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Hollywood Fashion Secrets – Fashion Tape Shapes

Hi everyone I’m Jane, I’m with Hollywood Fashion
Secrets and I’m here to share Secret number two — your little pink book of Fashion Tape
Shapes. Sometimes extreme clothing requires extreme hold. That was our inspiration for
creating these different shapes and sizes of Hollywood Fashion Tape. Same great tape
–skin and fabric friendly — comes in four different sizes. So let me just go through
what each one actually does for you. So let me show what sort of a classic strapless gown
needs in order to stop this from happening. So we have this big piece of tape called a
trapezoid. It’s best used on the sides of your dress so again it comes with liner on
both sides, I peeled off one, I stuck it to my skin and I’ll peel off the second piece
there. As long as I have the dress open, I want to show you these straps right here that
can often creep out. So I just added one of our accessory dots and you can see that is
double sided tape as well with liner on both sides and that’s going to keep that strap
from peeking out as well. So you just go ahead and place the fabric over the tape and you
would put a trapezoid on each side. Then in the front, in this case because of the cut
of the dress, we went ahead and used our curve. Again, double sided tape with liner on both
sides. Attach it to your skin, bring the fabric up and press into place. Then over here when
we have asymmetrical styles, it’s great to use one of our wide pieces, so this would
be a great place to put just a couple of wides. Then for this adorable sash you can use a
skinny, so you could put a little piece right here. Again, just peel off that second liner
and press it into place, and there you go. These little skinny straps are also ideal
for spaghetti strap gowns and tops. So, Hollywood Fashion Tape Shapes — we’ve got you covered
no matter what style you’re wearing.

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