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How Actors Learn Different Accents For Movies

We’ll remember this, as the
last day of the republic. I always try to help out the law. We don’t really know anything
of the rest of the world. It was my fault, I take
full responsibility. So, let’s have a conversation. – What would you like to know? Bill Weasley. If it’s the right filmmaker,
I’m willing to do anything. I’ll do two lines or I’ll do
the lead or I’ll do something which isn’t flattering. Good filmmakers are the reason
that I’m an actor at all. It’s because I love good films. So I think I’m also just
willing to throw myself into whatever they need
me to be for their movie. Caroline, you mustn’t let
this business get inside you. The film is a kind of
a gothic ghost story. My character grew up very poor. Always looked up to the upper classes, wanted to be from the upper classes. There must be some alternative. It was a very long process
actually getting the accent. I worked with a great dialect coach, we kind of invented a new accent for him because he was from the working class and yet he aspires to
be from a higher class, and yet he can’t lose
the accent completely. I’m concerned about his state of mind. So we kind of invented that. We also listened to Philip
Larkin reading his own poems. -I work all day and get
half drunk at night. – He grew up not wealthy and
yet when he read his poems, the accent he had was very
posh and then something weird happens when you realize
that somebody has changed themselves in some way
through their accent. Who do you think you’re talking to? All remaining systems will
bow to the First Order! Hux is full on fascist,
English upper class, rolls his R’s sometime and it’s very aspirational and strong. Hello Harry, Bill Weasley. I thought I had done a
really good job at my accent on “Harry Potter,”
until I turned up on set and went Australian. True enough, owe it all to a
werewolf, name of Greyback. And I couldn’t stop being
Australian for a whole day, my first day in front of everybody. So that was the worst thing in the world. What you wanna do is forget
about it when you’re doing it and just be able to be the character. It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault. They never really loved me. They always loved him more. They were leaving me behind. I don’t know those boys. I always try to help out the law. It’s funny, southern
American is definitely easier than a more general American
or something from either coast. The southern thing, I don’t know I think because of the way that the sentences work and the up and down of the tonality of it, you can hear it and you can grab on to it. It’s an accent you can grab onto. South African or Welsh, like
they’re the nightmare ones, they’re the ones that you
just like wake up sweating about having to do someday. We always win. I mean, I didn’t go to drama
school or anything like that so it’s my own little
system which has developed, but yeah, a lot of
exercises in the mornings then I tend to keep the
accent up during the day, just so it settles into my mouth and I’m not doing an accent
when we start doing a scene. It’s nothing like that, war shock. Oftentimes I’ll find a poem
that I think suits the character and that will be my mantra that I go to because it puts you in
a good state of mind and it gets your mouth in shape
for what you’re about to do. So my only function was to be someone she could use to escape. I’ll keep it up on set, but then when they say, “cut”
on the last take of the day, I go back to Irish and then I can go home and talk to my friends and not
have them hate me. You know? So I can try and be myself again.


  1. MunchiePow Author

    As an actress I do the same thing, I can do more than 50 accents sadly I was not born in an English speaking country so instead I do YouTube, it's hard to go to the UK or America to follow my dreams of doing film, I've only done stage. I really admire this actor I love this short film he was in for Burrberry.

  2. Science Fiction Double Feature Author

    I teach voice and diction and I am also a dialect coach. It is very challenging job to teach people who can't "hear" the difference between words like 'are', 'our', and 'hour'.

  3. itsmemario 007 Author

    I'm still waiting for the part where they tell us how actors learn to master different accent so that I can have any accent I want 😂😂

  4. inferi Author

    I love videos about linguistics and acting and its interesting to me when i see comments about non native English speakers saying they cant tell other accents apart very well, my mother has this issue and I wonder what makes it happen because my dad is also non native but he can tell them apart quite well! there should be a study on this too haha

  5. Lawrence Yang Author

    Learning different accents ruined my life. I was born in China; I lived in Germany when I was little; I went to high school and college in America; I had friends from England, Scotland, and Australia; my neighborhood are mostly Mexican now… I could a pretty good impression of their accents, but when I normally talk, I sound super weird. I gained a mixture of several different accents. It is really hard for me to fix my accent because English is not my native language, so technally, I didn't have a original standard accent.

  6. ciara murphy Author

    Irish people don't need accent lessons. We have a musical ear and we are immersed in so many different languages via TV and a multicultural society.

  7. Get ORGANized not pianoized Author

    Ah loooove the Southern ayaccent, y'all. Ah need to learn drawlin'! This comment is from an
    ex-Northerner who hated it there; Southerners are friendlier, and I love the accent and the food. My family moved down South in 1978 and I am so glad. I love the South!

  8. Max's Midwestern Railfanning Author

    Ya know, Domhnall, I really love your English accent when you play General Armitage Hux in the Star Wars sequel. Hux sounds funny when he says ruthlessly, "ALL REMAINING SYSTEMS WILL BOW TO THE FIRST ORDER!".

  9. Walter Yamawaki Author

    I could watch this all day long, I'm so freaking in love with that guy. I want a Irish/red hair boyfriend who's available? DM ME!


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