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Hilarious Things Actors Did While In Character

For every actor who reverts back to their
usual self the second they hear the word “cut,” there’s another who stays in character for
the entire duration of a film’s production. Of course, living in character around the
clock can lead to some pretty unusual situations — as proven by these hilarious things actors
did while in character. Wesley Snipes left Post-It notes as Blade Blade: Trinity director David S. Goyer and
star Wesley Snipes had an infamous on-set battle over Snipes’ refusal to take direction
as a leather-wearing vampire hunting ninja. The whole thing culminated in an argument
that turned physical when Snipes attempted to throttle Goyer with his bare hands. From that point on, Snipes refused to speak
to Goyer for the rest of the shoot. According to co-star Patton Oswalt, Snipes
communicated solely with the director via Post-It notes. As an added bonus, they were allegedly all
written in character, each signed “From Blade.” Leonard Nimoy groks Spock Because of his high intelligence, the Star
Trek character Spock was extraordinarily popular with career academics and scientists, many
of whom saw the character as a peer. As a result, Spock actor Leonard Nimoy was
often invited to sit in on lectures — and even look over theses and research proposals
by fans who assumed he had a similar knowledge of the fields of science. To spare the feelings of people who couldn’t
tell the difference between an actor and a pointy-eared alien from the future, Nimoy
would affect Spock’s mannerisms and tell people, “Well, it certainly looks like you’re headed
in the right direction” — regardless of whether he actually understood anything they’d
said. “Fascinating.” Robert Downey Jr.: Method Man In Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr.’s Kirk
Lazarus is supposedly one of the world’s most gifted Method actors — and so committed
to his craft that he undergoes surgery to change the pigmentation of his skin in order
to appear black while portraying his character Lincoln Osiris. Fittingly, Downey stayed in character as Osiris
throughout the DVD commentary for the film — meaning he talked about the movie as a
fictional character being played by another fictional character. To sum it up, those who listen to the track
will hear Downey pretending to be an Australian guy…pretending to be a black guy…talking
about a film… within a film. “Whoa!” What Danny don’t do Everyone who’s seen Machete knows one thing
for sure: “Machete don’t text.” What you probably didn’t know is that this
line came about because star Danny Trejo also doesn’t text. Instead, he tried to call director Robert
Rodriguez multiple times to discuss some ideas about Machete’s character. Rodriguez finally called back and asked why
on Earth Trejo didn’t just text him. Trejo’s response was to get in character and
growl the since-immortalized line. Rodriguez laughed so hard he ended up putting
it in the film. Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills Bryan Mills, Liam Neeson’s character from
the Taken franchise, can end a human life with nothing more than a pinpoint-accurate
slap to the throat. In other words, he’s a pretty scary guy. “But what I do are a very particular set of
skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people
like you.” So imagine how terrified an unnamed ex-boyfriend
of Maggie Grace, who plays Mills’ daughter throughout the series, must have been when
Neeson, in character as Mills, called him up to threaten to punch his arms off. As a joke, of course. Ha ha? Adam Driver does not need a hug According to pretty much everyone involved
with the production of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Adam Driver spent almost all of his
time on the set in character as the sullen Kylo Ren. He was so emo, his co-stars felt compelled
to try to cheer him up. Mark Hamill, for instance, offered to take
Driver to lunch and repeatedly asked the young actor if he’d like to hang out. Not wanting to break character, Driver turned
him down. John Boyega, on the other hand, took a more
direct approach, randomly hugging Driver without warning in full costume throughout production. According to Boyega, Driver never once so
much as smirked; upon being hugged, he’d stand awkwardly until Boyega was done before walking
away. Game of Leers Everyone has their favorite Game of Thrones
characters, but two characters in particular have sparked fans’ imaginations thanks to
their hilariously one-sided sexual tension: bearded wildling Tormund Giantsbane, played
by Kristofer Hivju, and the long-legged sentinel of iron-plated justice Brienne of Tarth, played
by Gwendoline Christie. “I want to make babies with her. Think of them. Great, big monsters. They’d conquer the world.” Christie said that even she was taken aback
at the “magnitude of intense sexual intention” Hivju brought to the role, something he carried
over between takes. He reportedly attempted to woo her by sensually
eating a sandwich while maintaining unflinching eye contact in full costume between takes. Which, to be fair, sounds exactly like something
Tormund would do. “Really kinda making love to that sandwich
as he eyeballs me.” “Which is really strong, eyes like lasers.” Mrs. Doubtfire visited an adult shop Mrs. Doubtfire is fondly remembered as one
of Robin Williams’ most famous roles. But before the film was announced, he decided
to see just how well the costume disguised his extremely famous face — by visiting
an adult shop in San Francisco. Williams walked into the store in full Mrs.
Doubtfire gear and started browsing the various items on display, asking an increasingly bemused
cashier the most uncomfortable questions he could think of in Doubtfire’s wonderful old
lady voice. “And finally the guy realized it was me and
said, ‘Get out of here, Robin, you —hole!” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Nept Man Author

    The one with Mark inviting Adam to lunch is incorrect. Adam said that it was actually something that they just never got around to. The reason that he was staying in character was more of a theory

  2. Richard Atkinson Author

    A Story I Heard Once And Found On IMDB Was That During The 1984 Movie Terminator, After The Scene Where The Cyborg Had Half His Face Torn Off, Arnold Schwarzenegger Went To A Restaurant For Breakfast. Unfortunately He Forgot That He Was Still In Full Make Up, Complete With Glowing Red Eye. As If He Didn't Already Look Intimidating. If I Remember The Interview Right, Nobody Noticed.

