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Hollywood, estrellas en Paseo de la Fama, primera parte

Here is this dog. No way here. Yes, and I do it again. Well, we’re already on Hollywood Boulevard. One of the best places to visit. A good place to come as a tourist. This place is what I call a mandatory place. This for those who want to know Los Angeles. Hollywood the place of the stars. Let’s go to the area where the oldest stars are on Hollywood Boulevard. The walk of fame. Here there is a lot of street artist. There was an imitator of Michael Jackson. I did not want to record it because that music has
Copyright. That kind of music restricts or blocks you
the video. Here is a disgusting star. There is the star of Donald Trump. George Lopez A little further are the most
ancient stars. The star of Sandra Bullock Mario Lanaza The star of Keanu Reeves. Stars and more stars. Also many people with costumes. Who is that beauty? As I said, this is a mandatory place to
the tourists who visit Los Angeles. Peter Jackson Where will my colleagues have gone? Rather, I am the one who came here. I came here recording. Let’s see the other stars. After a while I look for my companions to go to eat. Who is Ida Lupino? There are a lot of stars. There
There is the star of Celine Dion. There are many buses and vans that give you
tours They take you to see the mansions of the
Famous. I will walk further. We’re going to get to where the star of
Michael Jackson Russell Crowe Anthony Hopkins Nicole Kidman I’ve always liked that woman since I was
boy. She is a beautiful woman. Steven Spielberg Jamie Foxx Susan Sarandón Tim Robbins Over there is the dolby theater. There is a Mall inside. Who will these stars be? Los Angeles Dodgers Johnny Grant The star of Antonio Banderas Britney Spears Ricky Martin The Doors Where we are? Here is the Hard Rock Café. I hope to see the star of another famous. As I walk and look down, I
dizziness. We come to this place because here are the
most famous stars. The star of Robin Williams. It is sad that he committed suicide. The star of Charles Bronson. Very good movies of the old west. This place is very crowded. Look at that girl. Godzilla A photo with the pythons. Quentin Tarantino Today there are many people, and that is Wednesday. The Munchkins is a very old group. More people with costumes Dick Powell Elton John Here are the stars of the most famous. Jack Nicholson Bruce Willis This is where they say they are the most famous. Because here the celebrities receive the prizes
Oscar. There on the floor is where the celebrities put
their signatures and their footprints. In the second video I’m going to show that area,
first let’s see the stars. Sharon Stone Here is the Mickey Mouse star. Tommy Lee Jones Lupe Vélez Here is one of the most famous stars. Michael Jackson Here the floor is very dirty. Sometimes there are very long lines to be taken
photo with the star of Michael Jackson. This is one of the stars that he has,
I do not remember if he has two or three. Here is the star of Bruce Lee. Chinese girl says: Bruce Lee is my king. John Charles Thomas Tito Puente Let’s see what more stars we see
here. Here is a crazy girl with a strange costume. Scarlett Johansson A Transformers Do you want to take a picture with him? No. The Carpenters Shrek Paul Williams This guy is making his own star. Who is she? She is my b *** ch. She is your b *** ch. She’s my b *** ch the one here. Get away from my b *** ch Oliver Stone. I already ruined the photo. Star of Oliver Stone is on the side of
the Star of Sofia Vergara. The area where the stars are is
very big. How far are there stars? This is very far. The Simpson We’re going to get to the Walt Disney star. Gloria Estefan Snoopy Walt Disney


  1. Erika Espinoza Author

    Yo solo quería ver la de Nicki Minaj pero no la he visto alguien la vio es que pronto iré el mes que entra y quiero conocer a Nicki Minaj

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  4. Richard Lopez Author

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  5. Maria Teresa Faugier Torres Author

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  6. Olga De la Garza garza Author

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  7. Maria Cristina Author

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  8. Mirey Ginger Espinoza Loaiza Author

    Yo fuera a ver la de selena quintanilla😍😍😍 y la de michael jackson y tambien fuera a ver la de donal trum para pisarla y echarle cagada

  9. Olga De la Garza garza Author

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