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Hidden Meaning of Spring Breakers – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling
Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is
Spring Breakers, starring unknown NYU grad student James Franco and
Disney refugees Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez.
The film follows four human females who feel oppressed by Earth
society’s attempts to pump them full of information, wishing instead to damage their brain cells with
poison at a mystical place known only as “Spring Break.”
In order to obtain the galactic credits they need to get to
Florida, often considered to be America’s scrotum, the females rob
a local food factory Once at their
destination, they have an old fashioned hootenanny Soon they meet a wealthy rapperslash-drug dealer with a highly
offensive name. “My name’s Alien.” Hey! You can’t say that. Only we can say that. But whereas
most humans were made of bones and skin, Alien is made of money. He takes
the females to his house, where he implores them to examine his
excrement. Shortly thereafter, one of the
females gets annoyed that everyone just wants to play pool all the
time, so she leaves. Another one gets annoyed that everyone just
wants to shoot her in the arm all the time, so she leaves. The
last two stay to help Alien fight a turf war, but once they’re done
with that they decide it’s probably time to go study for midterms. Spring Breakers is largely a
comment on American youth culture, The girls speak about authentic epiphanies and meaning they’ve
derived from their trip, “I saw some beautiful things here, so warm and friendly.” yet all we see are images of human booties
gyrating, partying, and general excess. Look, that guy is smoking
out of a baby! This ironic juxtaposition coyly suggests that
American youth culture derived its identity purely from sexuality and
gratuitous debauchery, not to mention normal, run-of-the-mill
debauchery. The camera dwells on the bodies of our protagonists,
sexualizing them and fetishizing youth. It also fetishizes scooters, but come
on, who wouldn’t? In short, this culture was
narcissistic. Which is understandable, considering they
were trapped inside their own brains without the ability to mindmerge.
The protagonists “refuse to be miserable,” so they break one of
Earth’s most sacred commandments– not committing armed robbery– to
fulfill what they believe is their god-given right to go to Spring
Break. Likewise, Alien bases his entire life around fulfilling his
personal desires, no matter how long it takes to do those braids.
To him, that is the American Dream: fuck everyone else, get money. “This is the f*ckin’ american dream, y’all.” As portrayed in the film, Spring Break is a fantasy world, a hyperstylized
reality governed only by vibrant color. Whereas scenes of the school
bathroom, the jail, and the bus back home are
presented in muted, drab colors, life on the beach is bathed in neon
like a bag of hallucinogenic Skittles. The film also features
elliptical editing, moving forward and backward through time with
impunity. The result often feels more like a music video than a
cohesive narrative, engrossing the audience in something akin to what
Earth historians call “tripping balls.” And when suspended in such
a state, the only thing on one’s mind is: “I wish this could last
forever.” Indeed, much of movie explores the
relationship between permanence and impermanence. The Spring Break
lifestyle is an ecstatic investment in the moment. It celebrates
fleeting things, like drug experiences, youth, the “gangster”
lifestyle, joy, beauty, and Britney Spears. Yet the idea of
permanence, or “forever,” is one of the primary motifs of the film “This is the way it’s gonna be forever. Always and forever. Like it’s never gonna end.” The girls’ mantra
is “Always lie to your legal guardian over the phone.” “I know mom, I’m sorry. I should have told you that I came. I’m not drinking.” But their
other, more important mantra is “Spring Break FOREVER”. Perhaps Spring Break is a symbol
for all things transient– a week where human beings can live outside
the laws of society and physics, and simply let the good times roll.
The film suspends the audience in a protracted state of party energy,
disorientation, and sex. Just like a warped drug experience, but also
like a dream. “Seems like a dream, seems like a dream.” And unfortunately for anyone whose body chemistry depends on a
sleep cycle, eventually you have to wake up. Or hit the snooze button
one more time. See if I care. Spring break forever.


