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Halo 4 Story (Game Movie) HD


  1. Ricky Wyness Author

    42:52 – ''Do you know what that condescending bitch said to me after our first game of chess?''
    I almost spat out my drink. xD

  2. Jaron Hudson Author

    Never played any Halo games, but I do enjoy the lore of it very much. 1000lb armor capable of nearly anything, some nice storyline, history, a future game done right, etc.

    My only hark about any of the animation scenes, (which look stunningly gorgeous by the way), is that none of them do the combat/speed capabilities justice.

    I read that, with the enhanced reflexes/movement system of a Spartan, the movement alone would be significantly too jerky or fast for a regular human and would pretty much kill them. Not only that, but the force and power that is able to be generated is supposedly insane, so I would expect Master Chief or any Spartan to be able to literally knock out/kill the Covenant trooper in the beginning with just one punch. That was heavy, hard metal, and that punch to the jaw barely fazed the enemy. He was able to throw him off easily though, which made sense.

    I like how Master Chief is literally 7-9ft tall in his armor. That's cool.

    But, that armor is 1000lbs, are the covenent actually strong enough to compete with such weight and power? That's what kind of confuses me, because not many of the actual cutscenes actually show the power or any of the armor compared to what I've read in lore.

  3. Gideon Miles Author

    How on earth after a Mellinia of fighting did the forerunners not learn about the flood? no interrogations? intercepted transmission, diplomatic channels, or chance discovery of the flood? even failed compositions? ANNND it took a millennium? A 1000 years for the flood to finally eat humanity? WHILE it was fighting the forerunner?

  4. Melomidi Author

    Master Chief is by far my must favorite game character ever

    And at the end seeing his armor getting removed gave me chills, when his chest piece hit the ground and didn't even move after it hit the ground, really giving a good sense that he's wearing a real suit of armor for a hero, and gives a good idea of just how strong he is

  5. Cawfee Catt Author

    The beginning cut scene of halo 4 was so good it's like they knew exactly what we wanted to hear then you see the new ship, armor, the elites are enemies for no reason they did this to themselves halo 4 coulda been one of the best halo games

  6. clxwncrxwn Author

    If the spartan II are humanity’s next step, that means everyone might be a test tube baby. Selecting the best genes to survive conditioning, but all the spartan II’s are sterile because of the conditioning. so again test tubes.

  7. Joe Haselwood Author

    I really don't like how much Chief talks or his new armour. It really doesn't feel like the real Chief if you know what I mean? It feels like a new character almost

  8. snow jacobson Author

    After watching the scene why chief disobeyed del Rio and simple chief is not under his command or is even in his chain as S2 were under direct oni control and the naval board which is made by admirals he can only take recommendations from higher ups of captains and below

  9. John Lukach Author

    Halo 3 and 4 are absolutely epic games! You feel like your saving the galaxy no greater feeling then that. Halo 5 and original Halo not my cup of tea.

  10. Cheng Author

    I love how in halo 3 the Forward Unto Dawn has the classic UNSC frigate design but then In halo 4 it suddenly changes into the new 343 frigate design. Lik it’s not a huge issue, but it so dang annoying

  11. Brunt Chieftain Author

    Halo 4s story did absolutely nothing wrong and had a good conclusion for the whole series.
    Then i forgot spartan ops was a thing

  12. Drew Darr Author

    This game had so many flaws, but if there is one thing they did right while making this game, it was the story. Maybe some of the missions weren’t that fun. But the overall plot touching on Chief’s humanity, focusing on the forerunners like the didact, and having the courage to kill off Cortana was absolutely brilliant.

  13. Alexander Bouraad Author

    Why is the Captain of Infinity such a GIGANTIC ASSHOLE? At least he gets kicked out and replaced by the other guy near the end.

  14. Jvan Timbs Author

    Why dude talking to chief like he not a goat boi told sis to arrest chief lol she ain’t move an inch cause she wasn’t tryna get put on a shirt😂

  15. Amboss der Triumphator Author

    31:45 exactly why halo started to suck so much. cant we just have a normal sci fi shooter thats fun and engaging, without all this prophecy BS?

  16. John Does Author

    Become immortal like a god like the kings and queens and Pharaohs cuz you remember all their names be immortalized in song and movies and TV shows the composer stole stories from the internet and immortalize people and twisted them into his own Creations making evil things


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