your torture. Just follow my instructions
on Bluetooth. l’ll have a smoke outside. Sit…sit down! She’s here! Miss Amberpet! What should l do now?
– Wave hand, should l tell that also? How did l wave? You did a greatjob!
How could you do it so nicely? Thanks brother!
– You bloody! Why did you invite me for a coffee? Don’t know, l haven’t yet seen the menu. Tell her, it’s been long time. Didn’t see you for long time, so… Tell her dress is very nice. lsn’t that girl’s dress very nice? Will you appreciate another
girl’s dress with a girl? lt’s a big crime. l mean not her dress, she would be
much better without the dress. l mean neither she’s fine
nor her dress. By the way, what’s good? Nothing, infact l don’t like girls. l too hate girls. l’m not that type. l know you’re my type. Please do something. With so many watching us? We both are matured,
but not this big bad society. So, let’s go to the rest room
to take full rest. No please.
– Please listen to me. Come. l’m a gentleman. Why is she beating the table? Your touch is super! Do you know what did you do to me? For the first time l had
to touch a girl. Don’t walk away after
melting my heart… My other heart wouldn’t leave you… l did like that to meet
you alone, my Prince. This damn society will not spare
if it finds me alone. ls she more beautiful than me? Tell me. Yuck! Your chest is
thick Nallamala forest. But Raja’s chest is smooth
like golf court. l like Raja only. Why don’t you do it yourself?
Waxing! You don’t have that feminity.
l want only Raja. You quench the fire of my desire
with your half manliness. Don’t disappoint me. Hey mischief! You’re hurting me. Please leave me. Madhu, he’s mad about you,
my charm isn’t enough for him. l can’t man handle him. What? Nothing, it’s not good here.
Let’s go elsewhere. Come…come… Are you gone? Where are you? Gone? Cool?
Safe? Hey Nallamala forest! l’ll not leave you.
Take me…once… lt’s him! You’re not my classmate, right? Still having doubt? l thought you’d find it
tomorrow itself. How could we find it? lf you talk an old friend,
won’t we take it as true? lnstead of asking my name,
had you asked what your name was? l’d have got caught immediately. Don’t you know my name also? How would l know without knowing you? Don’t know me? Why did you call me then?
– To know you. Tell me, who did this with me? Not you. Who made you do call me?
– Nobody. There’s no way l can get such
calls without anyone’s help. Tell me.- lnfact l suspect this call
set up plan is yours. Look at her intelligence. lf she accuses her in reverse,
her plan is we won’t suspect her. How well she has arranged it? lf not how can she get a boy
friend as she had described? Boy friend? Mustn’t know him, his name,
place or anything about him. He wants a man who loves her
seeing her heart only. Why are you discussing about it now?
– For accusing us. Why would l do this silly thing? You mean is the caller
really a stranger? Do you really don’t know my name? l heard your discussion, trust me. We talked to each other for
the first time yesterday only. lf l call and ask if l can
talk to you? Will you be positive? l’m dead! That’s why if l make you take a trip
to past and contact your old friends, l did so to make
a good impression on you. But still my trick is
to catch your attention only. Now l’ll tell you my entire bio-data. l’m Karthik,
software analyst with ECS Software, Don’t give any information about you. What? You found a man! Are you married, Karthik?
– Not even once. You heard everything, right?
You really don’t know her, right? You didn’t meet her, right? lf you say yes,
let’s forget it here. No! l think you’d fall in love
with him using her name. Give the phone. Why should we believe
you’re telling truth? Did l ask loan from you?
Only friendship. You need planning for business
not for friendships. lt may happen anywhere,
anytime with anyone! Trust me, l don’t know
anything about her. l don’t know her background,
l don’t care about her foreground. Fancy number, l dialled
and connected to her. After that it’s her wish
and my luck. lsn’t he handsome? Sit. Sit there. Let’s be clear in one thing. This isn’t for love, right?
– No way but for that only. You told me your name,
l’ll not tell my name, let’s continue. Okay, l’ll use sweetie, dear or Bujji. Never try to see or
meet me till l ask you. That’s what l was about to tell. l don’t have any idea of seeing you. lf you’re in Facebook,
delete all your photos. l’ll do it right now. Why? Because l don’t want my friends
also to see you. So cunning? You talked about falling in love
without seeing him, will you see his photo and database? l said about not seeing me,
not that l won’t see him. l’m a girl, we’ve to be
careful of our safety. Why did you make him delete his photo? To confirm whether that’s really him! Why are you so smart, my dear? Love without seeing?
Would anyone at least do friendship? Moreover me! l thought of making
many plans for you, but she fell for me so easily. lt won’t fail, will it? l’ll not let it fail! My dear, l love you! You…you… You’re my love,
shall l come with you? May l become you?
May l become a part of you? May l come with you
how far it may be? Did l get wet in the
rain of your teases? ls my life for you only? You’re my love… May be friendship with you has
developed into closeness? May be there’s an unknown
twist in the tale…don’t know… You called me and met me…
spellbound me… This world is different…
Don’t know you face to face… Someday l wish to meet
you personally… Don’t know what my uncontrollable
heart would tell you? When left alone,
l came to you like a new thrill… You’re fated to be mine and
you’re my moonlight… Got it?
– lt’s very confidential. lt’s illegal to give addresses.
– Shut up, you told me 100 times. That’s a VlP’s house! VlP house? lt means my sweetie
is care ofVlP. Hi mom!
– You should’ve also come with us, dear. Always busy with seminars. Did you’ve a good glimpse, dad? How would the general queue be? People were going quickly
using VlP passes. l had to wait in queue for hours
though l’m wife of a big businessman. Will you please stop it? Your dad isn’t greater than God, is he?
– Yes. l’ve a surprize gift for you. l’ve brought you a monkey
from Tirupathi. Monkey? Where is it? Slowly! l thought it was joke
when you said about monkey. Where did you find her? On Tirupathi hill.
– Uncle! l was there with friends,
l met uncle and aunt. l joined them because he’s a VlP. Twist is that our friends
had glimpse faster than us. Okay, let’s go inside. Your Karthik and your phone story.
lt’s very interesting. l think it’s Yendamuri’s novel
‘Vennello Aadapilla’, story happens only on phone just like this. Why are you shell shocked? Dad is drinking as daughter watches, daughter tells about
her love story in detail, and moreover Yendamuri too! My father too is there!
