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“Hollywood Homicide” by Kellye Garrett #Books

Welcome back to my channel it’s book-of-the-month time, and this month’s recommendation is Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett, it’s a first detective by day mystery series The first one in this series, I’m excited. There’s a part two and as you can see I’m in my Hollywood glamour dress and my Hollywood glamour earrings. I really really love this book. It was funny. The main character was goofy, Dayna. Her friends are supporting her as she decides to solve the case when she’s not she has no experience Solving any type of cases. She’s an actress that is out of work She’s a so called “retired” actress, and she’s trying to get some money, and this is the first thing that Or probably the second thing that she thinks up to do you solve the case so she can get that reward money She’s kind of smart if you ask me, but of course she experiences all kinds of challenges and setbacks in trying to find the murder suspect. She goes through a laundry list of people that she thinks killed this person but at the end She tells you who it is. At the end of this video I put together some clips of some places in Hollywood that I’ve been to like the ArcLight cinema and Southern Girl Desserts. So I wanted to give you guys a visual of what that looks like if you haven’t read the book and you Do decide to read the book, you’ll have a visual of what She’s talking about when she goes to these places and if you have for the book, and you haven’t been to California Here’s some visuals for you, alright. This is Hollywood.


  1. Nikki Harris Author

    Those treats looked sooooo GOOD! I'm a little embarrassed to say I still haven't gotten around to seeing Black Panther! Maybe I can put it on the to-do list for this weekend! Great video!!


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