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House of 1000 Corpses (1/10) Movie CLIP – I Hate Clowns (2003) HD

*Imitating Chattering and laughs* Holy fuck you bozos ya’ll get the fuck out of here! Quiet Clowny, keep your paws where I can see them! Yeah don’t move! Or I’ll blast a hole the size of a Kansas City watermelon through your ugly ass Bozo face! What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Go grab that other asshole from the shitter and drag his ass back in here. Right! *Clanging Noise* You miserable motherfuckers I oughta jump over this counter and bash your fucking balls in! *Gun cocks* Alright kippy. Hand over the cash box and I MIGHT leave your brains inside your skull. I’ll tell you what ski king! Why don’t you just take yo mama home some chicken, and then I won’t have to stuff my boot all up in your ass?! I don’t like chicken. And I HATE CLOWNS! *Growling noises* *Mumbling* Put that shit down. PUT IT DOWN! Fine! *Gunshot* That is it! I’m gonna count to ten, and you’re gonna hand over all the cash, or I’m gonna splatter your grease paint mug across the state line! ONE! Fuck yo mama! TWO! Fuck yo sister! What are we gonna do? Hey I know you work at the hardware store right? Richard Wick right? Shut your trap! Quiet down both of you! THREE! Fuck yo grandma! Hey I remember now all of the guys used to make fun of you. Call you “Little Dick Wick” *Stuttering* SHUT UP! *Singing* Little Dick Wick played with his prick. Don’t the smell just make you sick? STOP SINGING I HATE THAT SONG! Put your fucking mask back on! *Laughing* FUCK IT! *Door slams open* *Gunshots and laughing* *Maniacal laughter* And most of all, FUCK YOU! *Gunshots (x3)*


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