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Hollywood Toes – Budget Friendly Bling Toes

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do Hollywood toes. What’s that? I hear you say. Full glittered toes. So, my nails are already prepped because I’ve taken off some gel polish. I am going to wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Though they’re all nice and clean. I wanna get right down in those creases of my nail. I need to make my magic toe-separators, by twirling the kitchen paper and feeding that the through my toes. Make sure it’s pushed all the way down to the base. Now, this base coat is what’s gonna hold everything on. Adam: You mean you just put the glitter over the top of the base coat?
Kirsty: Yeah, man. Adam: Cool.
Kirsty: We’re doing two bases though/ Adam: Okay. What about the Foil Glue because that’s even stronger, isn’t it? Adam: Want that?
Kirsty: Yeah, shall we do that? Kirsty: So, once your base coat is cured, we’re going to use the Foil Glue. Now, this is a foil glue gel, so it’s a little bit thicker than your base coat. I’m gonna put that on to all of the toes. Then I’ve got a selection of the glitters. So, we’ve got a bit of silver. This is a chunky silver. This is where I make a complete mess. We’ve got some iridescent and a finer silver, so, we want to have lots of different textures and then we’ve got another iridescent. This has got more of a gold sheen to it. And we’re gonna mix that up. Then we’re gonna get a bit of kitchen paper, put your foot on and sprinkle this mixture over all of your toes, making a complete mess. Just gonna tap my foot, just to get rid of some of the loose glitter. Oh, glittery already. What I want to make sure is, I have covered all of it. I’m just gonna add a little bit more there by just using some glitter on the brush. And I’m gonna go in and cure. So, this is ultra quick for salon. If you have a client that maybe wants a full bling toes, and they really can’t afford to have full toes covered in crystals, this is a fantastic alternative. Now, we’re gonna take nail brush and start just brush off the excess. Then what I am gonna do is, just tease the end with a file. That’ll just straighten that up and get rid of any of those bits that may be overhanging. And dust that off again. I’m gonna go over the top of the foil gel again because it’s thicker and because it’s thicker, it will encase the glitter. Pop those in. Now, I wanna take the Gel Residue Wipe-off solution because this will have a sticky layer, so I wanna just fly that over and remove that sticky layer. I’m doing that because I’m gonna file them a little bit. You can see how it’s diminish the shine a little bit. Don’t worry about that because as soon as that topcoat goes on, that shine will come back. So, I’m just neatening up where those bits of glitter may be hanging over, especially on those sides. I’m gonna use the gel foil again now, now we’ve neatened everything up. One more coat of this to completely encase the glitter. Adam: So, what’s the difference between…do you think going for a glitter gel polish as opposed to doing… Kirsty: Right there.
Adam: …like what you’ve done there? Kirsty: This is a heavier glitter. So, the glitter that’s in this is a lot thicker. To get really thick glitter into a gel polish, you would end up with lumpy bumpy glitter, so they don’t tend to manufacture it like that. So, this gives it more…it’s more impact. Adam: Mm-hmm!
Kirsty: There’s far more sparkle because of the big pieces, but you do need to put those fine pieces in there as well. Adam: Fill in the gaps.
Kirsty: Yes! Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. Now, we’re gonna go with the top coat. And once I’ve done one top coat, I might just have a little feel, see if it needs any more work. So, it might need buffing and then top coat it again. That won’t take too long to do. Yeah! So, I’m just gonna buff them now. I feel like it’s just a little bit lumpy bumpy. Feel a little bits of glitters popping through. So, just buff it and then we can topcoat again. So, I’m gonna topcoat now. Adam: Have you ever had anybody ask you for a full set of bling nail, just bling? Kirsty: No. Well, not on the fingers, no. Adam: On the toes though?
Kirsty: Yep! Adam: Really? Kirsty: Yeah.
Adam: Why wear on toes and not fingers? Kirsty: It’s cheaper on toes than it is on fingers. So, the reason that you would do this service for a cheaper price is because obviously, you’re not using crystals and it’s a little bit quicker than putting individual crystals onto nails. Pop them in the lamp. I’m gonna finish off with some Cuticle Oil. Look at them. Shiny sparkly nails! Kirsty: Can you do that with your toes?
Adam: Mm-hmm. Kirsty: Not many can do people that.
Adam: So they go like that. Kirsty: Yeah. So, if we compare. This is a fully blinged set of toes and then this is your sparkly. You get a very similar look for pretty much half the price. Adam: Mm-hmm! Sparkly toes! Look at that. Can you do that? How sexy is that? Adam: Like talons. Kirsty: How sexy is that? Adam: My friend’s got these like, ridiculously long toes and he can do that. It looks like a bird. Kirsty: There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but everything that I’ve used today will be listed below in the description box. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye!


  1. Andrea Rypien Author

    Thanks for the great tutorial vid! Love that i can offer my clients an alternative that fits their budget yet looks spectacular & of course sparkly! 💎

  2. Hillary Smith Author

    Is that her husband/boyfriend? Just asking bc he's referring to a friend as if she doesn't know who he would be? Or maybe just don't wanna say bc of "blasting him" lol? Idk but I absolutely love the bling…. And those "finger toes" or "monkey feet" as my hubby calls an are just cute babe bc i do the same thing lmao….

  3. Alternative Princess Author

    I can separate my toes like that, I can even move them individually XD I wonder, are you always wearing a different look on each hand/foot or is that just for filming?


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