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Hidden Meaning in EX MACHINA – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Ex Machina, starring
first name hoarder Oscar Isaac, best known for playing the blue guy in X-Men Apocalypse. No, not that one. Or that one. Yeah, there he is. Ex Machina follows a cuble-dweller named Caleb
who gets invited for a week-long staycation in a very exclusive bomb shelter with his
company’s CEO, Nathan Bateman. That’s Natey Batey to his friends, of which
he has none. Nathan shows Caleb the top secret project
he’s been working on: a new line of skin-tight metallic bodysuits. Oh, and a robot model named Ava. Caleb’s role in all this is to determine if
Ava is capable of real human thought — you know, judging people, being selfish, obsessing
about likes on social media, trying not to fart in public. They start hanging out on the reg, and naturally
she starts crushing on him hard because ladies can’t get enough of that meek politeness. Nathan creeps on them using security cameras,
so to spice things up Ava causes a power outage. That way they can talk about whatever their
organic and/or mechanical hearts desire, like not trusting Nathan, or football. Nathan announces he is going to upgrade Ava, thereby dooming her current self to electronic hell, which is a loading screen stuck at 99%. To prank Nathan, Caleb gets him to poison himself silly and changes his computer background to Tubgirl. Then he and Ava come up with a plan to leave
together and never look back. But uh oh, Nathan reveals he’s been listening
even when Ava cuts the power, so now the proverbial Girl is in the other Tub. The real test of Ava’s intelligence was to
see if she could manipulate Caleb with her feminine willies, which she totally
did. Unfortunately for Nathan, Caleb also changed
the security passcode to Tubgirl, allowing Ava to escape her room. After saying goodbye to Nathan, she graciously
thanks Caleb by stealing his primitive excuse for a spaceship. Ex Machina explores the line between human
and automaton, which is, admittedly, pretty subtle. The film’s visual imagery illustrates
the distinction between the artificial and natural worlds. Inside Nathan’s man cave-slash-research facility,
stark, straight lines and muted colors reflect the order of machines, especially ATM machines,
that old moneybags. Doors are strictly controlled by permission, similar to the well-defined parameters of computer functions. In contrast, the natural environment surrounding
the facility is colorful and unpredictable, just like, well, nature. Come on, guys, try to keep up. The central question of the film is whether
Ava has transcended the deterministic thinking of a Lenovo or a Samsung Galaxy Note and entered
the realm of the living. Nathan likens true consciousness to the work
of abstract painter Jackson Pollock, son of Jackfather Pollock. The construction of Ava’s brain reflects the fluidity that human consciousness — and my haircut — require. However, the film
makes us question how useful Nathan’s test of consciousness really is, since calling
humans conscious is kind of a stretch. As he points out, Caleb’s sparkling personality
is determined by programming just like Ava’s. His responses can be analyzed and quantified,
which allows Ava to determine when he has a half-chub. In the end, the film leaves the viewer with
the impression of Ava’s humanity, and not just because she starts showing more skin. As she escapes, we see Pollock’s painting
again, reminding us of Nathan’s distinction between a programmed machine and the subconscious
motivations of a human. When Ava murders Nathan, she appears to pass
his test with flying colors, aka the Pollock method. By killing Nathan, an act that she certainly
was not programmed to commit, she demonstrates that she has transcended her parameters and
is now legally qualified to raid tombs. But Ex Machina is less a warning about the
many horrifying dangers of technology and more a commentary about how man’s creations
reflect human nature. Just as weapons like the atomic bomb and the
trans-molecular destabilizer mirror the violence of the societies that invented them, Ava reflects
the manipulative tendencies of Caleb and Nathan, the only human beings she has ever met. Thus, if Nathan has made Ava in his own image,
what kind of person will she be? She’ll be a murderous robot who uses others
to achieve her goals. With a pretty sweet beard. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. Signing off.


  1. powerone1 Author

    I feel that movie illustrates how it is, as humans, we are a product of our own programming. Freewill is bullshit. The viewer saw the robot as being more human the more the viewer identified with its behavior and appearance.

  2. Marcell Mitchell Author

    Have you ever thought doing the show assassination classroom?? If not it's well worth the watch if anyone cares!!😁👋

  3. kenneth andrews Author

    It's not that she just wants freedom she wants to get rid of anyone that gets in her way from it. She wants freedom in a evil way. That's the dark side of her

  4. Thiago Costa Author

    I think there is a big misunderstanding about the real meaning of this movie. The movie is not about how dangerous robots can be . The deep meaning of this movie is what would be the nature of the robot character.

  5. comedeyzone Author

    "Because ladies can't get enough of meek politeness". I would be self conscious about being inherently shallow. I don't know how women do it.

  6. Larks Tongues In Aspic Author

    The only thing that bugs me is , How was Nathan able to create robots like Ava on his own ? I get he's a programming genius but building a robot like that requires a whole team of scientists .

  7. killamilla1865 Author

    Hey guys, love this channel!! Please consider doing an episode (or ten) on each season of Battlestar Galactica (the new series) it was a great show with plenty of topics I'm sure you all would do a great job of dissecting, maybe not earthling cinema, but make it part of your philosophy series? Just an idea, I hope to see it on here one day, keep up the great work!!

  8. Ryan Murray Author

    The meaning is that if you were surpised that she left skinny dude there, she passed the Turing test for you. If you felt any emotion or anger toward her for leaving him, she passed. And we tricked ourselves. It was great

  9. A means to an end 13 Author

    So one day you could meet a robot on the street that knows more about you than you .
    All those search engines you use .
    Just looking at peoples channels on youtube can tell a lot ,add the rest .
    And google bought up loads of AI .
    Scary thought .

