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Heather Henderson Directing Actors – Michael Solomon

You still have a lot going on in your face. Ok. You don’t need to do that. [crosstalk] Do you feel… [crosstalk] (Instructor) It’s great, Heather and Michael [cross talk] I want you to pull it way back. It’s like you’re almost… That same attitude that you just had was beautiful. Just… Pull back, and just drone it. Yeah Cool Yeah Thank you (off screen) One more take Roll camera Rolling Slate out Whenever you’re ready Hélène I have your notebook. Oh my god my
diary! Why do you have this? Diary… Oh. I didn’t steal it if that’s what you’re
thinking I knew it was yours not because I read
it because I know your handwriting but not in a stalker way you still write in
cursive and it’s old-school in a good way it’s really pretty writing you’re really pretty too much. Um… your diary is back safe and sound in the right hands, Uh, glad the day is saved.
I’m just gonna go. Yep.I’m gonna go. Cut That was beautiful! Come on, you’re done (instructor) Heather that was great great take he has no idea what just happened here, make sure he knows

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