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Hollywood Assistant Horror Stories


  1. JOE FPOC Author

    These are horror stories? 1. I read nasty comments on the internet 2. My boss shoe’d me away 3. Boss told me not use a swear word on a conference call. I wish i had some of these nice bosses compared to the aholes ive worked for in the past

  2. Baldev Lagah Author

    Is it just me or are most the recent videos like this just mostly trash? The middle story is the only one that is actually relevant. The last one was in New York.

  3. gpage Author

    People posting racist things on internet comment sections are necessarily fans, they could simply be there to be a-holes and racist trolls trying to get a reaction.

  4. Patty VanTine Author

    When I read Hollywood assistant I thought that would mean a celebrity personal assistant, not someone that works in an office… Sure office horror story, I guess, not what I expected.

  5. stethespaniard2 Author

    Your horror story is people said nasty things on the Internet about somebody else? How is that a horror story for you that's every day. Buzzfeed just has to have a story about race doesn't it

  6. tvfan3009 Author

    I've had worse that's happened to me and I don't work in Hollywood, I've had to clean rooms where patients have had feces all over the place and tells me they didn't do it, I work at a hotel where I had a guy threatened to kill me because I wouldn't let him talk to my manager, my manager had told us never to contact her regardless of who it was always take a note. I've had people smoking weed in the hotel rooms and had to call cops because they had a forged credit card they literally had a ring of stolen credit cards and credit card makers in their room, then they proceeded to try to threaten Our Lives after they were reported.

  7. Mister Whitty Author

    I've been in fashion for 10 years. Non of these are horror stories. This is like kindergarten level. Lol. It gets muuuuucccccchhhhh worse.

  8. Jazz Devil Author

    of course the gay guy couldn't handle this job he had too much emotions going on …. i think you need to have a heart of steel to do this JOB!

  9. ariana miller Author

    psa: if you don’t like a video, don’t leave hate comments about how awful it was, either just stop watching or dislike. don’t waste everyone’s time by being rude 🙂

  10. ThatOneNerdGirl Author

    I'm sorry, but how does "there are trolls on the internet" equate to "this audience is horrible so the people I work for are horrible"?

  11. agnosticprophet Author

    My bff was a production assistant on Blade – Trinity… now THAT was a nightmare.
    But at least he got to meet Ryan Reynolds (who was super nice).

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