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Halloween Horror Nights 2017 at Universal Studios Hollywood

Welcome to Halloween Horror Nights 2017 I’m Kaleigh and I’m Summer and we’re gonna have a terrifying night. We hope you enjoy it! Hey guys, we’re going into the Titans of Terror maze and it’s gonna be terrifying [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] Get her, Grandpa! Get her!. Grandpa! Grandpa! [Screams] Help! Help me! [Screams] [Chain saw revving] [Screams] [Screams] This concludes tonights scream show [Screams] [Screams] That was the grossest by far! It was so good! Oh my god, you guys! I think the scariest part was with Freddy Krueger. I don’t know. No. The chainsaw gets me every time. I don’t know Freddy just did not agree with me with those hands? Scary. This one spooked me. Ooh! I thought he was going to kick me. Let me get a shield. I know, I was scared for you. One Two Three Yeah! Hey Guys we’re about to go into Blum House and oh my gosh someone actually recognized us one of our viewers and they are so sweet! We always love It when people come up to us so if you see us please come say hi and this maze has The Purge. Oooh! The Purger, Death Day and Sinister [Chain saw revving] [Screams] I want my candy back, and I’m going to take it. [Cackle] Oh rosies, pocket full of posies Ashes, ashes We all fall down [Screams] [Screams] hahaha! [Screams] It’s always the purger. You always think the purge is over, and then they Oh! Hello [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] [EDM Music] [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] Give me your children [Machine gun fire] Oooh! [Machine gun fire] Wow, I really like that they did 3 different things. It was like always something new and scary, but you didn’t know what was gonna come out at you. I think it’s the scariest one yet. Yeah! There was something on me I don’t know what it was but at one point I was in the dark and there was something touched me! I don’t know what it was! I’m sorry oh? That was! Oh, wow! That freaked me out. Those doll faces, those baby faces I was terrified I’m scared to go back to college now I don’t know if it’s just me or do they seem a little low on scare actors this year? May just be me. Yeah. No, definitely. Cuz, like I can breathe and thats not normal. Yeah usually they’re are like coming up behind us where ever we go So if you’re scared, come this year. As you step on the escalator, please stand in the center of the step, keeping your feet forward and avoiding the sides. Face forward at all times while on the escalator Do not look at the hot girl on the opposite escalator She’s way out of your league. That voice is great, it’s like very aggressive. but it’s like aggressive in the right way. Don’t look at the hot girl on the other side, you will fall. You will haunt Horror Nights for the rest of your life. Guys, we’re about to go into the Insidious maze which I’m super hyped for because I’ve seen all the movies so I’m ready to rock and roll. Lets do it. [Gasping for air] [Screams] [Gasping for air] [baby crying] [Screams] You can’t be in here. If she sees you, she’ll make me kill you. Don’t you dare! [Screams] That one was horrifying, it was so much like the movie. Oh, my gosh! That last stretch, my whole heart was beating the whole time. It was a lot. It was a lot of jump scares. Hey Guys were about to go into The Shining And we’re about to see some twins and probably some blood scary stuff. I’m so excited i’m a huge Shining fan I want to read the book, I’ve seen the movie. I’m so excited. [Type writer clicking] All work, no play. [Screams] [Screams] Great party, isn’t it? [Scream] Red rum, red rum, red rum. Here’s Johny. [Scream] [Screams] So cold! Whoa! Okay! That was by far the best, scariest hands down, that was the best maze. coolest Oh, my gosh, the atmosphere. The smells, the cold … everything was like perfect It was totally to the movie and those masks, oh, looked just like him, it was terrifying. You have to go to this one. You absolutely have to go to this one. [EDM music] [Screams] [EDM music] [Screams} [EDM music] [Screams] [EDM music] [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] I’m good. We’re out we’re safe. [Screams] He was screwing with me, and then he just like, aah. He turned on you. Yeah, he turned on me. Music got too much. Yeah. those jackets are very glam … diva evil spirits that was actually scarier then some of the mazes Okay so you have to go through that scare zone to get to the back lot and the tunnel so good luck with that Now we’re going into American Horror Story Roanoke Watch out for it next season Got my heart going We’re just about to go into Ash vs. The Evil Dead which should be scary and funny So that was a lot more scary than funny honestly I got scared in that one the guys with the gray masks so creepy but I liked it a lot yeah i’d recommend it winner in my book We’re about to go inside of Saw: The Games of Jigsaw I’m scared Saw is actually really gross and terrifying I’m not ready for this Ok that was definitely one of the scariest ones for me yet I think I just experienced my worst nightmare I just walked through it no I don’t want to play a game not the food bro not the food oh heck no We’re about to go into the terror tram Am terrified of Chucky but i respect him very much As a murderous doll creature and so if Chucky’s listening Please let us make it out alive I do not like dolls every since I was a little child they freak me out and the Chucky movies freak me out so I’m not ready for this I am so scared He was pointing at us he was definitely pointing at us That’s so cool Oh this is right where they filmed this I’m pretty sure It’s Bate’s Motel It’s currently a little backed up right now we are moving a a bit of a slow pace but we’ll get there yeah a Lot of coming and i was Actually Really Glad That Chucky Was Only at The beginning either Other than that thing it was a really cool maze it was scary a lot of people popped out in places I didn’t expect We survived we made It we’re breathing in oxygen For life breathing out I feel like when you survive this stuff you feel very much alive we’ve got to do that Instagram


  1. Rain Bow_Girl Author

    29:45 thank goodness I'm not the only one who thought it was do you want to play a game apparently he never said that apparently it is I want to play a game . Like WHAT?!?

  2. Tyrone Holland Author

    Can somebody please tell me why the girl in the white T-shirt is her stomach is showing like that she look pregnant why the other girl is not wearing a bra the shirt can come down then everybody can see her titties both of those women know better than that shame on the girls 👙👙🤔🤔

  3. Karen Barker Author

    who first I need to know your name and so and I need you to look like that everyday but you don't need to wear the same clothes you can just make your hair look the same

  4. millennial sleek Author

    I’m probably going this year or next year when I turn 13 and I’m going with my sister who is going to turn 17 this year

  5. Kristin Lawrie Author

    I hate that they move so fast that they don't get to appreciate the work ( ie: props and decor) that goes into these scares.


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