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Hollywood movie Midway Trailer | Midway 2019 | | New Holllywood Movie trailer | #Midwaymovie

There’s this kid He didn’t think he could cut it I Figured it was just the usual jitters. I take him under my wing He was wanting to be scared Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history this can never happen again I don’t want to make it right at least some of the boys still wanna fight The Japanese are planning something bigger. So what’s the target? We believe it’s Midway Washington disagrees Washington is wrong If we lose And Japanese on the west coast Seattle San Francisco, Los Angeles Oh Burn We got the order a lot we need to throw a punch so they know what it feels like to be hit We’re talking about a couple dozen plane, it’s all Japanese sleep. This isn’t a fair fight I don’t need this man Anywhere you know that you came to when people account You’ll be able to face anything You

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