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Hollywood Graveyard – The VALENTINE’S Special

Ah… love. It’s been Hollywood’s favorite
subject from the very beginning. they’ve They’ve swept us away in timeless tales of
passion and romance. “I love you more than I’ve ever loved any woman. Yet some of the greatest love stories ever to come out of Hollywood were not found
only on the big screen, but extended off as well. “Thought you might want to kiss me goodbye.” Tracy and Hepburn, Bogart and Bacall,
Fairbanks and Pickford… these were love stories for the ages. Some would last, others would not. Today we set out to prove that true love never dies. remembering star couples who rest side
by side in eternity. Here at Forest Lawn Hollywood we find
Bobby Troup and Julie London. They were both talented musicians and actors,
Bobby remembered for his hit “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” and Julie for her
signature song “Cry Me a River.” They married in 1959 and starred together in the 70s TV series, Emergency. Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams were among the first couples to make us laugh on television. They met in 1951 when she was hired to work for his show. Ernie’s courtship of Edie was as quirky
as his television performances, including buying a Jaguar to take her out in style,
hiring a mariachi band to serenade her, and giving her a diamond engagement ring
and asking her to wear it until she “made up her mind”. It didn’t take long for her
to say yes. The two eloped in Mexico where the ceremony was given in Spanish.
As neither of them spoke Spanish the officiator had to prompt them to say “si”
at the “I do” portions of the vows. They remained married until Ernie’s death in 1962. Resting between them is their daughter, Mia. The quintessential wholesome family of the 50s was the Nelson family. Husband-and-wife Ozzie and
Harriet met and married in the 30s and performed as musicians and on the radio,
then television with their own show, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” which also featured their sons David and Ricky. “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,
starring the entire Nelson family: Ozzie Harriet, David, and Ricky. Here is Ozzie
who plays the part of Ozzie Nelson, and of course his lovely wife Harriet, as
Harriet Nelson.” They were married for 40 years until his death in 1975. Over now to Forest Lawn Glendale we find Hollywood’s “It Girl,” Clara Bow and her
husband, actor Rex Bell. Clara was one of the biggest stars of the 20s and Rex, a
western star, later became lieutenant governor of Nevada. The two married in
1931 and left Hollywood for Rex’s Nevada ranch. Between them they made only a few
more films in the years to follow, disappearing from public life and
focusing on family. They remained married until his death in
1962. Above Rex and Clara are Alan Ladd and Sue Carol. Alan was an actor,
remembered for films like Shane and This Gun for Hire. Sue Carroll had a career as an actress before retiring in the 30s to become an agent. One of the rising stars
she signed was Alan Ladd, helping to launch his career. They married in 1942
and remained together until his death in 1964. In the next column are Jeanette
MacDonald and her husband Gene Raymond. Jeanette was an actress and singer
remembered for her musical films alongside stars like Nelson Eddy. Gene
was also an actor, seen in films like Red Dust. Many thought Jeanette and Nelson would end up together, but it was Gene who won
her heart.They married in 1937 and even starred in a film together, 1941’s Smilin
Through. Nat King Cole was a popular musician and vocalist whose career
spanned the 30s to the 60s. His wife Maria was also a singer performing with Count Basie and Duke Ellington. The two married in 1948
and remained together until his death. [music] Among their
children was singer Natalie Cole. George Burns and Gracie Allen are one of
Hollywood’s great true love stories. They met and teamed up on vaudeville in the early 1920s. As they performed together George began to fall in love with Gracie, but Gracie was engaged to another man at the time. Still, he continued to try to
win her over, and according to his autobiography, “Gracie: A Love Story,” he
finally succeeded when making her cry at a Christmas party. Gracie said, quote, “You’re the only boy who ever made me cry. And I decided that if you could make me
cry, I must really love you.” They married in 1926 and for the next 40 years would
entertain audiences side by side on stage, radio, and television. [music] After Gracie’s death in 1964 George
visited her every month for 32 years. Now they’re together again. One of the great power couples of the late 30s and 40s was two of Hollywood’s
biggest stars: Clark Gable, the king of Hollywood, and Carole Lombard, the queen
of screwball comedy. They met in 1932 while filming No Man of Her Own. “Oh you look grand, darling. If we weren’t married I’d flirt with you.” “Why don’t you try it anyway?” Their romance didn’t blossom however
until they reconnected at a party in 1936, and became inseparable, falling
madly in love. They married in 1939, then purchased a ranch in Encino for their
home where they raised chickens and horses. But their storybook romance would
only last three years. Carol died in a plane crash in 1942 while returning from
a war bond rally. Clark was devastated by the loss of Carol, and those close to him
say he was never the same again. Another Hollywood power couple of the 30s was Irving Thalberg and Norma Shearer. Irving was Hollywood’s Wonder Boy, from a young age helping turn MGM into Hollywood’s most successful studio. Norma was one of
the biggest stars of the 30s. They married in 1927 and remained together until Irving’s untimely death in 1936. The
inscription from Norma on Irving’s crypt says, “My Sweetheart Forever.” Two floors down is silent film’s most adorable couple: Harold Lloyd and Mildred
