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Hollywood Wants Your Money…and Your Mind

Imagine a group of activists so powerful that
they could beam their propaganda directly into your brain. Now also imagine that they’re so sophisticated,
they actually get you to pay them to do it. Unfortunately, you don’t have to imagine
it. It’s real. It’s Hollywood. As big as the internet has become, Hollywood—and
here, I’m talking specifically about television— is still king. Not only does it reach hundreds of millions
of people with its messaging, it embeds that messaging in seemingly innocuous stories—stories
that distract us from the hardships of daily life; stories that make us feel good, compassionate,
and decent. We watch TV, in other words, because we like
it. And just as Americans didn’t think much
about the carcinogens in the cigarettes they smoked for decades, most Americans don’t
think much about the toxic politics in the television they watch. But those who create that content do. They spin out hour after hour of slickly-produced
left-wing propaganda and they give themselves awards for doing it. They applaud each other’s “courage,”
even though all their friends think exactly as they do. I spoke with nearly a hundred members of the
Hollywood community when I wrote my book, Primetime Propaganda, and many of them openly
admitted they inserted “social justice” messages into their shows. How they do it is both clever and effective. Hollywood writers, producers, directors, actors
create characters we keep wanting to spend time with, then have those characters act
in ways most of us would judge wrong. Then, in effect, they ask us a question: Isn’t
it really okay that Rachel from Friends decided to have a baby without first marrying Ross? After all, you like Ross and you like Rachel! How can what they do be bad? It hasn’t always been this way. For decades, Hollywood promoted traditional
American values. That changed, as did so much else in the late
1960s and ‘70s, when Hollywood stopped celebrating American values and started transforming them. For example, in the early 1970s, abortion
was a hotly-contested issue. A year before the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court
case, the top-rated TV sitcom, Maude, featured a storyline in which the title character of
the show has an abortion. The LA Times described it as “a watershed
moment” in TV history. Why? Well, because it removed the stigma of abortion. Millions of Americans, sitting in their living
rooms, saw a beloved character do something they did not approve of—and felt sympathy. Something similar happened in the early 2000s. Vice President Joe Biden was right when he
said that Will & Grace had a major impact on how Americans think about same-sex marriage. Before the hit NBC show, though most Americans
had a live-and-let-live attitude toward private sexual behavior, few supported the idea of
men marrying men or women marrying women. But seeing the charming and funny Will Truman
live his life week after week paved the way for a much wider acceptance of same-sex marriage. Current shows like Orange Is the New Black
and Transparent are trying to affect the same change on the issue of transgenderism. You may think these are all good things. Or that some are, and some aren’t. That’s not my point. My point is that Hollywood has had a tremendous
influence on our culture, and that influence has been all to the left side of the political
spectrum. And it isn’t just social issues. Chevy Chase likes to boast that he helped
Jimmy Carter defeat Gerald Ford in 1976. He may be right. Week after week on Saturday Night Live, Chase
portrayed Ford, probably the most athletic president in American history, as a bumbling,
uncoordinated idiot. In the early 2000s, Comedy Central had a show,
That’s My Bush!, that openly mocked the 43rd president. And, of course, Hollywood despises Donald
Trump. From crime dramas to the late-night comedy
shows, he’s relentlessly ridiculed. Somehow, Hollywood managed to take an eight-year
hiatus from mocking presidents during the Obama years. But maybe that’s just a coincidence. All of this programming has an effect. Scientific studies suggest that watching TV
acts like a “habit-forming drug.” According to the market research firm Childwise,
teenage boys spend 8 hours per day in front of screens, much of it consuming Hollywood
propaganda. Dedicated religious parents might expose their
children to two hours a week of religious instruction. Hands-on parents might spend thirty minutes
a day discussing essential values with their kids. Hollywood gets up to forty hours a week. Every week. By all means, enjoy television. I do! But remember, the people making TV don’t
merely want to entertain you; they want to influence you. They want you to think like they think. And, unless you’re aware of what they’re
trying to do, chances are, you will. I’m Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire,
for Prager University.


  1. wildsurfer12 Author

    They’ve always tried to demonstrate this bias in a subtle way. But after Brexit and Trump’s victories they’ve stopped caring and are now unapologetically biased towards the globalists that fund them.

