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Helen Mirren Teaches Acting | Official Trailer | MasterClass

So I just did what
I consider to be one of the most
difficult things to do in my profession of acting,
which is to walk as yourself. This is the first
time in my life I have ever actually talked
about my work in this way. I didn’t go to drama school. The first time, in fact, I
remember seeing drama at all was when my mother took me to
an amateur production of Hamlet. It was a cataclysmic experience. A darkened space with a group
of people watching something, and they are transformed by it. I would like to share
some of the ways I work. Never act in front of a mirror. You are doing the exact opposite
of what acting is about. Acting is all about what’s
happening within you. It doesn’t matter what’s
happening on your face. It’s a collaboration
between us all. Your costume designer
is incredibly important in building
your character. A Russian with a bad
wig and these glasses– nomination. Likewise, the
environment is going to tell the story
of the character as much as the costume is. I knew nothing at all about
working in front of a camera. Now this is what happens
just before you do a take. At this point, you have
to cut all this stuff out. And when the director
calls action, you don’t have to start
acting straightaway. Of course, the
beautiful moment is between you and that little
spot next to the lens. I remember this feeling so well. And many of you will feel
it, when suddenly you’re in control of it. I felt I was on this
incredibly powerful force. But I had the vocal ability, I
had the intellectual ability, for that all to settle. And now I could play with it. The moment when your technique
is so deep within you, that gives you the freedom
then to invent, to improvise, to act. I’m Helen Mirren, and
this is my MasterClass.


  1. scronx Author

    When is this dignified (((English))) lady going to divulge how she could lower herself to simulating all that sex in The Passion of Ayn Rand?

  2. Josh ua Author

    Old whore lining her pockets again. I'd give her a bloody acting class. Let her reply to me if she has the balls. Silly old moose.

  3. rob sinclaire Author

    Been in Love with you Helen for about 40 years (!) Your work on the BBC Shakesp. Series (As You Like it, Midnight Summers Dream, Cymbeline) are all Great Works of Art!


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