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Heatless Old Hollywood 1950s Waves // How To Curl Your Hair

Hi lovelies Welcome to my second hair rolling turorial If you missed the first one, or you just want to watch it again You can see it in the or we put it down below in the description Now, that look was kind of big bouncy curls This thime, we’re going to be doing a kind of sleeker style, here As you can see I’m gonna call this, er, vintage hollywood waves, because it reminds me of old film noir. Well. it’s also incredibly easy Because there are no hot rollers involved Er no pims holding your hair in every which direction And it’s a bit of a relaxed look as well so you can wear it for evening, or you can wear it in the daytime whilst you are going about your day. Wheter you’re going to school. or college, or work, whatever it is you do With your time I’ll also be linking in the description below All of the products that I use and my brushes as well I hope you like the video, do if there’s another look of mine that you would like to see next Good evening, we’re starting today with damphair Hey Jessica That’s because we’re using a different setting lotion THis is Lottabody and it’s awesome It’s excellent for wet setting for a glossy look As it dries fastwith a silky sheen and doesn’tflake I’ve applied it directly to my hair, three parts water toone part Lottabody Today’s roller pattern will be concentrated around the front of your hair, like so Using smaller amounts of hair in therollers for a tightly curled look For the back, use larger chunks of hair and roll them high I’m using my 1.3 inch rollers from Boots again I have found them on AMazon though, so I will put that link in the description Again thats a smaller amount of hair at the front and a larger amount at the back Begin with your fringe Or bangs for you Americans Comb the stting lotion through, your hair is going to be reallysticky as it dries divide your fringe in two, the smaller the amount of hair thetighter the curl A quick brush, and let’s get rolling. We’re going to be curling the hair sideways and away from the parting Do the same with the second part of your fringe Voila! Pick up the top section of your hair and curl away from your parting All of our rollerrs will be curled under, like so. Split the front side sections of your hair in half as well Delightful, there we go, the front is done and lord alive, I have incredibly straight hair big sections at theback oops, I almost fell over the puppy Aww, I love her Right, cack to hair curling Aim for this much hair per roller If you find your hair is drying too quickly Then apply more lottabody by dipping your rollers in a bowl of lotion mixed with water done! Now you may have noticed that I have a lovely little C on my wrap from my gorgeous wife of course right, let’s get ready for bed First you need your hairnet, Don’t hook it over your front rollers otherwise you will get an awful forehead dent I’m going to be wearing this cute little dotty scarf that Claudia got me for my birthday it’s also going to be popping up next week in a scarf tying tutorial video Yay! there we go little Tills, ready for bed No, she hasn’t grown overnight. here’s Walter He doesn’t get carried much though because he’s really really heavy. So, good morning! Not feeling too good this morning, but it’s okay I have my trusty ice cream carton on standby God, I hate nausea My headscarf is looking good though Almost done lotta body lotion makes my hair smell great Grab your tangle teaser and it’s time for the brush out I’m going to superfast forward because it takes a long time We’re going for a very glossy, smoothed down yet wavy look So repeated brushing is essential. Remember to brush against something, I.e. your boob to get the silky look we’re after. It may even take a whole half hour to get it perfect using the different brushes, so maybe take a seat and find somethinng to read while you brush Next up, grab your bristle brush Yes, I should probably get a much larger one, but this smaller oneis actually pretty handy for getting the individual curls Except for when you catch it There we go, lovely Last fringe. Little moment to, have a little drink
So much better, yay Brush out the fringe Give it a little twirl It’s perfectly lovely at the front, but I like a little lift Plus my hair tends to flop So, backcomb, backcomb, backcomb Fabulous, how to get that lovely high fringe Smooth it in give it a little twist Oooh, ahh, looking delightful Well almost, and for my hairspray Ugh, uh, what’s that How is there puppy hair on here, what has she been doing? Right, Lots of hairspray, lots and lots and lots Before it dries, grab your tangle teaser and spread it through your hair Quite a lot of it will come off, hence the excessive spraying I told you it was a lot of brushing Smooth perfection This look is a fabulous with a beautiful hairclip on the side, you know, like this But with something beautiful. not my hand Here we are, vintage hollywood waves Remember to like, comment and subscribe For more I really enjoyed making this for you, so I am looking forward to lots more hair videos


  1. celestialskye1 Author

    I'm so glad I found and subscribed to your channel! You're absolutely adorable and love the great quips along the way. Your hair came out amazing. ♡xox♡ Katherine

  2. StrawberryLil Author

    Ah! This is absolutely perfect! I'll try the other one once again, though, before I attempt to do this look. Also, I can't wait for the scarf-tying tutorial next week! Thanks for showing us all the possibilities of vintage curls. They're lovely! I hope you started to feel a little better after filming this video and that the rest of the day went without vomiting, too. ❤️

  3. Michelle Tackett Author

    I gotta try this and I have the same rollers you have. I use them almost every day. You look so cute in your rollers. Thanks for all the tips.