– Shut up! Raise me also as your daughter,
l’ll stay happily with your daughter, uncle. Any father would be like
with a daughter like Shravani. She never hid anything from me and never depends on me or
my influence for anything. l do need your influence once. Had you told me that l wouldn’t
have wasted a compliment. Tell… Get me a job in Karthik’s company.
lf possible for a week. Do you want me to make you
chairperson of that company? ls the address correct or not?
Why don’t l see her? How long will you play
this hide and seek game? Won’t you show us the hero to me?
– After a week. After a week?
– lt’s his birthday! Then, l’m giving a giant birthday
gift for you both together. Make a guess.
The job you sought! Do you’ve lighter? Super girl! What’s the rate? Bloody! Will you ask rate for owner? ls she my owner? Same number..same house.
Doesn’t she live here? – No. Go. Address is correct,
changed the house? Boss, the girl is here. Do you love anyone? Oh God! You promised to follow me blindly. Everyone is doing,
do you also…love anyone? Ask her properly. Do you love anyone? But l like your straightforwardness. l don’t like love,
expressing love in film style, talking over phone for hours,
films, parks, going out, l hate all this procedure. Do you like chicken? Then, chase a hen, kill it,
pluck out it’s feathers, burn it and cut into pieces,
will you cook and eat it? Why would l do that? You said you love to eat chicken. Should everyone who eats chicken
must follow this procedure? Likewise everyone who loves needn’t
have to follow the procedure you said. But actually l’m not interested in love. That’s my luck. What’s luck in it for you? had you interest, you’d have fallen
in love with someone by now. What’s your confidence that
l would get interested in you? Not confidence but goal! lf l’m confident l’ll relax, if l think it as goal,
l’ll keep on trying. What do you think would be my answer? lf you’re still there listening
to me after bearing it for chicken, it means you’re pondering over it. She’s leaving, boss.
– Watch, she’ll turn back. She turned back. She’ll smile now. You’re God!
– Have a blast, Raja! What’s up, dear?
– Where are you now? What are you doing there?
– With a friend. Can you guess what am l doing now? No need to guess,
l can tell it straightly. l’ll not give a hint also. What’s my greatness
if you give an hint? l don’t want hint
but gift for my greatness. What would l get? lf you tell correctly,
l’ll meet you personally. lf you meet me, it’s gift to you,
what’s there in it for me? Will you tell or not?
– Okay, l’ll. You’re now doing… Call is disturbed,
what did you say now? My phone…
– What happened? Someone has stolen my phone. You’re talking to me, right? lt’s Bluetooth.
– Chase and catch him. He must be on run to chase him, right? How can he not run after robbing? lf he runs, we’d know he’s the thief. l think he’s very smart thief.
He ran away! lf he had run away,
call would’ve got cut. He’s within 100 metres from me. Got him! Really, you’re super smart! What happened?
– Hit someone. My phone! Brother, that’s my phone,
give it to me. Thanks. Why did you throw it? He stopped it from breaking away,
but you’ll get it from me. Please give me the phone, brother. What dear?
– Why are you requesting him? Hit and take it from him.
– He’ll give it, dear. Give the phone, brother.
– Dear? What is she doing in phone?
Why not bring her here? We’ll sharpen her up finely. What man?
Will you kill me for a phone? What should l do if you tease my girl? Dear, if you don’t like these
sounds, l’ll call you later. l’ll not hit back
so intensely for nothing. This phone has my girl’s photo. lf anything had happened to it… Why are you so dull?
– Nothing. Come immediately to Hill Park. Why?
– Come, l’ll tell you. Today is very special day for me.
Have you forgotten it? Special day? What’s it? l don’t know about you but
today is super special day for me. ls it your birthday?
– Why would birthday be special? You come, my dear,
l’ve to show you something. l’ll not come.
– Please come, my dear. lf l come, you want to see me? l’ve to recognise you first
to see you, right dear? l’ve an event for tonight
and l want you to see it. Event? You’d appear before me, right? l’ve a doubt that you’ve seen my photo
while asking to delete it from Facebook. l’m not so cunning.
– What’s wrong in it? Girls must be careful.
Come, my dear. You’re coming, dear, that’s it. How could he guess my feelings
so perfectly? You love is so intense.
Love… Let’s go. What? He’s standing there.
That’s him! What an handsome man! Let him be there, why am l hiding? He won’t recognise you, right? lf he recognises me, he’s dead. Come quickly, my dear.
Come quickly. He didn’t recognise me. He’s genuine. Why are you so late?
– You’re late, l’m already here. ls it? Where are you? What bothers you?
Show me your grand event. Guests are waiting in home,
l’ve to go back. You… Okay. l thought you forgot. Friends never forget. We’re friends till
we reach next level, right? Really, your event is superb. That’s okay, when are you going
to show up to me? l’ll be right before you in 3 days
to tell those 3 magical words. One, two, three! Don’t know what happened to me today,
l’m going crazy with madness… Strange, my body is flying in air
developing new wings… Has Newton’s law turned false
with earth losing gravitational force? ls the world of stars showing the
attraction of love’s gravitational force? Should heaven be searched
beyond the space? lf one’s lover is with you,
do you need to struggle so much? Love which calls every dream
at the snap of a finger… When the season of union arrives… Won’t the three worlds
would be in your fist? Won’t heaven come and
fall in your lap on it’s own? People, l promise,
will you believe me? l say if you love truly,
you’ve drunk the nectar… Has Miss Laila’s smile
missile landed on you? Has it made you sleepless and
devastated your heart? lsn’t that the magic of love?
l’ve become another Majnu… Boss is my Guru and God to me. Tell him boys,
can l ever fail if l deal? No! l’ll not accept. How can you accept blindly?
ls it all your wish and will? Love must fail,
if it doesn’t fail, it’s not love. Don’t worry, he’s my cousin Ramesh. l’m throwing a party and
he thinks it’s love failure. Will you say it’s success and
cancel this party to hurt my feelings? Cancel? This party is for
love success. Do you throw party
for love success also? Crazy software engineers.
– You carry on.- Okay. Did she say l love you to you? She doesn’t like film style expression. She would’ve said it in some style,
tell us about that. She said somehow. Tell us.
– You must tell. lf not party is cancelled. l’m telling you seriously to tell. l can’t say it directly but
l can whisper in boss’ ears. Feeling shy? Tell me. She kissed me. When?
– Yesterday, boss. Bloody idiot! You call me God
but hid the fact about offering.=KHomeny007=
Team TuT First offer it to God
and then to me. lt’s not for everyone. lt seems his darling has kissed him. Really? Pour drink!
– No please! She’s coming here,
once she leaves, as you wish. She too drinks? She’ll be here for shopping. You’ll introduce her to us, right? My image will take a beating
if l introduce drunkards like you. Here she comes! Let’s go to see her. Come. Go! lsn’t she great?