  2. megadethmofo Author

    When Ben talks about Hollywood being silent during Obama's 8 years…SNL didn't touch Biden, the walking, talking gaff machine. Every time he spoke, he said something stupid. He was comedy gold! Not ONE skit portraying him as the idiot he was/is. I quit watching it after Trump's election. Non stop liberal propaganda.

  3. Zane Austin Author

    It's a shame how much artistic energy is sqaundered trying to sell a narrative rather than just tell stories that entertain and inspire. We still get a great movie here and there as time passes, but it's getting more and more difficult to find a show/movie that isn't trying to full on shove a liberal idea down your throat. Hollywood needs a shake up.

  4. Hanjoe Anul Author

    Yes, the world is mostly leftist and politics isn't mentioned in tv educational programs,and all other media media possible although in the internet it's mentioned but time will come the left will dominate everyone and right wing and every form of freedom (democracy, free market, free speech) will be forgetten forever, never to be heard of again. Promises like equalism and globalism for me is a lie because in equalism there will be internal corruption the same goes for one world governments bat far worse because it makes the world even more (maybe a Millionfold times) more vulnerable to leftist lies. THOSE KINDS OF PROMISES ARE LIES!
    That is why i am a nationalist and hate the idea of one world government.

  5. Darryl Allen Author

    My wife and I hadn't watched a movie all year until this weekend. We tried to watch Black Panther… It had so many racial slurs and anti-American comments that it was hard to enjoy. It was upsetting because it was a great storyline and had great actors. Hollywood just couldn't help but make some sort of attack on race.

  6. ron moore Author

    That's it in a nutshell I live in Florida and was talking to my neighbors I said you're telling me it's all right for someone 3000 miles away from here to decide what your kids thinks because they decide what your kid sees that's okay that's child abuse…[email protected]

  7. Ben Jones Author

    The song "Theme From A Summer Place" has always been one of my favorite oldies (1960) so I rented the movie. I was shocked by the adultery and premarital sex implied in the movie, but the stand out theme of the movie is 'what the USA needs now is abortion on demand!' In the movie the teen girl (Sandra Dee) gets pregnant by her boyfriend (Troy Donahue) and instead of being able to go to college she is now forced into the life of an uneducated housewife. The obvious solution to the whole dilemma would be an abortion if it were only available but alas it is illegal, so sorry pregnant teen you are stuck. Hollywood has been promoting liberalism a lot longer than we realize.

  8. People Health Truth Author

    Dick Van Dyke show had more and more feminist propaganda after the first season. Go watch Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best.

  9. Marc Kagan Author

    The last I saw a new film was in January 2014 and I cannot remember the last I watch television. Remember when films were based on plays, novels, short stories even radio dramas when film had a plot, a theme, dialogue, characters that you would empathize with, what we get today are movies based on comic books, video games, cartoons, toys, plus these movies will never be celebrated like the way we celebrate the classics like Sunset Boulevard or All About Eve or even Splendor In The Grass. Can you imagine 20 years that people would want to see another Batman movie? I've lost count how many have been made. I've lost count on how many times that I've watched Stella Dallas both the silent version and the sound version. The only thing that Hollywood cares about is money. Who cares how much money a film makes just because they say it makes millions does NOT make it a good film. Today everyone in Hollywood is homogenized you can tell one actor from another. During Hollywood's Golden Era each and every movie star had something distinctive about them. Think Bette Davis eyes. There was a time when there were some many genres of film: Westerns, Film Noir, Tear-Jerkers, Screw-Ball Comedy, Musicals, Melodramas, Comedies, War Movies, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Sword and Sandal, Biographies and Horror. Today its either sequels, remakes, prequels and what not. Hollywood definitely shows its contempt for the audience with movies that glorify gun violence, car explosions and more violence especially against women and children. I haven't watched the Academy Awards since the late 1980's since its now based on politics instead of having talent.

  10. Bithiah, Basia or Writer- Maven Author

    And that is why I watch on average less than 4 hours of television A YEAR.
    EVEN THEN, it's under DURESS!
    Fantasy isn't reality.