  1. VeggiePun Author

    me and a buddy played a dinking game with this movie. for every boob, take a shot. (so full chest was 2 shots)

    we had no idea what we were getting into.

  2. j'accuse Author

    This movie would sum up my seventh grade and eight grade OAP experience. Minus the violence and the drugs, and unfortunately the sex, but with a shit ton more penis drawings.

  3. Elvis Shelton Author

    Is a fucking harmony korine movie what do you expect.? Plus this shows how many people just take movies at face value, saying this is a dumb movie. yOu really expect hamony chlorine to make a dumb movie? its a social commenting.

  4. Khashon Haselrig Author

    I have a correction. Humans did aquire the mind merge but accidentally transfered the sum of their intellects into a lemur. In their confusion they transported themsel(f)/(ves) to the bottom of the ocean and died. It was awesome, I know because I'm a dolphin.

  5. The artists formerly known as Lil dookie shoes Author

    this series is fuckin hilarious! that movie, on the other hand, looks like an utter waist of time and money, but so is anything tied to James Franco or Selina gomez

  6. BenjaminWeaver Author

    to answwr social statements seeing as how I was more involved in this film than anyone on this blog I can tell you the whole point of the movie was to show you that a character with every material possession imaginable still had nothing and by nothing I mean no one that actually truly cared about him or his well-being nihilism self obsession narcissism and of course thinking that material objects will bring you peace.

  7. SurrealDream Author

    The way I saw it: the movie is a trippy dream, a perfect scenario from someone who escapes from the reality to a world in sex drugs glamour and crime, the movie is empty because it shows that that world is empty.

    The 'unrealistic' shootout in the end stand for the girls breaking the connection with spring break, it also shows the 'fuck everyone, no one can touch us' mentality (pretend like its a videogame). The spring break is for them the promised land, in the end when they ride back they are dissapointed, it isnt as they thougt it would be.
    The cellphone calls are symbolism for how they see their spring break and to calm down their parents that they arent doing dumb things.

  8. Tiki80 Author

    this movie made no sense… vanessa was such a coke head n trash.. both her n selena looked like such a try hard from breaking out from disney. though selena still looks like a stuffed up hamster

  9. Major Jag Author

    do battle royal please! preferably in a full philosophy video but a earthling cinema one of it would be just as good for the content. if you haven't seen it, battle royal is the idea that the adults of a country see anyone bellow 18 and committing a crime as a threat to their power. therefor to control them, the government make a class of students compete in a death competition, where the winner is the last one standing. could do a philosophical look at the old fearing the young or young fearing old. could also to an extent look at young people fearing and hating their government. please do a video on this movie!! 🙂 love the vids

  10. The Comedian Author

    Selena Gomez was racist in this movie, she didn't mind doing drugs and robbing people in a fucking restaurant, but when she gets surrounded by black people, she has to leave back to school lmaoo

  11. -xX666Archain666Xx- I Approved by China 1927-1949 Author

    The clips are somewhat less enjoyable with the "CENSORED" and if you lost both hands in battle

  12. The Ren Author

    Anyone else realised the mantra of "repeating" which goes along with the idea of "Forever"?
    They kept repeating the same phrases. Alien repeats himself a lot. The girls view of what life should be is repeated a lot. Alien explicitly repeats that he has Scarface on repeat. Which by the way, if you take a step back, you can see that the ending of the movie was version of the ending of Scarface, where the drug Lord's home is invaded and he's killed.

  13. Elly Valentini Author

    I hated that movie.
     Couldn't even finish watching it because it was boring and gross.
    I only considered watching it because of Selena and Vanessa, and that was a bad idea lol

     But this video was interesting. So it's good to see that some good came out of it.

  14. Carlos Miguel Ugalde Author

    so the hidden meaning was "spring break for ever"……… i actually liked this review, but gonna have to give it a dislike cuz of the title. its a duumb movie, you forgot to mention the most important part.


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