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Hollywood AL vs. Hollywood CA | What About This?

– [Narrator] Have you heard
about the time the small town of Hollywood, Alabama stood
up to Hollywood, California in a legal fight to keep
their own town name? – We were here a long time before the movie stars were out there. – [Narrator] Boy do we
have a story for you. This all stated back in 1986 when the Hollywood,
California Chamber of Commerce went looking or for new revenue stream. – Our whole idea is to try to develop some source of revenue to
maintain the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. – [Narrator] The chamber
wanted to license famous city landmarks on cups,
clothing and other items. This caught the attention
of the Hollywood, Florida city manager, James E. Chandler, who questioned the legality of the move. But it was allowed under a California law for products made or sold in California. But a few years later in
January of 1989 the chamber filed for a trademark with
the U.S. Trademark Office, which technically would have
given Hollywood, California exclusive rights to the name if approved. And that’s when Hollywood,
Alabama got involved. – Well they failed to
take into consideration that there were twelve other
Hollywoods across the country. When the mayors of the
Hollywoods found out, “oh you want us to pay to use our name?” That didn’t sit well. – And I think that was pretty
sneaky the way they did it. – We got a call there, they
called the mayor, Mayor Truett, and the lady that called was the mayor in Hollywood, Florida. And she had called and explained it, everything to Mr. Truett. and told him, you now, about
what was, they was tying to do. – It was the Hollywood, Florida mayor that got the conference
together in which all the Hollywood mayors from across the country went to Hollywood, Florida. – They’re gonna fly all the
mayors of Hollywoods to Florida They’re gonna fight the
case for all the Hollywoods. – It was a lot of
comradery. It was helpful. I mean, all the Hollywoods getting to meet all the other Hollywoods.
because of huge differences. – [Snookie Bradford] And
what took place down there I don’t really know. But it was discovered that Hollywood, Alabama
is the oldest Hollywood. – [Narrator] In fact, Hollywood,
Alabama was incorporated on May 24, 1897, a full six years
before Hollywood, California. – [Snookie Bradford] And
so Truett got to bring home the title of “The Real Hollywood”. And then he brought along some
bumper stickers that says, “We’re the real Hollywood”. – From what I remember Dad came back and he had a really good time. He thought it was gonna work out. They decided if they had to, they would go further but first, let’s
just talk to this guy. – I wish I could tell mayor
Lankford, we are not trying to take away the word Hollywood
from Hollywood, Alabama, Hollywood, South Carolina, Hollywood, Florida, you name ’em all. We just want the rights to
use the name exclusively on merchandising products, you know, caps, t-shirts, cups. – [Narrator] Finally, in March of 1990, the Hollywood, California
Chamber of Commerce backed off its proposal
to trademark “Hollywood”. The chamber president said,
“the legal fees would’ve been more expensive than the profits.” He also acknowledged it was
“a very broad application and attracted a lot of opposition.” – They worked it out.
Hollywood went on its merry way and so did Hollywood, California. – At least it hasn’t
hurt us, I guess. I mean, we need to get our town on the map. (Relaxed orchestral music)


  1. Missy Tolleson Author

    This is perfect!! At Hollywood School, we are having an #Alabama200 breakfast to celebrate our community and this ties in perfectly. Thanks so much!!

  2. sean juth Author

    California think that because their California they have every thing right and that they can do this kind of crap. It proves you can be stupid and still be a billionaire


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