  11. Alvin Marcus Author

    Not had tv in 20 years and I'm glad of it. What they do, in my opinion, is pure Evil. I hate what the world has become. So sad.

  12. Gabriel Fuentes Author

    Of course, how I didn't realize that the capitalists who own the Hollywood entertainment companies are actual leftists that want to destroy American values because… Reasons.

  13. Raghu Seetharaman Author

    I used to work in Chicago's Film Industry as Production Crew. It is dominated by Left-wing subject matter and anyone who disagrees with the manipulative nature of the content is promptly removed from their work. In fact, it is not uncommon to see productions feature all-black, all-latino, and/or all-women crews since it "promotes greater diversity in the industry." All that meant for Indian minority, male workers like me is that I could barely find work. Network all you want and, most of the time, you are chosen not because of your talent, but because of how much you can promote Leftist values.

    I'm a passionate cinephile and filmmaker. I love the artistry of Cinema. But ever since working in the industry, I'm ashamed to say that it is a propaganda machine promoting Leftist politics. And it only gets worse when you move from a city like Chicago to New York or Los Angeles.

  14. denny dj Author

    Like climate change when the earth has been around way before the dinosaurs. Im saying trust in God he was the one who create all of the planets.

  15. DeRyThe D Author

    Not only they making people super dumb ,emotional , incapable of think logically, and now they trying to create a army of their own letting all the human on the ground fighting each other off so they can get off with it.
    BUT……couldn't fool me anyway, I read history and studying them, They may fool the dumbs but their own history will not be erased,The mark of sins already passed down since the day Human decided to Cross the path of Doom.

  16. King Vegeta Author

    Mom: Are you busy?
    Me: Watching TV shows.
    Mom: Are you enjoying it.
    Me: Don't know just continuously dodging different propagandas for eight hours.

  17. rob hansen Author

    Multiculturalism, feminism, and Marxism that we now are seeing in the west shouldn't come as a surprise at all ..

    The Kremlin has used this as a destabilizing tool for years infiltrating educational institutions with leftist propaganda by promoting these Marxist ideas into the western intelligentsia thinking and in the community with the help of labor unions.. The Kremlin has infected this into western society for generations and now we are seeing the effect of it !! The Russian call this form of attack for Active measures…

    The point of this is not to make you believe in anything but to create enough doubt, distrust, and confusion within the populous of the western nations that the Kremlin is attacking that the people will start to distrust their own government and media, it is, in other words, the good old game of divide and conquer Kremlin style ..

    Also now that they fare liberal left has gong totally bonkers and the West's educational institutions are all full of liberal professors (so job done ) the Kremlin is now shifting its focus so it can maximize the effect of their divide and conquer evil game of the Active measures strategies, by supporting right-wing element's all over the EU, UK , and the USA and every one from internet bloggers to political parties, Milos Zeman, Viktor Orbán and Le Pen in France and other useful dimwits like Pablo Iglesias Turrión from Spain's Podemos political party and Matteo Renzi Prime Minister of Italy and others in high offices in all EU nations; All of them and their political party are receiving indirectly and directly financial and funding from the Kremlin and have close business deals with Russian state companies… and they are all well known to bang the kremlin drums in the EU JUST LIKE Pro-Kremlin Czech president Milos Zeman..

    What those guys don't really understand is this all of this comes from the KGBs disinformation handbook from back in the day of the cold war and the Kremlin back then and today uses these conspiracies to discredit the US, and the west to the rest of the world and their own populous …

    Take a look her at the link (Russian: активные мероприятия / Aktivnyye Meropriyatiya)

    Active measure is a Soviet term for the actions of political warfare conducted by the Soviet security services ( KGB )and now used by the Russian security services ( FSB) to influence the course of world events, in the Russian Kremlins favor, this includes but not limited to collecting intelligence and producing "politically correct" assessment of it,, and Active measures range "from media manipulations to special actions involving various degrees of violence".

    They included disinformation, propaganda, counterfeiting official documents, assassinations, and political repression, such as penetration into churches, Active measures included the establishment and support of international front organizations (e.g. the World Peace Council); foreign communist, socialist and opposition parties; wars of national liberation in the Third World; and underground, revolutionary, insurgency, criminal, and terrorist groups subversion: active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin

    America, and thus to prepare the ground in case the war really occurs..

