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Hollywood Went to the Moon First!

A Trip to the Moon (1902) A Trip to the Moon (1902) / Excursion to the Moon (1908) Woman in the Moon (1929) Metropolis (1927) King Kong (1933) Haredevil Hare (1948) (audio) Toy Story 2 (1999) Destination Moon (1950) Man and the Moon (1955) Man in the Moon (1960) Rocketship X-M (1950) Moon Pilot (1962) First Men in the Moon (1964) Project Moonbase (1953) Man and the Moon (1955) Project Moonbase (1953) Destination Moon (1950) Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) Project Moonbase (1953) Missile to the Moon (1958) Project Moonbase (1953) Missile to the Moon (1958) Conquest of Space (1955) Project Moonbase (1953) Conquest of Space (1955) Man in the Moon (1960) Battle in Outer Space (1959) Man and the Moon (1955) First Men in the Moon (1964) The Mouse on the Moon (1963) Destination Moon (1950) Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) Missile to the Moon (1958) First Men in the Moon (1964) A Trip to the Moon (1902) First Men in the Moon (1964) Battle in Outer Space (1959) First Men in the Moon (1964) 12 to the Moon (1960) Battle in Outer Space (1959) Missile to the Moon (1959) First Men in the Moon (1964) Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) 12 to the Moon (1960) Project Moonbase (1953) Missile to the Moon (1958) Man and the Moon (1955) Moon Pilot (1962) Destination Moon (1950) Conquest of Space (1955) Missile to the Moon (1958) Battle in Outer Space (1959) Nude on the Moon (1961) Countdown (1968) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) For All Mankind (1989)


  1. Goblin Hero Author

    The moon landing was faked, Stanley Kubrick directed it. but you see Stanley was a perfectionist, he made them film the whole thing on location.

  2. Kwemo Film Reviews Author

    If youre interested in more of this kind of stuff you should check out the book Focus on the Science Fiction Film which was edited by William Johnson. It's a little old but it covers quite a bit about pre-1970s science fiction films.

  3. Koiyah Author

    I analysed the videos of the rock monsters and have found that the shadows have multiple sources. The stars are also not supposed to be visible.

    They must clearly be shooting these documentary on another planet than the moon! 😉

  4. UltimateKyuubiFox Author

    Holy fucking shit. When you look at the other space films released within a five year period, Kubrik’s visual effects are ASTOUNDING.

  5. Asummersdaydreamer14 Author

    Thank you for this! None of the other YouTube movie channels I respect are releasing anything to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. btw your editing and comprehensive list of moon movies is stellar.

  6. AceAttorny Author

    Some people would argue Hollywood are the only ones who ever went to the moon.
    Then again, some people would argue Batman V. Superman is a good movie.

  7. S Mac Author

    Woody Woodpecker's first movie, and it's not Universal? This include Invisible Woody in Tom Thumb.

    There's a discussion. How and when was the non-Disney studio first film and how long was their gap for the next?

  8. Paul Mitchum Author

    Nice rundown. It doesn't quite fit the category, but there's a great NFB documentary called 'Universe' that came out in 1960 that's worth a look.

  9. LE0NSKA Author

    first man was indeed painfully avarage and predictable in it's execution and style (I don't need to mention story wich should be obvious)…felt like a premium example of oscar-bait type movies… quite the disappointment.

  10. Tallowyck62 Author

    No specific mention of "Rocketship X-M?" It was released two months prior to "Destination Moon." Yeah, I know the story of these two movies, the inferior XM being rushed into theaters, but you mentioned the Méliès rip-off, why not this?

  11. Tallowyck62 Author

    And though it was released about three months after the Moon landing, I wish it had been included:

  12. Paprika Author

    I think the beds in the rocketship came from a Tintin comic book from 1950 call "Destination Moon" where you can find the same type of beds.

  13. Jonathan Morales Author

    It's really amazing how 2001 was able to completely blow everything out of the water that came before and shortly after it. Not just in terms of space effects, but effects in general. It wasn't until Star Wars that space effects started to look as good. Kubrick was ahead of his time.

  14. GTA17RSD Author

    @TheRoyalOceanFilmSociety do ever heard a name of Kyle Cooper? He was a title designer like Saul Bass but in nowadays, and he's already made over 250 films. His work includes Seven (1995), and Raimi's Spiderman

  15. aadamtx Author

    Great video, as always. The Russians also got to the moon pretty early on! Check out COSMIC JOURNEY (1936) here on YT – mostly ridiculous, but the set design is impressive. Even stranger is JUST IMAGINE (1930), which includes a couple of song & dance numbers, good/evil alien twins, and El Brendel.

  16. Iafiv Iv Author

    The awkward moment when you realise someone 60 years from now is gonna make an essay on how silly and hilariously wrong space exploration movies of the 2000's and 2010's were with a special rant about Gravity and The Martian.They'll even say 'remember people actually took it seriously it wasn't meant to be a comedy'.


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