– Yes. Go man! ldiot! Your damn fate! Wait man! Shall we go, boss?
– Are drinks over? No, shop is closed. Closed or are you embarrassed? You were looking at watch often,
l thought you wanted to go home. Waiting for a friend. Tell him to come,
pub is all ours, let’s rock it. l’ve met with an accident. lf you get an SMS
at midnight for blood, lf l don’t any vehicle that night, if l steal police vehicle to
reach hospital and donate blood. l don’t mind going to jail
also for that, bro! Finally if l come to know your
blood has affected me with AlDS. Oh my God! Do l’ve AlDS? l’m feeling like that. Do l’ve really AlDS? Did l meet with an accident?
Did you donate blood to me? l’m giving you an example of
how some situations are so delicate. Thank God, l misunderstood
and got tensed. That’s your problem.
– What? Misunderstanding things. This party! ls it wrong to throw a party
for love success? Actually yours is not love at all. l don’t believe it. That’s why l’m waiting for my friend.
– Why? To show you proof.
– Proof? To hell with you!
Why are you so late? Am l your wife to believe
about traffic jam at midnight? Don’t waste time on introductions.
l’ll tell you. Of the lousy friends l’ve,
you both are among them. l’ll come to the point. See! Your girl! Tell who she is? He calls her as dear. Look at me and say,
l’m the one asking you. Who united me and my dear?
– l did it. How long my love is going on with her? Why that delay? You must come out fast! Show him the photo. See, brother! l don’t believe. You’re throwing a party,
did she say l love you to you? She would’ve told him if not
why would he throw a party? Why would my girl friend
say l love you to him? Why would she say that to him? Why are you supporting him then? Without knowing she’s your girl. What do you know then?
– l don’t know anything. What should you do then?
– Shut the gob and drink silently. Be on the job. Did she say l love you? l said she doesn’t believe
in saying l love you. She should say it in some style, right? See the SMS’s sent to her.
That is real love. Why did she kiss me then? Did you hear this?
– My foot! Who saw it? Show him if you’ve any video. Why are you so curious
to see the video? To get any proof. l’ll cut and mash it.
– No, got married recently. Don’t we know about men? lf a girl shakes hands,
we’ll boast she kissed me. lf she ditches,
we’ll say everything is over. Bloody rogues!
– Am l lying then? lf l think you were lying,
l would’ve beaten you up. l’m explaining because
you’ve misunderstood her. She should’ve cut me
when l said l love you to her. Girls don’t cut love
but lover when time comes. Bloody bitch, l’ll call her right now. No, can’t l do that? lf she comes to know l’ve
seen her, l’ll be in trouble. Tell him. Do one thing, without giving his name,
abuse her as you wish. lf he abuses her,
your line will be clear. Why are you playing with my life?
– What? Why are you acing as if you love me? Acting? ls it true love?
– Didn’t you get it? l’ve understood everything.
You’re a bitch! l’ve proof. Are you drunk?
– Yes, l’m drunk. My wish, l’ll drink, you cheated me. Why did you cheat my friend? Who is your friend? Not my friend but your friend….
your lover! She cut the line, bro! She cut the line. Madhu, your love is not yours. lf you leave her to him,
he’ll love her. Drink…drink… l think you’re not sleeping.
– No. Did anyone call on phone
and abused you? What? l’m watching Titanic film. l believe you! But l need to tell you
a thing, my dear. Boys coming from small towns
and villages, if any girl shakes hands with them,
they write stories about it. But city’s pub culture… Kisses and hugs are quite common. What would happen to the
young generation of lndia? Why are you telling me this? Just like that about
benefits of culture. Am l not well cultured? lf l say no,
she’d ask if l had seen her? Why would l accuse you, my dear? Did l see you in bar today? Are you drunk? Everyone got drunk. Did you drink to blabber on phone? Who lives according to
expectations, dear? Don’t talk like a chaste woman? Madhu, no need of disturbance
between us. l’ll solve the matter.
Take me to my dear l mean Shruthi. Do as l say! Why did you bring me to office? Don’t you know she runs
a boutique here? ls my dear running a boutique? She’s so near and
was l searching her all over the city? Okay, l’ll break this silence. My dear, l’m Karthik. How exciting first meeting should be! But like this? Dear, last night l talked about him. Sorry for that, forget it. Unable to understand city life,
he thinks your friendship as love. Mine is love, right? That’s with me and
he thinks you love him. Who are you? What an acting?
l’ll not fall for your acting. Will you change colours instantly? Though you’re angry, please don’t
call her informally infront of me. What bothers you
if he calls me informally? You both are friends, right?
lnformality is common now. Call her informally.
– No, boss. Madhu, call her.
– No, l’ll not call. Madhu, l’m telling you,
call her informally. Why are you giving him permission? He’ll give, you love him, right?
Can’t he give permission? l love you,
why should he give permission? Whom do you love? How can l love a suspecting man? Last night l got drunk and blabbered.
l said sorry, right? lf he suspects me,
why are you saying sorry? l said sorry not for him
but for suspecting you myself. Who are you to suspect me anyway? Are you asking who he is? You committed the mistake
and accusing him? She’ll accuse me, she loves me,
she has all the rights. She shows me also.
– What? Anger on me. Okay, l’ll talk to her. Dear… lf you call me like that again,
l’ll strangle you. Till you made me call like
that all these days, right? All these days?
l didn’t see his face till now. That’s our understanding.
Did l say no? We didn’t meet
so she didn’t see me. At least you must recognise me
from my voice my dear… Voice? Amitabh Bachchan, l couldn’t
recognise your voice. Please forgive me. Bloody betrayer! Damned daughter of a good mother! You’re dead! Why did l abuse her? Did you feel l was abusing
your mother, dear? You can’t beat my boss.
– Not him, l must beat you. Dear…dear… Why did you pick a joker?
Why not another card? l got it. Play quickly. You next. Nothing, l called to tell you
l’m dropping off. You can love him and marry hm. Who? How many boyfriends do you have?
– What are you saying? You marry Madhu!
– Who is he? This is too much, my dear. When confronted you said
he’s your lover, now you say who is he? l’m asking you now,
who the hell are you? You called on phone,
said friendship and then suspect me, and now you want me
to marry someone else. You’re like psycho. Me? Are you calling me psycho, dear?
…Shruthi! Who is this Shruthi? That’s your name, right?
– How can you decide that? But you respond to his calls then. Who is he? Whom did he call?