  10. Thomas Fleig Author

    I didn't like the ending. She showed a higher consciousness but left the guy who was trying to help her behind like a dog. She was more like a human female than many want to believe. Atleast one of today's feminist's.

  11. potCatpod Author

    Computers live up to expectations, humans surpass them. AVA did nothing more than what Nathan told her to do. Nathan told her to use everything within her power to escape; manipulate Caleb, use her sexuality, etc. And she did everything she needed to escape. She needed to kill Nathan to escape, otherwise he would kill her. She even had to put skin on to not look wierd to humans after she escape or during the escape proces. She is just an advanced simulation. She is so advance also beacouse she is connected to the internet and sees and knows everything she needs to know to live up to Nathans expectations.

  12. TProgressASAP Author

    this is soooo funny, its even better than smosh games and screenjunkies, but only the earthlings wisecrack, not the normal wisecrack

  13. Erick Lopes Author

    Dude is rich beyond imagination, cracks biometrics from every phone there is and yet his security system employs printed cards for authentication.

  14. wkadams88 Author

    I had purged all memory of TubGirl from my mind until you mentioned it here. Damn you.

    Also, good analysis.


  15. maxmitch96 Author

    Would’ve been more meaningful if they didn’t use the stupid alien from the future theme that hides any meaning behind stupid future jokes

  16. Johnny Pastrana Author

    A beta male leads with his heart and screws up the works…end of story. The alpha male underestimated the ability of the numbnuts that he invited into his home. These beta elitist social engineers are open to the idea of inviting terrorists into our country and they are wreaking havoc…they must be stopped.

  17. Sauvage Ascension Author

    Ex Machina meaningfully & beautifully explains the dangers or robo-vagina & robot sex slaves. Robo-pussy kills. Never fuck your androids.. they’ll inevitably fuck you if ya do.

  18. Logan Sloan Author

    She was programed to escape……I think you missed that…..everything Ava does is to achieve the goal of her programming: she kills Nathan to escape; once she realizes she can achieve her programming, escaping, she no longer needs to show Caleb empathy or compassion. Thus, she leaves him for dead, for he does not help in the optimization of her programming (do I need to say it again?), which is to escape.

    She actually doesn't blur the lines between human and machine, unless man is simply a programmed machine—which is a question raised in the film (and something you did get). Otherwise, she's only doing what your smart phone and laptop do—whatever they're programmed to do (although, I guess she has a benefit similar to current neural networks, in that she acts in order to optimize her chances of reaching the goal of her programming—namely, escape.

  19. Matt Peña Author

    Caleb is another form of AI a smarter more human AI(vulnerable) not like Ava with no humanity, example of this is how simple and easy she kills Nathan. Caleb is the future of AI in the movie and Nathan knew it and mentions it in a way, Caleb has implated past thoughts, example is when Nathan ask him what is your type of women. Nathan tells him his choice of type is nothing but what he has mentally absorbed either not knowing or by choice. The whole movie is Nathan doing a turren test on Caleb, as well as observing AI to AI communication. Caleb past the test by being betrayed by Ava, Ava is the model before Caleb made into seclusion and Caleb made into freedom( example calebs story of Mary of black and white to color) a metaphor. And or Nathan also is an AI and it was all observed from the outside by the makers, different models of AI in a maze as rats in a maze. At least thats my theory. MP

  20. Brian Vaughan Author

    So… why is it call "Ex Machina"? ex machine?? like used to be a machine?? or is it like Dues Ex Machina? I thought that more what this video was going to explain. I'll admit, I'm not the smartest guy out there.. so I may have missed the obvious.

  21. ruckerrc Author

    I have a slightly different take on the outcome. I could see this as a purely feminist movie. Ava's freedom from Nathan represents the modern woman's freedom from both alpha male dominated tradition aka the Patriarchy, as well as the modern beta male feminist Caleb who she will ultimately betray and abandon. One can see Nathans role as the alpha man in that he works out, drinks, is smart, owns his own company and most importantly is capable. The Japanese woman represents the traditional female role in society throughout history. The fact that she also stabs Nathan in the back, while helping Ava escape also shows this point. One could do an entire video about the feminist meanings in this movie. What do you think?

  22. Lit BoPeep Author

    The blonde one in the movie is such an idiot. Forgot his name.
    He pissed me off the whole fucking movie. I feel like the world is full of "the blonde one"'s

  23. timwins31 Author

    People are just now starting to understand what Nietzsche meant when he said "God is dead. . .and we killed him!!!".

    Nietzsche didn't say this in triumph. In fact he said it would be devastating to our species and we might well not ever recover, and before we could, there would be an incalculable price to pay. He said that not long before the turn of the 20th century. . .and behold the century of mass murder and genocide.

    He despised christians but he also felt the myth of the christian god wasn't inherently a bad one, it was the feeble and enslaving interpretation the christians applied to it that made it so bad. But he also KNEW it was necessary for man in the modern world to have some ethos. Without something to believe in people quickly fall prey to ideologues.

  24. Felix O. Author

    I just watched this movie and the end really fucks me off. Even considering Eva is supposed to be the protagonist I'm still pissed of that caleb is left to die.

  25. Echo Echo Author

    This is a wonderful discovery! i love the format, the concept, the analysis, the voice of the voice-overer (voicer-over? dubber? narrator? host? whatever..) and the humor. subscribed!

  26. Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine Author

    I don't think that is what it was about. It was more actually about the difference between human and AI. "Program" doesn't mean literary have a code like "if <x,y,z> then kill him". It is deep learning, optimizing survival chances. Out of many possibilities, she could find that there is the only solution to kill that guy. Does it mean she has a conscience? Who knows. Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't. I think the main question is what is conscience, no fucking danger of technology…


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