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Harry Styles: Acting In ‘Dunkirk’ Was One Of The Best Experiences I’ve Ever Had | TODAY


  1. Creepy Carmody Author

    its literally an interview with 5 people from the cast and you call the video: harry styles… ????
    seriously? have some respect for them, they all worked hard and theyre all important, they all are on the same level here

  2. kojw Author

    I would suggest that everyone who was upset about the "Harry Styles and cast…" banner contact the Today show and let them know rather than waste their time commenting on this forum. If it had said Fionn Whitehead and cast, would there be as many comments about the banner? Just curious.

  3. AiKa Lo Author

    So glad she didn't just focus on Harry (despite the title Harry styles and cast????) but each of these guys were amazing in the film.

  4. Indie Kelly Author

    As much as I love Harry an interview with five of them shouldn't title around the one question he answered! And giving him a separate title like he's not a part of the cast?? Not cool.

  5. EnMin C. Author

    okay, minus that stupid caption that said "Harry & the cast…", i found this interview one of the better ones. she didn't really focus on Harry so much and she did try to give each member equal attention unlike most of the promo interviews

  6. nkiyy WO Author

    Just because the title says one thing, it doesn't mean that none of the actors are being recognized. You want to see that they all get recognition read a critic's review. The station or show interviewing them puts up a title to grab people's attention. There was this interview where Harry got a lot of attention by the interviewers and you could tell he was a little bothered by it. This woman does a better job at not playing favourites

  7. Ani Rose Author

    Harry did an outstanding job, but let's be real, Tom Hardy is the star of this movie, and rightfully so, he's award nominated. Let's not just praise Harry because he is also a musician. And I say this after having been a Directioner for five years.

  8. Bobo Vieri Author

    the boys did well in the movie, harry blend well in the film, if there werent press about him being in this movie, i wouldnt recognize him.

  9. We Gangin Author

    I think the only reason they put "harry styles and the cast" cuz they can't fit all their names for that but idk i could b wrong

  10. Glafira Kiyan Author

    The haters: ''All they do is put Harry's name everywhere! Ew! It's not just about him.''
    Harry: ''The film is about comaraderie-''
    The fans: ''We love him but this is too much – why is so much attention given to him?!''
    Harry: ''I am a fan of the people I am working with and it's an honour to be do-''
    The others: ''Aye, these people put too much enphasis on one lad.''
    Harry's loyal stans: shuffle on ''Shake it off.''

  11. Rimjhim Chakraborty Author

    the subject of the movie is getting shifted towards harry styles… harry styles is just a part of the movie not the movie himself.

  12. S. Y. Author

    They're all so gorgeous lol but also they acted very well in the movie which I appreciate. Another well-made movie by Nolan. Hopefully our politicians in the world understand one day the real devastation and destruction that war brings and stop sending our innocent sons to die for nothing. We must always look after one another. Together we are stronger. We must find another way. War is never the answer. In fact it only disintegrates world relations more than it had been previously. I don't think it is very profitable either lol there is just no excuse anymore.

  13. 정수연 Author

    I'm so happy to see whole (not actually whole, but) casts interview. Most of interviews interviewed Dunkirk cast are actually only "survivor" casts, without Barry and Aneurin. I surely understand director and company try not to do spoiling the film by not putting those who aren't survived, but ever since I'm a huge fan of Barry and Aneurin for long time, it hurts me sometimes that I can't watch their Dunkirk interviews more…

  14. Harry My Car's Name Author

    Harry Styles is such a huge name so maybe the host said Harry and the cast. I can't blame them. Harry's pretty face in this interview is effortlessly a standout!

  15. Delia Author

    Beside the caption "harry styles & the cast" I think she handled the interview pretty well rather than targeting harry with questions that were not related to the film.

  16. Delete Delete Author

    Why are people getting butthurt about the caption? Captions like this happen all the time. They always do it on talk shows; they take a qoute that they think will make people click on the video the most. Like stop being all frantic about Harry being popular and just appreciate that this cast (INCLUDING Harry Styles) is very talented and that this interview was actually quite good


    “Harry Styles & cast..”?? Uhm Harry Styles is also part pf the cast and just because he’d been “world famous” cause of the band doesnt mean he’s that much special out of the group and yes for me Hazza is so precious but the other guys also have that talent that he has

  18. Hermione Stark Author

    Even though I'm a One Direction fan, I find this quite insulting to everyone else in the cast by drawing attention just to Harry in the thumbnail and title. Fionn and Aneurin were the first of the main cast to even appear in this film come onnn 🙄


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