Whom are you calling? l got it. By chance you got my phone number,
you used it to pass time. 1 Now, you’re talking nonsense
to get rid of me. Not by chance l saw and
fell in love with you. l got your number and called you. Did you see me? Did you lie to me till now?
– Yes. l fell flat on seeing you
in Pandu’s marriage. Who is Pandu? Oh my God! Are you asking
who Pandu is now? You’re not an ordinary cheat. l don’t know if you’re mad
or making me mad, cut the call! Dear…Shruthi! Won’t you answer my calls?
l’m coming! lf anyone calls,
it’s humane to answer… Did you call me now? Didn’t you hear the ring? Did you hear it? Then, shut up and get out. l heard the ring in my phone.
– ls it? Come on, call again.
– l’ll do it right now. l’ll switch on the speaker.
You’re finished. Listen, it is ringing! lf you call me again,
l’ll kill you. Heart slipped and is lost… Do you know what you did
was a big crime? You played havoc with a girl’s life. What man as if l did it wantonly,
my damn fate, should l get a girl who puts conditions
not to ask name and place, that too in a wrong number call? Did you correctly note the number? Trying to accuse me.
Come on tell me. Tell me, you bloody! You made the mistake and don’t
try to blame one who helped you. Do me one more help. What’s that?
l should go to that girl, say sorry to her,
my friend made a mistake, please forgive my friend, do you think l would say this?
– Yes. Thakur, ready to lose life
but not promise. l’m saying lll never tell that. How am l to face the girl? You should’ve thought about that
before falling in love without seeing face. Never played with anyone’s emotions. l thought 126 is fancy number. Didn’t expect l would get caught up
in these numbers like this? 126 is fancy number? Don’t know what did l say after
drinks and what did he note down? l’ll go to the bathroom.
– Okay. How long have you been here? What happened?
Why are you dull? Did he get into trouble because of me? l blabbered too now. lf he comes to know this, my life would become like Katrina
getting caught with a psycho rapist. l’ll change it in my cell phone too. Where’s the phone? My phone… Phone? Whose phone?
Here’s your phone. lts here and you’re searching. Which number did you feed that day? ls it the same number
which is in my cell? l’ll check it. Look, both numbers are same. lt’s not wrong number,
l noted it myself. See here! He made a mistake,
he noted wrong number. He’ll never do like that. He did that,
this is the original number. ls it? Go to tea and bring hot kitchen. Check, he would’ve fed
the same number. How come it is different number
in your cell phone? You too note the same number. l checked your cell whether
you noted the correct number or not. Dear…
– Yes dear… What’s it? l can’t hear,
little louder please. l made a small mistake. Belt too is small.
– Will you beat me? How did you guess it?
– l may get hurt. l won’t believe it. Shall l say sorry to her
on your behalf? She’s very good girl,
she’ll forgive me. But who will punish you
for your silly creativity? There’s God for everything.
– l’m there for few things. Without giving the right number,
will you say fancy number? That’s what had happened, sir. What do you say dear? lfwe keep aside rights and wrongs, l’ll never spare the man
who made you to cry… This will not happen again sir,
l assure… The decision is yours, dear. Whatever you say! l dreamt about finding a man
who would love me for what l’m, l almost got but…
moreover it turned out… Loving me mistaking
for someone else… Father, l’m unlucky. lfwe say it’s Karthik’s fault,
l’m also responsible for it. Shall l talk to him, dear? No father, let bygones be bygones. Let’s leave it here. Karthik did a good thing
by sending his friend. Had he come, l would’ve killed him
forgetting everything in anger. l’ll never again call Karthik again. Tell Karthik not to call me. l can’t take it even if calls
to say sorry. Likewise Madhu too…
– l’m mad because of him. Don’t mention his name also.
– He loves you sincerely, dear… Listening to words of people like me… He suspected me trusting words
of a silly man like you, l don’t want him,
is it love? There’s no way you can forgive him.
– No way. Think over it again, please.
– No…no…no! No! Be steady on that word! My line is clear! lf not seeing you, thinking it is you,
going all out with another girl, and l gave advice to
that fool to trap you, But my dear, if you observe carefully, you didn’t love him but his ideas,
who ideas were it? Mine! lt means you love me. You’re confusing me. There’s nothing to get
confused, my dear. We’re made for each other and
there’s no one to stop us. When did you come, brother? Wow bouquet!
What’s this? He won’t appear but he’s good boy.
– Stop your acting. How dare you date my girl friend. Actually you dated my girl friend. Did you show her to me?
– You saw her before l showed you. But l didn’t know you love her. Did i know it then? lf l knew,
would l help you? Okay, you helped me.
lt’s over, right? Why do you come in between
and propose to her again? Anyway you both have split, right?
– Split? Are we split? You split us. You’re not love Guru but lust Guru. Will you please go out and fight? Fight?
– lt’s hot outside. ls it hot outside?
Are you inside because ofAC? Will you beat me next? lf you both stay here
for another minute… lt’s all because of you, right?
Wait for two minutes. l’ll set it right.
– l’ll bash you up! Will you bash me?
Come on, do it. lt seems she’ll beat us,
come on, do it. Beat me. What’s this? Don’t use rod to beat me,
use only hands. He went for girl and got beaten up. He went to give flowers and
ended up in bandages. l became a fool
when l gave you Rs.1000 note. Did you tell me clearly? Did you ask me to get
Dettol or tincture? What did you tell me?
You said l’m hurt get medicine. What did you bring? lsn’t this medicine?
You mad man! ls it medicine for wounds? Didn’t you see film ‘Lankeshwarudu’? What did they do when Chiranjeevi
takes out a bullet? He poured scotch whisky
and lit fire to it. That’s all! He starts the fight. The medicine you asked
for is to apply. This medicine, you can apply
as well as consume. Here come my lust Guru! l told you his phone love story, right? That bouquet infuriates me
more than his phone love story. l got that bouquet for my Shruthi. ls that your bouquet? Anyway bouquet would go waste,
so…moreover it conveys my feeling too. Leave him. Not me, tell him to leave
my girl friend. He split us and
narrates stories too. Story? lt happened really.
– l don’t believe it. lf it had happened,
you must have a girl friend. You must. Who said l don’t have? lf you’ve why don’t you show her to us? l too didn’t see her till now.
– ls it? At least you can ask her
to talk on phone, right? ls it okay if she talks on phone? Why not? But prove it right now. Not after you set up…
– He says that’s enough to trust. Prove to him once by making her talk. lf you prove, he’ll leave Shruthi. Let’s think if that happens. Who are you bet my girl friend? lf you lose your girl,
don’t l’ve a girl friend? Let’s settle with one.