    And how do we know that this was and still is run by the Russian Kremlin ???

    We know this because we know who Vasili Mitrokhin was …..

    And who was he you ask …

    He was a KGB cold war agent that became a defector to the west that took with him KGB files regarding the Active measures programs see link

    Some of the active measures by the USSR against the United States were exposed in the Mitrokhin Archive: Well known Kremlin Active measures conspiracy theories put into the western minds …

    Starting rumors that the Jewish "Control" of the Federal Reserve for the new word order and anti-Semitic propaganda has demonized the Jew as a conspiratorial, manipulative outsider, often with powers and designs of world domination helped along by the USA government and the American banks run and owned by the Rothschild jews.

    Starting rumors that fluoridated drinking water was, in fact, a plot by the US government to effect population control.]

    Starting rumors that the moon landings were hoaxes and the money ostensibly used by NASA was in actuality used by the CIA.

    Starting rumors that US, government at the top level let Pearl Harbor happen so the American industrial complex and Banks got the US public to join in and take part in ww2 .
    Use of sympathetic elements in the press to label the strategic defense initiative as an impractical "star wars" scheme.

    Fabrication of the story that AIDS virus was manufactured by US scientists at Fort Detrick; the story was spread by Russian-born biologist Jakob Segal.
    Discrediting of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), using historian Philip Agee (codenamed PONT).

    Attempts to discredit Martin Luther King, Jr. by placing publications portraying him as an "Uncle Tom" who was secretly receiving government subsidies[citation needed]

    Stirring up racial tensions in the United States by mailing bogus letters from the Ku Klux Klan, placing an explosive package in "the Negro section of New York" (operation PANDORA), and spreading conspiracy theories that Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination had been planned by the US government


    Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB : Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

    Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)

    Yuri Bezmenov: KGB Psychological Warfare and Subversion Strategy Part 1

    Socialism: A Warning from the Dead

    Communism and Feminism

  18. AngieLovesUSA Author

    A Fascist is someone who Doesn't tolerate people who disagree with them.
    Social platforms that attack Conservatives have become Fascist.

  19. Morgan Pastorchik Author

    Prageru you need to stop with the religious shit. How can you say what you say one min then the next do what your saying is bad. Nothing is wrong with having a baby and not getting married ?? Nothing is wrong with abortions?? Nothing is wrong with same sex marriage.

  20. Franz Huber Author

    I stopped watching tv in 2009. My life became mine again. I’m immune to propaganda, because if I’m not confronted with manipulative ways to describe life, you finally see your own as a fact and the life of others as a story. Maybe true, maybe not. I don’t care. My life is the only version I have control over.

  21. The Unknown Fish Author

    A fan of Prager U, But why does being gay or gay relationship has to be categorized as “left wing politics”
    I understand that most of the LGBTQ people are left-leaning but I think LGBTQ shouldn’t be put into politics, it’s a matter of acceptance and tolerance. ✌️

  22. Luc Alexander Author

    I am sorry, Americans did not have a Live and Let Live attitude toward gays, period. TV still can't compare to the amount of time people spent on social media eating-up polarized information, including videos from Ben Shapiro and opposite folks on the Left.

  23. Alan Parson Author

    I worked on Hollywood film productions. Everything from TV to feature films and music videos are awash with SJW propoganda.

    They would purposely discriminate against race and gender on film sets to promote Left values. We would even have to submit to background checks for our religious and political affiliations. I've had friends who were kicked off sets because they supported Donald Trump.

    I'd work on full TV productions for shows like Jane The Virgin where I'd expect my work contract to renew for second and third seasons. However, the following seasons would choose to kick out male crew members and hire more female just to push the Left narrative despite our work record being better. At some point, if you are a "cisgender" male, white, heterosexual, and/or Christian (yeah they find out), you have to either completely submit to Left or expect that you may not have a job tomorrow. From the inside, I can tell you why guys like Tom Hanks sides with Left causes. It's because, most of the time, they have a gun to their head so they can keep their careers.

