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Home Theater Life Hack to Hide Your Screen Borders Quick & Easy DIY

hey what’s up guys jury here aka
Barnacules and in this episode of DIY Gasm I’m going to show you how to hide
that nasty silver bezel that so many television manufacturers think that they
need to put around the screen to make it look pretty now I’m gonna tell you why
I’m deleting it and how I’m deleting it but first we need to go into the room
where the magic happens if you guys watch the last episode we were in the
same bedroom although this time it’s – miss Barnacules but we still got the
pussy haha come on come on alright so if you guys saw the last episode of DIY
gasm here is just a little 360 in my room we’re actually shooting this during
the daytime today so you might get a little bit of that daylight magic but
that right there is the TV in the last episode I showed you guys how to hang on
the wall so if you guys are wondering how I got a 75 inch TV on the wall I
have a whole video on how to select the bracket how to mount the bracket and all
that good stuff so your TV doesn’t fall off the wall also if you have a keen eye
you’ve probably noticed that I’ve went ahead and brought over some of my
components from last time I now have my stereo receiver actually hooked up and
functioning I got my center channel I got my front left and right channel and
I got my rear channels back they’re both working I also have these set is up
firing for Dolby Atmos I’ve been playing around with it a little bit it kind of
works I may do a video on it also notice my wires are still visible here I need
to bring up my little sleeve I need to actually tape that in place okay so I
can emphasize the problem this is usually you know where we’re laying
where the magic happens or watch a TV and you can see against the black wall
it actually helps with the contrast of the picture if I had the TV on but
you’ve got that giant silver outline it drives me absolutely nuts what ends up
happening is all that light goes boom bounces off the white back wall comes
back and lights up that frickin bezel so I want to hide it as much as humanly
possible now to do that I’m gonna use electrical tape now a lot of people told
me I should use gaffer tape unfortunate I don’t have any black gaffer tape this
is all I could find it was black and it sticks the glass
pretty well so we’re gonna see how well this actually works for hiding it I
realize that electro tapes kind of shiny so it still could tend to kick back a
little bit of light but it’s gonna be nowhere near as bad is the freaking
silver bezel that’s already on there also some of you at the kenai may have
noticed that even upstairs in my nerd cave I painted the whole back wall
plaque now the reason I do that is it kind of helps to hide the bezel the
whole background is black you can’t really see the edges of the TV that well
especially when you’re focused on a bright
I did the same thing in here when I had a projector setup and when I set up the
LCD screen I still got the same effect – that bezel so the idea being is if
you’re looking at a black wall even in the lit room it helps give you a boost
in contrast or at least I should say a perceived boost in contrast of the image
and then when the lights are out in the room you get less reflection bouncing
back and forth between the walls which makes the room seem even darker just
painting one wall give it a try let me know how you like it and if you hate it
paint over with white all right so the first thing I want to do is pull the TV
out as far as possible the mount that I selected actually allows me to pull the
TV out a couple of inches it also allows me to access everything that’s behind
the television all right I’m a shorty so we’re gonna bust out the stepladder all
right so I figured a good starting point would be right along this edge just so
we have a comparison between the two before we proceed now before we get
started make sure the screen is very very clean because I am gonna overlap
the glass just a little bit I literally use the wash rag just to see how many
people got triggered by that down in the comments I’d normally I’d use a
microfiber cloth I figured what I would do is take and start out the electrical
tape because it does have a tendency to get wrinkled you don’t want to stretch
it too much either because you don’t want to under tension so something like
that and I figured I’d let gravity do most of the work no no the stool rated
for this much fatty so now what I’m gonna do is just pull out one big strip
stretch it just like so oh that didn’t work make sure you have a lot of
electrical tape when you start with this one I figured I’d go ahead and turn on
the TV because it’ll make it a lot easier for me to see where the glass
ends and the pixels start now up close here you can see how obnoxious that
silver bezel is and it’s shiny it’s really shiny matter of fact this whole
screen is like a giant mirror from foam honest it’s seriously a hell of a nice