– You’re great, buddy. Not because of his bumper offer,
l’m asking you to prove to me, l’ll leave Shruthi. What an act!
Do you think it’s real? That call and girl are lies. You shut up. Switched off?
– No. May be engaged. Why would he love an old aged aunt? lt’s ringing.
– She’ll not lift it now. She cut the call. l told you, it’s not switched off
or engaged, it seems she cut the call,
he’s a big block buster hit! May be he called to say sorry. l thought you wouldn’t answer,
think it as my last call. Please don’t say sorry to me. Nothing like that,
anyway why should l say sorry? lt happened like that, take it easy. Actually l didn’t want to call
till you called me. But a small problem.
My friend would’ve told you. A girl Shruthi, l thought it was her
and called you… l need to prove to my friend, …that l got you in a wrong call, and something had happened
between us for some time, and realising it is not love
we’ve split now, you must tell him. lf you tell this to my friend, l settle down happily with Shruthi.
Please tell him. Okay, l’ll tell. When should l tell him? Not another day but right now. You’re finished. You wanted proof, right?
From today Shruthi is mine. Okay, take her. Dear, l’m switching on the speaker. Tell now, dear. What should l tell now?
Please tell me again. What’s this dear?
– ls speaker on? Okay, l’ll manage. Karthik and l and in love
for quite long time. We’re classmates from childhood. l don’t like my marriage
with my aunt’s son. You must help me to marry Karthik. Okay sister, l’ll unite you both. Did l get emotional? Okay, Karthik?
– l got it, dear. You’re on fire and burning me now. He’ll never believe it. Come and bash me, boys.
Come. How could l commit such
a big mistake, dad? Did l love such a man? Not a bit of guilt in him about me. Moreover he wants me to help him
join the girl for whom he left me. Do l look like a toy? Don’t l’ve feelings? l’m calm because l don’t want
to hurt your feelings. Shall l go in my way? Hurting him bodily is waste, dad. lt must hit his heart. He must feel the pain when someone
whom he trusts betrays him. l want him to feel the pain
l’m enduring at least 100 times more. What about my job in his company? lt’s ready, l didn’t tell you
because of this problem. l want thatjob. Why change of boss when it’s
time for promotion? What a beauty! She shook hands with everyone
but didn’t with you, indeed you’re very special. You! Why did she do like that? My promotion is gone! l called to talk about your promotion. l heard a lot about you. l think this promotion is not
right for your qualification. Forget about your promotion. This promotion is not enough
for your talent. l’m thinking of double promotion. Please don’t say like that, madam. l’ve great hopes on this promotion… l don’t know how to thank you. l’m expecting at least a shake hand. l didn’t shake hands with you there
for this shake hand here. What a boss!
She gave a party on arrival. Really great! Why are you dull?
You got promotion. Enjoy it man! Please don’t cut the call.
– Tell me. l don’t know how to tell you. l should say sorry for what l did, but sorry is too small
for what l did with you, why l called you now because…
l used to tell you always, l’m waiting for my promotion, l got the promotion, my dear, actually it is not great news to you, 0but don’t know why l wanted
to share it with you, if l don’t tell you,
my happiness…would be incomplete. Thank you dear… How could you remember… lf not friends who will remember? Dear is always your good friend, right? Thank you dear. Nobody is here, l’m alone… Okay, l’m coming. l’m single again and
back to mingle again and again…. There’s no more any tension… l’ve confessed my crime…
no need of permission to enter heart… Whatever has happened,
it’s all over, l’m free now… lf you want happiness to
be all yours, night out… lf you’re out… Share friendship and
have blast tonight… Solo life is bore… Mind is young and age is sixteen… Live as your heart says… My heart feelings… Hold on! Why night out?
Do you’ve exams? Hey brother, here…here…
lsn’t she Latchamma? Wow sunny!
You recognised perfectly! Latchamma lost her hen…
Latchamma lost her rooster too… l’m best in sports…
l’m first in everything… People would form queues for me… My name reverberates in this city… My style is little different… So, what do you say, girl?
You stole my heart… Shruthi! My heart beat! Need to go home, don’t make noise. So many things in just one day! lt looks more like romance not revenge. Punch must be knock-out! The more you raise him the better
to push him down from height. l think you offered him double
promotion to keep him with you. lf you want to see a scene to break
your heart, come to Twist Rosa. l’m in a meeting.
– Shruthi is dating someone else. You cried on me, right? Look now! That’s her character. What’s those touching and hugging? Think about us and our culture. Either you or me should hug her. Who is that dirty face between us? You’re worried not because
she’s not hugging me but you. No, our lover…
– l’ll kill you if you say our lover. What a master plan? lf you beat
him you’ll become bad to her, if l get furious and beat him, Shruthi will start hating me, right? l don’t mind if she becomes Panchali
if you don’t get her. l’ll take you to task. Madhu, stop… l’m Madhu, she’s Shruthi, she’s my girl friend,
not only mine for him too now, she may become a girl friend
to anyone here except him, hello, please turn this side, sir. Sir, please turn your face. Take your hands off face. As your first boy friend,
l’m giving you permission, you can hug or kiss him, if you feel embarrassed in public,
go private, l’ll see who will dare stop you! Come, brother! Brother!? Brother-in-law, it wasn’t my mistake. Karthik always gets me into trouble. l’ll meet you later.
– Who is your brother-in-law? How can she be my sister, you mad man? l never faced such a big disaster
in my life, dear. Anything l do is turning against me. Madhu is becoming scapegoat. lt happens. lt happens in love. l don’t know why l feel
she’s perfect match for me. l liked her on first sight, other than that
we don’t have any common interest. Our wave lengths are not matching. To tell you finally,
my brain is getting fried here. How can you be so busy on phone? Don’t call me madam. Let’s go! Forget…forget Shruthi. What should l do first?
Delete this photo. Deviation…what shall l do now? l’ve net connection, right? Take a thorn with a thorn. Hit romance with romance. Did l leave my pen drive here?
– l didn’t see here. Where did l keep it? Promise, l didn’t see anything. How can l see it?
lt’s not our culture, right? l didn’t see. Trust me, l didn’t see. Dear!
– What? Do you know what happened just now? What happened?
– l’ll tell you, l had decided to get
distracted from Shruthi,-Why? That’s it, l thought that and
opened YouTube in that confusion, after watching many clips,
l decided to watch film ‘Kushi’. Watching films in office hours. lnterval scene.
– Sari scene? That waist scene only.
