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Hollywood Medium Connects Me With My Late Mom (360 VR) | Gigi Gorgeous

My name is Tyler Henry,
and somehow I’ve become Hollywood’s
go-to medium. As a medium, my job is to
communicate with people who’ve passed away
to my clients, but I never know where I’m going
or who I’m going to read, but I’m excited
to see who it is. I’m Gigi Gorgeous and Tyler
might recognize me from my YouTube channel, where I do
beauty and fashion videos, lifestyle, and I’ve documented
my entire transition. Hello, how are you? Hi, come on in. Oh, how’s it goin’? I’m great, how are you? Wonderful to meet you–
I’m Tyler. Hi, nice to meet you, too. – Oh, Gigi.
– Yes. – Of course I recognize you.
– Hi, nice to meet you. – Well, gimme a hug.
– Oh, my god, it’s so surreal. Hi, how are you?
You look beautiful. I’m good.
Oh, thanks, so do you. I’m like,
“How tall is Tyler?” Oh, my god, I’m
like five-nine. And I’m, like, wearing
my six-inchers today. Oh, you look fabulous. – Oh, my god.
– Thanks. Well, come on in, I’m very
happy to have you here. Have a seat right there. I’m in shock, like, literally,
I am such a huge fan of you. Really? And you are such an
inspiration and– – Oh, thanks.
– Oh, my god. I’ve followed Gigi’s life and
career for the past couple years as she’s documented
her transition on YouTube and the fact that she’s been
able to stick so true to herself really helped me at a time
when I was coming to terms with who I was as a medium. She really is an
inspiration to me. Thanks to you, I learned how
to apply concealer as a child. – So, I love it.
– Yes! Oh, my god, this is gone
to a great start already. With me today I brought two of
my best friends, Hillary and Tiffany, and they
know me inside out. They know the good, and the
bad, and they know all the ugly, so I think it’s really
important that they’re here. When I see clients, you know,
sometimes information will come through intuitively about
past, sometimes the present. Um, it can sometimes be about
family matters, situations we might need insider
guidance on. My goal is just to really
communicate what we’re meant to hear that can help
you, moving forward. I’m hoping to face one
of my biggest regrets. I’ve lived with a lot of
guilt, um, over the years and I’m really hoping that Tyler
can help me connect with somebody that I’ve wanted to
talk to for a very long time that I haven’t been able
to, and I just want closure. Okay, so I’m just gonna
take a minute to scribble. We’ll naturally
see what comes in. Sounds good. Alright, so give
us one minute. Okay. In a reading, scribbling
really kind of helps me just focus on a single
point of concentration. It allows me to basically
clear my mind and allow for information to come through
clearly and accurately so that I’m not biased with my
own anxieties and fears. Immediately, as I’m
connecting, um, typically I try to go between mom’s side
of family and dad’s side of family, and your mom’s side of
family is kind of poppin’ up. It’s an interesting thing
because, um, this mother figure is coming through
really, really strongly, in more of a sense
or feeling of “I passed away prematurely
before my time.” Um, have you lost
a mother figure? Mm-hmm. How long ago was this? – Um, six years ago.
– Gotcha. She’s tried to come through
previously by something that wouldn’t get out
of the house. So, it’s the weirdest thing,
but think of we have something trapped in a home. It just keeps coming in and
it’s, like, something that is trapped in the house that we
can’t get out and we’re, like, “Why is this in here? “Why– Like, how did
this get in here?” For one,
how did it get in here, and two, why isn’t it out? – And it’s a whole thing.
– Yes. And it’s her way of saying, “Look, this is weird, this is
bizarre in how it happened. “That was me trying to give you
a sign that I was with you.” – So, what was it?
– It was a ladybug. It was? Yeah, we always used to
have them in our house. They were in the window
between the screen. Right. And she would always freak out
and then I started seeing them like a year after she passed. Absolutely, and just little
things like that, little reminders are ways that
they communicate messages. – That’s crazy.
– It’s so cute. She’s like “Oh,
you’re seeing ’em.” That’s so sweet. I do know you have a brother,
’cause I have seen a video. Uh, but do you have– do
you have two brothers? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay, gotcha, ’cause I did not know
that, but there are having me talk about
two, uh, not just one. Uh, the way that this is
actually coming through visually is I’m seeing two
pins and they’re blue, and it seems kind of strange,
but that’s actually how I receive information. I’ll see it kind of
symbolically, so in the way this comes in, it’s basically
mom’s way of acknowledging, like, everyone is gonna kind
of deal with her death in a different way and some have
compartmentalized it to the point where they haven’t
even processed it and they do acknowledge that connected to
brother and that’s really good to keep in mind. Do you feel like
one of your brothers is taking this harder
than the other? Or do you feel like one still
holds on to a lot more than the other from
your perspective? I think one still holds on to
a lot more than the other one. Gotcha, makes sense. So, just so you know,
when she’s coming through, she’s acknowledging
that she feels like she does have closure
with her passing. She is bringing up that as
opposed to necessarily having the moment of goodbye right at
the moment of passing, she’s actually bringing me
to before the passing. She feels like there was this
interaction that was like a goodbye that was
good and was solid. It wasn’t in her last moments
though, and she’s basically having me acknowledge,
like, we didn’t need that last moment-moment,
we had the moment before, and going with it is like,
“I want that to be “the thing you hold on to,
not my moment of transition.” And that was important for her
and you need to know that. Okay. And at the very end, um,
she did acknowledge that when this comes through, for some reason she’s
acknowledging multi-organ. Um, she’s bringing up breathing,
and then at the very end, she was able to go
peacefully, because she felt like she said what she
needed to say earlier. She didn’t need to say that in
that one, like, last moment, so it’s just good to know
that when this comes in, she feels like she tried to
make her own closure. That makes me so happy. That’s validating. My mom didn’t say
goodbye when she passed. She said goodbye
a time before. Before, yeah. I remember leaving a room
and she was in a wheelchair and she had– she didn’t
even look like herself. And I remember as I was
walking out, she looked at me in the eyes and I think
that was our moment. – Yeah.
– And I didn’t know it was the last moment that
I would really see her, look in her eyes. Right. ‘Cause when she passed her
eyes were closed and she was still breathing, as you
mentioned, on the machines. That was crazy,
’cause I felt it, too. That was, like, so val–
I’m sure that was validating for her, but it was
validating for me, too, because that was
our last moment. She is putting such
an incredible emphasis on wanting you to know that she’s been with you
every step of the way as you’ve gone through all
the amazing things you have. When she comes through,
she’s completely supportive of who you are as a person. She comes through
and acknowledges pride around who you are. If anything, there is
an understanding of, like, this big thing
and for some reason this feels like something
that would be released, is the way that
I would describe it. She was definitely taken way
too soon and I’ve always, always wanted to say, in her
eyes, that I was transgender, and I knew it– And I knew
that I was when she passed, but I never got the guts
to do so and that’s been one of my biggest regrets. Absolutely, but I think it
shows, too, that she knew who you were and what you were,
even back then and that there was
so much love there. She understood you, and so
despite not getting to tell your mom maybe eye to
eye that you were transgender, she had your back. – She knew.
– And that’s important. – Oh, jeez.
– Aw. – That’s a lot to take in.
– Yeah. I think, most of all,
I’ll be able to be at peace and I think the guilt
and the shame that I felt
when I was younger and still carried on to
this day was unnecessary. And I think in my personal
story, I think hearing what Tyler had to say
really set me free. All right, well, Gigi, it’s
seriously been an honor today to get to be with you and
I’m still overwhelmed. – I’m shook.
– I am, too. My body is quaking. My soul is shooken. Often times when someone
passes away we’re left wondering if they knew certain
things or if they’re with us and if they followed us
throughout our lives since their passing. Today, I think it was
important for Gigi to know that her mom was around her
and helped Gigi let go of some guilt by having
closure with the past to allow her to
move forward in a way that will let her know
her mom is with her and that she’s proud of her.