TV though I really love these Samsung Q LED screens this is two generations old
and it’s still brighter than most of the screens I’ve seen it’s got a pretty
decent viewing angle too so I ended up turning on the TV so I can see where the
pixels are cuz on this particular panel the glass goes all the way over to the
very edge and but the pixels start a little bit in so I want to cover that
little black strip also just to make it look uniform and I also realized that
the tape doesn’t like the stick to the back of the screen it love stick into
the glass though so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start with a really
really really long trip over the top and I’m gonna put it
way around back and push on a lock so I want the stick really good in the more
surface area I have the better off I am that looks perfect but I’m going to try
to do is pull it all the way down first it’s going to reel some out folds I want
to overshoot quite a bit and then it’ll let the tape do the work for me let me
see how my overlap looks okay I’m gonna take a bunch off the end here tear it
off all the way up around the backside just get some good surface on there and
then I’m gonna roll it over with my finger starting at the top I want to
pull it outward push it around the corner push it push it real good
no any bubbles so push outward while you’re doing it it grips the glass
really really well and then any bubbles here it actually works pretty good yeah
now that I’ve rolled it over the edge I want to make sure that it stays there so
I’m just gonna go up and down and keep working it keep working it if I can
clean up those edges here in a bit let’s see how that looks so right there you
can see the silver bezel at the top then we’ll go over here and you can see the
black going down it actually looks really really uniform it’s a little
Ripley at the bottom and at the top and I think I can clean that up on a second
pass there are a couple little bubbles those I could work out using like a
credit card just like if you’re doing a screen protector you see right there
just using my thumb I was able to get that bubble out no problem now I didn’t
anticipate this being perfect I just wanted to be better than what it was and
then maybe in a future episode we can find a better candidate for doing this
everybody’s got some electrical tape alright only three more sides to go I
want to get the hard part’s out of the way first so now I’m gonna do the top
and hopefully I don’t fall and eat crap like it did in the last video we got the
start and then scoot over as I go you know in hindsight this would’ve been a
lot easier to do and I have the TV down before I mounted it so if that’s an
option for you yeah alright same thing as before I’m gonna go really long on
the top piece give me a nice big old anchor to go off of
yeah well almost each it do not over keep pulling keep pulling keep pulling
oh by Jerry no bad girl alright see if we can stretch it get lined up it looks
like it wants to droop just a little bit so I’m gonna pick it up here in the
center put it there first and I’m gonna go the rest of the way take a big old
piece off the end wrap it around tight want to make sure it stays put same
technique as before I’m just gonna roll it with my hands like this one little
place there where the glass is a little bit more recessed in so you can see a
little bit of a line there we’re going for better not perfect a
little bit better now from where you guys are it probably looks good but let
me show you what it really looks like it’s still better than the silver bezel
but you can see along the top there are some little ripples so that’s how it
looks perfect but the side I tried to redo here no bueno so we got to do it
again you know if at first you don’t succeed make sure you got a lot of
electrical tape all right this time I’m going to try a little bit different
technique a horizontal it’s okay to let the weight of the tape but it droops so
I’m gonna go a little bit at a time and just lay it down as I go this time you
know what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna let out it stretch it
put equal tension then lay it down like that go across do it in small sections
who’s gonna be the part that gets me is having to move because it’s such a big
TV that’s gonna be where the ripple happens let’s see if we can recover it
okay it looks like we did it’s really hard not to get impatient that looks
much better get a nice long piece stretching around the back you’re put
into place all right now here is the part where I screwed up last time do a
nice and slow curl it up and over all right some SMO this would be so much
easier would those laying on the bed Brady and white kids you come up with
ideas in the moment I guess they didn’t really notice the bezel that much until
afterward right that looks way that looks a thousand times better all right we now have three of the sides