Davis. The two met in 1919 when Lloyd was looking for a replacement for his
previous leading lady, Bebe Daniels. Their chemistry on-screen spilled off screen and the duo married in 1923, remaining married until her death in 1969. So adorable were these two on-screen that nearly a century later singer Drake Bell
alluded to them in his song, “End It Good.” [music] One floor down is the urn which holds
the cremated remains of Wallace Reid and Dorothy Davenport. Wally was one of
silent films early romantic screen idols. In 1913 he married Dorothy, an actress.
Theirs was a happy marriage, and they were even seen together on screen in
several films. But after an accident on set that injured Wally he became
addicted to morphine and died in 1923. Dorothy was devastated and decided to
produce and star in the film, Human Wreckage,
which dealt with the dangers of narcotics. She never remarried and they
would be reunited here 54 years later after her death. One of Hollywood’s most
legendary romances was between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Bogie, the
hard-boiled leading man of films like Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon,
and Bacall, the smoky-voiced leading lady in films like The Big Sleep
and Key Largo. They met filming To Have and To Have Not in 1944. The chemistry was immediate and the two married in 1945. They remained married until Bogies death
in 1957. Bacall died in 2014 and by some reports was laid to rest here at Forest
Lawn, but to date there is no actual confirmation as to where, so we need to
put an asterisk on this one. We want to believe that after her death she was
laid to rest here with Bogie, but we just don’t know for sure. In any case she is
with him in spirit, having entombed a gold whistle with Bogie’s urn, an allusion
to one of their most famous scenes together. “You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.” At Westwood we find legendary comedic actor Walter Matthau, interred
with his wife Carol Grace, who was an actress and author, and was reportedly
the inspiration for the Holly Golightly character in Truman Capote’s “Breakfast
at Tiffany’s.” Walter and Carol married in 1959, and remained together until his death in 2000. At Holy Cross Cemetery singers Bing
Crosby and Dixie Lee rest side by side. Bing was one of the most popular singers
and actors of the 30s to the 50s with hits like “White Christmas,” and the
popular “Road to…” series of musical films with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. Dixie, whose real name was Wilma, was also a singer and many people don’t realize
that when Bing and Dixie met in the late 20s, Dixie was actually the bigger star.
They married in 1930 and would record two duets together. [music] Dixie died of ovarian cancer at just 40. Jean Acker’s claim to fame isn’t so
much that she was an actress, but that she was the first wife of Rudolph
Valentino – a marriage that would only last a few hours, as she locked him out
of the honeymoon suite on their wedding night. After a series of other failed
relationships, Jean met former Ziegfeld Follies girl Chloe Carter, and the two
started a lifelong romance, remaining together for the rest of their lives, and
now rest side by side here at Holy Cross. In the Holy Cross mausoleum are
Fred MacMurray and June Haver. Fred, star of Double Indemnity and My Three Sons, and June, star of Scudda-Hoo Scudda-Hay, met and married in the early 50s. They were together nearly 40 years until his death. In the chapel at Hollywood Forever, in a
glass front niche, the urns of Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon rest side by side. They
were both popular actors and singers for decades, both in Hollywood and the UK. [music] They married in 1930 and starred
together in several radio programs, including the 50s sitcom “Life with the
Lyons,” which also featured their children. They were together 40 years until her
death. Another real-life couple that made us
laugh on radio and TV was Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone. Jack was one of the most brilliant comedic performers of the 20th century, and his wife, Mary, who was at
first casually enlisted to perform with her husband, proved to be a talented
comedian herself. Mary first met Jack as a young teenager when she saw him
perform in Vancouver. She was impressed by the comedian who played the violin,
and determined then and there that she would grow up to marry Jack Benny. Fast
forward, both now in Los Angeles, Jack began to court Mary, frequently
visiting her at the May Company where she worked.
Years later they would spoof their own courtship on their television show. “Hello kiddo, where have you been all my life?” “Avoiding it.” “Say, you’re good. I like my tomatoes the little spice. Tell me baby what’s your name?” “Mary.” “Mary what? Quite contrary?” They married in 1927
and remained together for nearly 50 years. After Jack’s death in 1974 Mary
began receiving single long-stem roses every day. She soon learned that in his
will Jack had made arrangements to have a
rose delivered to Mary every day for the rest of her life. Nearby are singer Tony Martin and dancer and actress Cyd Charisse. Theirs was one of Hollywood’s most enduring relationships, lasting 60 years from their marriage in 1948 until her death in 2008. Perhaps only one Hollywood relationship was more enduring than Tony and Sid… at the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana we find Bob and Dolores Hope, who were
married for nearly 70 years. Bob Hope was one of Hollywood’s most legendary
entertainers, and Dolores was a singer and model. The two met in 1933 and
married in 1934. Together they would entertain audiences for decades,
including overseas performing for troops. And age would neither slow them down nor
diminish their love for each other, performing side by side into their 90s. [music] They both lived to be over a hundred, and
now rest here side by side forever.


