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Hollywood, Unapologetic! High Ranking, Broken Monitor Glass, Dying Hard Drives, Maintenance

Welcome to ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ My name is Orlando Delbert. Today is more of a thank you to The New Hollywood
Generation, for your support of ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ for five seasons and to all
of the fellow supporters of independent film, than it is one of our full episodes. I was planning on taking a few weeks to do
some writing and catch up on hardware maintenance to get season six running to a good start,
and other tasks involved in doing this series, but a couple of things happened starting four
weeks ago I wanted to share with you. As I’ve mentioned on the last series update,
on the positive side, the ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ channel popped up to number one in the search
rankings for “filmmaking” channels on YouTube for several days over the course of
two weeks. That was a very welcome thing to see. Thank you New Hollywood Generation. Considering the search volume is extremely
high for the filmmaking topic, and the other channels that rank high consistently has hundreds
of thousand subscribers and some even over one million, I think that’s pretty damn
good. And the ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ channel
has ranked number one consistently in the search rankings for “filmmaking essentials”
for a better part of the year as well. Thank you again New Hollywood Generation. Which now leads me too… the not so good. About two and a half months ago or so, I picked
up several steel wire-shelving units to house my two Macs and other production related gear
I use for the series, two of which, I was able to attach two umbrellas two soft boxes,
my microphone boom, and also attach the green screen stand as well. I built a box out of the shelving units to
build a green screen stage if you will, which helped me keep the lighting and audio set
up consistent. And if you remember my older videos, I had
a very hard time keeping a consistent key on the first lot of them. But during this process I chipped one of my
Apple Cinema Displays. Yes, it’s a drag but that was only a chip. When I bought both of these brand new, they
were two grand each and have never given me a single problem… well… While setting up the wire shelving for my
workstation, the glass broke. There’s a crack along the front of the screen
spreading across more than a third of the way across. For monitors that I picked up in 2010, they
both look great, no dead pixels, and have never given me a single issue. So replacing them was not much of a thought. Then… One of my internal hard drives was showing
signs of failure shortly before the last episode was shot, which prompted me to stop producing
these episodes and do some maintenance. I was able to use my iMac that I use to do
all of the green screen video capturing as a way to access my main workstation in target
mode to work on the drives and move large amounts of data. I was able to pick up a four-terabyte Western
Digital external hard drive and moved a lot of files around. Both, doing maintenance on my remaining internal
hard drives, now down to four terabytes on the workstation, and on the newly acquired
external drives, along with moving the files around took me a full week. That doesn’t include another three days
of running a deep virus scan on both machines, which took another four days. Yeah, four days. Not three days. It was four days. That’s right. During this time demanding process, the drive
that was showing signs of failing failed. Fortunately, no data was lost… I had four of these Blue Western Digital hard
drives in my Mac Pro. Since I’m running an older operating system
in my workstation, I’m not entirely sure how much hard disk space will be recognizable. I had five terabytes with no problem. Which now leads me to the now 13 external
hard drives I now own, three have failed, all of which were G-Technology G-Raid hard
drives. I’ve been using drives from this company
for well over a decade, and was always highly recommended. Since I have so many, I was looking at rack
mounting them like I had in the past, or get a separate enclosure just for the physical
drives, but they make it near impossible to use their drives in any other types of enclosures,
and at least with my experience, won’t even speak to me once the warranty has expired. Of course, that is expected. But when attempting to troubleshoot several
hard drives, which have failed, that has hardly been used, I want to know why. Anyway, I am ordering a one-terabyte solid-state
internal hard drive for my operating system, as well as a four terabyte internal Black
Western Digital hard drive in my Mac Pro. The solid-state drive will increase boot time
and should help the box run a little more efficiently. So that’s it for now. I’ll keep everyone updated and hopefully
I won’t be down for too long. I’m hoping to be back up and running and
posting before the end of September. One day at a time. Thank you once again, New Hollywood Generation,
for your support for five seasons of ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ and to all of the fellow
supporters of independent film. Before we go, we want to know your questions,
comments, and suggestions you may have. Please write them below. Please share ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’
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    You really covered a lot here, I work with little equipment bits its growing all the time. Congrats on the search numbers and keep these coming my friend.


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