1. Madison Newton Author

    Good song when your hella stressed out makes me feel better some how idk how but it does thxs for creating this song i love this song its amazing

  2. ghostkid 10127 Author

    This song.. it’s beautiful! Hollywood undead songs make me feel powerful! It makes me think and feel I can do anything and everything that I want!

  3. Marija Last. Author

    what if I told you we're already dead, end quote. well, baby boy, I used to ask people: how do you know you're not dead? ah the look. they develop new colours. you know that silence when your opponent doesn't know what to say, and then he turns around and goes to a better future. who won? well.. who lived to tell the tale.I never did get the answer. I suppose you know you are not dead if you want to do things some want to do to the world.

  4. Alex D. Author

    I like the fact how he said that he wants to fuck the world and make it hurt but yet I have a broken wrist. I guess he made it hurt. 😂😂😂
    I love the song and all the other songs! Good job and love the songs that you make.

  5. Jeff The Killer Author

    Jack Sixx wherever u at man… Like bruh I didn't mean to make u all, "OMG I'm so offended BC of Jeff the killer… OMG I have to over react about this… OMG what will I ever say?" And all of that stuff… I mean I used to watch it and stuff like that and this one day I was like… U know what, I seem addicted to this stuff and I need a HUGE break from it and all that… But I mean I come across ur comment about porn and like man I wasn't thinking bout' this stuff until this happened and now I think Imma gonna go watch it BYE! jk I can control myself… Anyways I didn't mean to "offended" u in any type of way dude… Control urself and maybe u won't have these conversations about "porn" like… Maybe keep these to urself Pls…

  6. Pan The Man Author

    Rise up the children of Pan! The house of dragon our time has come soon. Fuck this world up that's what you're born for. Amen to my reaper children

  7. Cilo 41 Author

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  8. Walter Baba Author

    Satan: The Author of confusion. The Father of all lies. Who comes to rob. Steal. And…. Destroy. He desires to sift you like wheat. He wants your soul, knowing he's spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. He hates God and will go to any and every length to draw as many humans into Hell – FOREVER!


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