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H20 Mini Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad Review- Good, Cheap Home Theater Remote

hey everybody it’s Lon Seidman and those
of you who have been following me for a while know that I’m obsessed with these
little mini keyboards and we reviewed this one from Lenovo a couple of weeks
ago that integrates the trackpad into the physical keyboard which I thought
was pretty cool but a lot of you kind of balked at the $60 price tag for this one
so I’m always on the lookout for new ones and a company reached out to me on
this h20 keyboard that they’re selling right
now on Amazon for $20 and it’s got a physical keyboard here in the front that
is backlit and then it’s got a trackpad here on the back and it’s got a little
gyroscope inside so it knows what orientation it is in so you can pretty
much hold it any way you want and get both the keyboard and the trackpad
integrated into a very inexpensive device and we’ll be taking a look at
this thing in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of
full disclosure that one of the Amazon sellers who sells this thing sent it to
the channel free of charge I’ll put an affiliate link to their store in the
video description there are a number of other sellers selling the exact same
thing so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it over at Amazon all the
opinions though you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review
and no one has looked at what you’re about to see before I uploaded it so
let’s get to it now and see what this little keyboard can and can’t do so
let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this is all plastic so not the
best feeling device but about what you would expect for it’s $20 price tag as I
mentioned the keyboard is backlit and there are a number of settings you can
apply to it depending on how bright or dim you want it to be you can even turn
the backlight off it has a rechargeable battery inside you have to charge it via
USB they give you the cable but not the charger but any USB power source should
work I do recommend switching it off with the physical switch here when
you’re not using it because I think it will probably drain the battery if you
leave it on when it’s not in use but in my testing so far I charged it up once
when I got it used it off and on over the last couple of days and it’s been
able to hold the charge pretty decently now this is not bluetooth it does rely
on a dongle I doubt that there’s any encryption
going on between the dongle and the keyboard so if you’re in a high traffic
area you might want to avoid typing passwords in with the keyboard just bear
that in mind a lot of these cheap devices often don’t encrypt
communications back to their wireless dongles now to use the trackpad you flip
it over here and this will illuminate the border of the trackpad for you you
can change the color of the trackpad just by putting four fingers down on it
and holding and that will run through a bunch of different colors I did find
that it pulsates quite a bit I haven’t yet really figured out how to get it to
stop pulsating but it will pulsate on you but it’s nice to have at least a
target for you to aim for when you’re using it in the dark so they did think
of that at least with this and the keyboard is pretty complete here you’ve
got a full set of keys you got function keys up here they are clicky keys they
feel pretty nice to type on and very nicely backlit too so I’ve been just
really pleased with how all of this has been working here for the price point
let’s take a look though and see how it works with a Windows computer I did test
it on my Mac as well as and on an Android box a shield TV it worked on
both of those but a lot of the gestures are only going to work on Windows so
let’s plug it in and see how it works so let’s begin with some exciting stuff
namely typing and of course you can type things out here on the keyboard it’s
very comfortable to type on nice click to the keys you’ve got a caps lock on
here also so you can do that my one gripe with this though is that
there is no punctuation keys available unless you hold down the function key so
if I want to put in Lon.TV here I have to hold down function and O to get
a period I would have liked to have had a period key just because it would be a
little easier for a frequently used key like that they did include full function
keys as I mentioned so it might have been better if they included the
punctuation keys and maybe made these function keys require a function key
press to get it to work but that was the decision they made there so I don’t
think you’re going to be writing a novel on here but it is a pretty responsive
keyboard now you just notice what happened here I accidentally hit the
power key here and that put my Windows PC to sleep so that’s the one thing that
I’ve been doing quite often with this is accidentally hitting that
key when I mean to hit the backspace there so there might be some muscle
memory training that you have to do to get used to this keyboard let’s take a
look now and see how the trackpad works now to use the trackpad you simply flip
it over like this and that will give you access to the touch panel and it will
also start tracking your movements unfortunately the trackpad doesn’t work
when the keyboard is right-side up it would have been cool to have been able
to use the mouse underneath it but that is not how this operates so it’s got two
distinct modes keyboard is on when the keyboard is right-side up trackpad is on
when it is right-side up now what they’ve done with this is put in a
little gyroscope to basically detect where its orientation is so you’ll see
and it might be might be hard to see on camera right now but there’s a light on
right here and I can move my mouse around here as you can see now if I flip
it this way the light will move over here basically the light is going to
indicate which way the trackpad thinks is up so I can operate the mouse in this
portrait mode here likewise I can flip it upside down the light will turn on
over here and it will again keep tracking my finger properly as I flip
this thing around into different modes so it doesn’t really matter which
direction you put it in I will usually correct we know which way is up
sometimes it doesn’t get it right so you just have to kind of flip it around
again and then it will orient itself back but look for the little light that
you’ll see here that will indicate which way the trackpad thinks is up now as I
mentioned Windows feels like the better platform here for this particular
keyboard just because it supports a few more gestures so the windows gestures it
supports are the three fingers swipe up from the bottom here to do an
application switch it also supports the pinch-to-zoom function on Windows as
well so there are a couple of gestures that you might be used to using on your
Mac that won’t work on this keyboard but a lot of things do work so if I switch
back here to a web page I can scroll up and down with two fingers that works
across platforms if I want to make a click I can just tap on it here like so
I can double click by double tapping of course and then I can right click by
pushing two fingers down again all those things work across platforms if you want
to do a click and hold it’s a double tap most of the
time and then you can drag windows around and do that sort of thing I’m
actually quite pleased with the accuracy of the touchpad it isn’t bad for a cheap
device here so that was nice to see and again it’s pretty responsive and the
pinch-to-zoom here seems to be working pretty nicely too so for about twenty
dollars I think it’s a pretty good deal it seems to be working very well for me
I do recommend though getting a USB extension cable and keeping this dongle
in line of sight to the keyboard the reason is that if you’ve got it tucked
behind your TV or behind a set-top box somewhere it may not get the best signal
back to this and you’ll have some jumpiness with the trackpad you lose a
lot of accuracy when the signal is going in and out so keeping that dongle
visible I think will give you a better experience with it unfortunately they
don’t have a place to store the dongle so you’ll need to keep track of it as
you’re playing with it now one feature I could not figure out with this is the IR
feature you’ll see that right up there apparently it has some limited ability
to learn the IR signals from your remote control but the instructions were very
vague on this so you hit function and the power button here that puts it into
an IR learning mode which I’m guessing would allow you to turn your TV on or
off with this thing but I couldn’t get it to work and the instructions were
not all that helpful so if you have one of these and manage to figure it out let
me know down in the comments below and maybe we’ll do a follow-up on it but all
in I think for twenty dollars it’s not a bad deal I will put my buy at your own
risk recommendation – this one just because these cheap little Chinese
devices don’t always last that long and you don’t often get support after the
sale but 20 bucks I think it’s probably a decent risk to take given the fact
that the device really is quite functional and I was very surprised that
I found it to be as functional as it is until next time this is Lon Seidman
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  1. KJ Archer Author