  4. katherynne Author

    I just found your channel and I'm so emotional finding a disabled lesbian vintage loving person making videos, it's the representation of my dreams and I'm just — you are lovely and your videos are lovely and I'm so happy.

  5. Jo Hughes Author

    Great hair tutorial doll 😍 So easy as well! Can I ask where you bought that stunning dressing gown from?…So beautiful 💕xx

  6. thunderstrike2525 odinson Author

    so you have to go to sleep with them on….must get warm with that on your head? you use the cumime on your hair on the front with makes it wavey? is that how it works? ,,,what face makeup do you use? and eye brows? yeh might be funny a man asking things like that but I grewup in a female household so I only saw thngs like that….. and being arty I find it very intresting as its a work of art….if done right…. theres a progame to moroe night called kaite piper about face makeup for those whith diff pigment in faces its very intresting to see how they cover therses up…you would never tell they had such a porb;em ??? not that it is to me … I had something like that when I was young due to server accterdent on bike to my face….you never guess now…mostly healed,,,i was young then mind you,,, so I hope you don't mind my comments ;.)

  7. Ginger's Keto In The UK Author

    OMG I just adore you you're so cute and entertaining!!! wish I had long hair to do anything with this tutorial but i enjoy watching you so much i watched it all anyway 😉

  8. Lauren Helen Author

    I've only recently found your channel and let me just say I adore all of your content! From a fellow vintage-style loving lesbian, THANK YOU <3

  9. Lobna Author

    Do I have to wash my hair first? Or is it okay if it's dry? Cause my hair is pretty frizzy so if I don't flat iron it first then its going to be really messy!! Btw love your videos pretty different than others!!

  10. Sophie V Author

    This looks so beautiful! I've been trying to achieve a similar style with my unruly hair for years, so I'm trying this at the moment (literally, my hair is setting as I type). I have a question though, perhaps it's just a rookie mistake, but how do you get the rollers to stay rolled high? Mine sagged a bit immediately after I fastened the clips, and even though it probably won't have great effect on the curl, it feels a lot less secure. Thanks so much for making these videos, you're truly lovely!

  11. Christen Szajner Author

    Did you use a spray bottle to apply the lottabody and water to your hair? Or did you use your hand?
    Love love your channel by the way!

  12. Shannon Traynor Stright Author

    Great tutorial 🙂
    May I ask , where do you find those amazing hair nets ? I'm hoping from an online , international site 😀 They look great . The ones that I get , here in Canada , are very fine , and fragile , and only last a few wears .
    Thanks again for sharing this .
    Greetings from the East Coast of Canada 💗

  13. Rowan Delohi Author

    Just found you channel the other day when looking up… gosh, I don't even remember. Found this video looking up hollywood style. (Hello, my fellow lady-lover btw) I will be helping my sister with a look like this and was wondering if (instead of leaving it over night) would the effect would be the same with blowdrying the rolls? Thank you for your time. You both always look so pretty! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  14. Forbiddencolours Author

    Jessica I've seen quite a lot of your videos so I know how beautiful you are but this specific thumbnail just had me shook, you are so beautiful I had to click. I love you so much and you keep doing you 🙂

  15. Becauseoflisa Author

    I have never got so frustrated with inanimate objects in my life. With many choice words I finally managed to get them in, here's hoping it'll all work out in the morning x

  16. Erica Massage Author

    I tried foam rollers once for this look and girl, I got mega frizz. Combing made it worse.

    What's the secret to sleek hair? Was I not coming enough? Is there a special conditioner I should have treated my hair with before rolling?

  17. Cate The Great Author

    So.. how to curl your hair 1000x faster
    Roll your hair dry.
    Put on a shower cap
    Take a hot shower ( I f you can't, do the next step fo 2x as long)
    Blow dry hair for about 10 minutes

  18. griqs Author

    Wow I found your channel through my girlfriend and I'm super impressived at your speaking ability, I didn't even know it was possible… I wish you the best of luck in life!

  19. Wera K. Author

    I just looooove this look! But what I mostly wonder about is how the hell are you able to sleep in Your rollers? I've tried it once (have same rollers as You) and had to get up in the middle of the night to take them off xD


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