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Hair Loss Made Him a Better Actor

– When I was 26 years old, I
began losing a lot of hair. (gentle music) It was terrifying. But I wouldn’t change a thing about how everything has unfolded. My name is Anthony Carrigan. I’m an actor, and I have alopecia. Alopecia areata, is a, it’s
an autoimmune disorder in which your body thinks that
something’s wrong with it, and so it attacks the hair follicles, and because of that you
lose patches of hair. I was very shy as a kid. When I first started acting, I began to kind of discover
this voice within myself. So when I lost a lot of my
hair, I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know if I
could still be an actor. I didn’t know if I could
remain in this business that was so, so image-focused. But then I found something within me that was worth fighting for. I found a whole new perspective
on the way that I looked. I found a whole new perspective on what kind of characters I could play, and I began to cultivate that. I have been typecast as the villain. I think it isn’t just me. Bald guys throughout history
have played the villain. Some of the TV shows that I’ve been in, I was on an episode of The Blacklist, The Flash on the CW, and Gotham on FOX. For the longest time I tried to kind of create a certain self that didn’t have alopecia, because a lot of the time we feel like we need to put on a face, and that’s just not real. It’s all about being human and it being okay to not be perfect. (upbeat music)


  1. QuantumBraced Author

    He's amazing in Barry, he still plays a villain but a multidimensional and hilarious character, it really shows his range. Great actor.

  2. Mo 2k Author

    He was so pretty with hair but I feel there are too many guys like that in Hollywood. This guy is so amazing in Barry now and interesting… Almost addictive. I wanna see more of that guy!

  3. Frosty the retard Author

    Even though it limits the types of roles he can play I think it gives him a much more striking and memorable appearance 🙂


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