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Hollywood’a giden 5 ünlüden 4 İngilizce öğrenme tekniği

Maybe you see the seen most awkward video title in the world and came But do not think it’s weird. Because I couldn’t find a title that explain this video If you find more suitable video title for that you can write a comment on an idea income so, this is not a clickbait unlike, this is exact opposite you will understand what I wanted to say in the end of the video but I want you to answer my question first what is the common feature between Elon Musk and Charlize Theron We understand Elon Musk but if you think who is Charlize Theron I would say you should think about absurdity of the situation we are in for real what are their common features? Before everything else, they are citizen, they are South African They were born of two cities that distant 50 km from each other for 3 years apart that’s about 47 min difference if there is no traffic The childhood and youngster period has been lived there Then, both of them are actress Someone is in small roles and only invigorates himself. Another is not like genereal. The actress who took Oscar Prize Both of them are models, more precisely the mother of a someone Itself trying to get into fashion by restaration her hair. And produce very nice car models posing next to it. the other is a really famous model. Both speak English. but someone learned it later You, due to poor accent and low speech ability you might think that Elon Musk learned English later. Elon Musk is talking hesitatingly and words are pronunciation wrong. But no; Elon Musk’s native language South African English This dialect of English is only one of 11 (eleven) official languages spoken in South Africa. The other, Charlize Theron’s main language Afrikaans It is a Dutch-derived tongue. You know, this year I started a series called Imaginary Talks. With the support of the Cambly platform, which teaches by speaking English, This is the series I prepared. Previously, Bruce Lee and I mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success stories. Although both are not native English, By communicating in English in an English-speaking country they had achieved great success. But none He could not improve his English as much as Charlize Theron. Well, until 16 age (sixteen). this woman who can barely speak english How did he develop himself so well to speak English? (Charlize Theron: Do you know what’s funny? I could have given this party earlier! This is exactly the same party!) Here, starting in 2017 ‘Imaginary Talk’ series of the season final, I wanted to tell you about this topic.
I thank Cambly for supporting those who want to improve English. this video was either sponsored.
If you want to improve your English, If you want to learn English better. Listen carefully. Take a look at the possibilities offered by the Cambly platform. Because it is made in traditional classrooms; instead of memorizing all the knowledge, you are practicing the knowledge you have learned at school with native English teachers. And as you make mistakes, Unless your English is not enough they are making arrangements and reinforcements for these areas. I mean, first you learn and then you do not talk, at the same time you both talk and learn. Do you know what Charlize Theron did to advance the English? Before he became a famous actor, watched a lot of series and movies. Not only for acting but also for improving the English language. Because although the whites living in South Africa, some of them – like in the case of Elon Musk – know English Charlize Theron says i can barely speak English until the age of 16. (Charlize Theron speaks Afrikaans.) His Afrikaans language still speaks nice. Here are 16 (sixteen) years old In order to develop the improve English after they left South Africa, One of the most important methods we she is watching lots of movies and series. Well, if you look at it, I guess most of you already do it but you are probably watching it in Turkish subtitles. My recommendation is to follow in English subtitles. You are not going to understand everything exactly, but it is. You can make great progress in this way. I reading English books because I reading English subtitles a much different experience. You read the writings of a living, street-speaking language and these for you hear. you are experiencing a much more active learning experience. French actress Melanie Laurent she used same tactic. Inglourious Basterds for movies player selections He sent his CV. And He has fluent English written on the foreign language level part of the CV. But it was not fluent at all. Successfully pass the CV part of the choices when face to face interview phase it is not a fluent English “I started watching Gossip Girl like crazy.” says. You’re being invited to the Tarantino movie, You’re watching Gossip Girl to make preparations. Well done Melanie! What kind of logic is that? But did it work? Yes!
Written by Tarantino after playing in another movie Salma Hayek started to announce the whole world Do you know what he did? Language exchange Let’s call it a language. You look so wrong Salma Hayek also learns English series and film But when it comes to America he realized that he was very bad in speech. As a result, you do not have subtitles when you speak. Moreover, Salma There was a dyslexia problem. One of the world’s most famous TV programmers in 2003 When he went to Oprah, he was burnt like this: “I came here, I do not speak English. i havent a green card. I do not even know how to drive. and i am having dyslexia. İn this bad stuation she finded way to fix everyting and finded one american wants to learm spanish she started to talk and talk regularly. Speech She made every speaks with him half spanish and half english for help each other Do you evermind one day you wanna improve yourself and will take
inspiration from salma hayek She was just joking around sir Come on let go, you gonna get us killed We need to think big. We can learn someting from everyone Now the main language for you is English and also Turkish it can be difficult to find someone who is trying to learn. But I found some enthusiastic people to speak English without swapping, you can try to talk to him. Previously published remember the video without fear. “It turns out something like this: it turns out: KO-KO technique. Speak without fear! ” Spanish actress Penelope Cruz At first, the script was phonetically He studied and learned. So what I hear from movies memorized lines. Even without knowing the meaning. By hearing and imitating. And just this He has done plenty of test shots with the method. Recorded video itself. The first Hollywood project taken with one of these shootings. Even after taking it Stephan Frears noticed that the director himself came across that Penolepe’s English dont move further and limited all of replics exept this she know a very little english Even so she got the role But of course you can hear and memorize the lines, way to learn English is something, Speak english is someting. İn set it was big problem when they speak about characters İs she step back ? No way . İn the begining when she speak even dont know means slowly learn the words she says started. Meanwhile, he made funny mistakes. But without giving up, going from year to year, “And Oscar … … going to Penelope Cruz. ” Oscar has come to the level of a winning actor. We know our fifth fame as a singer. Shakira. On the phonetic level for the Colombian artist we may think that it is enough to know an English language. And he just memorizes what he hears and says Something like enough might come to mind. But he has a mentor. We can call the Latin World’s Sezen Aksu. Gloria Estefan. Singing in English recommended. But Shakira has been singing his own songs since enough for the translator to write thought it would not be. In an interview with MTV teling thesee She learned first the sounds.İts expected fron she as a singer. Actually before you learn something, you you should try to identify. Are you a visual learner, Or sound leaner or touch When you relaise it you can learn much easier Shakira is auditory learner and she find out it when she was a child when she study english she focused on sounds as i said Every langue has a rhythm. I can see this Most in poems. For example in divan literature remember aruz vezni and measure its long and short rythmms created from syllable Failatün/Failatün/Failatün/Failün. . Shakira didint taked a grammer book for learn instead of poet Walt Withman’s Leaves grass she readed this book. It’s a poetry book. Is not the method interesting? A poet is about humanity and life to learn the language by reading the philosophy. Symbolism, allegory, I told you this video is a strange title. But does not it get the right content? I’m sending five all of you went to Hollywood and achieved great success Even some of them taked oscar Moreover, no one’s main language is English. And I do not know if you care. all them a women I specially chosed. As I said in the beggining I was told stories of succesfully about Bruce lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger But when women are the subject not by intelligence or ability there is a prejudice that they have achieved success with their beauty. But leave acting or singing skills in English only efforts to learn and even the techniques they apply are themselves English subtitles and watching movies learning effort, Salma Hayek’s language exchange or speaking learning approach, Penelope Cruz’s phonetic learning technique and last one is shakiras song and poem stlye I think learning is very striking. For a minute or so I figured out the other four, Shakira when you think you went to Hollywood if you I want to remind you of the antelope character in Zootropolis. In this animation, the English song Shakira wrote the words himself. And I think these words are only in English or for those who want to learn another foreign language, wanting to improve itself in any field very valuable for everyone.


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