wrapped saved the hardest for last that’s gonna be right down here along
this edge because we got a deal with the Samsung logo which I don’t really want
to see so I’m gonna cover that too so final edge so far I have to say for just
a quick and dirty fix this is actually works pretty good
oh well houston we got a problem I got really sweaty walls doing this I took a
little break and I decided you know what I’m just gonna dry out my shirt by the
way you guys should buy that shop barn or calm by putting it on the
air-conditioner and now it’s all dry and ready to go the only problem is I have
seemed to have misplaced the electrical tape this is the waste product I don’t
know where it went hopefully I can finish this video I was
blending in with the top of the speaker alright
whoop still in business got we’re running out quick though hopefully don’t
make too many more mistakes oh man it’s all nice and dry again
contrary to popular belief fat people don’t like to sweat it’s just something
we naturally do I should take the back there are some times when we want to
sweat em like favorite and subscribe make sure you ring the bell but you know
you want to come on just do it I can wait alright guys and gals let’s
do this alright again start with the long strip and go around the back right
along that pixel edge on the glass I’ll tell you what this electrical tape does
not like to stick to anything but the glass so if your bezel is not glass I
highly recommend do you use something to anchor the tape around the back like
gaffer tape painters tape duct tape even something that’s gonna hold it in place
but the tension will be fine across the front you know we learned from the top
that we’re gonna get a little bit of a droop so we wanted to do is you want to
manually come in and just tack it in place I actually think I was a little
too overzealous with the last one and got too close to the pixels and may have
covered a few up no big deal so this time I’m gonna take care to make sure
I’m just a little bit below the pixel line there it is nice big long strip up
there and around the back up diagonally antennaes but now we do he’s just
working along the bottom edge just like we did before you can see that’s where
the Samsung logo was so it’s not really gonna want to bend around that too well
we’ll do the best we can then we’ll just keep going we’ll just keep rolling it
over I’m actually hand-holding this I hope I’m not making anybody too sick
keep on rollin no no that doesn’t look half bad all right so just going around
right here just looking good the tape is a little reflective but it’s more of a
matte finish than the silver it was underneath it and against the black wall
with all the lights out I don’t think I’m gonna be able to see it at all but
we’ll put that to the test why don’t figure out on do this little
Samsung logo though cuz it didn’t quite cover all the way so I may just get in
there with like a knife or something and just get around the edges a little
better than run some tape up under the back but I do like that I don’t see that
anymore but here let’s look at it from a distance all the lights on the room we
clearly see no more silver bezel so up close it might not look perfect but
that’s pretty darn good another one coming off see right here it does not
want to stick well so I’m gonna take a moment and go find some other tape that
we can use to anchor it behind the back so here’s a little irony for you all I
could find was white gaffer tape uses the anchor but it’s behind the screen so
I really don’t care gaffer tape is amazing though if you’ve
never used it before it’s a little on the spending side but it’s less
destructive than duct tape and holds just as well so I’m gonna go ahead and
make sure this pulled tightly around the corner all right just like so that’s
doing is pulling the tape tight around the top there as you can see I already
did it on the bottom and if you pull it really tight before you anchor it you
don’t have all those little like Jabby pieces sticking out on the corners it
actually pulls around really nice by the way that’s the video you guys should go
watch if you haven’t already it’s the DIY gasm before this my wife joins me
she is hilarious just beware lots of sexual innuendos now on oh yeah go watch
that one too but really guys you should watch all my videos cuz youtube doesn’t
promote me anymore so I rely on you guys watching my videos and share my videos
so that I can afford to pay my power bill oh you guys buying it no yeah
that’s right by the way all the materials that I’m using are linked in
the video description so check the video description that’s where they’re linked
including this awesome stool that is somehow holding all 330 pounds of me up
one thing I do like about this mount I used for this TV is it sports up to 150
pounds but it also does this check this out check this out push it flush to the
wall then you can also just pull out one side so you can tilt it towards
whichever viewer is watching the TV cool that’s America’s ass wellthis now
