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HelLA – Dinner in West Hollywood…

[birds chirping] [traffic noises] Ya know, I kinda love Weho. I love West Hollywood! This place is the best. Super fun to live in. It’s so clean. Super clean! They power wash the sidewalks. That’s crazy! I mean, what other community can you like walk up to a truck and get an STD test? Last night I was out in Silverlake and this guy walks up to me and he was just like, “I would totally right swipe you” Right swipe you?! Yeah, it’s a Tinder thing. I literally felt my ovaries just, shhlep It sounds dirty… Really, you’re leading with Tinder? …and it makes me itchy Roses for the lady? Oh. Which lady? uhhhh…. No thank you. Are you sure? Yes, we’re sure. Was she talking to you? I think they ask everyone don’t they? Or did she think we were a couple? She totally thought you wanted to buy me flowers. If we were dating you would buy me flowers. Uh, she was looking at you. Who’s wearing the hat? Are you kidding me? She was asking, she was looking at you. If the shoe fits. I would absolutely not buy you flowers, and she was looking at you! You’re crazy. That’s crazy. This is why I fucking hate West Hollywood. I hate West Hollywood. I’m not hungry anymore. She was probably trying to sell us cocaine.


  1. SebstarFTW Author

    Can somebody please explain to me what "right swipe" (spelling?) is. Google didn't help at all (or I'm too dumb to put the Urban Dictionary explanation into context).

  2. Tasman Anderson Author

    This is amazing! I'm moving to LA next year and I cringed when I realised that West Hollywood is one of my choices 😛 I love this web series!

  3. Dwaynitta Parker Author

    Awesome series!!  Truly appreciate the humor in all of the episodes!!! Great job & wishing you many more blessings on your journey!!


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