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Hollywood Boulevard Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go


  1. evancortez2 Author

    I have a friend who used to work at a store down by Hollywood and Wilcox and sometimes I would just hang out there for hours just walking up and down Hollywood boulevard, from the Pantages theater all the way down to the Chinese theater and back, just going back and forth, back and forth for hours – I've seen all kinds of weird and wacky things and people on Hollywood boulevard at all times of the day and that's actually one of the things I really enjoyed and miss about my trips to LA

  2. Russ The Ruler Author

    You are absolutely right Hollywood blvd isn’t impressive at all especially when there’s a premiere traffic is insane and takes forever to get across the street, the best part is the Dolby theatre, be wary of street Chewbacca he went off when people didn’t want to take pictures with him, luckily street Spider-Man was there to put him in his place. That souvenir shop is awesome has a lot of great stuff inside and the staff was very nice

  3. Nonduality Author

    Yet another fine production. Maybe the best pizza slices I've ever had were at Two Guys from Italy, on Hollywood Blvd. I see they are still around and still have high ratings. Near them is Kino Sushi. However, I don't know if that's the same sushi restaurant I used to go to back in the 60s before sushi was . . . sushi. Crazy, some of us were eating sushi in L.A. 50 years ago.

  4. Yellow Productions Author

    Watch more of Ernest on the Trip Astute channel:
    Watch our "10 Things to Do in Hollywood" here:

  5. Carl Johnson Author

    I couldnt agree more, Im from LA and whenever I get friends and family they all want to see Hollywood Blvd and I always see the look of disappointment when I take them.

  6. Veronica Author

    the real Hollywood is in Burbank, at the studios– oh and take the subway to universal, free shuttle up the hill and you can walk Citywalk for free.
    mels diner is a good place off hollywood blvd.

  7. Glenn Paton Author

    Have to agree, got a shock when we stepped out of the subway. Parts are very seedy and rundown. Got sick of people shoving snakes or CD's in my face. Enjoyed Universal studios though.

  8. Sandra D's Adventures Author

    Great information Chris and I'll definitely check out Ernest's channel. I lived in California when I was a child and have gone back and explored many times. There are definitely gorgeous areas. However, I've never had a desire to go to Hollywood. What is the draw for tourists to go to Hollywood Blvd. I feel like I am missing some element since so many seem to visit. Is it just the 'movie' star attraction?

  9. Scottman895 Travel Author

    Thanks for the video! Hollywood Blvd almost feels like a tourist trap although the Walk of Fame looks really cool. Maybe you and Topher will have a star there someday!

  10. Hannah Edwards Author

    Thanks Chris & Topher for all of your fantastic travel videos, we've watched your videos before all of our overseas holidays so far and your channel is always the first thing we look up when planning our next trips! Such fun to watch and so much great information – especially about food! From Hannah & Steve in South Australia


    I grew up in Hollywood and spent my summers going to watch movies at the Hollywood Blvd theaters. It sure was different in my day. But this video took me back regardless. Great vid Chris!

  12. ASMR with Sofia Author

    Loving your videos , new subbie here! 💖 Just a little fun fact : A lot of movies and tv shows are also filmed in Toronto, Canada, called " the Hollywood North" 😉 I am a background performer here. Can't wait to go back to LA again, it's been years. So sad for all the fires happening now.

  13. MD Kutzler Author

    I have done a day trip through Hollywood. Me and my friends trying to not look like tourists. This Fall I am doing a real trip to Hollywood, Ill be there for four days. Lots of walking and learning to use the Metro. This video was very helpful.

  14. Robert Mac in Asia Author

    For your information I’ve grown up in Hollywood California 1957 there’s still so much to do in Hollywood and surrounding area went to Hollywood high school and property owner in area (l.a zoo for children-Santa Monica pier-go around lake Hollywood and you can see Hollywood sign or up beachwood drive above franklin ave Griffith park and observatory located top of Vermont ave north tell you find it👍😎

  15. Robert Mac in Asia Author

    Hollywood is different today then in 1970”sand 1980”s that’s why I spend 10 months out of the year in Thailand and Vietnam great beaches friendly people

  16. onee Author

    Avoid walking around late at night. Hollywood Boulevard is okay, but our hotel was at Sunset Boulevard. There are a lot of homeless people. A homeless guy with a knife threatened us at Sunset Boulevard. Luckily nothing happened. I think that he was crazy, because he ended up screaming at cars while walking away from us.

    When we went to Hollywood Boulevard the next day there were people in costumes who like to take picture and then ask money for it. But that didn't bother me to be honest. Because I knew that they did the same in New York.

  17. Walter Jr. Author

    Does parking only cost money in high tourist areas? Like Hollywood blvd, downtown, beaches, etc? Like does most of Los Angeles in general have free parking ?


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