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Hello everyone
welcome you to our youtube channel myvacation
It is with great pleasure that I found today on the channel for
a new section: Food In this section
I will tell you about a restaurant that is called Hollywood Coffee in San Francisco. This restaurant is located near fisherman’s
wharf. it’s the fisherman’s wharf in san francisco
. it’s a very touristy area, it’s certainly the most lively area of ​​the city
. the hollywood cafe restaurant is open all
days from 7h to 13h45 it is a restaurant that is closed at night.
in fact we serve mainly small breakfast and lunches. Attention in this restaurant, the breakfast
deserves, There are always people,
and no reservation is possible. You will have to take your trouble,
and sometimes wait between 20 minutes and 30 about minutes so you can take your
breakfast . but honestly it’s worth it; Saw the
quality of products, generous portions And the service impeccable.
once at the table, the server or The waitress takes you order For drinks: there was
Fresh orange juice coffee, tea, chocolate, drinks
usual for breakfast. as for the dishes,
We had 3 different dishes: the first dish was
an omelette with 3 eggs, ham Mushroom and melted cheddar,
A potato cake toasted bread grating and butter.
then we had taken the french toast dolce
they are french toast accompanied by bannane , strawberry, red fruits and almonds
for the crunchy, a hint of whipped cream House well over all covered with syrup
maple: a delight. and finally we had the classic pancakes
Accompanied by fresh fruit, strawberry, banana , pamplemouse and a little topping and syrup
of maple. Ketchup of salt and pepper and syrup
maple. it’s maple syrup
This is huge And the bread is a little toasted
this omelet of sick !! You took the French toast, it feels good! ha
yeah you feel there it’s huge and I take the pancakes with fruits you can
to take fruit if you want good you finished? I ate everything I ate it was
really excellent the fruits were great fresh pancakes, melting with maple syrup
it happened alone. there is a species little point of cream there. that is
a piece of omelet to Estelle, so she took with ham mushrooms and Cheddar cheese.
this is my plate at the exit. as far as fares are concerned, it will be necessary
about $ 15 per person I leave you the menu with different prices we had
Had $ 45 for three breakfast. here the video section food ends, I hope
you liked it, let go of a big thumb, blue if so and especially subscribe
at the chain go I tell you very quickly on the myvacation channel..

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  1. Ladycosette974 Author

    Coucou merci pour votre vidéo. Je découvre cette endroit. Les plats donne envie dis donc et ce sont vraiment des portions généreuse miam miam. Bises 😘


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