  1. Hollywood Graveyard Author

    I (still) love you all. But, I had to re-upload this due to a small error. I’m a stickler for accuracy, but that means all your lovely comments were deleted 🙁 I read them and kept them in my heart.

  2. Scamp’s Mama Author

    For me the sweetest story by far was George Burns and Gracie Allan. The most tragic was Clarke Gable and Carol Lombard. Even though he did eventually remarry, it was always known and accepted the he would always be in love with Carol. Her death wrecked him.

  3. Linh Luu Author

    How many of these marriages were true & faithful to the end? Wikipedia says Bob Hope was a womanizer & had affairs into his 80's. This tribute looks sweet but if we knew how much Hollywood bed hops (married people included), this wouldn't look as tender & sweet. Just sayin'.

  4. Hater Chic Steph Author

    I’ve always been fascinated with cemeteries, especially old ones! Chicago area has some really awesome ones..when you have time someday, check it out! You have al capone/a lot of mob guys (hes buried right across from my grandfather in mt caramel), a lot of big names out there!

  5. Meredith Small - The Bygone Belle Author

    Another immaculately filmed, edited, narrated and presented tour… Are you a browncoat? I notice the Ron Glass was high on your list which endears you to me even more! Thank you! ~M x

  6. ErynRenee Author

    I love how so many of these wives agreed to spend eternity beside their husbands and still kept their maiden names. I plan to keep mine and would never marry someone who would insist on me taking their name.

  7. DebsLuvsMusic Author

    Jack Benny and his wife Mary's story absolutely touched my heart ♥️♥️♥️♥️ the rose story was just beautiful…what a true loving relationship they must of had 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  8. Liberty GiveMe Author

    Arthur, this was just LOVELY!!!! Thank-You! I just have one question. So you are saying that Jean Acker was actually a 'LESBIAN'?! Perhap's that's why she LOCKED Valentino out of the 'Bedroom Suite'!!!! And you're saying Lillian Carter was her lover?! I'm sorry, but EWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  9. Veronica Panella Author

    Wow. The story I heard of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee was not so romantic. My father heard from his brother (who went to high school with Dennis Crosby- Bing's oldest child with Dixie) that Bing resented Dixie and took it out on her kids with him. When he died, he disowned Dixie's kids in favor of his children by his second wife. Anyway, the story my uncle heard is just anecdotal and may not be true.

  10. al meggs Author

    I hope to visit J Macdonald soon! And Gracie and J MacDonald and C Lombard and Bogie and Hope and Bing and?
    Never saw them in real life but fell in love in their movies so who knows
    And I know for a fact that you’re right ! TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES!

  11. mezipe64 Author

    I know they're not buried in California, but I think one amazing couple that's buried next to each other that was left out is the couple of Roy Rogers and Dale Evens

  12. ebayerr Author

    It seems to me that people aren't living as long they used.
    After watching many of these " Hollywood Graveyard " videos,I've noticed that most of the people born in the 1890's and early 1900's lived a long life into the late 70's and further into the 1980's.

  13. crayzeebee Author

    claps Bravo! Just loved this nostalgic ramble through the years some famous actor's love stories. Refreshing to know love can endure. I've been married 27 years and know it will last until one of us parts from this earth. It's a truly blessed thing to have, and I am most thankful for my husband and love of my life.

  14. Eduardo HowCome Damiano Franco Author

    I sure love how you create these videos very professional indeed. if its not to much trouble can you kindly find or research where ( rin tin tin dog actor) and ( old yeller ) and other animals that stared in movies are lay to rest please please please with a cherry on top ? I extremely love animal's so so much thanks well i paused video at 6:46 im now resume video good fortune to your channel and your self you deserve the very best .

  15. Will W Author

    Bob Hope has been a hero of mine for many decades. They don't make them like him anymore. The old stars were originals. Their kind were the building blocks of today's entertainment industry. Thanks for the memories to all of them.