– You’re shameless. For this? There’s a twist here. Right at that time,
my boss came here. ln the tension of Shruthi, promotion, l didn’t observe properly
but my boss is… ln one word Shruthi is
nothing compared to my boss. Those eyes, those cheeks, curly hair, That’s it! Are you getting out of Shruthi
seeing your boss madam? My boss came in a sari today. What if she comes? What? The same ‘Kushi’ interval scene
happened here. Not ‘ldiot’ but ‘Kushi’. Why are you so angry?
As if l saw your waist. Any girl’s waist is waist. lf so why don’t they see the
waist of their love but spend hundreds
to watch Bhumika and lleana. Because it’s different. See my boss’ waist once,
you’ll go mad! Will you please stop it?
Shameless idiot! Will you see if you can? This is not film ‘Kushi’ to fight. l’m thinking of getting away
from Shruthi, instead of helping me,
why are you advising like Bhumika? What shall we do now? l don’t have any big wishes. What’s wrong if you’ve?
You too must fall down, right? Fall?
– l mean fall out with Shruthi. l wish to see her waist
for some more time. What are you planning to do? Why are you wear dark glasses?
– Conjunctivitis. You didn’t wear little while ago. Didn’t see from distance.
Can know if l see from near. That’s why shades. l want to go little deep into
the project l’m entrusted with. Came here to check in your
system if l’ve any doubt. Can l sit here? l’ve important work,
if you’ve any doubt, call me. Okay. What? lf you do your work
l can see comfortably, l mean my work. Why am l getting tempted by him? l must be tempting him. l must speed up the matter. So fast? You said you like your boss
and she’s very beautiful. Anyone may come in between. Like that Madhu. That’s why l’m telling you
to speed up the matter. Plan a dinner or date. Why is hesitating after coming
here to invite for a date? You want to ask me anything? Bye. Are you free today evening? l’m getting bored,
shall we go out for dinner? lf you’re not busy.
– Nothing like that…that is… l’m thinking. No need to manage,
let’s plan it on some other day. No, let’s go. But l didn’t ask her. l made her to ask me.
– Where are you now? Shopping for date. Are you fully romantic? What are you buying? Good metal belt, wrist band, shades. l want another thing,
l’m checking out. Are you going on date
orjoining a rock band? Go wearing a neat white shirt
and blue jean. Are you telling me? lt’s like teaching batting to Sachin. Your fate! Yours is finished, right?
– Not yet. ls it enough only if you’re satisfied? Shouldn’t l get satisfied? Go away! Oh no! Why is he blocking the way? How am l to go out now? lf l get caught with him, it’s like
getting caught with a pack of dogs. Strong man! He’s so strong,
he would pound me. Why are you avoiding me?
Why are you not answering my calls? Are you avoiding me really
or have you fallen to Karthik? Tell me! Did she hear me?
She turned suddenly. My Raja! You avoided me that day,
are you secretly admiring my face today? Would you get me so easily? Who is he? l’m following her secretly,
why is he following me secretly? By any chance, is he Karthik? l’ll take you to task. l’ll not get caught. Spread like poison… Come on to me slowly… Take on me… Like slowly moving moments… Like slowly swinging intoxication… Let me take a leap… On your manliness… My age is restless to unite… Desires are taking over… Who was that? Are ghosts in cloth shops too? My Raja! Why is Karthik is running away from me? Where is she? Why are they both trying
to escape from me? ls my suspicion coming true? Are they having an affair? l’ll catch them both red handed. l’ll not get caught. l got you! l’m saved. Oh no! He’s coming. You’re finished. l’ll take her to task now. You’re following me, right? To catch you red handed, right? Aren’t you shameless to suspect me? Where there’s love there’s suspicion. Tell me the truth,
are you not in love with Karthik? l don’t want your love
and your suspicions. Please leave me alone. Though l don’t have any feeling l may
propose to Karthik for your torture. Did you see? lf you don’t have that idea,
how can you say that? Why would Karthik come here
without your encouragement? Why would he hide on seeing me? Was Karthik here? You’re giving a killing performance. How will you face if l prove
in public? Watch out now. Karthik, come out.
– You come in. How come he’s inside? Not he but she! Where’s Karthik? Hey Raja, come inside. You did so much in short time,
if l stay long what would you do? lf you want clothes
you’ve to come inside. Threatening me about clothes in
a cloth shop, l’ll buy new clothes. l know you’d come back, Raja. Purse is in pant pocket. lf you want, come inside,
l’ll give everything. Why have you marked me? Did you wear the dress l suggested? Your taste is super, Shravani. How is my taste? ls that your selection? Then what? l don’t like
others’ suggestions. l like to see myself
and achieve it myself. Dear, l’m having dinner
with my boss. Don’t tell her about your
old love stories and affairs. No way! Anyway l don’t have any. Don’t tell about us also. Ours is not love at all, right? Dear… Dad called from US. Do you love anyone? l too wanted to ask you
the same question. l’m asking about you. l don’t have that much time, Shravani. Career, job, tensions. Who is that phone girl? Who? How many girls you know? l’m talking about your phone girl. How do you know about her?
Nothing like that. lf she’s just friend,
why did she call me? You? She told me about your love story. What did she tell you? Forget about what she said,
why did you try to hide it from me? Nothing like that. l was waiting you’d come out till now. Do you know how much l trusted you? There’s nothing as you think, Shravani. lf there’s nothing,
why did you hide it from me then? Why did she call me then? What did you blabber about my waist? Why did you do like this?
ls it a matter ofjoke? Are you my friend?
– No. Any doubt? You said we’re friends.
– You said love, right? That’s over, right? You don’t know what ends and when! lt’s love if you think so,
or friendship? Should l say okay to whatever you say? lf you say like that after
knowing my situation. What bloody situation? How can l shift to you
after loving her? Didn’t you shift to her
after loving me? l thought you were Shruthi then. You went back to Shruthi
after leaving me aside. Did you get okay from her?
She dumped you. Couldn’t you’ve come back
to me silently? You went to your boss with
‘Kushi’ interval scene. Why don’t l hear any sound? l felt coming back to you
after she rejected isn’t right. Why not? What can l say?
