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Horror Movies That Made People Sick In The Theaters

Horror films are supposed to get your adrenaline
pumping. But for some, these thrills are just too much
to handle. It may sound like a clever bit of marketing,
but physical reactions to these movies have indeed required medical professionals to treat
moviegoers at the hospital, or the scene of the scare. Here are a few films with fictional frights
intense enough to cause real-life physical trauma. The Exorcist Let’s start with a classic: If you’ve never
seen The Exorcist, then you’ve probably never known true cinematic horror. Still shocking by even today’s sensibilities,
the film had quite an effect on people who first saw it in 1973. Local news reports from the time mention people
crying, throwing up, and even fainting … “We have a lot of people throwing up and a
lot of people shuddering, but the thing that really surprises me is people faint. I mean, I’ve never in my life known a movie
where people would faint.” The Exorcist may have been the first, but
it certainly wasn’t the last. For example … Goodnight Mommy An Austrian film about 10-year-old twin boys
whose mother has just had facial reconstructive surgery doesn’t sound all that scary. But once Mommy comes home, all bandaged up,
she seems to be a wholly different person, and exudes a cold, severe aura. While 2015’s Goodnight Mommy is mostly a psychological
horror, the latter half of the film is full of violence — and some people can’t handle
it. In an interview with IndieWire, the director
says early screenings proved the filmmakers were onto something, saying, quote, “Two people
fainted. That’s the best compliment we’ve had so far.” Bite Have you ever heard the one about the woman
who turned into an insect after getting bit by one? Well, that’s the premise of the 2015 body-horror
movie Bite, and the impact it had on movie-goers is no joke. At the Fantasia International Film Festival
premiere, audience members were given barf bags as a gag — but some people reportedly
had to make use of them. That’s not all: First to Know reports a few
people even passed out in the theater, and at least one ambulance was called to the scene. Saw III By the time we got around to the third Saw
in 2006, you’d have thought fans would have built up a tolerance to all of the gross,
violent images from the first two films. Obviously this was not the case, as the BBC
reported that moviegoers in a few UK theaters fainted and emergency services were called
out three times in one night because of the film. A woman in her 20s even needed to be hospitalized
after apparently fainting with fright, while others were treated at the scene. Raw The 2016 film Raw premiered at the
Toronto International Film Festival, and wasted no time in making filmgoers faint and vomit. The Guardian reported that paramedics had
to be called in because the realistic biting and chewing of human flesh, plus all the gory
lacerations and wounds, were all too much for some audience members, who fainted in
their seats. So … not a good choice for “dinner and a
movie.” The Green Inferno Another gross movie capable of getting
folks to faint is Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, which features a group of activists who crash
land in a jungle and have to survive captivity at the hands of a hungry tribe. Par for the course for an Eli Roth movie,
The Green Inferno is full of graphic images, gratuitous gore, and body mutilation. Oh, and of course all the people-eating. Can’t forget about the people-eating! An article on New Zealand’s Newshub said a
woman fainted during a screening in France, and Roth shared the news on Instagram, clearly
thrilled by the glowing review. The Human Centipede 2 Movieline’s Jen Yamato wrote about her experience
at the premiere of The Human Centipede 2 at Fantastic Fest in 2011 and how festival founder
Tim League joked about there being EMTs on hand in case people got sick. Like the barf bag gag at the Bite premiere,
this joke ended up being less funny when it came true: the person sitting next to Yamato
filled two barf bags and eventually fainted, and two ambulances were called to the scene
to tend to audience members. V/H/S An anthology of scary stories that debuted
at Sundance, 2012’s V/H/S certainly had an effect on viewers at the festival. The first night, a woman left the theater
in tears because she reportedly couldn’t stand the tension and suspense. And according to co-writer Simon Barrett,
paramedics had to treat two audience members at a midnight screening who suffered seizures
and started vomiting. That sounds awful, but the good news is that
these two troopers decided to go back and finish the film anyway, which is just about
the best review a horror flick can get. “If you’re watching this, don’t come here!” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Angelina V Author

    I spit on your grave, and especially the second one, are the only movies that ever made me look away. I don't think movies are scary… until there's some messed up rape scenes, they were impossible to fully watch.

  2. S. Sahingoz Author

    Well to me the most sickest and disturbing movie on this list is "human centipede" who came up with that story seriously has a disturbed mind

  3. Marco Hissink Author

    I watched all the movies (except the human centipede ones) and never had a problem watching them. I do strangely find the conjuring movies scary as hell

  4. Evan Ray Author

    Too bad that V/H/S was probably one of the worst found-footage movies I've seen. And I already hate every found-footage movie ever made. But it and it's sequel were beyond anything else I'd ever seen. I actually considered turning the TV off because they were so fucking horrible.