anyways alright last anchor when you pull it tight it rounds off the edge
looks really nice actually I already is we’re removing the black
border and then we’re putting white teeth behind it don’t judge me
and gaffer tape also holds up really well underneath all right well that
whole job took about twenty minutes and I just had to read you one of the sides
so not too bad and here we have the final result no more big bright Samsung
label in the mill the transitions on the corners look pretty clean I’m actually
really happy with how this turned out I mean obviously there’s other solutions
I’m gonna try as time goes on but this was the cheapest and most obvious in DIY
gasm I generally trying to go for stuff that people just have around the house
specially the jerry-rigged approach so but I may even try using some some
gaffer tape that I actually paint with something like vantablack oh you know
what else would work really good going to the fabric store and getting that
felt liner you know you can get like just strips of felt I could get that in
hot glue it along the edge cuz hot glue I found comes off of glass really really
easy and doesn’t damage it at all you just heat it up wipe it away put a
little Gooby gone on it you’re done I bet you that would work amazing you’re
not gonna be able to do that in 20 minutes though but uh this is a good fix
I like the end result let’s uh let’s close up the windows we’ll see what it
looks like in a completely dark room now cuz the goal is for me not to be able to
see the border of the TV when I’m watching a video against the black
backdrop I wanted to look just like you’re in a movie theater alright first
we gotta close the door goodbye son I’ll miss you
not really I mean the son aren’t that good of friends alright so until I wait
for nighttime this will at least give me a pretty good idea hey if you guys were
wondering that’s actually my side of the bed so my wife’s perfectly lined up on
the TV so what I do is when she’s not watching I just turn it towards me a
little bit so you literally just push it on the side and there you go alright
it’s time to see the fruits of my labors oh yeah oh one other cool thing check
this out wait for it wait for it wait for it wait for it going people ask me
why I watch movies in the bedroom this is why I have a nice bed even the feet
can come up too so I can sit here I can watch my movie on a giant screen I tell
you right now that border is not showing up at all check it out no more silver
border even with this ambient light in the room they just complete
disappears against the Blackwall that is fantastic
also after watching this movie don’t forget to go watch that one cuz it was
kind of funny because my wife wasn’t strong enough to help me get the TV up
on the wall in some antics ensued also finally wired up the stereo see
it’s turned on right now make sure we got no shit like that bitch excited you
guys should go watch all my DIY gasm episodes I do all kinds of crazy stuff
also if this your first time find on my channel I do a lot of content revolving
around 3d printing simulation VR programming I’ve dabbled in just about
everything nerdy I’ve been dormant for a while if you guys haven’t seen me around
but now I’m starting to get back to it I just released one video yesterday now
I’m released in another video today so I’m hoping to keep them coming for you
guys so please hit that subscribe gotten ring that bell check back frequently to
cuz youtube doesn’t notify people for some reason anymore when I release
content and here YouTube but guys I’m gonna call that a success arena in the
words of Ned Flanders so the back wall is flat black now if I can find some
electrical tape that had no Sheen to it that would have obviously been a better
choice but compared to that giant silver bezel that you guys saw in the beginning
of the video this is a massive improvement the nice thing is it still
looks good even with the lights on so let me turn on all the lights this one
thing I didn’t like about having projectors these two have a projector
right if they’re on the ceiling but the reason I got rid of the projectors was
one the bulbs were getting really expensive to replace constantly and two
you just cannot compete with the brightness of like a cue LED screen I
mean it’s just it’s insane I can have all this ambient light in the room like
here I’ll even open up these blinds and yes I know my windows are filthy but
that’s with all the lights on in the room that’s the blinds open everything
and you can still clearly see the television almost as good as with all
the lights off that’s that’s what I like about this guys also if you guys are
curious about any of the components I use center channel speakers all that
stuff I will have links in my Amazon affiliate store in the video description
along with links to the electrical tape that I used for this project because I’d
imagine that different brands of electrical tape probably have different