– May l tell you? You’re crazy about your boss. That’s why you went after her. l’ll tell you now,
l’ll never let it happen. Already you’ve lit the fire. That’s nothing. Kill me then! What about my entertainment then? Then, do one thing, you die! Do you think the love story
with your boss is over? l’ll give you another twist
from that side. He says it’s not right to come
to you after her rejection. Karthik is giving you
a lot of importance. Shut up! You’ll know if you fall. She’s warning me over phone. Have you understood her madness now? Why should l get involved in your fight? Settle it between yourselves. lt seems l must fire you from job. lf not she threatens to get me
killed with hired goons. She can’t do it,
she has kiddish mentality. She has gone mad for my silly work. ls she really mad? l swear on mental hospitals. Why do l need this torture? She thinks there’s something
between us. You mean there’s nothing between us. What’s there? Her face! lsn’t there anything between us? ls it there? You mustn’t ask, you must know it. l felt it’s better to ask and know it. You must try to understand
a girl’s heart. There’s nothing more foolish than it,
just tell me, l’ll follow it. l’m…you… Your girl! Give it to me.
– Wait, l’ll answer her. What’s your problem? l’ll not leave Karthik. There’s an affair between me and
Karthik, do whatsoever you can do. Just for fun. Hang up the phone. l blabbered nonsense. lt’s fine. What would she think of me?
– Tell her go to hell. Anyway l told her lies, right? Shall we make it true? You’re not feeling bad, right?
– No. l must to go Vikarabad tomorrow
for a conference. She won’t harm me, right?
– My foot! l thought of taking you
along with me. Where did you say you’re going? She can do anything on that route. Because forest route and
very dangerous too. lf you go alone… What should l do now? lf you ask me, l can join you. Dear, l called to thank you.
– Why? You thought of firing me but
l used it to light my cigarette. Looks like my boss gave
you a good thrashing. She blabbered unable
to bear my torture. May be, but l’m getting
a chance to make it come true. We both are going on a long drive…
through forest road, we’re going to spend a night
together in a resort. Anything can happen there. l’ll also see.
– How? lf l tell you’ll come prepared. How can she guess it’s Vikarabad
forest guest house? l told her forest resort. ls it Vikarabad if you say forest? Can’t she think of some Andaman? Would anyone go to Andaman on road? Useless man.
– Did you commit yourself? Then?
– You’re thinking too much. You must see her confidence,
she said just wait and see. Why are you so worried? How about telling her tomorrow
its Gandipet or Patancheru? He slapped me again. Must go to Patancheru,
l’m not going to buy vegetables. lnstead of waiting for
your girl’s attack, why shouldn’t we make
an pre-emptive attack on her? Can you do it? l’ll be done. Did you feel like that? l saw that short girl. lf she beats, l’ll go to
Ernakulam without a ticket. What to do now? l know a professional goon,
l’ll send him. l’m telling you seriously,
no touching only warning. He’ll make her shiver. What are you looking at? l must pay the bill, right? You’re the scapegoat we got today. You say you’re a don,
don’t you’ve a den? Boss never uses den and gun.
– Why? He can’t pay rent. Can’t pay rent?
Can you do this job? Leg, hand, finger or head? l feel like talking to a masseur. No cuttings, only threats. That’s all? No need of gun for that. lf you show brother’s passport size
closely anyone would shiver in fear. There are no ladies here. l see both of them in you. Close your eyes and ears. Will you dishonour me before a customer? Only if you’ve, right? Can we get such a client?
– No way. Go away. See.
– Tell me. Should l threaten them? Scare them! lt’ll cost.
– How much? 25.
– l’ll give 50. ls 50 bigger than 25?
– Four times. We came for her,
why is she here with him? Did your meeting go well? Brother, she’s alone.
– Come on boys. Got scared? No touching please. When she’s not suppose to do,
why shouldn’t we? Why not touch her? Who are you?
– Our man, brother. Our man? Come with me. Come.
– We’ve already been paid advance. No brother. Did you recognise me?
– Sorry, l don’t want TV serials. lt was cell phone then,
l’ll take the girl now. Let me see how can you
not recognise me? lf you want to be recognised,
shall we have a small challenge? Of course, if you’ve guts. What? The cell which got you bashed up,
let me use it again. lf you’ve guts, dare touch
that cell, the girl is yours. One second is over, take it. Won’t you ever change? Bloody goons! Why do you need
challenges and reality game shows? You had the girl and
there was a bike next to you, you must’ve taken her and gone, when l said challenge,
you fell for it and ran, that day the girl in cell
was more important, today the girl here is more
important than my cell phone. Thanks, now cell and girl,
both are mine. Better to beaten up myself
than by him. Show me.
– Are you a palmist too? Do you know who they are? May be they were after
my gold chain and watch. No, they were goons sent by mad girl. ls it? l’ll not let anything happen to you.
l’m there for you. Come. What happened?
– My leg is paining. Hold me…hold me. My heart slipped
and is lost… Seeing your beauty,
my heart slipped and is lost… Elation in eyes…elation in the
little damsels- beautiful eyes… The shining world is beckoning
to unite with it… The beautiful eyes are teasing… O girl, my heart is going
berserk because of you… Hey girl, stop acting… Stop teasing and
making me go mad… l’ve come for you, my dear…
You’re my little heart… Don’t look away,
peace and happy on seeing heart… l’ll not go away or leave you…
l’ll not stay away from you… You’re just a feet away from me…
Let the magical words come out… When l see you,
it’s a rain offlowers… When you come,
it’s fragrance all the way… Stop telling lies…
top narrating tales… The girl who is with you
is yours… The distance of desiring you
has shortened… My heart is taken
all over by you… How did you get hurt? Slipped and fell in bathroom. All of you?
– We use the same bathroom. Did you scare her really? Do you think we’re lying
for the balance money? You took the advance,
this is mine, come on boys. What? Our boys threatened
and scared her. ls it? You’re great! Cut the call and come here. That far? Come to resort,
let’s talk over drinks. You’re already here.
– You said drinks. You’re great. Buddy, our boys terrorized her.
– ls it? She was crying! l too have good news. My boss.
– Talk to her. l’m in bar,
if you’re free come here. l’ve good news for you. Come, l’ll tell you. My boss is coming, tell her
how we threatened that girl. l’ll add little extra. ls your love matter okay
with your boss? To hell with your shyness. Why is she here?
Whom did he call now? Why is my hand shivering? Why are you shivering?
Are you feeling cold? Have a drink! So that girl and boss are same. lf Karthik is caught in her revenge
plan, l’m also finished with him. Dear… Why did l call her name? l’m telling just like that. That phone girl and
your voice are similar. Only voice! He’s Pandu, she’s Shravani. Greetings. Do you know what a greatjob
he did today? No need to talk about it now.
– Shut up. Why did l call her?
