1. ANOOP C BHANU Author

    It doesn't the death of Hachiko makes me cry , but the intention to wait for a dead buddy (Hachiko didn't even know what happened to him) that makes me sad and lead into depression, so I always makes me sure I won't die, I don't want my little buddy to wait for me.

  2. Michele Fontanesi Author

    Capolavoro di film ma soprattutto lezione di vita,per chi ancora pensa che loro non siano meglio di noi…😍😢💙💚❤️

  3. Lydie VANNIER Author


  4. Sukumar Sukumar Author


  5. Carlos RC Guillen Author

    Couple months ago i watched this movie with my wife and when i saw hachicko waiting for hes human knowing that he never will come back and hachicko gets old i just cry and i feel that i cant stop my tears runnin down my face because i remenber when one of my dogs dies in my arms when a was 13 years old
    Im 31 now
    Hachicko is the example that animals can love,feel and will always be loyals to us


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