    Thanks Lon. Just bought it of ali express for 13 us$ since I live in Asia. It'll take a couple of weeks to get here. I was waiting for your review of this since you announced it earlier in the week. Can't buy anything of Amazon from here. The shipping is two or three times the price of the object. Ali express has free shipping but longer waits although they have gotten a little better lately.

  2. Teddy Author

    Sorry Lon, I didn't think before posting that amazon link that it might conflict with your affiliate link. I meant no harm, just got excited I saw a better price and wanted to share it.

  3. photolabguy Author

    I am a service technician and I love these pocket keyboard/track pads. It takes up little space in my bag. That power button placement makes me nervous. I load software on computers, and I don't want the computer shutting off during a reload. Other than that, it looks very nice.

  4. fireballtp Author

    Thanks. Hopefully this will work in my van so kids can watch movies. I noticed one of the Amazon listings was offering a $5 coupon…. so it was 15.99 for me

  5. Andrew Cole Author

    Wow… for twenty bucks that's an unbeatable deal. Probably many people will get something like this because they need occasional access to a keyboard/trackpad for their Android TV boxes. Having a full-size device is cumbersome and this seems to fit the bill nicely.

  6. mohamed sab Author

    iorder it from gearbest for my tv box but didnt come untile now and iwant to ask about if the touchpad works good with tv box as pc and what about the battery

  7. BlackLense Author

    So, if i use this thing while lie down, i cant use this keyboard properly right?
    I mean the gyroscope thing will not let me typing when keyboard facing down.

  8. Evans Author

    My favourite on this remote is the IR Learning. It basically records the TV's remote functions onto the this remote so that you can use this remote to control both the TV and the connected set box (android tv, laptop, projector, etc)

  9. SKvid Author

    Hi Lon.TV, this is great review, do you have any suggesstion for the need of touchpad, no keyboard need, for pc (cable ok too) and cheap like this on. Thank you

  10. enigma Author

    You mentioned security issue. Do you think it might be possible for this thing to send passwords to China? If a thing is such good and cheap i am suspicious…If there is a slight posssibility for it to spy, can you check that for us or ask a security expert?


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