To tell her, right? He sent few goons and
got the phone girl threatened. Was it yourjob then? Why are you asking him
as if you know that? Who else would know other than her? l didn’t get her call since morning,
was that yourjob then? You’ll never get,
he got her cut permanently. l did manage as you said. You’re too modest. The goons plan was yours, right? l left midway earlier,
those goons matter. Some cheap liquor group
came here from nowhere, they went for Shravani, l got each of them
bashed black and blue. Was it you who bashed them? l wish to call her on phone and
laugh like Kota Srinivasa Rao. l’ll go now. Don’t you want to hear it?
– l’ll hear it from another phone. Another phone? Joke! Buddy, actual thing is… Tell me. That side, go. Not that side, this side. This side not that side. l’m in a fix. Why is your voice shaky, dear? Are you human? Without even considering me
as girl, you sent goons, will you get my limbs broken? What? They only threatened you, right? Am l lying to you then? l promise on the doctor
who saved my life. Do you know l’ve vision
problem in one eye? Pandu, you’re finished. Hello… You said no touch,
will you get my dear beaten up? What did l tell you?
No touching, right? Will you get her beaten up
when l said only to threaten? Did you see the consequences
if you dare take on me? lf you tell about me to Karthik.
– l swear l won’t. You’re out of bounds
to Karthik for 4 days. Notjust 4 days, l’m out of bounds
to him all my life. Go. My wife was warning me… Can’t stop him for long. l must give the finishing
touch immediately. Madam didn’t want to
disturb you and went away, she has sent company car for you. Switched off?
What has happened to him? What you said last night was… Unnecessarily l beat
my friend because of you. What do you want from me? Your love.
– That is impossible. The perfect girl l like has
entered my life. Nobody can stop me or
my happiness, not even you. l-m going to propose
to Shravani right now. Do whatsoever you can do! Got it? Come, l was waiting for this moment. l’ll make you understand the pain of
betrayal by one whom you love dearly. Where are you?
– ln office guest house. l want to talk something important
with you, l’ll be there in 10 minutes. What brings you here suddenly? When you go uncontrolled,
everything happens suddenly. We don’t share all our feelings
even with close friends. We hide few and few grow stronger. We can’t control them. That’s why this sudden meeting. Everyone needs a life partner. Actually it’s decided already. Without knowing that we… We don’t care to look even if
our soul mate is next to us. Even ifwe see,
we fail to recognise. Even ifwe recognise,
we don’t talk to them. l’ve come to clarity from
such a miserable condition. Since my childhood days,
l’m particular that l must like things. l must get what l like. l didn’t want anything else
even if is better. But l felt l’ve found
my perfect match in you. l was thinking why should l wait?
Why not tell her? Come on tell me. When l was leaving home excitedly
to say these words with you, My life’s first love. Shruthi who made me fall
in love in first sight. At unexpected time
at unexpected place, with most unexpected look, the love l saw in your eyes,
l saw it in Shruthi’s eyes too. l didn’t get it.
ls it true? Can this happen? Can two people have the same feeling? Or did l wrong in my judgement? Yes, l was wrong in my judgement. Actually neither you nor Shruthi
have any feelings for me. l felt like that. No, l’ve understood your love. What are you saying? She’s saying what you want
to hear, right? You created as many problems
as you can between us. Finally, you’re the real lover
and l’m a psycho and sadist. Whatever it is, you’re great. Shut up. She’s saying like that unable
to bear your torture. No, Karthik, l’m in love
with your seriously. You’re talking like that
getting angry with him. He’s a fool but he loves you so much. No Karthik, one who acts madly for love is better
than one who makes me go mad for love. l don’t know if she’s praising
or abusing me. As a friend, l’m telling you, stop crying over me,
take good care of her. lt’s waste. How can you love me so suddenly?
– l realised it. How?
– You said you like me, right? lt was then. He impressed me with your ideas, right? l told you that.
What’s your realisation in it? lf l had fallen for your ideas,
it means l’ve fallen for you, right? l said this too with you.
Why didn’t you love me then? l didn’t realise it then. Why not?
You should’ve realised it then. l didn’t know you then, right? When feelings and emotions
are important in love, just because you didn’t see
my face and didn’t know me, will you reject my love? ls this what you call as love? Are you saying love will sprout
only on seeing face? Don’t try to see or
meet me till l ask you. l thought you forgot me. Dear is your good friend, right? l’ll be right before you in 3 days
to tell those 3 magical words. For what l was angry on Shruthi,
l did the same thing with phone girl. He expressed his love with my ideas
but he loves you before that also. Mine was just attraction only.
But his is true love. Though my love for Shruthi
is meaningless, l understood what love is
from Shruthi’s love. Love and marriages succeed only
when you get an understanding partner. For a silly reason of not seeing
or not selecting her, what did l do with my dear who
was emotionally connected to me? First l showed Shruthi
as a reason, when it failed, l used you as a ruse, l got attracted to your beauty,
anyone would, but the emotional bond l had with
my dear will not happen with anyone else. Poor girl became mad for my doings. Let anything happen,
if she scolds, let her scold! lf she wants to beat me,
let her do it, l’ll take it. l’ll beg her forgiveness
kneeling before her. l don’t care if she tells me anything.
But l want my dear. You may feel sad. But it’s better to feel sad now.
Not for entire life. Even ifwe marry,
you can never be happy. Because l can’t be happy
without my dear. We’re so close without even meeting
that my mind, my taste… l’m wearing the dress selected
by her to propose to you. l love her so much. Stop! My daughter is upstairs. Sorry. What are you doing here? The problem with you is. You didn’t realise till now and
you’re failing to recognise now. l was waiting to reject
if you propose, do you know how nice l felt
when you rejected me there? You won in love as well as
your dear too. You wanted the girl you selected. l wanted a perfect person who would love
me as me not for my name or background. lt isn’t you who should
kneel down to propose. No dear, this is not right. Please stand on it, dear. You saw me in Facebook, right? Didn’t you lie about not seeing me? But l didn’t see you, right? Though you didn’t see me,
you saw my heart, right? May l tell you truth?
– What’s it? You mustn’t feel bad.
– What’s it? You know people say
short people are smart people! Not you, that’s why l made you


  1. Eswar Nakka Author

    Beautiful movie, Adnan Sami beautiful songs, no more words.
    The only nuisance and irritating in the film is that of the GAY part.
    Director could have avoided this.

  2. Thrill thechill Author

    I faced a kartik in my life. Problem is he didn't realize his mistake. I've played that double role..he's too cunning than that

  3. msubramaniam8 Author

    Beautiful movie………thanks for the upload…no vulgarities but an amazing story line……..I'm Tamilian but I love telugu movies


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