1. The Slow Mo Guys Author

    To avoid any confusion, this isn’t a YouTube Red show. It’s an ad supported show that is free to watch for everyone. It’s also an unscripted show. We have discussions about what we want to say before we roll and then just spout it off in front of camera. It’s pretty loose. Just like all previous videos on the channel. Hope you guys enjoy it! – Gav

  2. Plus Sign Author

    Seeing him moonwalk in midair just reminded me that our falling is all friction, vibrations, directions, math, we can walk on air~ will


    Love what these guys are doing!!

  3. TacoCrisis Author

    You know the feeling when you’re about to jump off of the high diving board at a pool and then you look down and then you feel like you’re about to die? that’s what I think Dan and gav had

  4. ryan Author

    It’s actually funny in the end when dan is falling from a building its night time but the lighting on him is from day time

    I see what you did there gav

  5. DaniKat21 Author

    First thoughts- oh I thought that was a girl 🤣
    Second thought- wait…is that? 😳
    Final thoughts- nice hair…he does remind me of Fabio 😅

  6. tammy JerkChicken Author

    Hahaha don’t mess with Dylan a hahaha roofless 🦹‍♂️
    Casting him for a villain with all that murderous intent


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