1. Declan Reeves Author

    My favourite song off this album. I've seen a few people get annoyed at the changes in style on this album but I like that they're experimenting with their genre; I loved the sound their old albums, but also the fact that this one has like a dozen different ones. The amount of genres they're covering is great.

  2. Ebutuoy Tikcus Author

    The only time they might think for tomorrow is either for A) "Shit, well that might happen when I get shitfaced," or B) For their fans. They love their fans because their fans love it when they yell "Fuck you" at them.

  3. Snoe Leppard Author

    This song got to me in the best and worst way. The best way because that is how i feel about our society. "We're forced to swallow these pills, and to never ask why" hit me right /there/. This is describes our society perfectly; we're forced to look, act, think, BE a certain way, otherwise we're unacceptable and cast out. The worst way because our society is like that, and that makes me sad. I hate the fact that everyone expects everyone else to be their idea of "perfect". No one is ever good enough, and if you're not good enough, you're cast off and excluded. Which is such bullshit. Everyone has different, impossible standards of what being "perfect" should look like, so how in hell are we supposed to ever be "perfect" to everyone? This song, and these lyrics in particular, are amazing and i wish this song would be played for everyone to hear. Because that's EXACTLY how our society is, and we need to change that.

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  4. The Pumpkin King Author

    imagine exploring an abandoned mental hospital and hearing this at low volume in the middle of the hallway and there's just a little child there

  5. Lacy Johnson Author

    After my first stroke and I forgot who I was and who everybody else was. I was told I had a year to leave. I wanted to die my husband grabbed my phone and put my headphones on turned on this song and I played the album and this song all the time. At this moment I'm up to 3 strokes but each time my family blasts this album for me and it helps gets me pumped for physically Therapy when I'm learning to rewalk, write, tie my shoes everything. I might not know who I am half the time but these men have kept me from ending my life who's anyway ending. Thank y'all!! Now to see them live that is in the last 3 things I want to do left before I leave. Again thank y'all for keeping me fighting through your music.


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