  1. Gigi Gorgeous Author

    I always said I’d never want to be read unless it was with the one and only Tyler Henry. I wasn’t even sure if I believed in connecting with the dead. Somehow fate brought us together and this happened. Words can’t express how truly thankful I am for this experience🙏🏼

  2. Brandi Munguia Author

    He couldn’t tell her what the thing that was trapped in her house was, that she has 2 brothers, who it was and when they passed. Yeah he’s definitely a psychic…LMAO.

  3. *ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ* Author

    this was bs and very vague…the fact that he only reads celebrities speaks volumes to me…there are real mediums out there…im just not sure he's one of them =O(

  4. jane hopper Author

    I didn't even notice that this was a VR video until I started it… and the camera didn't move at all.. I WAS SO CONFUSED! But then I actually read the title.. xD

  5. austin boston Author

    Tyler usually doesn't recognize people so I'm surprised he knew who she was when he was oblivious to A list celebritys Lmao

  6. XX Author

    This is so sad that people are glorified who take advantage of those in pain. I realize this makes people in pain feel better but it is truly bullshit.

  7. Lynn Payne Author

    My mother passed away also in June it will be 2 yrs that was a was really good that you had that chance to hear that she is proud of you

  8. Rika Chan Author


  9. Mizzvanity Author

    That’s the stupidest reading ever girl get you a Mexican witch they give u true readings for $20 and people who really don’t know you not like this clown😂😂

  10. Kricket Author

    Any mom would be proud to have such a beautiful woman as a child of her own. Honestly, and I am saying this with the best intent, I didn't even know Gigi was trans until she said so in one of her videos. I just stumbled across her around the walmart video release.

  11. 2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter Author

    I love how he said nothing that we don’t know already. She has shared everything online and in her documentary. He even admits he’s followed her for years. Nothing he said is new or shocking….you can even see in GiGi’s reactions. This is all just for publicity which is fine but none of it is anything spiritual or psychic. This is all BS. I loved Tyler till this.

  12. 2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter Author

    This 360 is making me nauseous…please stop filming this way uggggh who is filming it? All we see is feet and couches. This is horrible.

  13. DD Bears35 Author

    that is so cool you can actually touch the screen when they're talking and it moves around so you can see the house they're in weird

  14. Sammy Pasa Author

    "And the fact that she has been able to stay so true to herself, really helped me at a time when I was coming to terms with who I was… as a medium" just hurry up and come out of the closet lmao

  15. Grace Hobson Author

    i feel like he already knew everything cause he is like such a hardcore fan and what im trying to say is that HE ALREADY KNEW ALL THE AWNSERRRSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  16. Carole Hankinson Author

    I thought my phone was being bloody bugged then & thought I was going nuttier than I am already. Thank God I went on the comments to find out it was a thingy. Through half of this I was looking at a carpet in an earthquake. 😳🤪🥴🤤, is it shaking all the way through for everyone else, or is it my eyes. Bloody freaky deeky & now MY HOUSE IS SHAKIN, & feel queasy. 😱🤮


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