adhesive characteristics and if you guys have a better way of doing this please
let me know down in the comments not above improving myself DIY gasm and
jerry-rigged is all about just trying to figure things out on my own not going
and researching the best ways to do things or how other people have done
things just try stuff out sometimes it works good sometimes not so good but
each step we learn something new and hopefully this inspired you to do this
to your television or even your computer monitors I found this technique also
works good if you have computer monitors that don’t have black bezels or if you
want to get rid of that nasty line between them you can run a strip of tape
right down between them and they’ll make it look like one continuous monitor
because there won’t be any crack who knows maybe another video and last but
not least if you guys did not see my video about these little cheap
inexpensive USB fans I’m gonna link that down in the video description cuz if you
have a setup like mine with all these components everything nowadays has a USB
port on it like for instance my AV receiver tends
to get really hot so I have a USB port right here on the back of this bad boy
so I just bend it down and point it this way now I got nice air flow running
along the back of the stereo receiver just enough that you know it can help
just cool it a little better I also plan to add a second fan on this that’s
actually pointing up and pushing a little bit of air up behind the screen
itself because these screens are freaking expensive and a little bit of
air flow is all you need and I definitely recommend them for console
gaming systems because these things run really super hot so guys all the link in
the video description to an entire video on how I use those fans to cool all my
networking equipment and mine asses and everything like that but I think this
project turned out pretty good if you liked the video please slap the like
button if you didn’t like the video go ahead and hit dislike that information
helps me become a better content creator but as far as just a project that took
maybe an hour and total with everything going back and forth and just using a
little bit of electrical tape I think the end result speaks for itself
now you’re probably not going to get as much mileage if you have a white wall
behind it because then you’re just gonna have the same contrast problem as before
so this is more for people that already have a dark backdrop but I also
encourage you to try painting your wall I know it seems really intimidating and
scary but if you screw up you just go matte color match your white paint and
paint over it again I painted over that wall about six times since I’ve lived in
this house for various different projector setups and integrated screens
and it’s not difficult to do and the nice thing about black is it doesn’t
have to be perfect like with white every imperfection shows a black like stuff
like this and little dents and texture changes is you back away you notice I’m
a lot less than if it was painted a light color
so you can get away with a lot with black if you accidentally scraped the
wall or punch a hole in it doing stupid stuff really easy to fix oh and one more
thing I always forget I have a patreon patreon com forward slash barnak lace
everybody has one right every the last video you watch this before this is
probably consider joining my patreon Mayon I have over 800 video is called
Jerry in the raw that are just completely raw uncut videos I shoot no
jump cuts nothing just single take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours long
in total I released an episode about every two to three days over there and
it’s more about my personal life what’s going on and why you haven’t been seeing
so much content from me in the past and talk about medical issues and stuff like
that stuff that I don’t want on the main channel so if any of that stuff
interests you my the life of me behind all this forward slash
barnacle ease and I appreciate your patronage and if you guys cannot afford
to become a patron I just want to thank you right now for even just taking the
time to watch my video because that’s time you could have been spent doing
anything else but you chose to spend in here and I appreciate it and so does my
family thank you so much you have a great day
you know I’m pretty proud that that’s all the electrical tape I wasted huh
that went better than I expected oh never mind the tissue box next to my
bed I was uh I was sick achoo oh and just in case you guys were
getting triggered I did go over it with a microfiber cloth and clean it when I
was done I noticed right after I wrapped on the video there was just tons of
fingerprints everywhere and I knew you guys were gonna go to town in the
comments so now if I see anything in the comments about all the finger smudges
and prints on the screen I know you didn’t watch it all the way to the end
haha so we get you