  3. Emma Author

    1. the Adam Driver & Mark Hamill one wasn't true, their scheduling didn't match up. 2. Adam doesn't like hugs so people gave hugs to him randomly just to mess with him

  4. elfsong713 Author

    Adam Driver didn't refuse to have lunch with Hamill, they just never found the time.
    I do believe the thing about the hugs though; that sounds like it would be hilarious!

  5. Ammonia Author

    I hate method actors. If you HAVE to remain in character, you're lame. I think they are ppl who don't have their own personality. If they do it for fun, that's different

  6. James Elliott Author

    So there's actual footage of the people involved talking about these things but instead it's just voice overs telling us what happened? Lame.

  7. Andrew Tornadoboy Author

    While filming The Terminator Arnold was wearing the SFX makeup for the scene where half his face is missing and went to lunch with the crew, he described tapping a waiter on the shoulder and asking for a table, the reaction sounded hilarious!

  8. chrnc avngr Author

    My question is, is how did the adult store employee know robin Williams like that? Did he visit the shop often and know them on a personal level?

  9. Milo Horan Author

    I found the Adam Driver one hilarious. I actually tried to hug the Kylo Ren at Disney World, but he just looked at me and told me to, I quote, "Calm yourself."

  10. Enkii Author

    (Finn is hugging Kylo)

    Kylo: “Umm.. you’re not supposed to do this. I’m a fricking emo lord that probably listens to panic at the disco (which is good) and the main antagonist. Please stop hugging me.”

  11. Bill Burns Author

    One could say that Robert Downey Jr. stayed in character for the commentary track of "Chaplin", too – as Charley Chaplin was a silent comedian, and the commentary track of Chaplin is silent – being non-existent…

  12. Mike Berardi Author

    That guy from game of thrones is my fav what a hero the whole eps when he just u know trying to win her over had me smiling great actor

  13. Double D Author

    Something to ponder. Driver is a Marine. Controlling emotions is something we learn in Boot Camp, and completely hiding emotion is learned through our careers. He was probably laughing his ass off on the inside because nobody could tell what he was thinking. Yes we do this for fun sometimes. That’s why we are perceived as cold hearted

  14. Dennis Cote Author

    Yeah….just in case you don’t know the Adam Driver one is false. Just makin sure everyone knows just in case you didn’t scroll down and read the other posts, Ok?

  15. ekcookvids Author

    Bruce Campbell stayed in character as Elvis through the Bubba Ho-tep DVD commentary 6 years before tropic thunder…. and I'm sure there were others before him.

  16. Gillian Twible Author

    The Adam driver one is technically not true, in an interview he said he never turned him down , they just never got around to do it because of scheduling and stuff

  17. aspilurch Author

    According to Dante Basco who played Rufio in 'Hook', he lost his virginity while the movie was in production. Then the next day when he was on set, Dustin Hoffman, in character as Captain Hook asked him 'Rufio, didst thou get laid last night?'

  18. Saydjeny Author

    I would love if someone made a movie where all actors were in character through the entire filming of the movie. The behind-the-scenes would probably be amazing.

  19. Melissa Howard Author

    I'm sorry but knowing Mark Hamill offered to take kilo Ren to lunch made my day and put Mark on my most respected actors. Seriously, Kilo, nvr diss Luke Skywalker. 😆

  20. Riri Pari Author

    The thought of John hugging Adam Driver all the while Adam just stands there all stuff and emo and walking away silently is priceless! 😂

  21. David Williss Author

    There is a story that, while filming The Empire Strikes Back, Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness were driving to the set and got pulled over for speeding. When the cop asked for Mark's licence and registration, Alec Guinness leaned over, waved his hand and said "you don't need to see his license and registration". The cop recognized them and played along.

  22. Tae Park Author

    I swear throughout all of Tropic Thunder I didn't know he was Robert Downey Jr. Till the end credits declared his role. What a magnificent method actor.

  23. Barbara Sprague Author

    Wouldn't you love to know just exactly Robin Williams/Mrs. Doubtfire was asking that guy in the sex shop?
    "Is this the only size these come in?"

  24. muserock2367 Author

    I find it unbelievably stupid that people are losing their shit over the original Mary Poppins because some of the characters come out a chimney with soot on their faces and are claiming it's black face. But nobody has said anything about Tropic Thunder. A film where a white actor LITERALLY BLACKS UP FOR THE WHOLE FILM. My generation just love to be offended about stupid shit just because they can…

  25. The Firesword Dragon Author

    Take that Star Wars fans! Maybe don't hate on Kylo now that you know that the actor Adam Driver was basically Kylo Ren.

    You know, that makes me think he is trying to channel his inner Professor Snape. Except Alan Rickman HAS smiled before. In the Harry Potter bloopers he has. Multiple times. Particularly in Prisoner of Askaban.

  26. Wild_Lee Coyote Author

    Reportedly when Ray Park played Snake Eyes in the G.I. Joe movie series he never left character or costume. Being a totally mute character did cause lots of issues between takes and he never took the helmet or costume off. Great onscreen but hell for the co-actors off screen.


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