  5. Unknown Reptilian Author

    Never forget that these are just movies, just fiction. They're all actors playing a very good role to make it convincing. Always remember this.

  6. Emily Treu Author

    VHS I'm so glad they mentioned it!!! I only saw the 2nd one but I know the first must be good if the second was crazy amazing
    that movie haunted me

  7. Sarah Gray Author

    I was utterly sickened by The Passion of the Christ, because Mel Gibson essentially turned it into a splatter film. On the other hand, when my daughter was but three days old, we were sitting in a waiting room that had a big TV and someone turned it on to The Golden Compass. My girl suddenly opened her eyes, looked at Nicole Kidman for about a second, let out an ear-splitting wail and evacuated her bowels, which I think is a stunningly accurate critique of that particular film!

  8. Alrica Neshama Author


    I love horror, gore, disturbing movies but there is no movie that has actually made me vomit or pass out.

    And I watch things like: A Serbian Film, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, The Saw Series, Human Centipede Series, Raw, Hostel Series, Bite, etc.

    Seriously why are people with weak ass constitutions are going to see movies they can't handle?

    That'd be like me going to hang out with spiders, knowing my phobia.

    I mean, honestly.

    Eye Roll

  9. Antony Thomas Author

    I love horror movies.
    None of these are really great or at least to me
    I loved event horizon for the concept and pandorum
    One of the recent flicks I liked was a movie called monster project.
    Please let me know if you know any really good movies

  10. P L A G U E D #7 Author

    the only movie from this whole list that ill never watch is the human centipede 2.. i saw the trailor and in my head i knew id lose my mind. ill never watch that movie

  11. Nyanmeria Rainbow Author

    hm… i'm not sure..
    i know and red of stories of families who took their children into movies…not ata all made for children.
    like pans Labyrinth or deadpool.

    imagine if a stupid grandmother goes to watch a movie with her grandchild.
    "oh this clown looks nice" watches It = two faints in a not that scary horror movie.
    i heard a lot of it. but that movie wasn't scary at all
    i had to laugh much more and was scared if i die because my belly hurt so much by laughing

  12. Stranger Jones Author

    I only want to watch the first two movies (and maybe V/H/S), but when I hear Human Centipede, Saw (sequels), or Green Inferno, I just want to shrivel up in a ball and cry.

  13. Kris Author

    Why do people go see these movies if they can't handle it? Hospitalization? I wonder how many of these stories are true and how many are just made up for publicity.

  14. Gerald O'Brien Author

    The Exorcist did rely a lot on sound effects and psychology to shock people. These modern movies are two hours of “what can we show to gross people out?”.

  15. Alan Tapia Author

    I've watched some of those movies, but the one thing I don't understand is why Raw is one of those movies. I absolutely loved the gruesome music and scenery, it wasn't scary at all.

  16. Mark Rawls Author

    there are sooooo many weak people in the world. fainting and barfing over a movie is ridiculously stupid. obviously you already know what you are going to see when you get a ticket. are you all in need of a babysitter to hold your hands..or should we call your moms to make sure you don't watch anything scary… people are so lame.

  17. Vega Crux Author

    Some producers are just sick fucks. It's usually the ones who rely on jump scares and gross out gore to carry their movie. There's nothing entertaining about throwing up blood or guts into someone elses mouth, or gore magically squirting into someones dinner unseen by everyone around and then consumed by someone else. Or actually sewing several people together ass to mouth. It's just gross out scenes that hold reactions other than to gross people out and entertain sickos who enjoy seeing things like people eating shit. Weird how this even stays relevant. Then again with over 7 billion people on the planet, there's bound to at least be a million sick fuckers around.

  18. Keep On Searching Earth Author

    My son works at a bank in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and guess who came in this week? Elma Begovic the lead actress in the horror movie BITE. Apparently she lives in Los Angeles but was in Canada visiting family over the Christmas holidays. She told my son if he ever comes to LA to look her up. Pretty cool. And we didn't even know who she was until she told him 🙂

  19. Tyrant Author

    I've seen some goofbag storm out of the theatre screaming 'I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE' during the helmet melting scene from Prometheus.

  20. Emilia Fernandez Author

    What about Evil Dead (2013)? What I heard was that it was better but put way too much gore and nasty stuff in it. Did that make anyone sick?

    Not hating just curious

  21. Hayley /LilMomyak Johnson Author

    Green Inferno is no joke. I own the movie and love it. Love Eli Roth, however , there is one scene in particular that even unsettled me. Still love the this movie.

  22. Snape Snapped Said Sirius Seriously Author

    It took me FOREVER to get through Raw! It SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED! So unrealistic about the struggles of a college student and everything was just over-the-top.

  23. Carrie Rae Dva NyuChan Wright Winx Author

    Cannibal Holocaust traumatized the hell out of me. I'm literally can't talk about it, because I will get physically ill.


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