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How Billy Porter’s Oscar Dress Changed The World – Actors on Actors

– Okay, so I know that we talked about this a little bit earlier, – (laughs) – But can you talk to
me about the fashion? Because in addition to
all the other titles that you can claim, – (laughs) – You are formally and
forever a fashion icon. We talked a little bit about how it also means more to you than that. – Yeah, I just, I’ve always
been a fashion person, and I got it from my
Grandma and my great aunt, you know, they used to buy the patterns, – Yeah. – And make their own
clothes and so we were always very fashionable. Um, I think that there is, I know that there is activism, – Mhmm. – Inside of fashion. – Mhmm. – Um, I am an activist, I knew that that tuxedo dress, that tuxedo gown at the oscars, would create a conversation surrounding what gender means. – Yeah. – What all these, all these
rules we put on everybody in life, for what? – Yup. – You know, you talked
about, you know femininity being looked down upon,
that was what I spoke about the most. – Yup. – In relation to it, it’s like, you know, we’ve gotten past a problem
with women wearing pants, – Mhmm. – When women wear pants, it’s powerful. – Mhmm. – When men wear a dress, it’s disgusting. – Mhmm. – We’re not doing that anymore. – Yup. – I’m not doing it. – Yup. – And I think that we as
artists in every aspect of whatever kind of art we have, in every aspect of whatever
kind of art we have, we can, we have the power, to change the molecular structure, – Yup. – Of people’s hearts and minds, – That’s right. – And change the world, you know. That dress changed the world. – Yes, it did. – It really did. – Also, on a, on a more superficial level, I still have not come up off the floor, – (laughs) – It was unbelievable. – Thank you! – Between you, Christian Siriano, you guys outdid yourself, – Thank you. – I mean it’s just such an iconic moment, – Thank you. – For all of those reasons. – Yeah. – I mean, it was such a powerful statement and an incredible moment
in fashion history. – Thank you, and there
was a specific letter that a mother sent. – Yeah. – About how her child had
been bullied in school, – Mhmm. – Her son had been bullied in school because he sometimes
liked to wear dresses. – Yup. – And um, he came, he came
home from school and said, and she showed him this
picture of me at the oscars and he has been wearing
dresses ever since. And it just, – That’s cool. – It’s powerful. We can change stuff. – Yeah. – We can change stuff. – Yeah.



    I've loved Billy ever since i saw him in #TheBrokenHeartsClub! Im SO glad that the success of #Pose (& #KinkyBoots of course) has finally shown the world how fierce & fabulous he is. ❤


    Ha Ha…Yyyyyyyyyeah….I'm sure we all remember where we were and what we was doing on that magical night the WHOLE WORLD changed cos a man wore a dress at a rich ppl's event ….It's up there with the last ice age ,the bubonic plague and the death of the dinosaurs for world changing events…lol….Fuckin Americans..,Aint even a full 5% of the planets population but think that they are the center of the universe….There's been a guy down my moms street everyone calls 'tranny annie' and he's been wearing a dress since I was a kid why does this guy think he's some sort of pioneer ?

  3. Fly by Night Author

    Booooo!!! Not a good look ..these baphomet worshipping idiots need to be shot n pissed on and hung up to dry then turned into powder n flushed down the toilet!! Why are people falling for this bullshit!! Honestly go away now!!


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