  16. Pastor Paul D Author

    I knew two very famous celebrities long ago when I was a young man working in Manhattan as an art mover and I can tell you this that every celebrity that I have ever met was simply a person who became famous and thus some of them changed . Some became terrible controlling unappreciative people and some of them never changed and simply were doing what they were born to do so please just remember they are all just people they sin and make mistakes and also do wonderful things and just like you and me . Happy Valentine’s Day to all the men and women that are in love with each other , remember a relationship is not 50-50 no you must put in 100% and if your other is not doing exactly that DUMP THEM!!!!! Don’t waste your time with selfish half hearted people that take advantage of others emotions and don’t see other people as there equal but rather see them only as there possession. Life is way to short and you deserve much better. Also remember that God loves you love God back through his son Jesus the Christ go to shepherds Chapel on YouTube to learn more about God without all the religion ,traditions and lies of men. HAPPY Valentines DAY!!!!!!!

  17. Katherine McChesney Author

    Bob Hope is one of the greatest American patriots to ever live. Every year he would take a tour with the USO to every country where our servicemen fought for our freedom. He should be remembered for many years.

  18. Josephine Lirio Author

    I read somewhere the story of a man who send rose to his wife even his dead now i know where this story came from not a legend but true. Such a sweet guy

  19. Denean Saielli Author

    I appreciate your videos so much. I wanted to share with you that Jeanette MacDonald was not in the fabulous 1932 film "Red Dust." Perhaps thinking of Clark Gable, you mistaken "Red Dust" for their 1936 film "San Francisco." Here is the link, however, for "Red Dust" with Jean Harlow and Clark Gable.

  20. SSJ Fan Girl 88 Author

    I love your channel 🤩 👍
    Thanks for hard work in making these videos…
    Very respectful, and informative!
    Keep up the great work 👍😎

  21. jamila sperandio Author

    Estou impressionada com tantas histórias de amor hollywoodiano que duraram tanto tempo, casais que foram felizes em seus relacionamentos, eu achei que em Hollywood só havia vício em drogas, divórcio e casamentos sucessivos.

  22. RivaRidge'72 Author

    I so enjoyed this – thank you for the wonderful "extras" you put into these! As a long-time fan of Clark Gable, I especially liked the nice clip you included here with his beloved Carole Lombard, who died tragically early in their marriage. May I say though that Mr. Gable, by all accounts, did find marital happiness again with his last wife, Kathleen ("Kay") Gable whom he married in 1955. The lovely and outgoing Kay Gable (a former model and movie contract player) is interred in the row below her husband. Clark Gable (at age 60) had just finished filming "The Misfits" when he was felled by a heart attack (November 1960) which took his life shortly after (for some days it seemed he might make a full recovery). Sadly, he would never live to see the son his wife Kay was carrying at the time of his passing. Mrs. Kay Gable honored her late husband's wishes and saw to it that he was placed next to Carole – and at the same time "reserved" a nearby place for herself. Of course, this is in no way very unusual in the world of entertainment or otherwise.

  23. Pauline McConville Author

    Thank you for this very interesting. I love Alan Ladd still and know he had a doomed romance with June Allyson but stayed with his second wife Sue Carol. She was married three times before Alan but he was the love of her life. So sad he left us so young.

  24. Bill j Author

    Took me a while to see that this video existed, so I'm commenting on it now. One big advantage to living during this era is that we can look back through actual video footage of some people who now rest in cemeteries. It gives a stronger perspective that the people lying beneath the stones actually breathed, lived and loved. During earlier times, some people would have paintings done of themselves and their words written down, but to actually hear their voices and see them moving and enjoying life makes it so easier to comprehend that they had a good time while they were here. Another great job by Arthur Dark.

  25. Colin Powell - Entertainer Author

    Some might think that watching these is a weird thing to do….but that was beautiful! RIP all shown here!!

  26. Pam Author

    💞💞R.I.P 🌹🌹Bobby Troop and Julie London they got married, the year I was born 💞 to all the couples in this video R.I.P 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞Wow, Bob Hope & Delores married for 70 years 🌹🌹Wow they lived to be over 100 years young well God Bless both!

  27. Deaz 1 Author

    That's the difference between the old and current Hollywood. Back then almost all marriages lasted until death. Nowadays it lasts until something better comes along. There should be a law introduced that states that you won't be allowed to be legally divorced until 10 years after you've married. That ought make those hussies and morons in Hollywood think twice about marrying someone just to get press coverage or because it might be fun to call someone your husband or your wife. Hate the way the institution of marriage has been denigrated by our generation. Back when my parents and grandparents got married they stuck it out through the good times and the bad.


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