  1. Da Mighty Shabba Author

    …SO…. Totally get your humour…. for the last 40 years I wished I had someone like you around…. And a tech geek nerd personality….. WILL YOU ADOPT ME?!?!? (46 yrs old… (i think… maybe 47))…. But I can hold stuff, and pass stuff and drop stuff and stuff. Love me.

  2. Da Mighty Shabba Author

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  4. CoolKD2005 Author

    The secret to using electrical tape like that is not no stretch it. Unroll a bit more than you need and let the tape rest for a minute or two before you apply it. Make sure to lay it down. Do not stretch it one bit.
    This is why it lets go after some time, it wants to go back to it's original unstretched state. oh.. cut it, don't rip it

  5. Ian Hulbert Author

    Fun video. Welcome back 🙂 100% agree with the silver bezel – purchased an LG TV over a Samsung about 6 months ago for that exact and only reason (I have a Samsung QLED computer monitor and love it).

  6. Jonathan Mayer Author

    Electrical tape leaves the worst residue and it breaks down over time. Might want to wait to get some better tape. Just looking out for you and your TV when the tape gets removed.

  7. Jeff D Author

    How about a shrink wrap or a Vinyl wrap like for a car?
    I think you can use a heat gun if you keep the temp vary low and moving.
    I wonder what all can be used meant for other stuff?

  8. Tdizzle Author

    Time to add some ceiling speakers to unleash the full potential of that receiver with some ATMOS action. The first John Wick with ATMOS it literally sounded like it was raining in my living room.

  9. Belfegor Author

    Awesome video! I might use this trick in the far future. I currently have a TV and PC monitor with completely black border, so no issue. But if I upgrade in the future, I might need some tape magic.

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    Why do tech reviewers keep pushing manufacturers to have smaller and smaller bezels making everything fragile? I wish you'd all just shut up about bezels. A small bezel doesn't make a good machine.

  11. Razor2048 Author

    Be careful with solvents on those TVs, when they use a gloss instead of a matte finish, then hey often use special anti glare coatings. Depending on the material, it may be best to just put mashing tape on the screen and then hand paint the silver parts of the bezel using the best matte finish you can find. usually they are enough to also prevent even brush strokes from being visible.

    It may be possible to get a sheet of glass t stick the tape to in order to then rub some wax onto the surface of the tape then transfer it to the TV for an even cleaner edge.

  12. Steven Wang Author

    These giant black glare screens and Mount now feel like tacky discount spoilers of half painted cars.

    After setting up the new epson 5050ub vs my Pioneer KURO, never going to but large TVs again. The HDR part really bring it to LCD quality and brightness, without any glare it angle issues, and perfectly viewable in daytime. Not too mention wall filling size and resizable down to half when needed. Also less blue light issues since it's reflected light from wall.

    Also keeps wall clean and uncluttered when off.

  13. luddeluring Author

    That electrical tape is going to get really nasty pretty soon, you should get some wrap film instead, 3M or Avery or whatever, and the wrap film won’t leave any nasty adhesive if/when you remove it.

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    Mate, as one guys said below, mask off the screen using masking tape, then lightly sand the silver bezel to get a key for the paint to hold onto. Then just spray paint the edges with matt black paint…. its gonna be a permanent fix with a nice end result and no worries of tape sticky residue. Also, who wants to rub messy smelly wd40 over the edge of their bedroom screen… its a pain. Do a revised video of this project. Will be cool…. Good luck mate.

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    You left the stickers on your receiver… Every time I see ad/feature stickers on electronics outside of stores, I slowly die inside, at this point I'm mostly dead.

  19. Barnacules Nerdgasm Author

    Update 9/9/19 – The electrical tape was a bit shiny so I decided to try some flat black painters tape after someone recommended it and I found some and it was much easier to install and ultimately looked way better than the electrical tape. If all you have is electrical tape then give it a go, it left no bad residue like people were concerned with that I could see but the painters tape went on super easy and because it's flat it's a better match for the black painted wall if that matters in your configuration. I linked the tape in the video description that I used for my 2nd try and on my 3rd try in 2 weeks I'm going to paint the painters tape with Black 2.0 paint to try and make it even more light absorbing.

    Keep on trying new stuff and let me know how it works for you!

  20. geekgeek23 Author

    If you want to take this to a new level, use 3M 1080 car wrap.
    Easy to use, easy to remove and you can choose your color. Like matte black…
    The downside: you will need a good knife, knifeless tape and some try and error the first time.

  21. John Crea Author


    I'm a lazy sob, so would suggest trying a jumbo black magic marker/sharpie and see how it works, fall back to tape if not happy with the magic marker results

    Great to see you back –


  22. OLEMINER49ER Author

    Only Issue i see is that electrical tape leaves shmoo after its been on for a long time. And btw you might want to check out this electrical tape called "Wire loom tape" by tesa tapes. its cloth so it wont reflect and its black. Cant say if it will leave goop on your tv though.

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