    The only ones immune to this are maybe the lead actors like Chris Pratt playing Starlord since he has a lot of media coverage and helps sell the film. But behind the scenes, Hollywood administration is a Gang for the Left which coerces you into their ideology despite your disagreement.

    Thankfully, I left and now pursue a career in tech. But it's truly despicable what happens in Hollywood.

  24. A K Author

    While I am still against cohabitation outside of marriage, I can understand Rachel not marrying Ross. The character remains in my opinion one of the most insufferable of all time. Joey may have never been a great provider in any sense, traditional or otherwise, he would have become a loyal and loving husband and father because he was inherently a good person.

  25. Egg Man Author

    What's this? Hollywood is full of progressives and liberals who contradict our political views? Roll out a video about how Hollywood is irrelevant while Indirectly supporting fox news by saying television is better. Also get Ben Shapiro, he's a meme and will he seen as a voice of "reason"

  26. Egg Man Author

    The reason modern media is so progressive is because the majority of people are progressive and that's what they wanna see. Of course this is going to offend the right but they're the minority.

  27. Paul Christman Author

    TVs leftist politically correct agenda has NEVER influenced me. For instance, I'm well aware that women do NOT belong in the military, politics or positions of power, or in the workforce except in clerical/behind the scenes and entry level positions. I know that black people commit a disproportionately high percentage of the crime in America. I also know that jews are Christ-hating, money-grubbing schmucks, Shapiro ! (Just kidding. Kinda. Don't throw matzuh balls at me.) And being gay, I also know for a fact that the majority of gay men in America are haughty irresponsible hedonistic jerks, especially young gay men (A,notable exception are the Log Cabin Republicans).
    Hollywood is nothing short of subversive. No argument here.

  28. Timothy Sheridan Author

    Thanks Ben, but remember racism is when you mix races. There's no races the other guy doesn't show up. That's why America is a brown invasion, Congress is importing almost exclusively brown people. It's an agree just hate crime against white culture. Is there someway we can get 50 million Irish Catholics to move to Israel?!

  29. Munif A. Author

    Hey guys guess what. Even video games have an agenda. How many of you here are going to stop playing video games?
    Yeah that's what I thought.
    Stop acting like he's just some prophet. This has been the case even since we could create media and show it to the masses.

  30. 14598175 Author

    Take the No Cable TV Challenge for 1 year. I guarantee that if you totally stop watching, five things will happen. 1. You 'll save a TON of money! 2. people find their natural instincts come back and they get out of debt. 3. You'll lose a lot of weight! 4. You'll be happier! 5. Your outlook will move to the conservative side, wanting less government, and clearly see how the brainwashing works as people (who still watch TV) say things that no logical sense whatsoever.

  31. Tai Rhoades Author

    It's not the left-wing propaganda, it's more the fact that the creators aren't spending enough time making a good product and getting mad at us for calling them out on it. If the product were good, then I wouldn't mind their politics.

  32. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier Author

    That's why I canceled my cable subscription and ended any of my Hollywood(or the like) viewing without going all Sherlock Holmes on the product before buying a ticket. They've polluted nearly every prime time tv show with PC SJW BS. They'll Greedo shot first every classic movie given the chance.

  33. John Martin Author

    I didn’t know Michael Bay was trying to control my mind. Looks like I better stop buying the shitty products those movies advertise on the screen and should burn my American flags to join an anarchist group. Since all movies in Hollywood and cinema are trying to corrupt my mind I should even just forget any and all lessons I learned from them. Maybe even those lessons preached in old Disney films like working hard to achieve dreams, instead I’ll just sit around do nothing and never imagine my life could be better. While I’m on it I should ignore superhero films like Superman and stop trying to help those in need if I have the ability to do so, instead let them suffer. And while I’m at it why not allow slavery to exist like in Ten Commandments, clearly they’re lying to me about freedom from bondage and faith in “supreme beings”. And why not also discard Frankenstein, trying to make it seem like science can be dangerous. And definitely no Citizen Cain, because everyone knows people in positions of power can never be corrupted. I’m know I’m taking their title to it’s logical extreme, and I understand how movies often try to make you think in certain ways and not always in ways that are beneficial to society. But there’s a reason for cinema having survived this long, and no one’s forcing people to see these movies or agree with its characters or messages. No one leaves Godfather thinking that those characters were doing the right thing. And besides if anything film makers are slaves to their audiences, giving crowds what they think they want and rarely wanting to go out of their way to put out something they don’t. And for now at least, if Americans don’t want to watch a film we don’t have to. Until a Hollywood film director has the same power as a politician in America, I think we’re mostly safe from the same level of cinematic brainwashing that men like Goebbels did in Nazi Germany. But hey no one here has to agree with me either, and I promise I have better things to do than find some troll who disagrees with me

