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Hollywood Fashion Tape

Hi everyone I’m Jane, I’m one of the founders
of Hollywood Fashion Secrets. We’re the original creators of Hollywood Fashion Tape, the highest
quality and most trusted tape on the market. This is the product that really started it
all — this is the product that prevents wardrobe malfunctions. And you can use double-sided
tape to solve a number of different problems. You can close a gap your blouse or your sweater.
We have over here a beautiful pink blouse and often times I’m sure women you’ve struggled
with where this it’s going to gap, sometimes usually at the bust line. This is a perfect
application for Hollywood Fashion Tape. You can hide peek-a-boo straps, you can repair
a ripped hem, you can adjust the length of your pants so that you can wear stilettos
or flats and not have to invest in a lot of expensive tailoring. You can use the tape
to secure a plunging neckline. Let me show you how it actually works. So what you do
is the tape is lined on both sides, by merely bending the tape you can see how the liner
comes off really easily, it’s precut on both sides. It’s also skin friendly so in this
case I’m going to attach the tape directly to my skin. I am just going to remove this
second liner — yes it is clear and it is double sided. I am going to go ahead and place
my fabric right where I want it to be, press it into place and you’re good to go. So if
you are a flight attendant or a health care professional or a server and you find that
you are leaning over quite a bit in your profession, just add a couple pieces of tape to your neckline
and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable throughout the entire day. So ladies, there
you have it –Hollywood Fashion Secrets. We put the fun in wardrobe malfunctions.

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