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Hacking Hollywood Introduction (With Noah Sargent)

Hey welcome, my name is Noah, to Hacking Hollywood, the insiders scoop to learning and growing your knowledge on the tricks and tools of Hollywood. Whether you’re planning to make the move yourself to Hollywood, or if you just want to gain insight of what Hollywood does to apply to your small production, this is the YouTube channel for you. This is something I’ve been wanting to start for a while, I get frequently asked questions all the time: How do I move to LA? What should I do, how do I get my first job yada, yada, yada? I’m gonna spend more of my time focused on that mindset and every once in a while I’ll throw out a few videos of gear and that kind of stuff, but honestly though there’s so many other YouTube channels that do an amazing job of teaching you tech, they teach you camera equipment, and all that kind of stuff. I want to teach you more about the film industry as a whole and applying the knowledge I’ve learned from Hollywood and my friends have learned from Hollywood to apply to your smaller productions That’s what I do. 80% of my work is spent working on bigger shows and films. I recently just completed the fifth season of Silicon Valley the HBO hit show. I’ve also worked on a few different shows like Bones, Ray Donovan, Castle, Modern Family, and the list goes on. I’m also a freelance Assistant Director I’ve done about a half-a-dozen features and probably about 20 or 25 infomercials. So what’s unique about my experience is I’ve got big-budget commercial experience, television experience, feature film experience, but I also spend about 20% of my time doing small budget stuff with local clients so I get to balance between the big productions and also applying that knowledge to the small budget stuff. I’m gonna be growing and learning about YouTube and how that platform works and hopefully you guys will be learning about Hollywood and applying that knowledge to your productions. My goal is to have several interviews and different people to talk to that are even more experienced than me, that have more specialties than me, and I’m gonna be kind of unpacking Hollywood and it’s secrets that’s why the title is called Hacking Hollywood, so follow me on this journey I hope to have you, please like and subscribe the video and suggest it to friends. That would be a great way to help me out. Thanks everybody.


  1. Nomad NewsTV Author

    Dude, you’re an absolute natural in front of the camera and I loved your editing style. You take this YouTube thing seriously and it’ll be your new career endeavor! I’d love to do your interview when I’m back in LA!!

  2. Sean's Myth Author

    I'm a former Christian who's lived in LA/Hollywood for 90% of my life. Maybe I'm a jaded middle aged fart now, but I'd really like to hear your story, your real story. It just seems strange to me that you put up several videos of Christian and youth ministry type content and then, for no clear reason decide to up and move halfway cross country to this shallow cesspool of self-absorbed soulless degenerates who only wish there were more commandments to break. They only care about their shallow public image and careers. And If you say the wrong word to the right person the next day you're in an alley counting pennies. All for what? To help Sin City pump out the same over priced mediocre shit they have for the last two decades? Please embarrass me now because I'm sure I must've missed something.


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