  34. Jeffrey KRUPA Author

    Every year you go without watching television will add 5 I.Q. points.
    …Well, maybe not, but you will definitely have a clearer perspective on things!

  35. Leo Fisher Author


  36. Timothy Clarke Author

    Television, MSM, Hollywood, and the Music Industry have been socially engineering and conditioning America and the world for decades! There goal: to blur the lines between reality and the screen world by incorporating and nudging indoctrination into the real culture by there simulated reality screen world and culture. Almost our entire culture in current day has been and is created and rendered by screen fiction, the lines have been BLURRED! It's too alluring to children GET EM YOUNG AND WHILE THEY'RE DUMB! The people who control the sources of information control the people.

  37. Derek Finch Author

    At the end of the day what is putting a cross is a form of brainwashing he's telling you the truth of Hollywood and the Media Group so doing the young people of America and Europe

  38. The Doctor Author

    I love watching shows but every time I have to separate my beliefs and the ones portrayed. Almost every show and movie I have to do this

  39. stankygeorge Author

    I basically stopped watching TV in the mid seventies, I watched a bit more in the eighties and nineties (because of cable, mostly educational), thru two thousands I watched very little TV.
    I was living in a Asian country and I was happy, I went back to the States for one week and I was angry. I moved to a Hispanic country and I was happy, I went back to the States for a week and I became angry.
    When I was in foreign lands I could not understand the languages so I did not watch TV, especially the news. When I was in the States everyone had Fox for Fools or Clinton News Network constantly on, so I was forced to watch it and that is the reason I became angry every time I visited the States.
    Not only did I leave the States but I also gave my TV away and I have never been happier.
    Americans are miserable and insane, TV is a major contributing factor!
    I've also gave upon American movies!

  40. David Strorm Author

    whispers Ben, I've got a secret to tell you! They put a black on Star Trek (1966)! The horror! They even let it kiss that Shatner guy! Run out and fix that, k?

    …. Moron.

  41. Marcela Wayne Author

    Next year the majority of voters will be Millennials and Gen Z the 2 generations that are "killing" the movie industry by not going to the cinema enough or buying DVDs/Blue rays and the television industry by no longer paying for cable….so I mean.

  42. Colfax the Grim Author

    “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”
    — Ben Shapiro

    “People in my TV box did something I didn’t like!”
    — Also Ben Shapiro

  43. thebatmanover9000 Author

    I like how he talks to the people who buy into this shit like they are little kids. It let's you know the I.Q. of the average PregerU subscriber.

  44. Skeptic Grandma Author

    Traditional American values? What are those? People use this phrase, but is relatively meaningless.

    Yes, Ben, it’s not about liking Rachel or Ross, they are actually kind of unlikeable characters. It’s about the fact that most people think it’s ok to have a baby whether you are married or not or that it’s nunya.

  45. Xaxton Revolution Author

    George Bush was ridiculed for coming off as stupid and Trump is ridiculed because he comes off or at least used to come off as uncompassionate. In this instance,i t has nothing to do with them being Republicans, but I’m sure that Barack Obama could come off as being as rude as Trump and or just as stupid as George Bush and still avoid being made fun of because of the black supremacist racial narrative that exists.

  46. Faintly Artistic Author

    A good commentary on this is found in the Tripods books. The prequel tells all. I stopped watching this filth 30 years ago and don't miss it at all.

  47. hella Weird Author

    This is the same exact thing Anita Sarkesian does. Instead of leftist propaganda and Hollywood its video games and sexist attitudes.

    They are both wrong.


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